Free Affiliate Marketing Website – My Secret to Learning Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to know how to get a free affiliate marketing website that can really make money? My name is Jason and I can show you exactly how I make money online. I have access to free affiliate marketing training and I can show you my secret to Getting Started for free with no upfront cost to you. I will give you 2 free websites and 10 lessons of training along with a community of support for Free.

My secret to success isn’t rocket science either. I have a proven platform that allowed me to become a successful affiliate marketer in under a year and I want to pay it forward so you do not have to go through the disappointment, heartbreak, and false promises I had to endure when I first started trying to earn money online.

My losses are your gain because you do not have to ever feel the sinking feeling I felt when I found out I got scammed. You can read about me and what I’ve been through and see exactly what makes me qualified to bring you this information. All I am asking for is your time to read through this entire article so you can make an educated and informed decision that could change your life forever.

Building Your own niche website is easier than ever. Check out the video below and see how you can get your website live in under a minute.

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Who Am I?

My name is Jason, a real person with real hopes and dreams just like you and I started True Prosperity Online back in 2014 with hopes of exposing all the online scams that ripped me off. I had know idea the journey that was about to take place but I can honestly say that every Up and every down was all worth it.

After struggling for 3 years to earn money online with nothing to show for it but an empty wallet and lot’s experience with scam artists I almost gave up. That was when I found the platform that taught me the proper way to make money online and gave me all the help and support needed for a beginner like I was to succeed.

Now with 5 years of experience with Successful affiliate Marketing I am sharing the secrets to my success for Free. I feel the need to pay it forward and do for you what was done for me 5 years ago. I won’t bore you with my life story, if you would like you can read my full story right here on my About Me Page.

Why Am I Doing This?

I’m sure by now you’re probably asking yourself why is this guy doing this and whether you can even trust me. I can certainly identify with this because that was exactly how I felt when I was starting out. Honestly I don’t blame you, there are a lot of scammers online that Just want to get your money.

After coming across a review from Ian, owner of No More BS Reviews I received free access to the training and 2 free websites and I promised Ian and Myself that I would do my best to help others achieve success, just like Ian did for me.

I believe in transparency and honesty just Like my mentor Ian does, which is the reason for me giving you access to awesome affiliate marketing training for Free. Yes there is an option for premium membership but I always recommend a Free membership so you can really get a feel for affiliate marketing and see if this is the right fit for you.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a pretty simple process and with the right training a very profitable way to earn money online. Retailers pay commissions to there affiliates when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link via your website or placing your affiliate link on social media.

Wikipedia describes Affiliate marketing as a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

One of the reasons I chose affiliate marketing is the opportunity to make money in any niche you like, if you are passionate or have knowledge about something you can build a business around that. There are literally thousands of niches to choose from and chances are there is an affiliate program out there for just about anything you can think of.

Turning something you are passionate about or know a lot about into a money making business almost makes me feel like it’s not even work. When you enjoy what you are doing it takes so much of the work out of working and once you reach a point where you are getting good traffic the payoff is amazing.

Check out the 4 simple steps I use to conquer any niche I choose and dominate in the search engines using Free traffic methods. You can read more about my steps in the article link I provided in the above sentence. Here are the steps I use every time I start a new website.

1. Choose A Niche (what your website is about)

2. Build Your Website ( Free with my Wealthy Affiliate Training)

3. Drive Traffic To Your Website ( Free Methods Also covered In WA Training)

4. Earn Revenue ( Join Affiliate program and Promote)

How To Get Started

Are you interested in making honest ethical money online? I can help! After 5 years of building my online business I’ve learned a few things. I am not saying I am a Guru but I am saying I can help you get trained properly and help you avoid getting scammed.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free and choose your niche. Next start utilizing the training building out your website and start adding helpful content for your readers. Continue adding helpful and valuable content to help increase traffic to your website/ After completing these 3 steps Join a relevant affiliate program and start earning revenue

The process takes Time, hard work and diligence, this is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. I am willing to give you my time and work hard with you if you are willing to do the same. Having A Experienced coach working with you is going to take a lot of the obstacles most newbies run into out of the way.

I also recommend taking advantage of the community as you continue growing your business. Remember the only stupid question is the one you never ask, 24/7 live chat is only a small portion of the help you will receive.

I want to help you build a solid foundation for your new business so I am also giving you access to my special Action Takers Bonus which will be a huge help to help you get personal coaching from Kyle, Carson, and myself.

What Is My Bonus?

My Action takers bonus is simple and I’ve set it up for those ready to earn and learn. Here’s how it works. Join Wealthy affiliate Free and have a look around, if you decide WA is a good fit and decide to go premium in the 1st 7 days I will give you your 1st month of premium membership for only $19. That’s a 59% discount off the normal $49 per month. Yearly membership is also available for less than a dollar a day, at $359.00.

This will allow you to take advantage of the full power of this training and start building a successful business online. Everything you need to start a business online is available right here at WA. I look forward to working with you and helping you as your journey begins. Check out the membership options below and see which one is the best fit for you. I know you are going to love it.

I hope this article was helpful in your search to make money online and I look forward to working with you. Please leave a comment below or Contact me if you have any questions.

Remember this, If nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES!

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Greetings Jason!
    First of all, thank you for this amazing post about Affiliate Marketing!
    I was really inspired by your story, and I believe that you did an amazing choice in your life by joining WA.
    Helping others is amazing, and sharing the WA platform is truly the best! Affiliate marketing is today’s big opportunity to work online and change your financial state, and with WA all the help is given!
    As you mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate gives amazing training, help, and has an awesome community always ready to help you out!
    But to change your life, you must work hard, have the dedication and a lot of patience!

    I really wish you all the best, keep up the amazing work!

    • Hey Georgio, I totally agree that helping others along with dedication and patience is key when starting a business online. Getting Started is easy with Wealthy Affiliate training but people also need to realize that success doesn’t happen overnight. They are not a get rich quick scheme nor do they claim to be. Like yourself, I am always amazed at the support of the community and the step by step training available.

      Success is more achievable than ever before with this training as long as one is willing to work hard.

      Best Regards


  • Great story Jason. I too joined Wealthy Affiliatea while ago, in fact, May 2015 and I have never looked back. They helped me to turn my failing websites around so that I could profit from them and they have everything that any affiliate marketer will need right within the platform, so I never have to buy extra things that I don’t need or fall for scams.

    Thanks for this great reminder why I am still here after all these years, and for anyone wanting to build their own online business, this is the place to be.

    • Michel, I think it’s important to point out that Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is also Free. I have been a member for a little over 5 years now and I also never looked back. Everything I needed to start my business id right there in one place. 

      I like that you bring up not having to fall for scams anymore because for my 1st 3 years that’s all I did. Honestly I thought Wealthy Affiliate was a scam just like the others until I started the training. I wish you much success in you future.



  • Hello Jason,

    I’ve been searching online all night trying to find the best place to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. I’m so glad I landed on your site and read your article Free Affiliate Marketing Website – My Secret to Learning Affiliate Marketing.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like to place I need to be and I like the fact that I can try it out for FREE! I’m going to go ahead and sign up as soon as I’m done writing this comment. I’m excited to get started.

    Thanks for the great info Jason!


    • Hey Jack, I see you’ve followed through and Joined WA. I will be working with you going forward on building out your business. This is a very exciting time, starting the foundation for your future and I’m happy to be a part of it.



  • I am an Internet marketer and this free marketing website you’re offering got me really curious. I have never seen anything like this before, so this kinda intrigued me. Reading and watching the videos about this Wealthy Affiliate, I discovered that what you guys are offering for free is a wordpress website that can used for blogging, which is very good. I’d like to know if, does that include lead capture pages or squeeze pages?

    • Hello Gomer, You don’t need to have your website set up as a blog role, you can create any page you would like and make that your home page and the free themes available are simply amazing. Starter members have over 50 themes to choose from and if premium is right for you then you have access to thousands of themes. So yes you can create a capture page for your Free website.



  • I love affiliate marketing. There is so much to learn. I am actually with this platform already and it is amazing! The coaches are so helpful. The training is step by step down to the T. If I ever get stuck I can get help sometimes in minutes. This platform is set up very well. Ive never regretted a cent I spent with this company. Anyone that joins it will not be disappointed. 

    • Hello Ruth,  I couldn’t agree with you more. I was honestly sold on the training by lesson 4 and I never looked back, it’s been full speed ahead ever since January of 2014. I would never be where I am today without the training at Wealthy Affiliate. 

  • Hello Jason :),

    This is an amazing review on Affiliate marketing and i was a skeptic before i decided to start my online journey a few month ago and just four months in i know it would take time but seeing success stories like yours and how you were ripped of by scams online ( I did give up because of this) , I know I would make it if i stick to the training and invaluable resources on Wealthy Affiliate. Your post gave me more insight and encouragement i am on the right part. Thanks

    • I understand your frustration, with so many online scams and so called Gurus all trying to get a piece of your hard earned money it’s hard to know who you can trust. I want you to reach out to me if you get stuck or even just need a little advice. I am a daily active participant in the community and usually respond to my messages within the hour. Looking forward to working with you.



  • I think affiliate marketing is one of the best business models for online entrepreneurs. I always advise those that go into this line of business for the first time to never do this alone because if they do they would probably end up giving up after just a few weeks.

    To succeed in this line of business you would need people to support you which is why one of the best-recommended platforms for this is wealthy affiliate. I cannot say how many times this platform has given me strength and encouragement to always keep on moving forward with my online business whenever I feel I am feeling down.

    They have one of the best online communities I have seen and their trainings are top-notch. For anyone in doubt of the platform, they can always try it out for free to see if it is for them. So they can get a feel of the platform before they decide to commit for a long period of time.

    • Hello Jay, I have to be honest when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I had no intentions of staying, no way could this be for real was what I was thinking at the time. I had been scammed so many times that I took the WA platform very lightly and thought I was going to get screwed again. Here I am 5 years later and going strong, it is a lot of work for sure but when you want something enough then you stick with it and do whatever it take to succeed. Community, Live Chat, personal access to the founders, and the awesome training were enough for me to commit to success, if i were to write about everything else you get at Wealthy Affiliate it would probably be a post way to long to read. All I can say is after 5 years of membership my life has changed in ways I could never explain in words.



      I Love My Life!

  • For those who enjoy entertaining webinars there is also a weekly LIVE Training WAbinar that takes place on a Friday, so if you prefer videos to reading, there is always that option too!
    So much valuable and quality training to help you become the most successful affiliate marketer online.
    If you haven’t already taken up the free offer Jason has spoken of, take a moment now and do so, it costs you nothing and you have everything to gain by it!

    • Thank you for bringing up Jay’s Live training on Friday nights, I would like to add that if you can’t make the training live it will be recorded and posted within the community to view at a time that works for you. I don’t want to sound silly but success really is just a click away, it really is Free and you have absolutely nothing to lose. I Highly recommend taking advantage of this life changing opportunity. Get Started with Wealthy Affiliate for FreeToday.



  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn a living online, and there are many people like yourself who are active in this online marketing niche. Unfortunately, like you (and me too) there are a lot of products and offers out there that are not legitimate. It sounds like you went through a rough patch getting started.

    The site that you mention, Wealthy Affiliate, is a place where many thousands have gotten a proper start and yes you can get a free affiliate marketing website set up very quickly using that platform. The training leads you through the process, and it literally can be live in less than 5 minutes!

    Of course, that is just the beginning of the journey. Many products claim that you can earn thousands of dollars a day and do it with 5 minutes of work a day. That is misleading and just not true. It is not rocket science but there is a learning curve and you need time and work to get it all in place.

    Wealthy Affiliate has a plethora of training and active membership that will be there every step of the way for you. The tools you will need are also to be found on the platform. Essentially you are given everything you need, so the only thing you have to do is the work hard.

    This is a great secret to share with us all, and I do think that anyone who takes you up on your bonus offer will be very pleased that they did. Affiliate marketing begins with a website, creating your very own space in the digital world, and once you have that built and flesh it out with relevant content and offers, you will start enjoying success as you have.

    • Dave, what an awesome outtake on this article. I love the fact that you get it and understand that their is no such thing as easy money online. You have to work hard for it and the training at Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools and support needed to start a successful online business. The beginning is always the hardest part and it can be scary too. I remember the feeling of relief I felt when I had my first hiccup and felt lost. The community was their to help me in minutes as well as Kyle (one of the cofounders of Wealthy Affiliate). I did not have to go to bed frustrated with unanswered questions and I remember getting a sound nights sleep that night and knowing I was finally in the right place.

      You also mention My Bonus, I do this so people can really get a feel for the platform and see the pure power of all the features WA has to offer.

      Best Wishes


  • Hi Jason, I just read your article on work at home jobs for mums and found it very helpful for someone in my position. This article here on affiliate marking has made me think about whether this is something I too could try. My only question is about the niches, in your opinion and experience is this suitable for ANY niche? Also, when you got started how did you find the training overall, and how is it delivered? Personally I am someone who likes visual learning do they have videos or is it all like text book learning? Thanks for the information anyway, as I said reading your experience is reassuring that this is something an average person could attempt, as long a they don’t see it as a get rich quick idea and most importantly it’s not a scam!

    • Hello Kae, I come from the collision Repair Industry and also prefer video training vs text, you can read more about me if you want to see my journey. The training is laid out in video format and very easy to follow. You can actually pause the video and go off and complete the tasks while they are being performed right before your eyes. My experience with this training has been incredible and it’s delivered way more than I ever expected it to. You are able to start a business in the niche of your choice and believe me when I say their are thousands of them.

      One of wealth Affiliates newest additions is the Affiliate Programs search where you can search for thousands of affiliate programs right from your Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard. 

  • Sounds like an interesting opportunity, especially with the free websites. You say that wealthy affiliate has helped you become a successful affiliate marketer, do you share any income reports or anything like that so I can really see if it works? Or any testimonials from people you have helped? Thank you. 

    • Hello Emily, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, you have 2 very great questions which I will be more than happy to answer for you.

      Question #1 I do not share my earnings publicly for a few different reasons, My feelings are that doing this can be misleading for someone just getting started. I have worked very hard in a competitive niche over the past 5 years and as you know individual result will always vary. These are a few things that can determine success or failure online. You need to be teachable, patient and work hard. The niche you choose also plays a role in the success of your online business. That being said I will ask one question to you.

      Do you think I would be crazy enough to stick with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years and counting if it didn’t work?

      Question #2 Yes, I work one on one with my referrals and any one of them would be happy to tell you about their experience with the training at Wealthy Affiliate. I will provide a link below where you can read hundreds of success testimonials from members who followed the training and worked hard to achieve their Hopes and Dreams.     

      I hope your questions have bee answered and I look forward to someday hearing about your Success as well.

      Best Regards


  • I enjoyed your very clear article explaining how anybody can start an Affiliate Marketing business and make money.Your example,Kyle’s video on creating a website in less than a minute, was a great example of how clear and detailed is the training available at Wealthy Affiliate. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I can vouch for the accuracy of everything you presented. I would like to add that a great savings that many people do not realize is the cost of hosting the websites.Wealthy Affiliate does not only show you how to make a website for free, but will also host the website for free.Furthermore, if you choose the premium membership, and have more than a few websites, the savings from free hosting of the websites, and providing the security package, is huge.

    • Carlos, thank you for bringing that up, there are so many great things that come along with a Wealthy Affiliate membership whether it is Free or Premium that I could literally write a 10,000 word article and still forget to mention a few things about how helpful and powerful the platform really is. Being able to host up to 50 websites as a premium member with the top of the line security is worth the price of admission in itself. Free members also get 2 websites with security included which are theirs forever without ever having to upgrade. I am so happy to have found this platform and actually make real money online without having to sacrifice morals and ethics.

      Best Wishes


  • Hello Jason,

    Great to hear that the affiliate marketing works. I have some experience with it as well and I have to say it takes some time and if you want to be successful, you have to work really hard and be serious about what you want to achieve. WA is definitely not MLM, which is great as I hate MLMs – this work for the first people only and after that it is a pain, in most cases as per my experience. WA actually offers a lot, especially for its premium membership. If you imagine how much money you would spend on hosting, website upgrades, corresponding Theme purchase etc. – here is everything included in premium membership already. And in case you need some help, even from the founders, you really get good advice, support, everything you need for your success. The only thing is the time schedule, as it is necessary to split the time between your family, work, WA as the part of the community and the website creation, which could be quite complicated, at least from the beginning. But, it is a great community of people and it really could make your effort very joyful and make you feel special and part of people, which have the same goal – be financially independent through affiliate marketing.
    Have luck anyway in your effort and I am looking forward to your next post.

    Bye Renata

    • Thanks Renata, It’s encouraging when people like yourself take the time to stop by and leave a comment. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying the community and training at Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to hearing about your continued success.

      Best Wishes


  • Awesome post. You have explained the basic action plans for Affiliate Marketing business in an in depth and detailed manner. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and learned a lot of new stuffs about Wealthy Affiliate Platform. As I’ve been consistently asked about it’s free membership feature. There are always certain things where I didn’t have confident answer. 

    Your way of presenting Wealthy Affiliate cleared most of my doubts as well. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. 

    • I always recommend having someone watch the getting started video which explains the entire process. Wealthy Affiliate is very straight forward with the membership options available as well. I find this to be a huge help when explaining the platform because it’s straight forward and honest, 2 qualities I admire about the community the most.

      Thanks For Checking Us Out


  • Hello Jason, 

    Your explanation about your thorough experience in affiliate marketing is impressive. I can imagine that in the beginning years it was difficult to motivate yourself, but you succeded. 

    I just started Wealthy affiliate and I must say you are right for a beginner like me it has all the features you need to succeed. As you see you cannot start and get rich in a few days. The different steps to become an efficient marketeer take a lot of time. 

    • Congrats on taking the first step to changing your life. I commend you for taking this bold step and having the understanding of what it really takes to succeed online.

      I will look for you inside WA and follow you, also please do reach out to me if you get stuck or need any help at all.



  • Hi Jason,

    I love the concept of affiliate marketing since it allows people to start their own business with very low up front investment. This way there is very low risk and it opens up the realm of entrepreneurship to a much wider group of people than would have been possible in the past. You don’t need a bank loan or retail space, buyer or wholesaler or even the space to keep inventory. You don’t need the money or skills or time to make your own products either. 

    You can focus on a topic you are personally interested in which is amazing. I would not want to attempt an online business if it meant just filling out forms or doing data entry or pushing something on family and friends. I can’t stand MLM and don’t like to “sell”. With affiliate marketing we can just write about what we are interested in and the selling is done automatically. 

    The catch is that many programs claim easy money online. Just about all of us have been sucked into those schemes. It is hard to know who to trust and it feels like everyone is out to get you. I appreciate your very honest approach and offer of a legitimate way to start an affiliate marketing businesses. I have not seen another program that lets you start for FREE without some obligation like a money back guarantee that is actually hard to collect on. Being able to look at a program for free with no credit card required and no monthly billing sign up first is unheard of. 

    I see why you make this recommendation. This is a unique opportunity. 


    • Jessica, I am so with you on the MLM thing, I think it creates awkwardness between family, friends, and coworkers. Yes, some platforms are free to join but the training, support, community, and structure you get with WA is awesome. I would never have stayed with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years and counting if the training was garbage. I am a WA member for life because it’s the only platform that has allowed me to become a successful affiliate marketer and learn the proper way to make money online.

      Thank You for taking the time to add your thoughts on this article.



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