Auto Profit Sites Scam Review – Not Another DFY Failure

Welcome to my Auto Profit Sites Review. I am writing this review to give you the honest truth about this seemingly good website that offers Auto Profits for the low price of $21.80. Even though this sounds like a no brainer there are a few things you need to Know before joining. My review will show you the honest truth and expose every dirty little lie that comes along with joining.

You are here because you want to know if Auto Profit Sites is a scam or a legit website. I first want to congratulate you for doing your own research because not everything is as it seems with this site. Real online business opportunities are out there but you have to look closely at what it is you are getting involved with.

Let’s jump right into it and see if this website will really make you money or if you will get hammered with Up-Sells that produce nothing.

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Quick Overview

Website: (Not a Secure Site)

Creator: Glynn Kowsky

Price: $21.80 (Not Including Up-Sells)

Launched: 07/06/2020 ( Domain registered for only 1 year! Red Flag!!)

Scam Warning: Yes

Recommended: No

Summary: is another done for you (DFY) business model which claims you will make money in less than an hour. The platform claims to give you over eight thousand dollars worth of product for only $21.80. My experience with DFY systems such as this has repeatedly shown that these kinds of platforms simply don’t work.

You really have to read the fine print and be on guard when looking into platforms like this. Other system similar to this that True Prosperity online has exposed include, Plug In Profit Site, Website ATM, 20 Minute Cash System, Profit Point Autonomy, and many more.

What they say you get for only $21.80


Early Bird Bonus

The Checkout Page

Are You Sick Of Scams?

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What Is Auto Profits Sites?

My summary gave you the Quick version but I want to give you some more detail about what Auto Profit Sites is and why I don’t recommend it. For starters, take a look at the screen shots above offering roughly $22k in products and they are only charging $21.80. I’ve been reviewing online scams since 2014 and this is a major Red Flag to me. Do you know of anybody in their right mind who would give away so much so cheap? This should raise some suspicions with you as well.

Auto Profit sites is a sketchy online platform which clams to be a completely done for you system that enables members to start making money in just 60 seconds. Not just any money either! The sales pitch says you will make a thousand dollars a Day.

Heck, if this was even a little true, not only would everybody be doing it but I would be the first one to jump on board. No matter what anyone tells you, making money online requires hard work and dedication and most important, Proper Training! Affiliate marketing isn’t some magic business that you just join a platform and start raking in money. There is absolutely ZERO reality to Auto Profit Sites DFY (Done For You) claims.

Auto Profit Systems False Claims


Back in the day I would jump all over websites like Auto Profit Sites, only to be hit with Up-Sell after Up-Sell without ever making one penny. I did this from 2011 through 2014. My confidence in affiliate marketing was almost non-existent. My About me page tells the entire story about my journey.

I was thousands of dollars in the red until I found a Legit platform that actually helped me learn how to make money online the right way. Yes, I was skeptical at first but after only 10 lessons of Free Training, I knew I finally found something legitimate.

My story doesn’t have to be yours. I did all the hard work and suffered all the failures. My #1 Recommendation can show you how I finally achieved success online without having to sell my soul. Believe me I sleep very well at night knowing that I am helping others avoid online scams and directing people to legitimate online training.

How Does It Work?

To be honest the system is just another rehashed version of other system they’ve put out that have been complete failures. You won’t even be able to gain access to your dashboard right away until they’ve tried to hit you with a bunch of expensive Up-Sells.

I would not recommend buying any of these Up- Sells because it’s basically just more garbage that really won’t work. Honest companies let you try the training before you actually purchase the product. Auto Profit Sites is definitely not one of those sites.

They want you to buy as many of the Up-Sells as they can get you to fall for to line their own pockets, Not Yours. Good luck trying to get a refund too, because they will string you along until they’ve squeezed every penny out of you that they can get, and then say you didn’t do something incorrectly so your money can’t be refunded.

Heck, even the disclaimer says the website is for entertainment purposes only. Take a look below and see for yourself. I honestly would not take this Auto Profit system seriously if I were you. Not with a sketchy disclaimer like that.

Disclaimer Screenshot

Is There Training?

The training inside auto profit sites is extremely outdated and you are not going yo be able to access it for the initial $21.80 you pay when you join, it’s going to take a few up-sell to access it. The sales page promises free traffic methods that are so outdated your website may even be penalized and never see the first page of any search engine.

Auto Profit Sites system really pushes paid traffic which is going to cost you money. Believe me when I tell you that you could wind up spending thousands of dollars on Up-Sells and paid traffic methods without ever seeing any results. I know this because I’ve fallen victim to schemes like this back in 2011 when my journey began.

I remember spending thousands on sketchy systems that never delivered. Plug In Profit Site was one of my first encounters and also the first scheme I exposed when I finally found legit training online

Real online training that actually works should be free to try, and priced reasonably if you decide to give it a go. Legit systems like the one I use give you 2 options which are explained Up-Front before you even join.

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Even More Red Flags

There are a few more things to consider before joining this seemingly good system, like the fact that they use fake testimonials on the hyped up sales page. All you need to do is a quick image search on Google to see that the people they say this system is working for are fake.

They are either lying or don’t even know auto profit sites is using the persons picture to create a false testimonial. is loaded with actors willing to give a fake testimonial starting as low as Five Dollars.

Fake Testimonial

Another Fake Testimonial

They also say that some celebrities and millionaires are using the system. I highly doubt people like Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, and, Frank Kern would attach their names to this system. Maybe the Idea, but definitely not some sketchy system that even has for entertainment purposes only in the disclaimer. The System is just loaded with way too many Red Flags and blatant lies.

Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Impossible Claim since the auto profit sites system isn’t even 2 months old at the time of this review. This Is Just more Lies! has this website as being registered 07/06/2020, so I Highly doubt these claims are true. informative screenshot

Is Auto Profit Sites A Scam?


This is a real shady area. I have to say no they are not a scam because you are getting a low quality product with lots of Up-Sells. I will say that the system is an extremely misleading scheme and it Will Not Work as advertised. Over the last six years I’ve encountered many schemes like this one and none of them ever work. My advice is to save your money and check out some Free Training instead.

There’s A Better Way

My #1 Recommendation offers you 10 lessons of free training and a free siterubix website to help get your new business off the ground. The best part is there are only 2 simple options to choose from, Free or Premium. I always recommend starting out as a free member and get a feel for the style of training you will be learning.

Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone, so I strongly urge anyone thinking of giving it a try to put their credit card back in your wallet and give the free training a try. Then if you like it you can consider premium and also take advantage of my Action Takers Bonus, which I’ll talk about at the end of my review.

Membership Options


Simply Click on The membership options Chart to set up Your Free Account Today!


What Is My Bonus?

My Action Takers Bonus is absolutely Awesome for anyone serious about learning Affiliate Marketing! Here’s how it works. Enjoy your free lessons and website and take a look around the community. Ask questions in Live Chat and really get a feel for the platform. Then if you decide a premium membership is a good fit for you, I will give you your first month of premium for only $19. That’s A 59% discount from the regular $49 monthly premium membership, allowing you to take full advantage of everything this platform has to offer.

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(Scam Prevention Team)

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason

    It always amazes me that someone can make such a ludicrous claim and think people are that stupid to think that you get over 20000 dollars for less than a three course dinner. To me that is more red flags than you can shake a stick at. I cannot believe that they have got the cheek to use old training  and pass it off as something new. I am glad I came across this review as it is another one on the list to cross off.

    Thank you


    • Antonio, back in 2011 I would watch these videos and actually think there was some truth to them. I spent almost 3 years looking to get rich quick until Wealthy Affiliate  gave me the truth. Since then I have made it my mission to not only expose the websites that scammed me but also help others avoid new online scams. I started learning the right way to make money online back in 2014 and have been applying my training ever since.

      I’m happy you found this review and had the smarts to do some research before joining. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about something you think might be a scam and I will be happy to help.

      Best Regards


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