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So now that you have a website and are creating quality content what is going to be a good way to get your content ranked? The answer is keywords, keywords are  essential to getting SEO rankings . So you may be asking yourself what is the best keyword research tool? I have found Jaaxy to be one of the best keyword research tools available Today, and with 30 free searches you can see for yourself exactly why I choose Jaaxy for all of my keyword research

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What Are The Top 4 Things You Should Be Concerned With

When Looking For Quality KeywordsKeyword Research Word Cloud Concept

1.  Monthly Searches. This is the amount of monthly traffic a keyword generates. If you are going for rankings that are natural any amount of traffic is good.

2. KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This allows you to find out instantly the quality of your keywords allowing you to effectively manage your campaigns with only the highest quality keywords, saving you valuable time and delivering high quality keywords that will rank well naturally.

3. QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This Gathers the amount of competing websites using the keyword you have searched. Typically under 400 should get you ranked but from my experience under 300 is the best. Jaaxy takes it one step further and gives you a red, yellow, or Green light indicator allowing you to choose the best possible keywords to get your content ranked.

4.  SEO Power – This lets you Know if a keyword will receive good SEO rankings. The higher the SEO Power the better chance you have of getting rankings. Remember Rankings equal traffic and traffic equals conversions which in the end equal Money..

If you have any other QUestions about Jaaxy or keywords or even if you are a Jaxxy member and you would like to leave a comment, please do so. Your comments are always welcome and I look forward to Helping any way I Can

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  • Jason

    Thanks for the breakdown of the important factors of keyword research.

    I have tried many other keyword tools in the past, if you are serious about your online business, you need Jaaxy.

    Thanks again, great site keep up the good work.


  • I used to dread keyword research until I found Jaaxy. Now it’s fun! With 30 free searches returning 450 results, you could actually build a thriving internet business just using the free trial!
    I know that sounds like a commercial but I love this tool!

    • Steve I actually did start my business using the 30 free searches and loved it so much.I was so pleased with the rankings I was getting on Google and the other search engines, buying jaaxy was a no brainer for me.

  • Awesome Website Wealth Money Freedom.
    This looks Great , Like the Highlight..

  • A1 Affiliate Marketing

    • Thank you Warren I’m glad you liked it.

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