Easy Retired Millionaire System – Does it Really work?

Does Easy Retired Millionaire System Work


A man and woman taking a selfie on a boat

When a company claims that they can help you make $600 in a matter of minutes this really gets my attention. Who wouldn’t want to make that kind of money in such a short amount of time? Well this is exactly what the Easy Retired Millionaire System claims so I jumped right in and decided to investigate this system and find out if there is any truth to this outrageous claim and of coarse found another Flashy website using fake testimonials to get my attention. My review will expose this company for what it really is and hopefully save you precious time and money. My reviews are raw, brutally honest, and straight forward. I don’t like my time wasted and I’m sure you don’t either.






Easy Retired Millionaire At A Glance

Owner: Chris (no last name)

Website: http://www.easyretiredmillionaire.com

Price: $47 (plus up sells)

Rating: 0 out of 10



Picture of a handful of cash


The Intro Video


Well what can I say this intro video is a complete joke loaded with all kinds of Red Flags which I talk about in depth on my Identify Scams page but let me just point out a few. This will probably be a pretty short review because this system is a total SCAM and not even worth me wasting to much of my time on. I will show you the obvious below but if you don’t want to waste your time either you can check out my # 1 Recommendation that I personally use to make real honest money online. No B.S. just straight forward ethical training that really works.


Easy Retired Millionaires Intro video starts out with a couple enjoying life on a romantic little boat that they took straight off of Shutterstock. Not only that but they even go as far as to use FAKE TESTIMONIALS from fiverr.com to try and convince you that the system really works. Just go to fiverr yourself if you don’t believe me and I’m sure you will find at least one of these actors yourself. Take a look at the couple below that they took from Shutterstock and incorporated into the bogus video. Chris claims that this is him and his wife but look what I found. I hope this blond beauty doesn’t find out about his double life.


A man and woman taking a selfie on a boat




Picture of two seperate girls taking a selfie with the same man


Anyone can do this research in a matter of minutes if you want to check it out. I have provided you with a couple of basic screenshots so that you can see what I am talking about. I found this information myself in a matter of minutes. I will give you one more screenshot of a Fiverr.com actor giving a Fake video testimonial below and then we’ll move on to the rest of my review. Again anyone can go to fiverr and see this information, this also only took me a few minutes to discover on my own.


Picture of a actress leaving a fake testimonial


How Does Easy Retired Millionaire Really work?


I will say this one is confusing, in the video Chris tells you that he is currently building you a business on autopilot and around 9 minutes into it he even goes as far as to let you know that you already made $248.00 on his system. I’m pretty sure by the end of the video you’ve made $278.00 Hmmm. Chris then reminds you that there are only 15 open spots so you basically need to sh!t or get off the pot. So really you need to sign up fast and pay the $47 or someone is going to steal your spot and get rich on his autopilot system. That’s it my friend  Easy Retired Millionaire works on it’s own, after they take your money. Does this sound to good to be true? If you answered Yes then you are one of the smart ones because it is. There is no such thing as making easy money online, I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this but there just isn’t. People that really make money online work hard just like any other job and get properly trained on how to do it. Check out my #1 recommendation and learn how to Get Started Free.



The Old Money Back Guarantee


Most of these fly by night kind of systems almost always offer you a money back guarantee, after all they want you to feel secure. Let me tell you Dislike Emoticon

from experience, by the time they get done up selling you and tricking you out of your hard earned money of coarse they won’t have an issue giving you back $47 and usually by the time you realize that you want your money back it’s either to late or they already shut down and moved on to the next scheme. With this system Chris claims that he is only asking for $47 to cover the cost of set up. I wrote another review on a similar program called A to Z Cash system that offered the same money back guarantee and Guess What? I never got my money back. ( Just Saying ) I have a lot of experience investigating online scams and schemes, so you may want to listen to me on this one. You can thank me later.


Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?


Yes, this is absolutely a scam, there are way to many Red Flags for me to even consider recommending this to anyone. Shutterstock video clips and fake testimonials from Fiverr.com actors are just the first couple that caught my attention. Even if you can get past that and still decide to try this just wait until you are inside and they start slamming you with all the Up Sells. Scams like this one really make me upset because it turns people off from trying to make money online. There are legit platforms online that will teach you how to make honest money online but Easy Retired Millionaire is NOT one of them. Anyone who claims you can make money without working hard for it is lying to you, this goes for a regular job as well as online.




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Yes there is a premium membership but I want you to try this platform and really get a feel for it. See if it’s a fit for you before you spend a penny. I always recommend programs that let you use it for free. If you do decide you want to take it to the next level then I will let you take advantage of my Action Takers Bonus. Again this is not required this is only an option, you will always have 2 free websites forever even if you never choose premium. How can you go wrong with a free membership and 2 free websites? It doesn’t get much better than that.


Action Takers Bonus


Join my #1 Recommendation for free and see if it’s a fit for you. Should you decide this is a fit and decide premium is right for you I will give you the first month for only $19 that’s $30 off of the regular price of premium. This will allow you to take full advantage of the awesome power of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Take a look at the chart below and see for yourself everything Wealthy Affiliate Free or Premium has to offer.


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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Thanks for exposing this one. I have Come across many sites like this with even more bogus headers. One thing people should know is that when you see a site advert a promised prize, especially in hundreds and thousands a or month, its is most probably a scam. And like you said and I also agree with you, online jobs are as good as every other job really. They are not easies. Imagine using fiver actors to give testimonials. Thanks for exposing this people 

    • Online jobs are not easy at all, they require a lot if hard work and possibly longer hours than a 9-5 in the beginning. Programs like ERM, A to Z Cash, Forex Paradise, and The China Secret all make you think there is some kind of secret glitch or magical software that does everything for you. If this were so, don’t you think everybody would be doing it? These guys give the business a horrible name and I do my best to expose them.

      Thank You


  • Hi

    Great review…no nonsense.

    While not all the reviews I’ve done have been for blatant scams, this is spot one.

    I think you can identify pretty much any scam by the $47 starting fee. Why $47? It’s almost a bright red flag. You would have thought people would get this by now. 🙂

    Of all the affiliate program reviews I’ve reviewed (and there have already been quite few), I like the way to demolish ERM, and then plug WA. You didn’t bother with a comparison; nice touch.



    • No comparison needed Dave, ERM is not what they claim to be and WA is what they claim to be and so much more. This is one of those schemes that is so desperate, when you try to leave the page a pop up appears offering a substantial discount on the cost of membership. This is to suck you in so they can sell you more hype and hit you with Up-Sells. 

  • Hi Jason,

    Thankyou for your review on another shoddy, make money online,  the ‘Easy Retired Millionaire System’. I just don’t get it with the people out there that think, yes I can draw them in with fake photos and Fivver actors.

    I am surprised that Fivver, allows  their members to actually lie and really  they become a part of the scam and that’s the bottom line, they do become part of a money hoax!!! Because they help to draw people in!!!

    Thank you


    • Michele, you bring up some really good points. People willing to sell themselves to a scheme and tell a blatant lie disgust me. They are basically selling themselves for chump change without a care in the world that a person on a fixed income may actually go without in order to buy this product. Fake testimonials should be a prosecutable offence, they are misleading consumers intentionally for a profit. In my eyes this should be a crime!!

      Best Regards 


  • Yet another obvious scam product that is not worth the time to watch the sales video let alone but into the platform it sounds like. The Easy Retired Millionaire system most certainly fits the bill in my mind to be labeled as a scam based on all the red flags you mention.

    I often hear criticism of members of Wealthy Affiliate putting down every other platform but Wealthy Affiliate, and using bait and switch tactics to entice people looking for reviews of one product to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. But to be fair, when I see such programs being offered to the public it would be malfeasance to NOT point out the obvious to the readers.

    Secondly, these readers are looking for a viable path to making money online or they would not be looking for reviews of the tool you are reviewing. You can ethically mention alternatives that DO deliver what they mention in their sales page. I think of this as when having a face-to-face conversation with someone.

    As a natural flow of any conversation about a product, quite naturally one party could mention to the other that although a certain program might be crap, they know of another that DOES deliver. This is something that happens all the time. In the case of Easy Retired Millionaire, it is a no brainer.

    If people out there selling such rubbish get hurt feelings, perhaps they could start developing and selling ones that really do what they are claiming instead of paying Fiverr folks to provide fake testimonials and adding in numbers and results from their fourth point of contact.

    This was a good review and a candid review. Your alternate suggestion is a good one too. More reviews need to be posted about this crappy product so nobody buys it and loses their money. These vendors are destroying the reputation of the marketers and the market segment. They need to be eliminated from the market. 


    • Hello Dave, you are right internet marketing has taken a pretty bad hit in recent years. I accredit this to all the sites that mimic Easy Retired Millionaire and sell you garbage.

      I feel that as a marketer it’s best to be transparent and honest. I never have and never will tell anyone  making money online is easy, it’s quite the opposite actually. Hard work is required to make a decent living online.

      I have no problems directing people to Wealthy Affiliate.  When I do reccomend WA I can be sure that my reader is actually gaining real value and knowledge from it.

      Let the haters say whatever they want, at the end of the day I know I’ve done the right thing and provided valuable,  helpful information. 

      Best Regards 


  • This is a great post thank you for putting this post together. I am so glad that There are people like you out there that are honest in their reviews and are not just trying to get rich quick. I work hard for my money and it does not come easily to me to make money. so when people like you save me from gimmicks like Easy retired millionaire. I am very thankful to you. keep up the good work looking forward to more posts.

    • Thanks Geoffrey, I always do my best to keep up with the newest scheme online so that people won’t get ripped off. Clickbank just seems to be crawling with these get rich quick scams. All I can do is what I’m doing now, in the future I may need to hire another person or 2 so I can keep up with these sites. They go up quick and are gone in just a few months.

      Thank You


  • I am happy reading this insightful post because you have been able to expose another expensive “shiny object” offered on the Internet. It is unfortunate that many newbies eager to make fast money will fall for these programs. An honest training program, like Wealthy Affiliate will train you on all aspects of internet marketing. Learning takes time and effort, there are no shortcuts.

    • Boy did I learn that the hard way when I was a newbie. I spent a lot of money on get rich quick schemes when I first began looking for ways to make money online. This went on from 2011 until 2014 when I finally discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I was very skeptical at first because of all the scams that ripped me off but to my surprise it turned out to be the real deal. I’ve been with WA for 5 years now and I plan on staying for 5 more.I worked hard and it paid off.



  • It was programs similar to Easy Retired Millionaire that almost DID turn me off to trying to make money online. That’s one of the worst things about scams. 

    But I am so thankful that I found Wealthy Affiliate, because it’s not a scam — it’s real, trustworthy, and proven.

    I really appreciate your point that if someone says you can make money without working for it, it’s a lie, whether it be working online or at a 9-5 job. That seems so obvious, but it needs to be said. I wish I had realized that about three or four years ago.

    • I had almost given up too Danette. Wealthy Affiliate cam along at just the right time for me and even then I almost gave up and quit 2 years into it. I’m so glad I stuck it out.

      Best Wishes


  • This was such a detailed and well written expose on an online scam that I actually read it twice to be sure that I completely understood all of the reasons why you decided to write such a scathing review.  Well, that review of yours was 100% justified.   I just wish my cousin, who got ripped off by that scam artist, had read your review.  It would have saved him time, money, and aggravation.  I especially agree with your fact finding and details about fake photos and testimonials – priceless.  This scam also follows the traditional hard sell and upsells, just like the other ridiculous fake products and programs out there on the internet.  At first, they appear fantastic, but it only takes a minute to see right through the ridiculous and unverified claims.  Speaking from experience, it is all to easy to hit the ORDER button, never to see that money again.  Thank you for doing such a great job on an important topic.  Too many people are falling victim, with money that they cannot afford to throw away.  Well done!

    • Hey Trish, I usually don’t bash a company this bad but this one is a well deserved bashing. Unfortunately it takes some a little longer to see that something is a scam and they wind up losing thousands of dollars before they discover they were ripped off. I know I was really aggressive in my review but it’s for people like your cousin who they basically stole money from for my strong words of warning. I am trying to save others from throwing away hard earned money.



  • After reading Easy Retired Millionaire System-Does It Really Work I do agree that these type of scam artists whether it be via phone or online or in person can make me upset as well speaking from personal experience. These scam companies do cause the legit companies to not only lose business but also trust in its existing customers and those who are looking into it. In my opinion the language may be a bit offensive to some. All in all the review is straight to the point and I do feel informed. 

    • Thank you Hannah, These sites get me so upset that I do tend to say things that may be offensive to some, they just make my blood boil. I will go back through the article and edit possible offensive language while still keeping my readers informed. Have a great day.



  • Thank you soooo much for posting this!  I’ve fallen for scams before.  And I’m so grateful to you for exposing these frauds!  I am always looking for a way to make money and provide for my family.  But, I don’t want to get ripped off.  Thank you for sharing this article!!

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am happy to hear that this post helped you. Exposing these scams before someone gets ripped off is the goal of my website. Sorry that you have been scammed in the past. I hope you are in a good place now.

      Best Wishes


  • Thanks for making a review on easy retired millionaire system this site does smell of scam from the moment I set my eyes on it first of all the owners name isn’t complete and the fact that the system is automated is a complete turn off for me, nothing that good comes easy.

    • Very well said Seun, If it were really that easy everyone would be doing it. I even see it all the time with people I try to help get started in affiliate marketing. A lot of them start out on fire and after a couple months they see how much work is really involved and they just give up. This stinks because most of the time if they would just put in the effort the reward is worth it.

      Best Regards


  • Retire millionaire system,i wonder if it’s only for retiree? Very funny people making funny website to swindle other funny people off their money. The reason why people fall victim is because of greed. People don’t want to put the hard work in to make their brands profitable this could be because of the difficulties involved, but wealthy affiliate has simplified all this.

    • Hey Louis, I think as long as people are looking to make a quick buck then sites like easy retired millionaire will always be around. These sites are cheap and easy to set up and when they get exposed they just launch a new scam. It’s unfortunate but it happens all the time. I definitely won’t run out of work as reviewing these scam scum is what I do.



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