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Colonial Life Insurance

Hello Jason here with a Colonial Life Insurance review that’s a bit different than what you are accustomed to from the scam prevention guy. I know this company as colonial life accident insurance company. I guess it really doesn’t matter how you pronounce them, the simple fact is I personally had a horrible experience with this company. I would not recommend colonial Life to anyone even if I didn’t particularly care for the person. I’m a pretty easy going guy, so you really have to do me dirty for me to take the time to write a review. I could be doing something online that pays,  considering Affiliate Marketing Is How I make My living Now . If I can help just 1 person to not have to experience what I did with this company,  then It makes it all worth it.

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My first Encounter

My first encounter with Colonial life was in April of 2015. I worked at a collision repair shop that was quickly growing. My boss at the time was always trying to do good by his employees and he somehow came in contact with colonial. They could have just walked in for all I know. So that particular day my boss informed all of the employees that he would be buying pizza for everyone and a couple of gentlemen were going to be presenting us with a offer for Accident Insurance and Disability Insurance. At the end my boss offered to match us on the accident insurance, which meant it was only going to cost me $3 USD a week. The sales reps seemed very Knowledgeable and answered questions after they pitched us the accident Insurance. Over the course of the next couple days they brought each of us 1 at a time into the spare office and let us know about what they were offering. They both raved about how fast and efficient claims were handled. If you’re like me You never really think about, what if I get injured and can’t work? So anyways I enrolled for the accident insurance and they also sold me a disability plan. With the company Match of $3 a week I got Both Plans for a cost to me of $22.11 per week for both. My previous employer had Aflac and I was paying around the same when I had Aflac.


Then It Happened

While working around my yard one day 08/13/2015 to be exact I picked something up and moved the wrong way. I felt something pop out of place and there I lay on the grass unable to walk. After being helped into the house I iced it, made a appointment with my chiropractor, primary care doctor and had to take the rest of the week off to try and get back to normal. I went back to work and got a claim form from the front office. Even though I returned to work I was never really the same. My boss even started to notice I wasn’t working up to speed and told me that he needed me 100% back to normal. So another trip to my primary care and 2 MRI’s later I was referred to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon Informed me that this accident was going to require surgery and that my L5 was bulging and putting pressure on my nerves which was causing my intense pain. We set a surgery date and I tried to continue working but I just couldn’t keep up. I went to see the doctor and he thought it would be best if I didn’t work before the surgery. At the time I wasn’t to concerned because I had Colonial Life Accident, which I was told by the sales rep’s that came to my shop “ Accident Claims Kick In Immediately”


Let The Games Begin                                                                       Rolled Up And Shackled Dollars Lying

So I am officially out of work, but have no fear you have Colonial. (NOT) I filled out the accident claim form and spoke to colonial on the phone. I was instructed to fax the claim along with the doctors note and that they would take care of the accident part within 8 – 11 days. I also registered online so I could keep up with the progress of my claim. I Faxed the paperwork on 1/8/16 and waited after about 8 days I can see online that nothing has been done, so I call. They tell me they need more paperwork such as courtesy bills from the doctors I’ve seen and the MRI bills.(They Couldn’t tell me that when I first filed the claim??) So I do all the legwork and get everything they asked for and faxed that info on 01/17/2016. The next day they inform me that it will now take an additional 8 to 11days to process. Again I wait a few days and see nothing online so I called. Now they say the paperwork from my employer is missing, Again I bring the paper to my employer and fax it immediately. They then inform on 01/25/16 That they received the paper but are now transferring the accident claim to a disability or (Sickness claim) and another 8 to 11 days to process. Disability kicks in after being out of work for 30 days and we were almost there. so basically almost a month to process a simple accident claim and now the claim gets transferred to Disability Claim. My surgery was performed on 02/05/2016 I waited until 02/09/2016 to contact colonial again. Now they say that they need my post op report from my doctor and once recieved, Guess? No Really Take a wild Guess!! That’s correct ANOTHER 8 – 11 Days to Process. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? I am, I call it the run around.


In Conclusion

My experience with this company has been horrible. I have friend’s that have had to use Aflac in the past and they don’t recall having to go through all this BS. I would definitely never recommend Colonial Life to Anyone I’m just thankful I have this website to expose these companies and also make an income online.


So after 5 weeks of phone calls trips back and forth to get paperwork 0n 02/12/16 I woke up to a email saying claim was approved. I had to do a lot of running around and make a lot of calls but it got paid. I Will update everyone as to when I actually have my check in hand. I am still not happy with the way this whole process went down. This review is more about the principle. Big insurance companies don’t really care, It’s all $$$ I feel if I didn’t stay on them I would still be waiting but either way the claim was paid.


Thanks For Reading




If you’ve had a experience with this company I’d like to know. Please Leave a Comment..

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