Cash4Clickz Scam Review – Social Media Hackers Pay You Zero

Welcome to my cash4clickz scam review. Today you will find out if Cash4Clickz is a scam or a legit money making opportunity.

Doing your research is very important and I would like to commend you for doing that. Smart people always do research first before falling for the promise of riches that sound too good to be true. You are that smart person and I say congratulations for taking a deeper look into this seemingly good opportunity. I started this website to expose online scams and help people like you learn how to create real online income. I want to help you succeed.

Overview and Summary

Name: Cash 4 Clicks


Owner: Unidentified

Launched: 10/22/2019 (Home page Claims 2015 but the truth from says 10/22/2019)

Price: Free

Recommended: No

Scam Warning: YES

Summary: Cash 4 Clickz is a social media influencer network. The platform pays members for completing tasks and offers a $25 bonus for joining. Other tasks include getting referrals through sharing your link on social media and completing other tasks such as taking surveys and uploading you tube videos promoting cash4clickz. The website pays various amounts depending on the tasks you complete.

The only problem with this website is, it’s completely fake and everything about it is a lie. From the creation date to payment proof is all a huge bogus lie. Cash4clickz is no different from other websites I have already exposed such as KashTree, RainMoney, CashOg, and MoneyChaser.

I have exposed many more sites similar to this one but the list would consume my entire review, so I’ve only listed some of the most recent.

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Cash4Clickz Lies Exposed

My review is going to break down the cash4clickz opportunity and show you why you must stay as far away from this scam as possible. If your here to find out if Cash4Clickz is legit the short answer is no. I wouldn’t let the fact that the platform is free to join be the deciding factor in joining this seemingly good program either because they will get your money one way or another and once they get your personal information your life could become a living hell.

Let’s get into my top 5 reasons Cash4Clicks is a complete Lie and one of the most misleading platforms to launch in 2019. I will come out and say this kind of online scam looks like it’s going to stick around a while too. Social Media is a hot commodity right now and sites like this are going to continue popping up well into 2020. Mark My Words!

What is Cash4Clicks About?

Again we have a website claiming to be the #1 influencer that also pays well. The Home page misleads you into thinking you will make $500 per day. Does this sound way to easy and too good to be true? Guess What? Claims made from cash4clickz is both way to easy and too good to be true. Trust me everyone would be doing it if it were really that easy.

Cash4Clickz landing page

A $25 dollar sign up bonus sounds great but if you want that money there’s a few things you need to do first. I will show you the payout promises and then show you why you won’t get paid.

  1. Sign Up $25
  2. Install mobile apps $10 (Potentially Dangerous apps)
  3. Pay Per Click $2 for every link click
  4. Getting Referrals $10 for every person who signs up through your link
  5. Taking Surveys $30 (Unrealistic payout, Legit companies like Swagbucks only pay pennies)
  6. Make You Tube Videos $50 for promoting them on You Tube

You Have to also get these 3 things done before being eligible to collect you 425 sign up bonus too.

  • Get 20 Clicks
  • Refer 5 People
  • Complete 4 Tasks

Even if you do everything I just listed you still won’t get paid. The next thing you can expect is either a complete lockout from your account or an automated message saying there was fraudulent activity on your account.

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5 Reasons Cash4Clickz Will Scam You

Not Quite convinced is a scam Lets take a look at all the warning signs associated with this “social media influencer” that should absolutely scare the Sh!#t out of you. I will list them in random order but they are all important things to know about this scam site called

#1 Fake Date Of Creation

The about page of the website claims to have been a number one influencer since 2015 but if your willing to do a little research, which I know you are if your still here you will see that the website was actually created in mid to late October 2019.

Here is a screenshot I took from their About me page showing the false date of creation, just like its sister websites and Basically this is just a rehashed website of the two I just mentioned with a couple new fake testimonials.

about cash4clickz

I’ll give them a little credit, at least they changed the background color and added a funny little rocket to the about page so it’s not as Identical to its sister websites as a few of the others they’ve been creating.

Now Introducing the facts! Here is the real date of creation according to info

#2 Fake Testimonials

Fake testimonials from so called happy members are one of the most commonly used practices for websites like C4C’z because they are cheap and all they have to do once the buy them is just keep changing the company name. I’m almost willing to bet they paid less than $10 for this testimonial and look how many of their websites it’s on. I will also guarantee she’s on more than what I’ve found so far. Video testimonials are equally cheep, well a little more, starting at $25.

Introducing The most popular Fake Testimonial girl I have ever seen online

Ashlee N.Ambria N.

#3 False Income Claims

Cash4Clickz also uses screenshots of false income claims which can also be found on a few of their sister site such as MoneyChaser and NiceCash. Websites like this have been flooding social media since summer 2019 or maybe even before that. I received word of these scams in early June but that’s not to say they haven’t been around a bit longer. I’m only going to show a couple shots of the fake income claims because I feel I have already proven my point.

Fake Tweetsmore fake tweets

#4 Not Really $500 Per Day

Some one really screwed up the math here because the home page claims you will make $500 per day but i the false income screenshots I provide nobody really made that much.

Here is what they claim to have paid and then Ill break down the math a little just to put things in perspective a bit. Heck these scammers are such Liars they didn’t even bother doing the math to calculate how much they would have paid out to really make $500 a day.income screenshot That math equals out to be about $302.22 per person but don’t worry. The fact is they are not going to pay you at all, so there’s no need to worry about money. Cash4Clickz doesn’t even pay a couple people to make it look good. They just don’t pay. PERIOD!

#5 Unexpected Fees

This goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. The tasks you will be asked to complete may include giving out your credit card or bank information. I’m sure I don’t need to let you know what they may do with that but in case you didn’t know the companies you are dealing with may also be scam artists and you could wind up with unauthorized charges to both your CC and Bank account.

Phone numbers are sometimes required when completing some of the tasks as well and you could receive text messages by the dozens, costing you anywhere from $5 – $25 per message

Personal data and information may also be sold to third parties when completing some of these tasks. I’ve heard it said that data these days is like gold from days of old. Basically you data is gold to them.Gold Bars

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Pros and Cons


Free To Join


Giant Scheme of online Hackers

False Testimonials

You Won’t Get Paid

False Payment Proofs

Fake Contact Information

Personal Information And Data Is At Risk

BBB Has given its sister companies an F Rating

Parent Companie does not Exist


Cash4Clicks is the newest of online scams which is a part of a much larger scheme. Other companies associated with this scheme include the following






These are just a few of the websites that cash4clickz align them self with and everyone of them is a huge scam. I strongly suggest that if you come across any of the websites I’ve just listed, stay far away from them. You Will get scammed. I have written detailed reviews about all the above, available to read right here at True Prosperity Online.

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I hope this article was helpful. Please read more About Me and My Journey and As Always I’m Here To Help!

Leave a Comment if you have any questions or just have something to add to this information.

Best Regards


  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • From the instant I saw cash4clicks claiming everyone can make 500 bucks in a single day as easy as that I knew it was too good to be true and very few people can make that much online even after a long time and experience. I hope no one falls for this time wasting scam I almost did and honestly the site was created in 2015, well one thing is for sure a site created in 2019 and of year is too new to be trusted.Thanks for the tip on false testimonials and I would really love to try out wealthy affiliate I’ve heard quite good reviews about it.

    • Happy you found the review helpful, if you can’t even trust the creation date then there really isn’t much you can trust at all from them. I would be more than happy to coach you inside Wealthy Affiliate.

  • I’m glad I found this scam review. It has really answered all the questions I had about Cash4Clickz. I remember when I first started my search to earn online, paid surveys was the option I was first made aware of. I must admit though, I had my doubts about this particular survey site. But now, I have more clarity.  I think this article will benefit everyone. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. And I can’t wait to read more posts like this.Good Luck

  • This is a great review you’ve written. I fell into Cash4Clickz once, either that or one of its twin scams. I clicked a link someone shared, received a congratulations and a link to share and a form to fill out to receive my rewards. Thankfully, I figured out what was going on before I submitted the form. I had learned through years of being suckered to look online for an unbiased review before joining something. It’s sick. The form is for your information so you can get spammed from companies who pay these guys for your personal info. They make a killing from people who get too excited and just submit a form before realizing what they’re doing. It’s really a good thing you’re doing in warning people away from such programs!

    • Glad to hep Cathy, Please forgive the late response. Somehow your comment was overlooked which happens on occasion. Wishing you all the best.

      Stay Safe


  • Thank you very much for exposing this POS company trying to swindle people out of their hard-earned money. I appreciate the trouble you went through in digging up dirt on these companies. Sadly, a lot of people fall for these types of scams. I hope more people read this review! Thank you for your public service, and I applaud you for writing such a thorough and well-written article. 


    • I couldn’t do this without the support of readers like you Sunny. My reviews stay on the first page of the search engines because of the quality of the content and the people that take the time to comment on my content. I’m looking forward to bring you more reviews of questionable companies that are similar to Cash4Clickz.

  • The best way to avoid Scams is to Check and see if there have been any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau or the Better Enterprises Bureau. Also, find reviews and forums where you may get people with more knowledge, it takes minimal time and is well deserving the time it takes. Remember, a little bit of homework goes a long way. thanks for this great review. You actually saved many.

    • The Scam artists are well aware of the facts you have just listed and they also know they have minimal time to get someone to act. Chances are that if a person leaves the site then they will do some homework and not return. Mainly reviews like mine are what they will find and gain the knowledge needed to stay away.

  • Hi! Thank you to expose scammers like cash4clickz, I mean what is up with those people? They harm innocent prople with money earning bu$%%#@t! Promises! Thank you for what youre doing, I fall into a scam once ,thank you for what you to do, I hope scammers all of them will get expose sooner or later.


    Primoz P.

    • I am working hard to expose as many scams as I can get out to the public. Feel free to visit my Report A Scam Page if you need to report anything. I look forward to exposing as many scams as possible in 2020.

  • Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. When ever I hear the name cash4clickz, the first thing that comes to my mind is scam, I have a cousin who is still trying to recover from all the wasted resources and time he spent on this scam. 

    Thanks for your honest review

    • I am sorry to hear that your cousin lost so much time on this website but would count my self lucky for only losing time and if the resources are money, I’m sorry to hear that as well.

      I have read reports of people getting their identity stolen and some even having there bank account wiped out. I would forward my website to your cousin because I plan on spending the majority of 2020 reviewing social media scams.

      I’ve even brought on some additional staff to help with the cause.



  • Hi Jason, thank you for being the “canary in the coalmine” and exposing Cash4Clickz for what it truly is – a scam. Unfortunately, whilst the technology changes, human nature does not and wherever there is a captive audience available, predators will lurk. First it was door-to-door salesmen, now its social media influencers. 

    Given the prevalence of scams such as CashClickz, are there particular measures we can take to protect ourselves online from these predatory schemes, or do we simply have to resort to our own common sense and vigilant investigators such as yourself, Jason?

    • You really need to be diligent and do some of your own research,  just like you are doing reading this cash4clicks scam review.

      I also have a page on this website called “Identify Scams” you could give that page a read through as it has vital information on how to identify possible scams and some red flags to keep an eye out for. 2020 looks to be the biggest year yet for social media scammers so do check back frequently.

      I won’t have time to join and review them all but I plan on playing a big part of exposing scams in 2020!

      Stay Safe


  • There are three things that would make this a review that I could give more weight to. 

    1: If you had tried Cash4Clicks yourself


    2: If you had testimonials and examples from people who’ve tried it and were scammed.


    3: You had an outline of what makes a scam and examples of how Cash4Clicks fits that outline. 

    At the moment, this review seems mostly built on speculations. I don’t disagree with your evaluation that Cash4Clicks isn’t a reputable company, but there’s a difference between a company that makes it difficult to get what they promise and one that outright scams you. Cash4Clicks very well may be a scam but you don’t offer much proof. You say when you go to cash out, they will tell you there is a problem and block your account. How do you know this? Have you experienced it? Did you find records of others experiencing it?

    Make sure that if you make claims, you can truly back them up. 🙂 It will give your word more authority. 

    • 1. I join every platform I review even if I have to pay. Sometimes I find some hidden gems but cas4clickz is not one of them.

      2. I am the testimonial of how the system does not work because I joined and never got paid. I also provide proof of fake testimonials with the same actress on 3 different sites along with the information showing a false date of creation. What more do you want?

      3. I also have an entire page dedicated on how to identify scams which I provide a link for you to read in my review, if you read the review entirely you’d have seen that but just click the highlighted text above to save you time.

      4. I’ve been reviewing online scams since January 2014 and always do a complete and thorough investigation before writing anything. This review follows 6 others I have written on identical websites which you would also know if you actually read the review before commenting.

      The problem these days is to many people read less than half way through something and through a comment out there before reading the entire content

      • Hello!

        Perfect! I just didn’t see any indication that you had joined the program yourself. It would be wonderful if it was mentioned! 🙂 Thank you for your work and dedication to exposing scams!

        • Sorry, I usually do but after reviewing so many of these identical scam websites I really think it’s a gimme and sometimes forget to mention that I actually participate before writing my review.



  • Hello Jason. Thank you for sharing taking your time to share this review of Cash4Clickz. From your review, I can discern that this earning opportunity is FAKE!!! Considering the fact that the date of establishment of Cash 4 Clickz is Less than 3 months ago and they claim it has been in operation since 2015. Again, the owner(s) is/are not known. For me, this sign is enough. However more and more red flags keep popping up as I read through this review. I wonder where they make their money from??? Cash 4 Clickz is ANOTHER SCAM!

    Thanks for exposing them.

    • False creation date and unknown owners are very alarming and that’s just the beginning of the red flags associated with this Fake company.

  • I’m way to familiar with websites claiming to give you the world but only end up giving you a headache and a lighter wallet. Thanks for the info. I swear I don’t know why people have to create scams like this in order to get people’s money. When they could clearly put out some helpful or useful information and sell even more. But people always want the fast or slick way out.

    • Internet scams are all to common these days. The creators recognize peoples desire to make money online and take advantage of their vulnerability and desperation. Making the platform free to join and offering ridiculas sign up bonuses make it very enticing to a desperate person.

      What people don’t realize is they are just trying to get your personal information to sell to third parties and get you to spend money on bogus offers is their bread and butter. You will not get paid from these scammers so anything you do with them is nothing more than a waste of time.

  • Hi Jason,

    No information about the owner and wrong information on the time of existence are a big red flag for me.

    To be honest this is not the first time I hear about a $25 joining bonus. I have worked with 10+ Get Paid To Sites (GPT) and based on my experience it’s not worth the time we invest in. There are many scams and only a few genuine sites. However, the problem with the genuine sites is… the income potential is very low.

    Thanks a lot for the helpful review. Your review is going to save people trouble, time, and effort.

    With these sites the amount will increase in the dashboard but we won’t be able to withdraw the amount. I have tried and struggled with many sites to cash-out my earnings, nothing worked finally they will block or suspend the account. How dare you try to cash-out, this is just numbers Lol! 

    You have provided enough proofs on why you are not recommending Cash4Clickz and Cash4Clickz is a big NO-NO for me.

    • Right, can you believe people actually want their money? Lol, all I can do is warn people and the rest is up to them.

  • It seems everywhere you look is another scam promising you loads of money to do very little.  That alone should tell most people that it isn’t legit.  The old adage of if it seems to good to be true it probably is rings true here.

    Thanks for bringing these scams to light.  I keep seeing so many of them every day.

    Are you enjoying your blogging/affiliate marketing life?  Seems like a pretty good business model to me.

    • This time of year seems to be a popular time for these scams to make a big push and they start to flood social media. Unfortunately there are many who will click on the scam ad and get sucker punched in the wallet.

      I do enjoy my laptop lifestyle but it’s still work. Not physical labor like my former trade but I spend a lot of hours signing up for and investigating scams. I also had to join a gym because working from home was not getting me much exercise, but I think it’s all worth it.

  • Hello there thanks for your review on cash4clicks they are one of the hottest scams out there you just click and click and click and end up with nothing,but without you knowing they take your information and use them and sometimes they can hack you account and steal all your money please I advise everyone to run from this sites

    • Your comment is very important for people to read, as I see you have had a bad encounter with this scam. I hope you did not lose to much money.

      Remember that you can always leave a comment on my report a scam page if you think something is not right with a platform and I will be happy to look into it.

  • The problem with this type of opportunity is, there are a lot of hard-headed people out there who won’t heed our warning but instead, they will proceed and try it first. Then, after losing money they will nod their heads and say, “That review is true. I should have listened to that review by Jason.

    Jason, is there a way we can figure out who runs this scam? If we can figure out who is that scammer, is there a way we can let the authorities run after him?

    • The problem is they usually operate in other countries and can shut the site down and have a new one up the same day. For the moment all we can do is make sure people are warned about such scams and hopefully the scammers will get what’s coming to them from the law. Matt Lloyd got busted for his MOBE scheme so there is still hope.

  • One of the ways to spot a scam website or program is if the owner(s) of the website or creator(s) of the program are anonymous. Being anonymous implies that they are not legit hence they cannot make themselves known, hence they’d face persecution at the end. Cash4clickz is no different from other scam I have come I encountered before. I do not recommend it too just as you don’t.

    • Transparency is very important when you have a business online and trust is equally important. Cash4Clickz is not transparent or trustworthy. I can not recommended a website like this to my readers, there are just way too many Red Flags. 

  • Hi Jason, Thanks for providing such a comprehensive review about a company and its owners who would stoop so low as to scam innocent people. I have been with WA for a while now and would recommend them highly to all your readers.The training is second to none and offers you some wonderful opportunities if you are willing to work and never give up.

    Great work mate, keep it up

    • Paul, I struggled for 3 years looking for a legit opportunity online and lost thousands of dollars. Wealthy Affiliate has been the only opportunity I’ve found to give me the success I chased for years. I had to work very hard and there were times I just wanted to give up and quit but persistence and hard work did pay off. I’m very happy I stuck it out and completed the training. 

  • So glad to have found this scam review site.  I just recently starting looking into trying to make money on-line and you really opened my eyes to how fake some of these people can be.   It is getting bad when you start to recognize the same paid reviewers from site to sight. 
    Thanks for taking the time to research and help us see through the lies and not waste our time or money.  I will be checking out some of your other reviews as well.

    Not that long ago I fell for a similar make money scam and it didn’t take me long to figure out I just lost $49.00 in the blink of an eye    Makes me look for reviews like yours now instead of just reading the ones that they provide.  


    • Tammy, I’m glad this review was helpful to you. I never dreamed that exposing online scams would become so time consuming. When I started this website I just wanted to expose the websites that ripped me off. I quickly received a huge eye opener as to how many online scams there really are.

  • I have seen websites like this before. I’ve learned that if it looks too good too be true it normally is! Thank you for this review, showing how much of a scam Cash4Clickz really is. I can’t believe that they are able to do websites like these that are obviously scams. I noticed you said their sister site was investigated by the BBB, is that what we should do when we come across sites like these? Appreciate you for looking out for people and telling them what this site really is

    • I recommend checking the BBB report on any questionable website. I see you’ve already done your due diligence by looking for reviews about this seemingly good platform that is nothing more than a scam. You can always visit my report a scam page and leave me a request to check ot any questionable website you see online.

  • Hi Jason. Good review of Cash4Clickz. You are really doing a great job helping people so that they will not be ripped of off their hard earned money. I have seen similar fake make money online websites like this before. A friend of mine actually registered with one of them, did everything he was asked to do and he made $600. They asked him to wait 1 month before he can withdraw. He waited but still is unable to withdraw. Lol. Based on the knowledge I have about fake earning website, I warned him but he didn’t take my words.

    • You did what you could to try and help your friend avoid this but some people just have to learn the hard way. I’m not sure if you remember the 2 dollar click scam but I fell for that back in early 2011. I was just exploring ways to make money online and a complete newbie, I found out the hard way too.



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