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Hello, Jason here with another review. Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of request to look into a company called Fusion Cash, so I decided to take a look. It seems the main question people want to know is this. Is Fusion Cash a Scam? Or the other, Is this a real work at home business opportunity. In order to give my readers a honest real review I did what I usually do. I signed up and became a member. There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings and mixed reviews about all these survey companies out there and typically I don’t even bother with them. To be honest I was reluctant but also surprised. I do review a lot of companies and I do my best to provide my readers with a detailed and honest review, as well as my personal experience with each company. I want to give each company a fair  review. SO let’s get right into this, shall we?


Screenshot (130)My Fusion Cash Experience

Upon signing up and completing a few simple registration steps I immediately received a $5 credit to my account. Oh I almost forgot one of the steps is to confirm your email, so I am going to recommend that you create a separate email. You will be receiving surveys and offers via email and it could fill up your primary email account very quick. That being said as of now I am about 4 days into being a member of fusion cash. Including my sign up bonus and completing the daily tasks, also signing up for a couple of the Free to join survey panels my account is a little over $10. I have been spending about a half hour to forty minutes each morning over the last four days while I drink my morning coffee. I estimate I should reach the 25 dollar cash out threshold in about 7 to 10 more days while spending my minimum time that I allotted for this review. Again I do review a lot of companies but I also give each one of them a fair amount of time and get as much helpful information to my readers as I can.


What Will You be Doing ?

Okay, as I mentioned before you will sign up and complete the 3 steps including confirming your email then you will immediately receive you $5 sign up bonus. Keep in mind that in order to cash out you have to complete $15 worth of tasks on your own not in bonuses. There are many things you can do to earn the fifteen dollars though. You can Take surveys, Watch videos, get paid to click emails, Sign up for sponsored offers, check out the babe or hunk of the day (if that’s your thing),and much more I just really scratched the surface. You can also earn money by referring others to fusion cash and earn money when they sign up and cash out. You will be given your own unique referral link to refer others to fusion cash. You still have to earn your $15 on your own even if you are referring others to join (pretty easy to accomplish) I’m doing it with minimal time invested. Social media has been a huge success (at least for me) everyone has different methods. You will find out very fast if your method doesn’t work for you.
Free Money at FusionCash!

The Cash Out

Okay so here’s why we do this correct? We want to make money online. So here it is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. SHOW ME THE MONEY!! I had to put that in just having a little fun but really let’s cash out.

Cash Out Requirements.

  1. Have a minimum of $25 with $15 earned from non bonus credits
  2. Complete you account set up and choose how you want to be paid. Your options are check, direct deposit or PayPal.
  3. Keep in mind You have 180 days to cash out or you lose it.
  4. Cashouts are approved on the 20th of every month so you should expect to be paid monthly.                                                                                                THAT’S IT

Who is Fusion Cash For ?

Honestly Fusion Cash could be for just about anyone who is looking to earn a little extra money in their spare time. Possibly you are unemployed at the moment and need to earn a little extra while you wait to find a job. Maybe someone who has a disability and is unable to work a fulltime job. Affiliate marketers could also benefit from Fusion cash. If you already have a website and you are looking for something new to add to your content, then this might be for you. Once a member you will have a referral link and access to banners to promote fusion cash. Even if you don’t have a website and are thinking of possibly getting one I can show you how Here for Free . Although I don’t feel you will get rich using Fusion Cash I feel that almost anyone could make this work. There is pretty much something for everyone here. If this seems like it might not be worth it for you then keep reading because at the end I am going to let you in on how I make my full time living online and my #1 Recommendation soon.


Pros of Fusion Cash

  1. Free To Join
  2.  $5 bonus just for signing up
  3. Low Pay Out Threshold only $25
  4. Lots of options for ways you can earn
  5. Easy site to navigate
  6. Referral Link For every member is automatically provided.

Cons of Fusion Cash

  1. Some surveys are pretty lengthy and don’t pay as well as I think they should.
  2. If you don’t Cash Out in 180 days you lose it.
  3. If your not careful you could wind up spending a lot of time on this site. (there are lots of Ads and Tasks)
  4. Only available in the United States and Canada (So Far)


Support at Fusion Cash

Well my 1st day of being a member I had an issue with advertising my referal link on Clixsense (another company I was asked to review) and had no problems. I simply went to the Get Help section and opened a support ticket, asked my question and received my answer the same day. That is really all I can say about support at this time because I haven’t had any additional issues yet. I did look them up on Google and found that they do have a phone number, a address and a BBB Rating. AKA Better Business Bureau Rating which wasn’t bad at all.


My Final Opinion and #1 Recommendation

So as a person that makes his living online I don’t feel I would be able to do that with this company. I really don’t have much bad to say but I went through the PTC (paid to click) and taking surveys years ago. I made a little extra cash but that’s about it. If that is what you are looking for then I say Go For It !! I however consider my time to be extremely valuable,  I’m sure You do too. This is why I am providing this link to read about my #1 Recommendation right here.  Maybe they will both be something you can do or maybe not. Either way the choice is yours. I will provide you with links to get you started on either one of these opportunities below.

Yes I want to try Fusion Cash

Yes I want to join your #1 Recommendation

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  • Jason
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  • Hi Jason, I just wanted to share th bad experience I’ve had with Fusion Cash. I’ve been a member for just over a month now and I wish I never joined.

    I thought it was great at first because it’s more than just a survey site, you can watch video ads as well which is quite passive and easy going while I’m on the daily commute to work.

    After a month I’ve just surpassed the minimum $25 mark but they won’t pay me out. Their excuse? They said they couldn’t confirm my identification because I was using a mobile device (!?!) so I faxed them my details thinking that would be the end of it.

    Now they’re saying they can’t find the fax and they’ve shut down my accout. The amount of hours I put in and the faff of trying to verify my ID – this is a complete joke.

    They just don’t want to pay me what I’m owed and I’m sure I’m not the only one. As a warning to anyone reading this – avoid Fusion Cash, it’s nothing but a bunch of scammers.

    • This is the first time I’ve heard of this happening. I will look further into this. Surely I can not endorse a company that does this to anybody. Please email me with more details trueprosperityonline.jason@gmail.com

  • Hey Jason!

    One of the downsides I hate with programs like Fusion Cash is when they fill up my email inbox!

    To be honest, I’ve never liked survey and reward sites because they generally payout low levels of income. However, Fusion Cash is OK for people with spare time on their hands.

    FC isn’t my cup of tea but I’ll look into your recommendation instead 🙂


    • Thanks Niel,

      I do actually recommend in most of my survey site reviews that you have a separate email account because these sites do tend to send you a lot of invitations for surveys. Thanks for checking out my #1 Recommendation.

      Best Wishes Jason

  • Yeah I wasn’t exactly bowled over by the pay rate from this bunch – is it really worth the time and hassle?
    The time you spend doing boring tasks is not worth the pay you recieve. I was hitting about $5 a day at best so I quickly jumped ship (even left my money in the account!).

    • Ya I get that. I wouldn’t have left my money in the account though. I definitely would never recommend anyone to count on a site such as this to earn a full time or even part time income but it does make for a little extra now and then.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.


  • Thank you for this very helpful review – I too had heard a lot about this company. I was really into surveys etc online at one point but I think it is all a waste of time if I’m honest – the amount of time you waste just to earn a few bucks could be spent doing things that are so much more productive with bigger payouts in the long run. Like anything in life you just have to persist & put your energy into something you enjoy. The you will see the money roll in 😉

    • Holly, I completely agree with you, my job however is to review the company and let my readers know if it legit. I could not find anything about fusion cash that lead me to believe it is a scam.

  • Very nicely written, concise review!

    I really loved the part about time management and how valuable it is. I definitely agree. I will keep this on the backburner for the future, but for now I need to avoid shiny objects heh. It does sound like a great revenue stream though for that quick cash like you mentioned.

    What do you think of MLMs? I’ve made money with them, but they are incredibly tedious. Let me know!


    • I’m sure we have all made a few bucks here and there online but like you brought up about my review, It’s TIME. You have to decide what your time is worth and go from there. Do I think taking .75 cent surveys is going to get me rich? (Heck No) But do I think the company under review gives the member what they say? (Yes). As far as mlm goes I am not a big fan. I feel the duplication and ways of recruiting just create awkwardness between Family, friends, and coworkers. I could go on and on about MLM’s and probably will at a later date but for now I typically stay away.

      To You Success


  • Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the review. While it looks like it’s legit, I personally think that getting paid to take a survey is already scam on its own. Most advertisers don’t expect to pay their participants to take surveys.

    While Fusion Cash might be legit in the sense, they pay their participants but I think they are screwing their advertisers.

    In the long run, I personally don’t think this is sustainable. What are your thoughts?

    • Like I said I do generally stay away from reviewing these kind of sites. Is it sustainable? that remains to be seen. It is however some of the easiest money I have ever made. Like I mentioned in my review though I personally do not see myself making any kind of serious money here. I will however stay with them because they do pay and the tasks are achievable while I’m having my morning coffee. These sites are always controversial and I believe this one is probably my last of the PTC or survey reviews, but I was asked to check it out and I was very surprised to find out how easy it was to make some quick cash. I simply gave a honest review based on my own personal experience. It wouldn’t be fair to the company I’m reviewing to give a bad review if they are providing everything they said they would. I do however recognise your concern about sustainability Thank you for taking the time to read and leave your thoughts.

      Best Wishes


  • this is a really great website and there’s more needed that review online products to out scams and save people time and money.

    I never really was a fan of taking surveys. The payout always seemed way to low for the amount of time it takes to do the surveys. I like your number one recommendation too, that seems like an effective way to make money.

    Thanks for the information

    • Just leave a comment in my report a scam page and I will look into whatever you want. I do however need time to check it out so i can be honest and fair. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to helping as many people as I can.

      Best Wishes


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