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For years I was paying someone else to build my websites. The process was costly, and I never seemed to get exactly what I wanted. Recently I began looking into building a website on my own. I was really nervous because this was a completely new world to me. One thing was certain, I was sick and tired of my alarm clock and hated my job. I knew there had to be more to life than just existing and I knew that real people were making real money with their own website. I soon learned that building a website wasn’t very hard to do, in fact I even found a program that I could build a website for FREE. With simplified platforms and services anyone can build a website, that’s right I said anyone…

If this sound like something you may enjoy doing then keep reading..


There are  5 Important Aspects In Website Building !

Your website is your presence on the web, (how people come to know you) but now that you have a online presence you also need hosting (this is where your website gets stored) and sees to it that it serves fast and efficient to your visitors. These next 5 things determine the difference between a quality (successful) website or a run of the mill low end ( not so successful site).

The first thing that is imperative and extremely important to building a quality website is(1) SPEED and LOAD TIME (very important) (2) Professional appearance and Design ( the first impression ) (3) The site must be easy to navigate. ( this determines whether or not someone stays on your website or just moves on to a higher quality website). (4) The Quality of your websites Content, your content is extremely important. This is what makes your website stand out to your visitors ( better content equals better website.) (5) Uses a CMS this is a Content Management System (we will visit CMS in the next section)

If you accomplish these things you are well on your way to a Profitable and Successful Website online.. 

In order to do this you must have leveraging and simple framework. My recommendation is a Word Press site. You can build a Free Word Press site HERE.


Why Word Press ?

Word Press Is A True Content Management System (CMS)

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I’m sure that if you have been thinking about building a website then you have most likely heard of Word Press. In Fact Word Press is the most widely used frame work builder in the world..

This brings us to CMS, a decade ago if you wanted to build a website you had to manually code HTML. Knowledge of programming was a absolute must. (my, how times have changed) That was a decade ago, These days the potential for online success has become much easier to achieve. You see, now that the content barriers have been removed, because of the use of a Content Management System. (CMS) Anyone can build a website!


The Benefits To Using Word Press Are Amazing

Installation is easy to install and set up. (just one click at Wealthy Affiliate) Word Press has over 1,400 different website templates to choose from, over 10,000 add on features, and a lot of support.

Word Press is my only choice and is the only frame work I use on my websites.

I can show you how to get your own website in just the next few minutes…


Still Not Sure

I am with you completely. When I first began my journey into building a online presence I was young man in bed about to hammer his alarm clock

scared. This was all new to me and I was scared I would fail. I was scared that if I did fail my wife would be upset. Starting something new absolutely terrified me. Then I thought about how much I hated being a slave to the man. I remembered how much I hated the sound of that stupid alarm clock which ran my life. That day I went to work and took a good look at my life. I looked around my surroundings after punching in 1 minute late and thought to myself “This is it? This is what I’ve been getting up for day after day” Did I mention I hate Time Clocks too? That was it Fear no longer controlled me. I went home that night and joined the opportunity I had been looking into for months.


The Best Decision Ever

That day I just described would prove to be a major turning point in my life. I was determined to never have to answer to the man or anyone else except for God. I joined Wealthy Affiliate and got right into it. Within minutes I was the proud owner of my very own website. Although I was skeptical I knew this was my only chance and I had to make this work. I am so happy I ignored the haters and kept pushing forward. Money was starting to trickle in within 6 months.

Here I am two and a half years Later and I am happy to announce that not only have I Quit the job I hated I also haven’t been a slave to my alarm clock for about 4 months. I am Living Proof that Dreams do come true. You just have to take the step and make them come true. I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

That is my story, and If you can I identify with anything I said then I want to help you. I made a promise to myself that if I did make it I would not only expose the scams that made me skeptical in the beginning but I would also help others to follow their own dreams and help anyway I can. Read my full about me page here and leave a comment. I look forward to helping any way I can.

Thank You

Jason (Scam Prevention Team)


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