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I am Jason, your personal Go To Guy,. I am here to show you around the Jungle I have come to know as the internet. I became interested in making money online 5 years ago I was 37 years old and working in the collision repair industry. My body was tired and beat up from working my whole life in this industry. I was beginning to wonder if there was anything more to life. After investing 20 years of my life killing my body to make someone else wealthy I decided to open my own Auto Body shop.


I loved it at first but the headaches of owning a brick and mortar business soon began to take it’s toll. Now other people were counting on me to support their families. I had to deal with hiring employees and firing them if they didn’t work out. On top of that I had to kick up my earnings to the man AKA IRS and carry workman’s comp insurance, Liability Insurance, Payroll, utilities, materials, parts, paid sick time, and bonuses. Good help was hard to find and some of the help would steal from me. In fact I only had 1 employee I trusted and he was reaching retirement age.

After 2 years of building my business and creating a reputable name I decided to be a solo act. I 20130917_132457

could pick and choose my work and work at my own pace. The only problem was , my body was breaking down and I was still a slave to ab alarm cock and all the other headaches that come along with this business. One of my competitors whom I was friendly with offered me good money to come paint cars for him so I decided to close shop and give up all the worries.

I still wasn’t happy. I was still a slave to an alarm clock, I had to punch a time clock, I had to sit in traffic every day, and my back was slowly falling apart. I looked around myself and started becoming extremely depressed. I remember thinking, Is this all this life has to offer, am I stuck here forever?

I knew my back was giving out and I had to do something. I started looking for ways to work from home but kept running into scams. I started to renew my relationship with God, as I had been away from him for a while. I prayed night and day that God would provide a way for me to support my family without having to beat the crap out of my body. I knew there had to be a way for me to make a honest income online. It was then that I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate. I was skeptical at first but I just had to make this work. I was not going to let this opportunity pass through my fingers. I wanted to expose all these dishonest companies who scammed me and Wealthy Affiliate seemed like the perfect avenue to do just that.

I also had other interest and dreams. long story short I would go on to create 2 websites. The first one exposing online scams and the other a golf website which I am currently working on with my son. I first began working my online business at night and on the weekends.

I Had Zero Experience

And I certainly had no idea the roller coaster ride I was in for!

My Experience With Scams

I found a opportunity for a free to join online business and it looked extremely promising. I was so exited,this was going to work for sure I could feel it. I jumped into the training immediately and what do you know by day 2 they slip in the UPGRADE. Okay I know nothing in life is free and it is my own business so I will do this. So off I went on with my training. I was coasting along and then they recommend another UPGRADE then another and another. I was spending a small fortune and wasn’t making a dime, zilch, zero, NOTHING. The only one making money were the scammers that were screwing me and who knows how many others. I was crushed and my wife was definitely not behind me anymore, we lost a lot of hard earned money. I took some time to lick my wounds and moved on, if I were to get involved in another online business I definitely couldn’t tell my wife, as far as she was concerned that door was closed. And Rightfully So!! After all being my wife she got scammed too. I wouldn’t listen to the negative even if she was right. I got involve in another, then another and so on. I kept on running into scam after scam. I was depressed and starting to think my wife was right “They are all scams, stop wasting our money” she said. I knew that wasn’t true, thousands of people were making honest money online and I thought to myself (WHY NOT ME). Why can’t I get a piece of the internet income dream????


I kept on looking I mean I checked out pay per click, mlm, get paid to read emails, work from home posting links, one click traffic, A to Z cash you name it I tried it I was working overtime to pay for all these so called opportunities, and that is why I call this paragraph research because I researched a lot of them only to find out that the internet is a JUNGLE, full of scammers, gurus, and screenshots of bogus clickbank accounts. By now I was deep in the JUNGLE and I realized I was in a place where only the strong survive! Strong Willed and never give up attitude is what it was going to take. Just so happened that was me. I never give up, ever and I wasn’t about to let the Jungle beat me down. NO WAY, NO HOW, I had worked to hard!!


I didn’t think so I was all set surely I’m going to die working this dead end job that was killing me physically. Did I mention I have a bad back lol I’m sure I did? I mean a little over a year of trying to make this work and nothing to show for it. If I was going to have to be dishonest and scam someone to get ahead then making money online was certainly not going to be for me.

My New Mission

If I wasn’t going to make any money online I was definitely going to expose these scam artists. This is where the Idea of True Prosperity Online was born. I buckled down and began to start this website. I was determined to let the world know about my experience with these scam masters. During my research I came across a review which turned my on to the website I am about to tell you about. I was very skeptical and really gave the owners a run for their money. I signed up and was always contacting the owners with questions. My mission was to prove they were a scam just like the others. To my surprise I would receive personal responses from the owners with answers to my questions. The support I got absolutely floored me. Did I finally find an legit opportunity online?


But How did I find this company you may ask. Believe me I was just looking to expose another scam my faith was absolutely gone…

So I miss spell something I was searching for on the internet and it shows up this Honest Online Community. I read a little and I could tell it was different, I mean upfront with your choices of free or premium, they didn’t mislead me and tell me it would happen overnight. In fact it was so upfront  I thought I must be dreaming, but I wasn’t my perseverance finally paid off. Since then I have not only joined the community at Wealthy Affiliate, I have also created this website that is directed toward  pointing people in the right direction when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. I also use this site as a avenue to help people avoid online scams, which was my intention to begin with. I can honestly say I truly enjoy what I do. I love exposing these online scammers and make it a priority to seek them out and expose them for what they really are.

After Injury Took Me Out

Picture of Jason in his new officeThis has turned out to be the best decision of my life, considering that my injury has put me out of work and now do this full time. 5 years after beginning my journey as a affiliate marketer I now have the luxury of being able to help others while exposing the very companies that scammed me. I also upon request will investigate any companies people believe to be a scam. I really feel my prayers were answered because I did have surgery on my back and I believe This opportunity was put in my life in advance so that I would be able to support my family when The surgery was absolutely necessary.  

Thank you reading this, I look forward to helping anyone who has a desire to make money in this industry. Please feel free to Leave a Comment or you may read my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE

I want to help you succeed Online, Let me throw you a Life Line and help you to get the proper training you deserve.

I have also provided my Email below..

jason@trueprosperityonline.com or


Best Wishes



  • Hi Jason, I read your story and loved it. I too have been searching for ways to make money online for several years. I have done my fair share of auctions and drop shipping and have made some cash. But now as I get closer to retirement, I have began looking for ways to make a steady cash flow system to supplement my income. Something that take me through the long haul. I would also like to thank you for providing me with information on which programs to avoid. Since you have seen many of the programs out there, which one would you recommend for a guy like me.

    • Coming from working in the trades making money online was a struggle for me.I had to change my whole mindset and most of all learn patience. Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I was able to receive proper and up to date training, allowing me to enjoy the success I do today. I would say that if you are willing to be teachable and patient then Wealthy Affiliate might just be a good fit for you as well. You really have nothing to lose because its Free to join. Going premium is totally up to you but not a requirement.

      Best Wishes


  • Hello Jason
    l usually never read about me page because many people write 2-3 lines and stop there leaving me feeling frustrated because l have learned nothing about them.
    Somehow l bumped into your about me page and kept reading,like how you let the reader know much more about you and your journey.
    scams are a journey most people online have to go through,you are not alone.But l do find that after scams, when one finds a good oportunity,they know how lucky they are.
    Glad for you you found a legit way to help you learn how to make money online and improve your overall skills online.
    Wish you the best in your online journey.
    Cheers Roamy

    • Thank you Roamy

      The best part about my journey is that I now get to help others avoid having to go through my bad experiences with scams. I was set on letting the world know about these scam artist and fortunately I was introduced to the means to do it. I am so grateful that I was able to find a honest way to support my family because if I had to lie or even worse become like those scammers I just couldn’t do it.



  • Hi Jason.
    I loved hearing your journey, and especially your recommitment to Christ after struggling to be faithful with the talents God has given you. I am very sorry about your back but it’s crazy how these things happen to scoot us in a new direction.

    Thank you for sharing your years of research and providing answers to protect those of us who are new to the eCommerce world.

    Your site is easy to navigate. All of the links function properly and your information is empowering.

    There are three suggestions I would make:

    First, I noticed that your site is not protected. Anyone can right click, copy and reuse your content, making it their own. I added a link in private message to you via WA.

    Second, the robot in you REPLY widget is messing up the fields. Just needs to be moved down in the code. I am learning about this myself.

    Third, there is some code text sneaking into your COMMENT section that needs to be deleted.

    An injury at work led to rotator cuff surgery so I am also on the journey to generating income via the internet since the doctor was unable to reattach my bicep tendon but this has opened up doors for me to return to coaching ministry leaders. I look forward to following you and learning from your research Jason.


    • Hey Brooke

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I see you yourself know a few thing about website development. As far as my content goes I really don’t worry to much about that. The search engines are really good at noticing duplicated content and the person who steals it will only be hurting themselves because they won’t get ranked. As far as the other 2 things you noticed I will look into that immediately. I’m sorry to hear you also suffered an injury. God is good and never closes a door without opening another.

      Best Wishes


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