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Is Affiliate Cash Club A Scam? If you’ve wound up here I’m sure you are here to get that question answered honestly without getting the run around. I would first like to congratulate you for taking a moment to do your own research before spending your hard-earned money. Let’s take a look at Clickbanks Affiliate Cash Club in depth and find out if the claims they make are true.

My Review Will Discuss The Following Topics

1. What Affiliate Cash Club Really Is

2. How the System Works

3. Is A.C.C. a scam or will you make money

4.My Final Thoughts

5. My #1 Recommendation For Success Online

6. A Special Bonus For You!



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What Affiliate Cash Club really Is

Name: Affiliate Cash Club

Website: affiliatecashclub.com

Product: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $37 (Plus Up-Sells)

Owner: Jordan Mathews His Pen Name, We are not given the owners real name

Recommended :No

Best For: Nobody (unless you have money to throw away)

Scam: Yes

Summary: I found Affiliate Cash Club to be just the latest in a series of scams I have been investigating and like the others the platform is loaded with Red Flags. Outlandish Claims of making $4,784.72 every single day in under 5 minutes, Fake Testimonials, Owners name is Fake and the system is loaded with up-sells.

I have exposed many companies similar to A.C.C. such as Secret Profit Club, AtoZ Cash System, Forex Paradise and many more.

If you want to learn how to make real money online without getting scammed I suggest taking a look at my #1 Recommendation.

I was first alerted to this Clickbank product from a concerned reader who emailed me directly asking for me to look into this seemingly good product and it didn’t take very long for me to reach a conclusion.

Do you have a question or concern about money making opportunity? Contact me directly and I will check it out for you.

How The System Works

The Affiliate Cash Club system is nothing more than a hyped up low quality clickbank product. Jordan Mathews (or whoever he is) preys on unsuspecting beginners and sells them a false hope of actually making money online. You are sucked in to the system with a low $37 price tag then gradually hit with up sells.

They try to string you along as long as the can because once your 60 days is up, you can’t get your money back and by that time you’ve spent a lot more than $37. Heck even Clickbank doesn’t back this product. Take a look at the disclaimer at the very bottom of the Affiliate Cash Club home page and tell me what you think.

Disclaimer Screenshot

The system gives you low quality and outdated affiliate marketing training that doesn’t work. As of the time of this review the only good thing I can see about this system is that it’s sold on Clickbank so they have to offer a 60-day money back guaranty. But if you get sucked into the Up-Sells 60 days will sneak up on you fast which is why they string you along then stop communicating with you after that time is up.

Is Affiliate Cash Club A Scam?

My consensus is yes affiliate cash club is a scam. The system is loaded top to bottom with Red Flags and false claims of Bogus earnings. Fake testimonials and a sense of urgency is also used which I discuss in depth on my Identify Scams page. Calling this a scam is pretty bold but when someone who can’t even use his or her real name and uses fake testimonials what else can I call it? A Scheme?

I know there are some who will disagree with my conclusion of this being a scam because you are getting a product with money back guaranty but when it’s all lies and misleading claims of unrealistic earnings, It’s A Scam in my eyes.

I know once this review hits the first page of Google I will be contacted from someone pretending to be the lawyer for A.C.C.because I deal with this stuff on a regular basis. They always come on strong with big threats of a lawsuit but since they are not a legit program they never follow through.

So to Appease the fake legal team at A.C.C. I will say the program is a EXTREMELY MISLEADING SCHEME!!

When you try to leave the website they try to entice you with a discount and this pop up which is also typical of these type of scams.

screenshot of pop up

Final Thoughts

What more can I say? Affiliate Cash Club is nothing more than the newest scheme designed to entice new internet marketers into a low quality system that doesn’t work. I’ve been doing product reviews like this for 5 years now and have only found a handful of legitimate affiliate marketing training and Affiliate Cash Club IS NOT one of them.

You can see the legit systems on the home page of this website listed under The Good on the main menu.

There is one that stands out above the rest because it’s the program that brought me from the collision repair industry to truly living a lap top lifestyle and the best part is I joined for Free and only went to premium when I felt comfortable with the system.

Read About Me and see the amazing journey I had and you will see that with some hard work and perseverance Dreams really do come true but it’s up to you

I will tell you about my secret weapon for success in the next section of this review.

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Any Questions? Feel Free to leave a comment and I will respond. Have A Great and Successful Day!

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason,

    We represent Affiliate Cash Club and are opening a defamation case against you, if you don’t take this site down…

    Just kidding!

    It’s great that there are people like you exposing these scammy websites. There’s too many out there and too many unwitting people getting ripped off.

    Keep up the good work!


    • HaHa That reminded me of an email I received from Matt Lloyd”s so called legal team from My Top Tier Business AKA MOBE that is now shut down and Matt Lloyd is in some hot water right now because of his scam.


  • Yea, I would call the Affiliate Cash Club a scam. It’s another one of those programs that offer a cheap initial cost at first and then huge costs later saying that I need those products to be successful. Furthermore, when you said the guy is under a fake name and that after 60 days, you lose complete contact with the owners, it’s a major red flag scam. Thanks for revealing this product for what it is! What does the Affiliate Cash Club even teach anyways?

    • Affiliate Cash Club offers outdated training so it seems like you get something for your money but it seriously isn’t worth the time to even view it. You are then harassed to upgrade for more outdated training with hopes that you waste enough time on the program for the money back guaranty to be expired and then you lose all contact.

  • $4,784.72 every single day is really a huge hype with a big scam gown. The question I asked myself at a glance is that if this is true why poverty hasn’t left this world and why are people still stressing themselves on jobs they hate doing. It’s obvious that the owners are building castles in the air and have no intention to make anyone money. 

    For me, the fact that there are upsells is a big DON’T. Thanks for taking the time to break things down. Guess my best shot now is to give your recommendation a try. 

    • I really think you nailed it with your comment. Why hasn’t poverty left the world if there are ways to make that kind of money so easy? My personal feeling is, when people are down and out they will spend their lunch money to find a way out and these people are the ones sites like this prey on. I think when someone is desperate and struggling they are more likely to take a chance because the affiliate cash club website gives them false hope of a way out. This is my reason for this website. I continuously try to get the truth out before people get ripped off. 

  • Ah, this is good. Very well written review here honestly. After a very long time I have come to realise that making money on the net is not a thing that one can do at one. It takes a lot of time and hardwork. This claims made by platforms like affiliate cash club is a big lie. One needs to be very wary of scams like this. I am very sure that the owner of this platform will not be transparent either. I too was scammed by online sites like this. I think clickbank needs to look into some of the digital product they offer. This is a good post. Thank you for all the details.

    • I couldn’t agree more Henderson. The products offered on clickbank in the internet marketing niche need to be better monitored. I’ve been ripped off by clickbank scams more than any other type of online scams on the internet. 

  • I’m very impressed with the way you have presented this review and your bold claims on stating this site as a scam. I just retired from my job and have been hearing a lot about so many online business which I have decided to go into. But my inquisitive natures keeps me searching for reviews in these sites. So far they are tagged with over hyping and false testimonies. Thanks for this really wonderful review, I’ll inform others about it. 

    • Thanks Chloe, it’s reassuring to see more people taking the time to do research before jumping into something such as Affiliate Cash Club. Getting the word out is key. I wish I had found some reviews like this back in 2011 when I started my online journey and vowed to expose all the platforms that scammed me.

  • Thanks for introducing wealthy Affiliate as an option here to the scam oriented affiliate cash club. In all honesty, I did not know about this affiliate cash club review before but getting to know about it here and seeing that it is scam ridden. Having so many red flags as you have pointed out, I don’t think I want to waste my 37$ on this platform. They offer no worthy service for my money and seeing they only offer promises to which one may never earn a penny from. Thanks so much for this review

    • There really is no value in the affiliate cash club platform and I’m happy to see you have found my review before wasting $37 on this garbage.

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