CashOG Scam Review – Another Fake Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my CashOg Review. Today we are going inside to answer the most commonly asked question about this seemingly good program. Is CashOg a scam or will they really pay you? I want to begin by congratulating you for taking the time to do some research before joining.

Just because a program is Free to join does not always make it legit and remember it’s not always your money they are seeking. The consequences of joining a site like the can be far more damaging than you think. Today scam artists are well aware that most people are educating themselves about online scams, so offering something to make you money online for Free seems like a No Brainier. Right?

Wrong, let’s get into the details here and see exactly what is really about and find out if they are even going to pay yo at all. I can save you the time of giving you all the gory details of this website and tell you No, you will not get paid. For those of you that want to find out why please read this entire review and learn how to Identify Scams and stay safe online.

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CashOg Overview and Summary

Name: CashOG


Price: Free

Owner: Unknown

Launched: July 2019 ( They Claim to have been in business since 2015 but it’s a Lie)

Recommended: No

Scam Warning: Yes (A very dangerous one too)

Summary: is a website that is the #1 social media influencer online and claims to have been in business since 2015. They offer a $25 dollar bonus just for joining and pay between $10 – $15 dollars for each person who joins using your affiliate link, which you are encouraged to share on social media. The platform is free to join making the opportunity available to all but there is a lot you are not being told. Like the fact that everything they claim to be in my summary is a complete and total Lie.

Cash Og Claims you will make $500 per day making this sound very enticing. The website is Identical to sites like KashTree.Co, RainMoney, and many others that have been exposed by True Prosperity Online. Take a look at exactly how many followers you would need to make this nonsense a reality saying this was a real opportunity. I can assure you it’s not though.

Fake Earnings Calculator

Cash Og Red Flags

Here is a list of just a few Red Flags I’ve discovered about and some of them are Quite alarming. I strongly urge anyone thinking about joining the CashOg platform to reconsider because your information is at risk.

Red Flag #1

Your personal information is being sold to the highest bidder, even on the dark web. The reason CashOg is free to join and they make such bold statements of paying anywhere from $10 to $15 per referral is because they want your email and as much personal information as the can get from you to sell to third party websites and even Hackers.

Ask yourself this question and tell me if it makes sense to you. Legit GTP (Get Paid To) sites such as Swag Bucks only pay you pennies for completing tasks and getting referrals leaving it hard to reach the cash out threshold. How can CashOg afford to pay the kind of money they say they are going to pay you?

Answer: They Can’t and They Won’t! I want you to take a look at some screenshots I’ve provided and I’d like you to let me know if you can see any possible way of them making money besides selling your information. Some of the tasks you are going to be asked to complete are going to try to trick you into giving up more information than you should. Giving them your email alone already gave them a foot in the door.

The website is not monetized at all. They don’t even have any sponsorship or paid advertising, so the only way they are making money is by exploiting you and whatever information you voluntarily give them or if you make a purchase through one of the tasks.

CashOg Fake Non Monetized Website Home Page

Screenshot Of Cash Og Fake Site

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Red Flag #2

False Launch Date is the same as the sister sites and Identical to the Kashtree and RainMoney Websites launch Date!

Why is not telling you the truth about their date of origin? The truth is they were really launched in July 2019 but the website about page is telling us they have been not only in business but also the #1 influencer online since 2015. These are The same exact lies that you will see on KashTree, Rain Money, MoneyChaser, and a few more I am in the process of investigating which I will not name until my research is complete and thorough.

False 2015 Launch Date Screenshot

Okay So if you read the information in the screenshot above CashOg was created in 2015 and they are THE #1 INFLUENCER Network, but wait Just a minute. Haven’t we heard this before on the other websites I mentioned above Like MoneyChaser, KashTree, and RainMoney? Yes we have, so Let’s take a look at the truth and find out what has to say about the date of origin.

Are you ready? I’m sure you won’t be shocked to see that the creation date was in July 2019, but at this point I’m sure you’re not surprised to see yet another lie from this fake website with an owner who keeps his or her Identity a secret.

Here is the information you can find about the real at This Information is available to anyone who wants to look into a website to check legitimacy for any information

Red Flag #3

Fake Testimonials are another common way scam websites such as CashOg used to create a false sense of security and make you feel as if the company is Legit. My #1 Recommendation lets you read real testimonials and real success stories from real people.

CashOg uses fake testimonials which are fairly cheap to obtain. A actor will sell out for as little as $5 for a little written testimonial or $25 for a convincing video testimonial and cash Og has both. There is certainly no shortage of dishonesty in this world and people are willing to downright Lie just to make an extra buck.

First Let’s Meet Ambria giving a testimonial about CashOg and then we will meet Christina for RainMoney. Or Referral Payday. She can’t even remember.



Ambria Testimonial











Wait! I think I found her again. Twins I can see but triplets. What are the Chances?





More fake TestimonialsOkay now she got it The name is funny but who cares at least she’s making lots of money. Who wouldn’t get confused when you’re practically a millionaire using all these get-rich-quick systems?




Is CashOg A Scam?


My answer is yes! Although it’s free to join the system is a complete and total scam. You will not get paid and they will just make a new website once people start to expose them. The entire website consists of nothing but lies and deceit designed to obtain your email address and any other personal information they can get.

They don’t care who they are selling your information to as long as they are getting paid. I strongly urge you to stay away from this website at all cost. The owner is unknown and the email for support is also fake there is no known email in existence.

Remember it’s called the dark web for a reason and you don’t need the hassle of a hacker of identity thief getting a hold of your information or email.


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Leave A comment below to share your thoughts and why not give us a share? Together we can get the word out and stop these scam artists before they get someone close to us. Now You Know!

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Thank you Jason for exposing the CashOg scam. I was approached recently on Facebook by a friend and they raved that they were making really good daily income. As always I immediately go to Google and search to see if an opportunity is a scam. This is how I came upon your review here and I am glad I did.

    Even before reading this review my scam alert radar was buzzing and now I know my radar was correct. Even if you didn’t mention that CashOg is selling our personal information and that the owner is unknown, a BIG red flag for me, I knew it was a fraud when I saw that testimonial picture of Ambra aka Cristina. I have seen her picture before.

    • Robert, I am happy you found my review. I’m sure you showed this review to your friend. I appreciate you doing some research about this seemingly good program that turns out to be nothing but a big lie. Thank you for helping Keep True Prosperity Online one of the top scam buster websites online.



  • Thank you so much for your review on CashOg. Nowadays, we all have to do out due diligence to join anything online because of all the scams. I even encountered some myself. Right off it is too good to be true to be making $500/day by having 2,000 sounds ridiculous. My friend has 20,000 followers and she doesn’t doesn’t make that much money. 

    I am sure they might get your information and sell it to some company so they can cold calling you or even steal something from you online. And the fake testimonial is classic.

    Thanks for the warning, will share your post to all my friends. 

    • Nuttanee, I also can’t grasp this too good to be true website. My experience shows me that if it sounds too good to be true then it is. Keeping up with these scams is a lot of hard effort and work but I won’t stop until they do. I guess my team and I will be busy for a while.

  • Thanks for exposing another scam. Unknown owner is the first sign of being a scam. On the other hand, we need to be careful when it comes to owners with an impressive profile. Sometimes, it is too good to be true and needs to be investigated thoroughly. You not only expose CashOG but KashTree too. Thanks again!

    • Hey Sharon, Both platforms are located in Panama and according to they have a slue of identical websites with the same layout, just a different name. I see my team and I getting very busy as the holidays approach because these scam artists are making a huge push promoting all the fake websites they own. True Prosperity Online will be right on their heels exposing them as they release them. Things are going to get very stressful and hot for these scammers.

  • A lot of newbies online jump at most products that claim to offer free registrations or signups. The creators of these programs know about this which is why a lot of them include this in the programs they promote. Unfortunately, we soon realize that these programs that claim to be free are not really free with most of them ending up being scam programs just like this CashOG website. A lot of people are going to fall for this unless they take their time to read reviews like that offered on this page to know if the program is legit or not.

    • Hopefully our reviews are getting to the people who need to see them before fall victim to these scam websites. We have to thank readers like yourself for taking the time to comment about this subject. The support helps us to stay on the first page of search engines, helping people find the truth.

  • What a great review of a very shady online get rich quick scheme.   I personally have not heard of this one but have seen and fallen for very similar ones in the past.

    Anything that seems too good to be true probably is too good to be true.   Glad there are people like you out there who inform us of what to watch for in this every growing online community.

    Keep up the good work


    • Thanks Tammy, I can’t  believe how many of these sites there are. I’ve found 4 identical sites with different names and I’m sure there’s more. One site gets exposed like the KashTree Scam and they just launch a new one with a new name. 

  • After reading your review about CashOG I’ll never again even think in joining a site without researching. This site has it all negative in my book. I really hate fake testimonials. But having our information sold is even scary. We’re not protected against these unethical site owners. Thanks for sites as yours that unmask these guys.

    • I’m trying very hard Ann and my team is expanding so we can try to get this information out there faster. The fact that they have been operating since July is unacceptable to me. I just got the tip off about these guys testerday so as you can see I wasted no time getting this information public.

      Thank You


  • Hi Jason! I like that you allow us to report scams in your site. Concerning CashOG I’m glad I researched about it first before joining. It’s not only a scam, but it’s a very dangerous scam. In other words, we can lose much more than just money with this platform. This is absolutely unacceptable to have our information being sold to the highest bidder!

    • Henry, it is unacceptable and this is the new breed of scammers we have to deal with as time goes on. The dark web is out there and these scum will stop at nothing to make an easy dollar. With your help we can make this review viral and stop these scam artists in their tracks.

      Thank You


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