Gadget Flow Review – Is It A Scam?

Gadget Flow

Hello Today I am going to go inside Gadget Flow and give you a good look at what exactly Gadget Flow is and find out if it is a scam or a legitimate company. First lets start with the basics and move on from there. With any new company there is always a possibility that it is a scam just trying to get your money. I went to Gadget Flow and signed up as I always do when researching a company or website and I have to say, I am impressed. A lot of hard work went into this company and I don’t think they are going away anytime soon, If anything I feel they are going to continue to grow and offer quality content and products Here is some information about the Companies Start up and where they are today. This is a product discovery Platform which lets you discover, save, and purchase quality products online and I think they nailed it.

Meet The Founders

 Mike Chleiounakis, Evan Varsamis, and Cassie Ousta, Founders of Gadget Flow met at BCA College in Athens Greece in 2009 and Started the company in an apartment in 2012 while working on content for a design blog creating content for designers and artists. While searching for unique and quality products for their blog in August of 2012 Gadget Flow was born. The concept of the company was,and still is to simplify product exploration online by introducing  new content and quality products daily. Gadget Flow has evolved a lot since the early days and continues to grow at an amazing rate. The trio now employs about 22 plus employees and is always looking for fresh and innovated minds to contribute. They also now offer an affiliate program offering affiliates up to 15% in commissions on their sales. Not just anyone can be an affiliate though,Gadget Flow has worked very hard from the beginning and will not allow spammers or get rich quick type of websites to promote them. Take a look at the team of experts these three entrepreneurs have put together since 2012. I think this is pretty impressive.

Gadget Flow Services

Gadget Flow is currently the best platform in my opinion to find the best new and trending products and crowd funding projects on the market today. Currently they help 6,000 plus customers get exposure,sales and backers for their customers projects. The Platform works excellent with Indiegogo Live and In- Demand Campaigns, Kickstarter Projects, Shopify Based Stores, Amazon type stores, as well as your e-commerce website. Get your products or project noticed or you can just simply shop They say a picture’s worth a thousand words so I will let you have a look at the screen shots below and let you see for yourself why I like this platform so much. Not just shopping online but so much more. Please continue to read after viewing these shots because I have a special offer for you at the end of this post.

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Gadget Flow


Crowd Insight

This is great way to get feedback on your crowdfunding project. If you would like to go inside and see for yourself how Gadget Flow can work for you Just click Here. I have also provided screenshots so you can see for yourself how they can help your project. I am using more visual images in this review because it helps me to show you everything you can take advantage of with this website.


Create 3D Rendering For Your Project


If you do not have a product or a crowdfunding project that’s fine, you don’t have to have a brand to enjoy Gadget Flow. Here we are in October and if you haven’t already started your holiday shopping It is right around the corner. Take a look at all the cool and unique products Gadget Flow has to offer. They are adding new and unique products to the site on a regular basis. If you have someone on your shopping list that is hard to buy for or want to check out the latest most trending products for yourself Gadget Flow might be just the right site for you. It would be nearly impossible for me to show you everything they have to offer, so I’ll just show you a shot of just a few of the things that are trending today. Have a look or click here to check everything out for yourself, maybe you will see something you never knew you couldn’t live without. Also be sure to check out the coming soon products while you are browsing, this is a really cool section for soon to be launched products and services.

Affiliate Program

As if Gadget Flow doesn’t have enough to offer, they also have an affiliate program which offers affiliates up to 6% commissions on your sales. Selling products for Gadget flow shouldn’t really be hard to do at all. Just look at all the awesome products and services they provide. I have been an affiliate marketer for years now and I must say this is one of the easiest companies that I’ve ever had the pleasure of promoting. Even if you don’t have a website you can also post your affiliate link on social media or email it to your friends. Just make sure you do not spam people over use of your affiliate link that results in spam will get your affiliate relationship terminated. If you do not have a website and would like one I can help with that. I can help you get your own Word Press website up and running in a matter of minutes. You do not have to be an affiliate or have a website to enjoy using Gadget Flow. I am just adding this to my review for people who are interested in taking advantage of this awesome feature. You can still shop without being an affiliate. If you are interested in becoming a Gadget Flow Affiliate simply Click Here.

Need A Website? Take Advantage of My Special Offer!

If you ask anyone who has achieved success in affiliate marketing I am sure they will tell you that having a website is vital to achieving success online. Having a website opens up a whole new audience.There are billions of people online and with the proper training and support almost anyone can tap into this vast market. You can literally get your product or service all over the world. Like I said earlier I can help you get a website up and running in a matter of minutes along with top of the line training and support. The Platform I used and still do use is a company called Wealthy Affiliate. This training is how I went from being in the collision repair industry to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. I can get you started with this training absolutely free along with 2 free websites that are yours for life. Join this free community and see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on. You can thank me later when I’ve helped you become my next success story. Once inside you will have direct access to me, as well as the owners and a community of like minded affiliate marketers with all levels of experience. From expert to newbie Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to get started in a business of your own. Also Should you decide to take advantage of the Premium membership I will give you your first month for just $19 that’s a 59% discount off of the regular $49 a month. This is absolutely the best online training I’ve seen to date. If you’ve ever dreamed of having the luxury of working from home I urge you to at least try out the Free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and see If this is a fit for you. I have provided free links in this article which take you to more detailed content on this website as to how to get started but now I would like to get into my Gadget Flow overview. Click the button below to get your website.

My Gadget Flow Overview

After taking a Good look at Gadget Flow my final opinion is no it is not a scam, they offer quality content along with excellent products and services. I do also talk about how to identify scams on this my website but I can say with certainty that Gadget Flow is not a scam. I feel the affiliate program at Gadget Flow is an added bonus to an already great platform. I would use this site even if all they offered was online shopping. The website is clean and easy to navigate offering great new products to consumers while helping entrepreneurs a platform to get products noticed and crowdfund their projects. I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of the true potential of this website and I look forward to bringing you the latest and up to date information I can as I continue to use this site. Click the button to visit Gadget Flow.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • This platform seems similar to several others that I have heard of and I even belong to one. As with Gadget Flow, they bring out the newest platforms, services, and products to members and it helps everyone. I do not know if the one I belong to has an affiliate program, but likely they do.

    These sorts of sites are not scams, they are providing a forum where innovators can marry up with consumers and customers of online tools. Gadget Flow is not a scam. I did see the one negative comment on the thread but noticed that whoever posted it had not come back to provide any kind of proof.

    Whenever you have something good that perhaps is cutting edge and taking some business away from more established websites or companies this can happen, I have seen it before. They are putting Gadget Flow down to drive people to their website and services.

    In reading through your review of what the platform provides, I do not see how it can be considered a scam. In my estimation, such websites are doing a service to all parties, in that, they offer a venue for new products to get some attention and they offer the people actually using such tools for their business the chance to get new automation tools that help their business.   

    Thanks for making me and other readers aware of this platform Gadget Flows. I will likely join since I am interested in what is new just as many online marketers are. Good review!

    • Hey Dave, you touch on a lot of great points of discussion in your comment. I personally love platforms that give opportunities to new products and entrepreneurs that normally would not get recognized. Crowd funding and insight is also a very helpful tool and package prices star as low as $469, which is really a great deal.

      I know as with any company, not everyone will like it or they simply have other motives for bad mouthing them. I think you put it pretty clear in your comment and not having any proof makes me agree with you that the person had alternative motives with that particular comment. 

      Thank You


  • “I deserve this!” I am so pleased to read this review of Gadget Flow and you are so right Gadget Flow offers the latest trends in pretty much everything. I am an Affiliate for Gadget Flow and they are very generous with payout and support so really glad to learn about this product. You have wonderfully explained everything in sufficient detail using relevant images. You’re really lucky that you got their affiliate offer, congratulations to you. I’ll also try this product, hopefully, I’ll also have a good experience, with that.

    I need a great place to build my Online business and this platform looks so great. Thanks for the positive review.

    • Gadget flow is a great platform and affiliate marketers can do very well when they team up with this platform. I have also provided information for 2 free websites to help anyone new to Affiliate Marketing build a solid foundation and eventually add Gadget Flow to their website. 

  • Putting up a company at such a young age is really inspiring. I checked out their website and you were right. It’s easy to navigate and products are hashtagged with categories like Kitchen, Health, Home, Concept and a lot of other things. Prices are also showed so there’s no need to click on the product. When you click it, you can check on its specs, discovery and there’s even an editor’s quote per product and loading is really fast. Once you click it, you can already see the information.

    You said they also accept affiliates. Does Gadget Flow allow affiliates from South East Asia? Thanks for introducing Gadget Flow. I think its time for small companies to be known and become more successful.

    • Yes the website is laid out very nice and easy to navigate. New products are Introduced and featured daily, making Gadget Flow one of the best product discovery platforms online. Crowdfunding and exposure is just another great feature that the company has to offer.

      I will look at the Affiliate disclosure but I’m pretty sure you should be able to join as an Affiliate,  if not i will come back and post it here just incase anyone else needs the same question answered. 

      Best Wishes


  • Jason,

    I love gadgets and I have ideas for products I would love to get to production and market.
    Spare funds for this is what holds me back. Nothing I have thought up has been crafted yet. It’s all in my head. I will be checking out Gadget FLow to see if they have a program I can use.

    I will also be looking at the affiliate program. I am always hunting for good links to add to me site, and this one looks promising.

    Thanks for the info and the thorough review.

    Take care,
    Gwendolyn J

    • I really don’t think you can go wrong with a discovery platform like Gadget Flow. From crowdfunding to shopping They have it. I see the affiliate program as just an added bonus. I hope you find what you need with the Gadget Flow Platform Gwendolyn.

      Best Wishes


  • Viewing the fact that these founders are young like myself motivates me in having hope that my own blog project will be successful. It makes me wonder if it would help me in selling books or a product of clothes in the future. Overall it does help with product; maybe selling hand made clothes, purses and decorations would turn out well.  

    • Hey Linda, the fact that you already have your own blog is huge and you can make it whatever you want. I think the possibilities are endless. I’m glad that you found this review inspiring and helpful. 

      Remember It’s your business and the skies the limit. Best wishes to you,


  • Wow this is a great article; educative and informative with great exipository skill. I heard about this gadget flow sometimes ago but it didn’t interest me because I believe it is one of the scan sites out there. Now I know better thanks to you. You are quite exhaustive and anyone reading this should be able to make an informed decision regarding Gadget Flow. However it should be noted that it requires effort to succeed just like in any other business be it online or offline. I have to try it out along my wealthy affiliate, the training on Wealthy affiliate is outstanding and it can be of help in other endeavors.

    thanks for sharing.

    • Gadget Flow is simply a great discovery platform and the addition of their affiliate program to your niche website will be a great addition in my opinion. I have been working with the platform for a few months now and I think it’s Great.



  • Quite a confident recommendation for a  new project; I like the idea of linking WA, I almost thought they were part of GF, It would appear this company could be an asset to affiliate marketers; the inclusion on crowdfunding caught my attention, which I wanted to look into, but what looks like links do not work; forgive me if it was my error.

    congrats on a review that inspires confidence.

    • I mainly link within my own content on this review but I did add a couple affiliate links that are linked to the buttons.  I hope the crowdfunding platform at Gadget Flow is what you are looking for. Happy to help.

      Best Wishes 


  • Awesome Review, Jason. Really glad to learn about this product. You have wonderfully explained everything in sufficient details using relevant images. You’re really lucky that you got their affiliate offer, congratulations to you. I’ll also try this product, hopefully, I’ll also have a good experience, with that. If I get any question in between, surely I’ll contact you through your website,Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. Looking forward to more of such.

    • Contact me anytime with a question. I check my mail twice a day and my admin checks on my days off, so you will receive a speedy response. I think you will enjoy promoting Gadget Flow because the platform sells itself. Pricing is competitive and transparent,  I’ve had a great experience dealing with this product discovery platform. 



  • This looks like just what we need.  My cousin and I devised a new product.  We did do a kick starter and raised the funds, but did have to add $4000 so that we didn’t lose all of the funds donated.  Now we are trying to get the product going.  I know it will sell.  We just need to get it out there.  This sounds like the way to go.  If I understand correctly, they can help us with getting the product on the market?

    • Yes, Gadget Flow is a discovery platform and they can definitely get your product noticed. I wish you the best. I’m happy that my review reached you so you can get your product launched and in front of the right people.



  • Do not hire Gadget Flow, do a little home work, spend your money on Face Book ads, or other pay per click sites, except, Google. We used Google Analytics along with Gadget Flow to track the number of clicks, Gadget Flow reported double the amount of Google Analytics.
    They used click farms and proxy servers, so you have no idea where the clicks are coming from other countries like the Philippines.
    We spent $2499 U.S.D. on their pro package, and the results, zero conversions.

    • I’m sorry you did not have a good experience with them, yours is the first I’ve heard of an unsuccessful campaign. I am interested to know where your numbers are coming from? You are claiming that they use click farms and proxy servers to generate clicks. Can you please contact me and inform me where this information is coming from? I would like to keep my review up to date and if somethings not right, my readers need to know. I will look deeper into this myself. Again yours is the first bad experience I’ve been informed about so, do Contact Me with further information.

      Thank You


  • HI, Jason, thank you for sharing your Gadget Flow review. I am not a member of Gadget Flow, but I do like what their offing in the Crowdinsight feature they have. Looks like they will allow you to connect your crowdfunding project to their platform, and they will give you honest feedback. Informing you about your page layout, pricing, the web copy and things they see good and bad about your project. I am going to look more into this. Thank you. ~LeNard

    • Insight and funding are very important when trying to get a product discovered and off the groud and Gadget Flow can help with both. I also find their pricing to be very reasonable as well considering everything you are getting in return.



  • Hello Jason,

    I did not know about Gadget Flow before reading your review. It is really nice to know about Gadget Flow. I liked their way of business. I think Gadget Flow deserves a shot. So, I am going to start affiliate marketing here and also gonna share your post with my friends and family members so that they also can deal with it.

    Thanks for letting us know. 🙂


    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you like what you read. They really are a great company and have a lot to offer.

  • Great article there. You really get me worry about gadget flow when you  started the review.i was wondering maybe the exit scam now because have been using it for a while now and the experience is nice on the platform

    most of the things about gadget flow is all about simplifying online product exploration in an easy to use format.And it  constant updated every day between 9 and 12 new products.i must say nice article there on gadget flow

    • Thank You I’m Glad you liked it. Introducing new products daily must be time consuming but I guess that’s what keeps them on Top.

  • Hello Jason.

    pretty insightful piece on gadget flow. If I choose to purchase products from gadget flow, would it be shipped freely to Africa? If not, how much does it cost to make ship products? 

    The affiliate program of gadget flow really interests me. Could be an extra way to make a little more money online.

    Thanks for sharing this piece of information, very helpful

    • Gadget Flow is a discovery platform, so when you purchase a product you will be directed to the actual sellers website. Shipping will be determined by the seller and where they will ship to, so pricing will vary depending on the seller and the size of the product you purchase. I hope this helps.



  • Hi Jason, thanks for your research on gadget flow. Gadget flow looks like an outstanding platform and the story of the founders is amazing. This gives me hope that sooner or later, one will be successful in this affiliate business. Thanks for sharing this opportunity. Gadget flow is a great opportunity for someone like me. 

    • I think Gadget Flow rocks and it’s just an added bonus to me that they offer an Affiliate Program. Go ahead and give it a try there’s nothing to lose and you may even earn some commissions.



  • Thank you for your support Babsie, that’s awesome that your friend might be able to gain some exposure for his products. I hope it works out well with him. Please let me know what happens so I can add this to my review and maybe feature one of his products when I add to my review. I can be reached at the following email.

    Thank You


  • Wow, I was actually really excited to find this page because a friend of mine has invented three really unique gadgets, he has manufactured them and is selling some, but he really needs more exposure, and so I sent him the link (I sent it with your affiliate ID after it so you could get credit if he does anything with it).  I thought maybe they could help him get the word out.  I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I figure I’d leave that part to him.  For me, I took at look at the products and made an account.  They have some pretty awesome things.  I may get my next laptop through them.  I’ll definitely use your link if I do.  I saved the site with your link attached.

  • Hello Jason, thanks for this review about Gadget Flow. I’ve checked them out, I’m intrigued by their service. I wish to become an affiliate of Gadget flow, I’d like to know if there is any hidden terms to become an affiliate?

    Also, purchasing products from Gadget Flow, do their shipping cover the whole world or they are location restricted? 

    • No there are no hidden fees to become an affiliate. Gadget Flow is a discovery platform that gives you photos, descriptions and reviews of the products you are discovering. When you purchase a product from Gadget Flow you will be directed to a third party site, so shipping and the territories will be at the disclosure of the company that you actually buy the product from. I hope this helps you.


  • Hi Jason, thanks for the review about the Gadget Flow. This is my first time hearing about this online shopping website, which is very good to know. Their website is very interesting and attractive to new generations. I am interested in their affiliate program. You also advise how to make a website through WA for the starter, which is great. Thanks for sharing all these information.

    • I guess not so many people have heard of Gadget Flow which makes me happy that I was able to get this review out there. Gadget Flow has so much to offer and they deserve the good review, I do always try to give my readers a couple options when talking about the affiliate aspects of a company, this is the reason I also included Wealthy Affiliate. WA is the platform that got me started in affiliate marketing, so being able to talk about Gadget Flow and Wealthy Affiliate is Great because they both have a lot to offer in their own way. One who is interested in promoting Gadget Flow can actually use one of the 2 free websites that you get From Wealthy Affiliate to promote Gadget Flow or other affiliate programs that interest them.


  • Hi, 

    Thank you very much for sharing, I did not find the details about Gadget Flow. This blog will be very helpful to those who want to know if Gadget Flow is good.. The most interesting thing I just learned from here is Gadget Flow is currently the best platform, in my opinion, to find the best new and trending products aa well as crowdfunding projects on the market today. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

    • I’m Glad you found this helpful. I hope that you can get as much out of the Gadget Flow Platform as I Do.

      Thank you for sharing with your friends. Have a great Day.


  • Thanks for the review on gadget flow,! As a rule of thumb for me, anything that looks too real or too good to be true is never true so take to your heels. Gadget flow however seems to have a source of income generation which is their products and they sell all these through affiliate marketing

    • Yes they worked very hard to get the business launched and their transparency and honest reviews are what keeps the company on the up and up.

  • Hello Jason. Like many of the comments here, I have not heard of Gadget Flow. It is definitely good to know. I browsed through quickly a while ago and found it to be different, in a good way. Refreshing and with many cool gadgets, of course. As I have a niche website, I will take a closer look at their affiliate program. Thanks for the review. Very helpful.


    • Thanks Sharon I’m glad I was able to turn you on to Gadget Flow. I am a bit surprised that so many people haven’t heard of them. I thought for sure that more people would have heard of them but at least I got the word out. I hope that you get as much out of the platform as I do.


  • For the fact that Gadget flow has been around since 2012 gives it a good rating as one would think they are authentic and are going to still be around and not going anytime soon.Though i just feel that their 6% affiliate commission is quite low when compared to other platforms.Thanks for your informative post about gadget flow, i have already bookmarked your page and am about to register as an affiliate of Gadget flow. Thanks for showing me this wonderful opportunity

    • When you start as an Amazon affiliate the commissions are much lower than Gadget Flow, so I feel they are competitive and offer unique products that are new. I’ll take 6% any day. I was actually surprised when I found out they offered an Affiliate program but heck, that just makes it better.


  • Gadget flow could be good for some persons. I said some persons because it all depends on what you want and what you are going for. Crowd funding could be a good thing anyway but I think there could still be some cons. I don’t think everything will all be pros in gadget flow. If there is, let’s know please.

    • True Kenechi, there is no such thing as the perfect platform I pointed out a lot of the Pros because that’s what I found. I like the fact that they are bringing new and innovative products to the market daily. Crowd fuding is just another great perk I like because this helps entrepreneurs to get their product launched and put in front of so many people. Sure their may be some cons but from my view I like the company as a whole.


  • Hi Jason, 

    With this wonderful review about Gadget Flow I think am going to give it a shot. You have come with incredible review for affiliate marketers as it can be frustrating for beginners want or need alternatives to blogging and at the same time make money online. This is really helpful, keep it up. 

    • Ayodeji, Funny thing is that I discovered them and bought some cool stuff for myself and a few unique gifts for Christmas. I only became an affiliate of Gadget Flow when I started researching them a little deeper and realized what a great platform they have. Good luck with your endeavor.


  • Hello Jason! This is an interesting piece. I love the notion, especially the fact that they help to produce quality content and products. Talk of starting small and making it big. Just within few years (from 2012) they have grown to employing up to 22 employees, that is great. It is quite impressive. I love the way you took your time to research  the company before writing about them, it shows that your review is authentic.

    Thanks for your review on Gadget Flow.

    • Thank’s Gracen, I wasn’t really sure what to think about Gadget Flow when I first came across them but I’m glad I took the time to look into them further. Not only am I an Affiliate but I’m also a happy customer who purchases products that I love.


  • Loved the article, never knew about Gadget Flow and will definitely be checking this out right after I’m done writing this. It’s also good to know about up and coming things that’ll be coming out and having this as an affiliate program is great for any affiliate marketer. People love having the newest thing first and being able to provide a platform to show it first is great. Thanks for the review and glad I found this. 

    • I love that they are on the cutting edge and introduce new products consistently. I hope the information I provided on the affiliate program was informative. I only mentioned that in my review just in case any affiliate marketers were looking to add a great product to their website. Looks like a couple marketers like yourself have taken the time to look into this. I hope you can benefit from this platform as well.

      Thank You

      Jason (too)

  • Thanks for the great review!  I had not even heard of Gadget Flow.  I don’t have a product or service to sell but I do like to buy stuff (usually electronics).

    Now that I’ve checked them out, thanks to you, I have to say I’m loving many of the products they’re promoting.. This company is awesome.

    I do have a couple of afiliate marketing sites and may seek an affiliate relationship with Gadhet Flow to promote those that fit my niche(s).

    Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

    • I really didn’t spend much time explaining the affiliate program so I’m glad you mentioned that. I will revise this review and offer more insight as to how it can help ones business. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the shopping and awesome new products they introduce daily.



  • Hi there: Thank you for posting this insightful article Gadget review. I agree with you 100% percent that it is not a scam as they provide good quality content with an excellent products and services. Also, I think that Wealthy Affiliate that you mentioned in this article is one of the best online platforms to learn online business! It’s not just a learning place but a real community!  Everyone inside is very nice and give help whenever it’s needed. Overall, I think that your article is very important information that will help people like me succeed in the online business world as it has all details that is needed in moving to the next level.


    • Tony, I’m glad you found this article informative as that is the purpose in my writing. Working with Wealthy Affiliate will also get you moving in the right direction. I will look for you inside WA and always be available to help as you grow your online business.

      Best Wishes


  • Thank you for the through out review, I have never heard of Gadget Flow before. Do they only provide services for gadgets only or it can be any product? Have you ever bought anything from their platform before? This site will be useful if I develop a product and need it exposed to the market. I will share this platform to my friends. Thank you for a great review.

    • Nuttanee I have bought many products from Gadget Flow and they have all been of the highest quality, also I think you are referring to crowd funding when you ask if its gadgets only. You can get your product noticed no matter what it is as long as it’s legal and non offensive. Check out the guidelines at Gadget Flow and see what kind of help they can give you. I’m not sure what the product is that you are talking about so I hope that your question was answered.



  • I must admit I have never heard of Gadget Flow before but I will definitely be taking a closer look into it very soon.

    This is a fantastic review, you have all the aspects of the program covered so there is not much need to ask any questions about it.

    The screenshots help visitors understand the overall concept of this program.

    The program itself also seems to have everything covered and it’s great to see that it is not a scam. It does seem a little expensive for the average person though.

    You have a great mission in life to help people know what programs are scams and what is not. I try to help people also with my articles. It just feels good that we are helping others.

    • I don’t really feel that they are expensive at all.

      I’ve bought many products at very reasonable prices, I think you are referring to the packages they offer for startups and businesses.

      I am a firm believer in You Get What You Pay For and with everything Gadget Flow has to offer I feel one is certainly getting their money’s worth. I appreciate your input and continued support.

      Best Wishes


  • Having read through quite a number of reviews, i observed that many are downright boring, but this had a different feel. It was as though, i was reading an interesting story.Thanks for sharing this awesome platform that aids crownfunding of projects and discovering new and awesome products.I might just subscribe for their services very soon, as i need to carry out crownfunding for some upcoming projects in the coming months.It’s been a really refreshing time here, hope to come around some more.

    • Festus, you are always welcome I hope you come back soon and see everything True Prosperity Online has in store for 2019. I expect this year to be the most productive and informative year we’ve ever had. I’m glad you enjoyed this review and I hope I gave you all the information you were looking for.



  • Hi Jason, thanks for the thorough review of Gadget Flow.

    When I first started hearing about Gadget Flow, I actually thought it was a scam…a website similar to Wish. but thanks for clearing the air for me. I’ve always had a trouble of finding the “internet viral/sensation” products but dangg I just realized I can find all of them in the website!

    Super cool! 

    • That’s awesome Wina, I’m glad I was able to bring you some clarity as to what Gadget Flow really is and to show you that they are not a scam



  • Thanks for sharing this informative article, this is actually the first time i will be hearing about gadget flow, the affiliate programme was what caught my attention the fact that they have amazing products and services to promote is exciting.I’ve got my website rolling and ready to promote on this program, can’t turn my eyes away from this good stuff.

    • I think Gadget Flow will be a great addition to your website. If you need any help Getting Started feel free to contact me and I will be more than willing to help you. have a great day and keep that website of yours rolling



  • I recently started doing affiliate business and my friend recommended me to look up Gadget Flow. I wasn’t sure so I was researching about it and I’m glad that I found this article. This article gave me all the key information I needed to know about Gadget Flow to make the decision to use it. 

    I am glad to hear that it is not a scam. That is the more important to know. I think I’m going to try this out. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • I am happy that you found this. Gadget Flow has so many awesome and cutting edge products as well as crowd funding and insight. I know you are going to love working with them.



  • I am so pleased to read this review of Gadget Flow and you are so right Gadget Flow offers the latest trends in pretty much everything

    I am an Affiliate for Gadget Flow and they are very generous with payout and support so thanks for the positive review

    You rock and all the best

    Also I noticed you mentioned you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate- I am going to check it out now as i need a great place to build my online business and this platform looks so great

    • Thanks Vicki, I always like to be able to give a positive review on a company and Gadget Flow is a very reputable company, so a positive review was a no brainier for me. I love the platform, shopping and affiliate program. Looks like 2 of your needs were met in this review. I think you will find Wealthy Affiliate to be equally as impressive.



  • Hey Jason!

    Great review! Visually their website looks absolutely stunning. You can definitely see that they take this startup very serious. I love that they give crowdfunding insight. I noticed when I created my first platform my friends struggled with being brutally honest about things I needed to change. I think having people that don’t know you and have seen a lot of crowdfunding projects giving you feedback is a great asset.

    • Very true, having someone you don’t know personally can definitely give you a different kind of insight as to your project. I think the platform at Gadget Flow is really something special.

  • I’ve seen other services online that offer like what Gadget Flow offers and I wonder what make this one stands out from the rest. But I like that concept where I can install an app in my android phone and do all the advertising in there as well as shop for the things I need. I also like they have an affiliate program, as I am fond of promoting the tools that I use to cover my costs of subscription. There’s just one question that I’d like to ask and clarify before I join this program: If those people that I’ve referred to this program refer others, will I get paid from their referrals like in the way multi-level marketing does?

    • This is not a multi level marketing platform, you will be paid for your referrals only at the time of my response. This is a fairly new company so I would say that might not be out of the question as they continue to grow. I hope this helps.



  • There are so many scams on the internet, more than I can count with all my fingers and toes. You become skeptical, and then when you have a great business opportunity in front of you. You may not take it because you are afraid of being swindled again.

    Luckily you found a way to make money through a honest platform using affiliate marketing. 

    My favorite part of your post was the “affiliate program” I love to promote products online and you just showed me another that I can trust

    Thank you for taking your time to write this article!

    • That’s Great Fredery, I’m happy that I was able to provide you with an affiliate program that you can promote as I take it you are a marketer like myself. Yes it is very nice to be able to offer a positive review with all the scams that are out there.



  • This looks like a very interesting program! I’ve never heard of it before. I’m glad to read it’s not a scam, though—it fun to learn about honest and trustworthy programs out there built by hardworking entrepreneurs. I don’t think at this time in my life I have a need for this, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

    • Thank You Holly, and just in the event that you do need this service now you know. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the holiday season.



  • I’ve been looking for a company to help me get exposed for a product I came up with, and this might be the company I need. I have something that would be of great use to a large, but wide spread audience – people who ride motorcycles in cold winter months.

    Personally I only know about 2 other people besides myself that ride in the Winter, but I know there are thousands of us. I’ve come up with a way for us to stay warm, but mass producing this product will take a bit of capital, so I need some crowdfunding help, which seems like something they can help me out with.

    Thanks, I’ll post an update to say how it goes!

    • Wow that’s great James, this is the reason I write these posts. It really feels good when I am able to introduce someone to a product or service that will not only help them but also never may have heard of unless I shared this. I look forward to hearing about your progress in the future. Please come back and share your experience when you are ready.

      Thank You


  • Thank you Jason for your informative article about Gadget Flow and I  truly believe that this is not another scam. But the affiliate commission is low comparatively than other sites. I am also planning to be affiliate marketer soon and already join Wealthy affiliate as a premium members. I will definitely follow you and your other post which is very helpful for my future target. Once again I am bookmarking your site for future reference.

    • Thank You Mzakapon, I appreciate you bookmarking my website and you are correct Gadget Flow is not another scam. They have an excellent platform and have so much to offer. I think that’s awesome that you took the first step to changing your life by joining Wealthy Affiliate I will be sure to follow you. If you need any help getting rolling let me know I will be more than happy to help.

      Best Regards


  • Gadget Flow sounds like a great place to be if you have your own product, although the prices to join do seem to be on the high side. But having said that, I can see that what they offer would be incredibly helpful to anyone who has a great product that they want to get in the public eye.

    When you say that you joined as an Affiliate, did you have to pay in order to do that? I did click on your link to the Affiliate program, but it took me to the same place as the website link, and I did not seem to be able to find the products that were for sale.  I even clicked on the “get started” icon, but the form there asked for details of my product, which obviously I don’t have! Can you tell me what I was doing wrong?

    But I would agree with you, it does sound like a good company if you have a product.

    Very many thanks for this post

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hello Chrissie, if you click on the more on the top left of the screen right next to blog you will see a dropdown menu with all the products and services.  To become an affiliate just click on affiliate., it is free to join, just enter your website and email and your good. They will check out your site to make sure you have good content so approval usually take about 20 minutes.  Hope this helps. 

      Good Day


  • Informative post about Gadget Flow, they seem like an interesting company. Not only are they selling products, but offer a service to get products reviewed and provide valuable feedback for businesses trying to launch a new item into the market. I need to check them out, sounds like they will offer new to market interesting merchandise.

    • Hey Ann Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. I’m happy to see you found this post informative. Feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.



  • Great review! Thank you for this, it has cleared up any queries I have with this company. I had a few reservations about this company just because they are new and you can never be too sure these days with tons of scam companies around just looking for your money. But from this review, I can see that these guys have worked hard to get where they are and they offer a sincere and helpful service. Once again, thanks for clearing that up.

    • No problem Joe, I’m glad this review helped to clarify any of the concerns you may have had. Please feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions or concerns. 

      Thank You


  • It does say a lot when not everyone can be affiliates, because they want to make sure that people are not promoting them just to make a quick buck, it seems like they care about thier company and the people, not just making money.I had not heard about Gadget Flow before reading you article it seems like something that I might want to check out.  

    • Thank you Shy, I do like this company as they do have high quality product and content. They really do provide a great experience for their visitors. I always enjoy using them for my online shopping.

      Best Wishes


  • I had heard briefly a couple of different things concerning Gadget Flow. But had no clear idea of what it was, until I came across your post. Thank you very much for laying out for all of us this bird sight view of the company. They have a very interesting concept, I must say. And I also feel enticed to sign up with them.

    One of the things that surprise me the most is the wide variety of products and services Gadget Flow has to offer. Good I came across your review!

    • Henry, I am happy that this review is informative to you as it is meant to be. To be honest I wasn’t even going to write a review but I felt compelled to because everyone always talks about all the bad and sketchy stuff that happens online. Gadget Flow has earned this good review because of there honesty and transparency,  they offer great products and help startups to gain exposure along with crowdfunding. Not only can you shop with Gadget Flow, you can also get your product in front of the masses and get help with your startup company. Gadget Flow also offers an affiliate program for online marketers as well. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong here.



  • I liked this informative review mostly because if your site was in line with the products on this site you can promote them if they accept you. Plus if you want something for yourself it as a gift then you can do that to.

    I believe I have heard of Gadget Flow before not sure sheets though. I believe this company is a win win you know?  It is always nice to find a legit company that will help you get your products in front of other peoples eyes.

    You don’t find many one stop shops that don’t just want your money.i will have to check out Gadget Flow soon thanks for this reckew

    • No problem Matt, happy shopping I’m glad you enjoyed my review. 



  • Wow, these “founders” are very attractive people. I would first of all that I appreciate the way they present themselves, the founders that is, they just put their whole body picture out there as a team. I think that first says in itself says a lot about t the company. But secondly what I am most impressed with is the interface of Gadget Flow, it looks really easy to navigate and I like the friendly colors; soft pink, soft blue nothing to bright or too bold, everything is easy to look at and understand. I think I like it more for the shopping aspect, because I can tell they will tailor whatever I need *so specifically* that it will find like 5 matches of exactly what I want! I will have a hard time deciding which one to get, sort of deal lol . I am glad I learned more about Gadget Flow because I would like to support smaller e-commerce stores. This is something I can see myself using most likely in the future.

    • I dont think they are going to be a small company for long Sophia, they have a great platform and are growing fast. I will be shopping them for gifts this Christmas myself.

      Thank you


  • Being a big kid and a geek myself lol, I absolutely LOVE gadgets of all kinds! 🙂

    However, I must agree that new companies can’t always be trusted due to the numerous scams floating around online. But it’s awesome to hear that Gadget Flow is LEGIT!

    It seems Gadget Flow is steadily on the way up and even better that it offers an affiliate program with 15% affiliate commissions which isn’t bad to be fair. Affiliate marketing has become so popular that we’re now in an age where a lot of businesses are offering affiliate programs in order to benefit everyone – the owners, employees, affiliates, and especially customers.

    I also like the fact that Gadget Flow offers smaller business owners the opportunity to list their products on its platform, very similar to what Amazon offers. I think this idea makes things much easier for the Biz owners who are struggling to sell online.

    Well, it certainly has numerous features and I guess the pricing is fairly reasonable too.

    Thanks for your insights into this new company and its services. 🙂


    • Hello Niel, I’m glad you responded to this post because you touch on some very great positives about Gadget Flow. I do have to update my review in regarding the affiliate program. The commission percentage is wrong, it is now 6 percent as of a few days ago. Still not a bad commission considering the products basically sell themselves. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment.

      Best Wishes 


  • I am actually glad this is not another scam. As a gadget lover myself i think the idea is brilliant because you can spend hours aimlessly searching online and getting distracted but with gadget flow it sound like they bring all the coolest gadgets to your fingertips in a convenient solution.

    I will be checking this out right now!

    I can vouch for Wealthy Affiliate because I have used it to build my website. Even if you are just looking for hosting, or domain registration or even just to build your website, I would recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate at try.

    • I know I have been buying from Gadget Flow for a few weeks now and also promoting them on my website and social media outlets. Truly is a great company.

      I will also follow you at Wealthy Affiliate since you are a member Renton.

      Best Wishes 


  • I have never heard of Gadget Flow before reading your article.

    They look like a great team.

    I went over and had a look at their website and was intrigued to see all of their products. Many of them look really fascinating and I could probably spend a good hour looking at different ideas.

    I would agree they certainly look like they are going to be around for a while.

    Their website is very professional and obviously took time and money to put together.

    I think you have done a great service showing it to us and your review of them is well deserving.

    I don’t fully understand all they do yet, so I will spend more time going over their site.

    Excellent job!


    • Hey Tim I did the same thing when I found them,  I spent over an hour on that site and a little  money too on some cool stuff. I then went back and spent a week looking into the company and learning about it, and as a result wrote this review.



  • Gadget flow does seem like a good site from your review. I would like to know if they have a money back guarantee because I have previously informed myself in something similar but I wasn’t totally impressed. I asked for my money back. Although I did get my money but it took a lot of time.

    • Great question Jay, I personally haven’t bought a product from them that I wanted my money back so I am going to have to look into that. I can tell you that Gadget Flow will not allow just any old product on that site. It is a platform for new and interesting ideas and products but I really feel they do there best to insure quality. I will certainly get back to you on this.

      Thank you


  • Hi Jason, Thanks so much for bring Gadget Flow to my attention. I’ve interviewed a few Mom Inventors who have invented amazing gadgets and run Kickstarter Campaigns.  They are now already at the stage of their marketing their finished products.  Would they be able to place their products on Gadget Flow now that they are already on the market?  Is this a sales platform to give them more exposure?  If so, I would imagine it would be amazing for them.

    • Lauren, Gadget Flow will definitely give them the exposure they need. You can have them follow the link I provided at the end of my review and have them check it out.

      Best Wishes


  • Being an affiliate marketer myself for a while now, its the first time I have ever heard of Gadget Flow and first impressions it looks quite impressive I have to say. It doesn’t look like your spammy sites that are out there which is a massive plus in my book.

    If they are as good as you say they are then I need to check these out pronto. Thanks for the thorough review and I will be heading straight over there to sign up and see for myself, cheers

    • I agree Matthew, the spammy scam sites are a dead giveaway to me now that I Know what I am looking for. I think adding Gadget Flow to your affiliate site will definitely be a plus. I did provide a link at the end of my review so you can take a look around and check it out.

      Thank You


  • With what i goes through about Gadget Flow Review, i could see that it is a legalistic company you can work with without having any problem. They are not scam, for them to be working about Affiliate program and creating e-commerce website. This is an honesty affiliate company you can trust and work with. More also,Gadget Flow is currently the best platform in my opinion to find the best new and trending products and crowd funding projects on the market today.Thanks for sharing this great site. 

    • Barakat, Thank you for visiting, I think this company is going to continue to grow at a rapid rate.  I am happy to have come across them now. I honestly wish I had found them sooner because this is a great affiliate program to work with.

      Thank you 


  • id never heard of gadget flow before now! After reading this I feel convinced that they’re not a scam, 100%!They seem like a great company, and they have some good affiliate links. Ill have to look into these a bit more for my own content, thank you for opening my eyes up to this! And helping me believe. 

    • No problem Jayde I’m glad you took the time to leave a comment. Adding Gadget Flow to your content definitely can’t hurt, they are a reputable company with all the newest products and a great platform for crowdfunding or a kickstart project. 

      Best Wishes 


  • It is great to see a positive review for a change.  There are so many questionable products and sites out there that it is actually disturbing.  I will go in and look the big picture and see everything because your article has me intrigued.  I have been long thinking of developing a product.  I want to see if they would be a good fit in helping me get my product out to the world

    • Hey Dale, I was pleasantly surprised to have come across Gadget Flow. My son is an artist and asked my advice on this company because he needed some crowd funding for his project. During my review I came across all of the other Awesome stuff Gadget Flow has to offer. I actually ended up doing a little shopping for myself while I was reviewing them Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.



  • Thanks for sharing this with us, Gadget Flow seems to be a very good platform, not that I need crowdfunding, but the Affiliate section seems to be very interesting, also the fact they let you earn to 15% per sale is awesome, lots of other platforms offers much less.

    I prefer to have a site to promote things, so I’ll check out Wealthy Affiliate, and hopefully we see eachother there!

    • Thank you Emmanuel, It will be a pleasure working with you. I will do everything I can to assist you in your online journey. I’m always happy to help. Feel free to private message me if you need any help.

      Best Wishes


  • I saw Gadget Flow somewhere else just a week or so. I would agree with you, they aren’t a scam! They’re a great company to get some cool ideas on what to be an affiliate with. On top of that, many of their gadgets are priced in that you’ll make some money being an affiliate (much more than what you typically get using amazon affiliates). I didn’t realize that they had an affiliate program though. I’ll definitely have to go join!

    • I have to say it was a pleasant experience to find them. Also nice products and great support.

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