A to Z Cash System Review

Screenshot (2)Beware of A to Z Cash System

If you haven’t heard of  A to Z Cash System You are lucky because it is a total scam and makes outrageous claims of unrealistic amounts of money being made. They use fake testimonials and try to entice you with pictures of moms with their babies, and happy couples that are now enjoying a worry free life thanks to them. TOTAL BS. Everything about A to Z Cash System is a bunch of BS. I will show you why in this review.

Name: A To Z Cash System (AKA Easy Cash on Demand AKA Infusion Cash Systems)

Website url: atozcashsystem.com

Price: $4.97 ( to suck you in Then WATCH OUT )

Owner: Unknown (My sources point to a Switzerland and or Israel based company) 

Overall Rank: 0 Out of 100

A to Z Cash System Overview

Is a to z cash systems legit? LETS SEE! First off they tell you that you will be posting links for large companies that need your help and that they have been featured on major television networks. They even use the call letters and logos of these major companies that they claim to represent. Then they go on to show you fake click bank screen shots. Click bank is an affiliate program and has nothing to do with what they say you are originally going to be doing. The main objective is to get your phone number so they  supposedly give you training, this is a lie they use your number to have high pressure professional sales people try to get as much money out of you as possible.


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All the Signs of A SCAM

Flashy website with Fake Pictures and testimonials is one of the first WARNING signs of a scam and A to Z Cash Has that. The check out page is nothing more than a shopping cart that processes orders for them. So if you think you are going to be get you money back from the 60 DAY MONEY BACK Guarantee Forget about it. I sign up for these scams so I can give a thorough report, and I had to cancel the card I used so they could not charge me the $49.97 that they charge after your 3 day trial. I tried to contact someone at A to Z Cash to cancel but I didn’t get a response until after the 3 days was up luckily I canceled the card. Even at that I was told that my order was already processed and that they couldn’t help me.

Urgency timers and statements of limited spots available is another tactic used by a scam website and Guess What!! A to Z Cash uses that one too. They also will try to cut the price down if you try to leave the page. They just want your money, so they will cut the cost down just to get a piece of your hard earned $$.. These guys can’t even remember their Name, they just changed the title of the website and left the other names they have scammed people with all throughout the content on their website!!!

I could go on but by now I think you get the point. So lets break this down..

Read Carefully Very contradictive
Privacy Policy Thrown together and Contradictory


(1) If you have to much money this is a good place to throw it away and get crap in return.


(1) Vague Training that is sporadic and out dated

(2) Hard to get your money back once they have your info

(3) EXTREMELY  MISLEADING testimonials and screenshots of Fake Accounts

(4) Uses Stock Photos as testimonials ( everything about a to z cash systems is a scam )

There are a lot of warning signs to help you Know a scam and this site has plenty of them you can read how to Identify Scams Here

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A to Z Cash Systems at a Glance

Website: www.atozcashsystems.com

Owner: Not Sure

Price: $4.97 ( Followed by massive upgrades )

Overall Rank 0 out of 100


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I Really want to know if you have had a encounter with A to Z Cash System as this is one of the scams I am spending a lot of my time EXPOSING. So Please Leave A Comment  So I Know if my time is being well spent exposing this SCAM. I would also like to know if there is a suspicious or potential scam that you wish for me to investigate…



Best Wishes

Jason ( Scam Prevention Team )

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Bleh – these kinds of scams are so annoying – and unethical it’s terrible. I hate that they use pics of moms and their babies – those people probably don’t even know their pictures are being used I bet. If they behave unethically what’s to stop them from posting fake pictures? But that’s sort of besides the point. The point that bothers me is that well-meaning sincere folks buy into this and then they lose hope that they can make any money online legitimately. Hope a lot of people see this and know these kinds of services are scams and they should stay awayyy and find something better!

    • It’s a daily fight keeping up with these scammer’s but it sure keepsme busy. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  • Hey Jason

    It’s a good thing I came across your article of A to Z cash. Looks like a big scam huh? Thanks for warning everyone about it because I hadn’t heard of it yet but like you come across these scams from day to day. The worst part is their really misleading testimonials. Thats the part people will believe the most. Nice to see you also listed an actual good resource to make money online as well.


    • This is one of the reasons I started this website. My focus is to expose all the sites that scammed me and to prevent others from falling into the same trap. A to Z really took me for a ride and getting the word out is satisfaction enough for me.

      Best Wishes


    • I don’t believe the one he mentioned, was all that reputable. They kept trying to take money out of my paypal account for months after I canceled with them.

      • I am not surprised, it’s happened to me with a few of the programs I’ve reviewed. To be honest I keep a separate credit card on hand that’s pre paid only up to $200 when I sign up and review potential scam websites. You might want to think about getting a new PayPal account just to be safe.

  • So, my dad passed away in February (2015) and my mom just received a bill from a collection agency regarding a credit card we didn’t even know my dad had. My mom can find no evidence regarding the card or any activity on the card. Today she received a letter with copies of the credit card statements and AtoZtheme came up on the statements. I just can’t tell what else is going on with it. The month following something regarding AtoZ there was a balance transfer of over $9000 – I am working on reading your information and other information online regarding this scam, but I don’t know what to think of the $9,000+ that now my mom is obligated to pay out of his estate which consists of Navy Retirement and Dupont retirement and Social Security. My family is comfortable but in no way wealthy and something like this could make it impossible for my mom to stay in her home. Any information would be helpful! Thank you!

    • So sorry to here about your dad. It looks like they sucked him in pretty deep. There sales agents are master manipulators. I don’t believe they are even a USA based company. Since your dad was scammed the credit card company should work with you . I’m assuming you’ve already contacted an attorney so I guess the legal battle begins. I will dig a little deeper into these scum and keep you posted on my findings. In the meantime god bless and stay safe.
      Best Wishes

  • Thank you for the info.

  • I have no money im broke. So i cant pay to get started so what fo i do cause i really need this job i have two kids

    • Any business you start will require some type of investment. Stay far away from anything that asks for your credit card information especially A to Z Cash. It is possible to make money with WA free website. It will take some time and dedication but it can be done.

    • Choose the free option. It will take a bit longer but it is still possible to make money with the free option.
      Best Regards

  • Thanks a lot Jason they almost had me as well with three kids and wife to care for it’s hard enough just paying the bills without snakes preying on the less fortunate. I feel like I owe you something! Thanks again for the review and saving what little money we do have

    • I do this simply to help others avoid scams that have taken me. I’m glad I could help Daniel.
      Best Wishes

  • Yes thank u …I’m desperate n almost signed up!!

    • That is the kind of people websites like A to Z cash prey on, people who are desperate. I’m glad you found my review 1st.

  • Thank you for the scam website of AtoZ Systems. They almost had me….I’d received and email about them, and then paid the $4.97 to enroll. Then I received an email about “how to access my account”. I went online to do so and in the google search came up AtoZ SCAMS. I immediately called them to cancel; spoke w/ a Geraldine that confirmed w/ an email while I was on the phone that I was cancelled. She said they are based out of NY but would not tell me the city. Thank you again all who have post on this site. Much appreciated! tw

  • I’ll immediately snatch your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink
    or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me recognize
    so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  • Lets just say I wish I had seen this first. : (

    On the phone with my bank right now.


    • I wish you had seen it 1st also, but at least your not out for the full amount if you were able to cancel before the 3 days.
      Best Wishes

  • Hi so i signed up for a-z cash system today and now i found out its a scam. So will i be charged the $77 if i cancel my membership like right now. I talked to the customer support and se said she cancelled my membership and will no longer be billed. But the $4.97 can not be refunded which i don’t care about. All i care about is can i be sure that i wont be billed after 3 days?

    • When I tried to cancel they tried to get me to stay and strung me along for a couple days. I did receive a confirmation email on the second day after insisting the cancel my membership. I canceled my card just to be safe because I have been down this road many times with scams like this and have been charged after I requested cancelation. I didn’t give this one a chance to screw me though. I just canceled my card due to prior experience. Usually I will check a company out for a month and just eat the money they stiff me on so I can give a thorough review, but with a to zero I could smell a scam immediately so I didn’t even give them the chance. I hope this helps Sanwal.
      Best Wishes

  • Nice Job. But I’m not sure the AtoZ is a scam though. It looks to me just like an affiliate website set up to promote
    A to Z Cash System has a huge amount of negative attention on the net, but I wonder if that is a result of something notorious they did in a previous incarnation. Their website doesn’t even rank on page 1 for A to Z Cash System.

    • Thank you Sandi, I’m sorry but I had to remove the affiliate link you posted. Since my main purpose on this website is to investigate scams I do not allow anyone to post affiliate links. Just in case. As far as the A to Z cash system goes I always join a program before I write about them. It wouldn’t be right to just write stuff about a program without having had 1st hand experience with the company. My experience was that I was lied to about what i would be doing for A to Z Cash. The sales page says that you will simply be posting links for major companies such as Walmart and other large Companies. The problem is that once you join That is not what you will be doing at all. It’s a straight up lie. They also use click bank screen shots. Click bank is a completely different animal and also has nothing to do with A to Z cash.

      Basically A to Z Cash got my Credit Card #, My Phone #, and my email and this is what they did with it.

      1. CC# Would not respond to my request to cancel until after the 3 day trial so I would be charged full price(I had to cancel the card)
      2. Phone# I was contacted by high pressure sales people who aggressively tried to get me to spend more money
      3. Email. bombarded my email with so called opportunities and upgrades.

      This is not how legitimate companies operate. In my opinion A to Z Cash is probably one of the biggest scams going online right now. I have so much more to back that up so if my review didn’t cover some of the things I may have to update it and add more.

      I do welcome and respect your opinion Sandi, I would just say to you maybe give it a try for yourself and see if it’s a fit for you. I just know from years of looking into this type of stuff that the majority of newbies trying to make some extra money online will more than likely feel the same way as me about this system. Hopefully people do their homework first and really look into this before they sign up.

      Best Wishes

  • Thank you for warning us! Great review by the way. It is so disappointing people actually try to rob us with fake hope and they deceive us by telling wealth doesn’t require effort. What a waste of time for them. Sincere people actually make It with hard work.
    Good job! Keep up the great work! You deserve a cookie! :mrgreen:

    • I can only hope that people find my review or others like it before they get suckered

  • a to z cash system has a low entry fee BUT,
    ah yes, the infamous up-sell. Those things make my blood boil! It’s almost as if they are saying; “Thanks for paying to listen to our REAL sales pitch”. I also despise companies who say you be posting links when in fact, you will doing affiliate marketing. Luckily you have shown people here the right place to go for that.

    • I know I had to actually cancel the card I used to sign up because they screwed around with me so much. And if you don’t cancel within the first 3 days they charge your card full price. I can’t stand scam artists. I am just happy I found Wealthy Affiliate.

  • I have seen their ad before in a local business site. They do know how to creep up into your neighborhood, don’t they. Yes, they used a single mother profile here to attract readers too. I must say that their testimonial sounds very real because they use local names and places. My instinct told me to dig deeper and they obviously turn out to be scam.

    • Cathy I am sorry I did not reply to your comment sooner. I was just freshening up the site a little and realized I hadn’t responded. They do really know who to target don’t they. I guess we have to remember that these are professionals in the art of scams we are dealing with

  • Wowww! Thanks so much for this review and thanks for helping to protect unsuspecting victims out there. You are doing a FANTASTIC job … Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Latoya. It’s so awesome to be able to expose these scams I am hoping to reach as many people as I can before they come across this unethical A to Z SCAM..
      Best Wishes

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