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Is Forex Paradise A Scam

Hello, Jason here with yet another scam review. This scam is potentially dangerous because most of the first page reviews on this scam are positive. This puts people at a higher risk to loose money because rarely do people look further than the 2nd or 3rd page on a search engine before making a decision.

They almost had me but $25 USD is nothing as long as I can get this review out there. My colleagues and I are making an honest effort to get these positive reviews off the first page. After further investigation it was a no brainer to change my opinion of this so called opportunity. I don’t care how good you are at trading in the forex market the claims make are simply unrealistic. I’m going to go ahead and just get right into it.

Screenshot (147)

Name. Forex Paradise

Owner. Stefan Hendriks (If he’s even real)


location. Hong Kong

Satellite Office. London

Scam Warning. Yes

Overall Rank. 0 out of 100

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About Me


My name is Jason, I’m known in the affiliate marketing world as the scam exposure guy. I’ve been reviewing and exposing work at home scams for a while now.

Most of the time I have to join these sites so I can give the most accurate and up to date information possible to my readers. I have to say this one caught me off guard a little.

I’m just starting to get into trading in the forex market. One thing I am noticing is that there are just as many scams in trading online as there are in the affiliate marketing business. You can read more about me on this website but I’d like to get right into my review.

Remember Scam artists are good at what they do so knowing what to look for is HUGE when trying to identify a scam.

Forex Paradise Review

My 1st. Red Flag was the picture on the Forex Paradise landing page. Both the woman and the man looked extremely familiar to me.

I went Back to a review I did about a year ago on a to z cash system and there she was, she is a model and a actress. I provided a link to my review so you can see for yourself.  

Same thing with the man in the picture, he is a model also. So you are a CEO of a major investment company and you can’t even put your real picture on your website. This raised a question I had to find out. IS Stefan Hendriks Real? (I’m not so sure but probably not)

Model's with Photoshop santa hats
Models with Photoshop santa hats

Still not convinced? Here’s more proof that this website is a fake ponzi scheme. I left the screenshots untouched so you can see anyone can go online and get this information for themselves.

I'm Stefan Hendriks
I’m Stefan Hendriks (with a photo-shopped Santa hat)
I'm A model for How To Dress Like a Man
I’m A model for How To Dress Like a Man









My 2nd. Red Flag was the office locations for the company. These are virtual office’s!  Basically I could go to  Rm. 301, 43 San Fung ave, Sheung Shui, N.T. Hong Kong or 30 Fenchurch Street, London, England, EC3M 3BD and rent office space put a telephone in this office and have all calls redirected  to a location of my choosing.

Here’s the thing with these type of schemes They are fairly easy to set up and shut down.

In the beginning a few of the people who get on board will make some money, at least enough to keep them quiet. You build a flashy website pay a few actors to give a fake testimonials, rent a small office in another country, put a telephone in the office and your in business.

When the company runs out of investor’s and they have squeezed as much money out of the business as they can they simply stop paying rent take off with all the money and set up shop with a new name and address and all they have lost are a couple telephones.

Are you starting to get the picture? This particular company is already working on it’s next scam. I found a website that looks exactly like Forex Paradise only a different name so keep an eye out for in the near future.

Read Wikipedia definition of a Ponzi Scheme here.or short definition below.

Pon·zi scheme/ˈpänzē ˌskēm/noun

 1. a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

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My 3rd. Red Flag  were the Fake testimonials. First of all if you were running a reputable business you wouldn’t need to pay actors to read a pre written script and lie, you would have genuine and natural comments on your website, linkedin,or some other other social media. You will see what I am talking about at the bottom of my review.

My readers trust me and take time to leave genuine and natural comments. I don’t need to hire actors to give True Prosperity Online Positive Testimonials. My readers and followers trust me because I am upfront and sometimes brutally honest. Transparency is key when earning trust online. I honestly can’t find anything trustworthy inside Forex Paradise.


My 4th. Red Flag were the numbers. Okay like I said earlier I am not a experienced investor, I am however smart enough to know that return like Forex paradise claim to give are simply unrealistic. One of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffett made his billions over the course of 40 years with about a 14% return on his investments. These guys went straight for the Gusto offering a returns starting at 430% up to 1777%. The 2 plans offered at Forex Paradise Are the Classic 430 and the superior 1777 I will provide screenshots below so you can see these outlandish claims for yourself. Take a look and tell me if you think this is realistic because I certainly don’t.

Classic 430
Superior 1777
Superior 1777So let me ask you a question. Do you think this is real? these numbers are absolutely ridiculous. If you do think it’s real and still want to go for it, do what you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You definitely won’t be getting a link from this website. So next we will Look at the pros and cons of Forex paradise (This should be Interesting)


  1. Free To Sign Up
  2. High Return Claims (If this is real)


  1.  Website Looks Flashy and Fake (common  with schemes like this they mesmerize you with a Flashy Site)
  2.  CEO’s Photo Is Fake
  3.  Use Of Virtual office (Very scary they could shut down tomorrow and just disappear with your money)
  4.  Fake Testimonials (Huge RED FLAG uses actors to promote and downright lie about FP)
  5.  Stefan Hendriks doesn’t have any real or solid information on Google or Linkedin
  6.  The possibility this is another Ponzi Scheme are EXTREMELY HIGH)

    Man Willing to Lie for only $5
    Man Willing to Lie for only $5

My Final Opinion

Okay so I have shown you all the facts and went out and did all the research necessary. I’ve also gone inside Forex Paradise and provided you with my sources of Information. That being said I just cannot recommend Forex Paradise to anyone. There are way to many red flags that jump out at me. Therefore my final thought is that Forex Paradise Is a Ponzi Scheme or some other kind of scam trying to get our money. I know you were hoping it was real, I’m with you, who wouldn’t want to make that kind of return on a investment. Don’t worry I’m not going to totally ruin your day with this review. There is a light at the end of all this. Below I will show you how I earn my income online honestly and ethically. This has been my #1 Recommendation for years and I stand behind it 100%.

My #1 Recommendation

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Besides the training you have access to an entire community of people with all levels of experience at your fingertips, I have personally received help from Affiliate marketing Experts who have been doing this a long time. The owners Kyle and Carson are daily active participants in the community( I have received 1 to 1 help from each of them also ) You have 2 choices with Wealthy Affiliate, Free or Premium. That’s it no up-sells, just straight and to the point.

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Best Wishes


Do you need to report a scam? If so simply click the highlighted area or leave a comment below.

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....



    • I wouldn’t count on it complaints are pouring into my site, as well as my associates websites. I hope you didn’t lose to much.

  • I am a day trader with forex (well I’m actually a low time frame scalper) and I’m still on the fence with this bunch. Sometimes I do here good things about their platform but these reviews tend to contain affiliate links….
    Overall, the pros in the business go nowhere near them, and I think I’ll follow their lead. I have heard about poor signals and misinformation being spread there. Have you actually tried them out?

    • The only way to write an honest review is to try them, so yes I am a curent member. It’s been about 6 months now and the complaints are already starting to pour in about people not being paid as promised . This tells me they are running out of investors which only confirms my original suspicion of Forex Paradise being a PonzI Scheme. Just take a good look at the website, that alone SCREAMS Scam.

      Thanks For leaving your input.


  • Hi
    they stopped paying me out on the 430 plan , too

    since 26 October

    That’s not good

    • This seems to be the patern with these PonzI schemes. I hope you didn’t lose to much.

  • All your water ups are mere speculations. Nobody has been scammed. I Think u re trying to promote your own biz because u feel threatened

    • Usually I do not waste my time with Stephens cronies but for you I will make an exception. Every single FACT which I point out to my readers is backed up and can be researched by anyone. This is a PonzI Scheme and I prove it with every part of my review. Actors and Internet fakes…. REALLY? Get a real job and stop scamming innocent people.


  • I am a member of Forex paradise. I joined before reading your review but thing is they are paying really well. Just wait and see.

    • In the beginning all ponzi schemes pay look at what became of Empower Network. I promise if you are not careful you could stand to lose a lot of money. Don’t say I didn’t warn you my friend…

  • WOw I’m shocked! There’s me seriously considering this and the CEO is an actor! Wow. So the video testimonials aren’t real, the people aren’t real. What is real??

    Jason I think you’ve just saved me a lot of money – thank you for the work that you do to help people avoid con-artists and scammers like these.

    Hopefully one day, with people like you exposing these online thieves for what they are, the internet will be a safer place with less people falling prey to illegal practices like these.

    Just one question: you recommend Wealthy Affiliate – what’s the difference between preimum and starter and can I make off of it without having to pay?

    Many thanks

    • I’m glad this review helped. I back up all I say with facts. Just go to Fiver and how to dress like a man and you can see for yourself. As far as Wealthy affiliate, although you are not required to go premium I can’t personally understand why anyone wouldn’t at least give it a try for 1 month. I didn’t chose to go premium until i was ready to take my business to the next level. You will never know until you try.

      Best wishes


  • Jason thank you for the heads up about this forex paradise Ponzi scheme. Wholely red flag a return of 430% to 1777% is insane. Anyone thinking right and straight would think twice about joining forex paradise. I can tell you now I won’t spend a dime on it. It is to fishy in my opinion to ever think about joining it.

    • Thank you for reading my review Tim. Unfortunately not everyone out there can see the truth as you and I can. We all want to make easy money but the truth is that is just not realistic. All i can do is warn people about these scams, what happens from that point is out of my hands. At least I am doing what I can to inform as many people as I can.

      Best wishes


  • Great review and if you can find any more ‘scams’ like this one PLEASE DO direct me to it. 12months ago I invested 10bitcoin in the 1777plan for a return of over 100 and during the year I invested 50bitcoin in the 433 plan. Best thing I have ever done. Currently have another 20btc in the 1777 which will be due feb 17 and another 70btc in the 433plan returning a bit over 1btc a day or 2290 per week at its current price. Best investment site ever!!!

    • So is this why you can’t even use your real name, or real money for that matter? I approved this comment just to prove what an idiot you are. You see people Forex paradise is not going to go down without a fight. They hate the fact that they are being exposed so they send cronies like this guy to say how great it is. Ponzi schemes pay people in the beginning until there are no more suckers left to scam. Also notice this Guy isn’t even talking about real money. he is investing virtual money. I would love to go on but read my review and then this guys comment and tell me if you actually believe it.

      I look forward to your comments


  • I am a daily trader of forex – nothing big time, just about $5 a day stop loss at most! I’ve been doing it for quite some time now and one thing I’ve noticed – these software add ons are all complete rubbish! How can something predict something so volitile? How can a technique be fool proof? Reading the markets is never going to be so straightforward

    • That’s for sure, Forex Paradise chose this to exploit and take advantage of innocent people just trying to make a little extra. I think it’s a shame that there has to be websites like mine that have to expose these scam artists.

      Thanks for stopping by Chris


  • Wow this is a really great review on forex parasdise. I’m glad you are exposing this company for what it is – a scam.

    That’s really good research on your part to find that the people on the websites are indeed actors. And it’s good you exposed that fake reviews from fivver people. It’s actually pretty sad that people put this much effort and time into scamming people out of their money. for the same effort they could make a legitimate businesses. Makes no sense.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Dylan

      I bet they threw that website together for under a thousand dollars,. You are right they could start a honest business probably for less money too, but that would require them to be honest and ethical and put in some hard work. I don’t think these guys do much work after they get the website ranked. Maybe dreaming up the next scam like I pointed out about the wings2success site I found with the same exact layout as Forex Paradise.



  • Jason, thanks for this. I’ve been lucky so far, not having run into too many scams like this – but definitely thanks for the heads up. You did our homework for us. And I’m with you about Wealthy Affiliate. They’re as good as it gets in my estimation. Good luck with your work on Forex trading – like anything, the more work you put into it the more you get out of it, right?

    • I think for now I,m going to stick with what I know. I am finding just as many scams in online trading as I do with affiliate marketing. I will be sure to put something out there when I do decide to move forward with a legit company.

      Thanks Larry


  • Forex Paradise is another scam. Fake testimonials and a design that makes the website look fake hopefully will drive people away from this scam. We need more people like you making us aware of these type of website who are trying to take money from people who are willing to work hard. Thank you.

    • Hey Juan,

      Unfortunately even though you and I can see through this ponzi scheme there are others out there that are very desperate to make some extra money. They are basically blind to all the warning signs and just go for it. These kind of scam sites make my blood boil because all I can think about is some poor old lady living on a fixed income and investing her last few dollars into a scheme like this, hoping to make a little extra to afford to live.

  • Hi Jason,

    Great due diligence done on forex paradise. Oh man! after reading your review, I will stay far away from it. The landing page is a joke.

    The returns are so fake and unrealistic.

    Thanks for the great review.. I heard great things about Wealthy Affiliate and it is my highly recommended program for anyone looking to start a legit online business.

    • Thanks Tim

      I’m glad my review of Forex Paradise helped, I can’t believe that there are people who would actually believe such outlandish claims. Well actually I can, I have fallen for my fair share of scams in the past. I think of it like this though, If I never got scammed then this website would not exist and I wouldn’t be able to help others avoid scams online.

  • This is a great review of Forex paradise, you have really gone deep into what they really are about and i am happy to hear you are writing posts to stop people from being scammed. I was nearly a part of a scam for a company called traffic monsoon, but withdraw all the money I had in there after reading a few reviews on the 3rd and 4th page on Google. well done this is a great review, very thorough in research and really does tell the honest truth. Many Thanks Naeem

    • Naeem

      I can’t believe you mentioned Traffic Monsoon, I recently received a request to review them and I also noticed they do a lot of advertising on clixsense. To be honest being a member of clixsense has proved to be a huge advantage for me. I get paid a very low wage to click on a ad and I find some of the newest scams online to review. This is A win all the way around for myself as well as my readers. Thank you for your comment and I’m happy my Forex Paradise review was helpful.


  • Hi Jason – thanks for pointing out the red flags on this one. I had to laugh when I saw that you had found that the man and woman on the Forex Paradise landing page were models that you had seen before! It seems like forex and binary option trading websites have become a very popular category for scams.

    • Laurie, the thing that gets me the most is the fact that these people think we are stupid. If you actually do some research It’s obvious that these websites are fake. You have seen the facts. don’t you think the photoshop Santa hats are a little overboard? LOL

      I’m glad I was able to help. Stop by anytime as I am constantly updating this website. These scam artist really keep me busy.


  • Great website here bud, i have previously heard of Forex paradise but it just all seemed like one big scam so i’ve tried to stay away from it.

    However, after reading your review it seems to have pretty much convinced me that it is indeed fake. I liked how you were honest about the review aswell, great job bud!

    • Thank you, I’m assuming people are starting to catch on to this scam. I found another website that looks exactly like forex paradise called wings2success. I believe they just launched, so I will be keeping a close eye on this as well.

      Best Wishes


  • Hey man, you really did a true detective work here. Amazing and incredible what you are showing. How is possible that people like this exist and even make business. Yes, your all red flags are totally justified and your final rating. Just see this picture of them, everything looks so trivially spammy; money, computer, unavoidable arrow showing strong progress, my goodness is it possible that people buy this? It is just stupid.

    Thanks a lot, you did what you could, people are warned.

    • Jovo, Thank you for your comment. Yes It truly stinks that slime balls like this are willing to deceive people in order to basically steal your hard earned money and get away with it without consequences. People like this are what inspired me to create True Prosperity Online. It is my belief that although they think they are getting away with this they really aren’t. If you read my profile at Wealthy Affiliate you will see that I am a christian. I believe we will all be held accountable someday before God, so unless these people repent and turn from the sin they are committing their judgement will be far greater than anything anyone on this earth can do.

  • I didn’t have much info about Forex Paradise and it is good to come across this post to get more educated.

    But again, my number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, you will never make a mistake joining that awesome system.

    Everything is ready for you in WA, you just have to follow the steps and write quality content for a particular topic.

    Keep up the good work Jason!

    • Thank you Taner, I can honestly say I never had any kind of success online until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It hasn’t been easy, as nothing worth doing ever is easy. I’ve been knocked down and hit my share of roadblocks, but I Kept getting back up and pushing forward and I never look in the rearview mirror because I’ve already overcome what’s behind me.



  • Is the forex paradise really a scam? I wanted to join in it because I want to earn extra to pay my expenses. And I heard that forex can give you high returns. On the other hand, you need to invest more money in order to get more profit. Good thing you already warned me about this one.

    So is the reccomendation you are saying is really effective? Can I still join in it even if I don ‘t have prior experience?

    • Forex trading is not a scam thousands of people trade in the forex market every day, If you go through a reputable source then you can trade in the forex market. Forex Paradise however chose this market and exploited it by offering to take your investment and trade in the forex market, offering completely unrealistic returns. Anyone in this market will tell you these claims are simply bogus. As far as my #1 recommendation is concerned, I personally had no experience when I joined. My only experiences prior to joining were all scams. I come from the collision repair industry so it took me a bit longer to achieve success than someone who Is more experienced in this niche. I had to learn the hard way and spend lots of money. So considering I joined with no experience I think it’s safe to say, almost anyone can make this recommendation effective. I say almost because there is always that one person who just wants it handed to them. This will not happen. You have to work hard and get back up when you get Knocked down. That’s simply how life is. I hope this answered any questions you had.

      Best Wishes


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