Global Domains International – A Insiders Review of GDI

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Hello, Welcome to my Global Domains International Review. Today I am going to review and break down the Global Domains International business opportunity which I will simply refer to as GDI throughout the remainder of this review.

As a GDI affiliate I have inside information and will tell you exactly why I Can Not Recommend GDI with clear conscience to anyone new to making money online. I will also Let you know what My #1 Recommendation is which I use to Earn A Full Time Income Online.

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Who Is GDI ?

In 1998 as the dot com craze was really taking off, Founders Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir recognized an opportunity and seized it. They wondered if there was another option besides the typical dot com for a website owner to use. They soon came up with the idea of a dot WS = Website.

The only problem was that each country was assigned a country code by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and the WS code belonged to a tiny country named Samoa. With a population of less than 200,000 people Samoa Had not yet utilized the WS code Given to them.

After Successful Negotiations with the countries King The Founders began to successfully sell the WS domain, and by November of 2009 0ver 100,000 WS domains were sold and a company who was to be Called GDI was borne.

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What Does GDI Do ?

GDI sells dot WS domains, this is their product. They offer WS domains to their customers as well as hosting for $10.00 a month per domain name. My personal experience with .ws domains is that they just don’t rank well on the major search engines.

This is my number 1 reason I do not recommend a ws. domain to anyone who is new to this type of business. I am also not a big fan of the deceptive advertising techniques used By GDI to get affiliates.

The GDI Affiliate Plan Overview

In 2010 when I first began researching ways to make money online,  GDI was one of the first companies I came across. The Affiliate program can be compared to a multi level marketing (MLM) type of structure.

The GDI affiliate program pays 5 levels deep and you earn 1 dollar for each $10 domain you sell. Here’s the thing, I started to do the math and quickly realized I was definitely not going to earn a living selling domains for GDI.

Another huge turn off for me was the themes and websites used to promote GDI were pretty much all the same with a very limited amount of room for originality.

If there is one thing I know about ranking on the major search engines it is that Google, Bing, and Yahoo HATE DUPLICATE CONTENT and you can not rank well using duplicated sites. So  basically WS domains very rarely rank well on The search engines. If you don’t believe me try entering a keyword into any of the top 3 search engines and tell me how many dot WS websites you see listed on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

I am not saying you will not rank with a .WS domain but if you are using the cookie cutter templates to promote Global Domains International I think you will be disappointed with your rankings

So how was I suppose to drive traffic and promote GDI if I was trying to push duplicated websites and content?

This was another reason I realized that I was probably not going to be driving the fancy sports car that GDI tries to entice newbies with on their Extremely Far Fetched introduction video.

Is this is how I am supposed to attract a newbie to the so called opportunity? They want me to entice you with A Misleading video of online wealth?

Not this guy, or anyone on the True Prosperity Online Team. My wife is a major contributor to this site behind the scenes and called BS immediately.

I’m sorry but We can’t do that to people. NO WAY!! NO HOW!!

This was the point when I began to feel that this company was a little scammy. I talk more about these type of tactics on my Identify Scams page on this website. So in closing out my overview, if someone were to ask me if I think a complete newbie can make GDI work I would have to say that my answer would be NO!!!

You can check out my personal choice and #1 recommendation here and see why I feel it to be the best option for anyone new to Affiliate Marketing.

Evaluation list and check box illustration designWhats Good About GDI

I would have to say the best thing about GDI in my opinion would have to be the price. I mean $10 a month and you’re in business.

The second thing I found appealing about GDI was the competition on WS domains is a lot less than a dot com. So if you can’t get that Trendie Name you are looking for on a dot com, dot net, or a dot org, chances are you will be able to get one using a WS domain.

Also The company has been around a while and is not showing any signs of Failing. I personally have a couple of WS domains that I use for local business because I am not worried about where they rank.

Local business marketing and affiliate marketing are a bit different when it comes to ranking. Learning the ins and outs are note as hard as you might think either.

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Whats Bad About GDI

One of the main things I don’t like about GDI is the Misleading videos they use to Sell themselves. REALLY you are a solid company that offers a semi decent product so why mislead unsuspecting newbies to think they are going to be Rich using your affiliate program?

I honestly would have gave GDI a Better score, had they not used these sketchy misleading sales videos. Sure they are cool to watch and the video makes a person start to dream about a debt free future, but the reality is the let down you feel after working so hard on this semi decent program is heart breaking. I feel they should be more upfront about the realities of working online.

Experienced affiliate marketers know that you can achieve success online but we hate it when our industry is exploited by false hopes that the creators know are almost impossible without proper training, which GDI does not offer.

The Pay!  Earning $1 per sale is going to take a massive amount of traffic visiting your website even if they are paying you 5 levels deep.

The percentage of people who can actually make this happen is a lot smaller than they make it out to be. Very dishonest sales pitch!!

Duplicated Websites, what else can I say Duplicated sites don’t rank well, that’s just how it is. You will need to have a very high traffic producing website to even stand a chance at making this affiliate program work. There are much better places online to build a traffic producing website.

My Final Conclusion

Do I feel GDI is just another scam? No. They have been in business for a while and they do pay their affiliates. They also offer an OK product. I do however find GDI to be misleading about the amount of income you can expect to earn. I feel that the pay you will receive for the amount of work you will have to do just is not worth it. This is why I am going to say to STAY AWAY especially if you are just new to affiliate marketing. Like I said there are much better places online to learn how to build a money making website.


GDI Final Score 55 out of 100

If you have an opinion or experience with GDI Please leave a comment below. I do not discriminate here and will publish all feedback I receive from this review. Please keep it clean as far as language and other offensive remarks. Lets all respect each other as we are all entitled to our own views here.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Thanks – interesting post and comments.

    I’ve been with GDI for several years and I have a sub-domain too (- 2 sites for the price of one). I’m considering becoming more active in promoting GDI, but I first want to create some solid pages at my site, and also give some helpful How-To info. (My .WS site is not a replicated site, but has my own content.)

    The good thing is that I have Google Adsense on my domain and sub-domain sites and that brings me over $200 pm income, which is 20 times what my .WS site costs me.

    I agree that newbies who join GDI purely for some failry fast income are not going to succeed. And that is the challenge in growing a downline of people who are happy to keep their .WS websites for the long haul. In fact, that’s a problem with network marketing itself. If people outside the network would not use the product or service on an ongoing basis, then it won’t be sustainable for network marketers.

    I feel that a GDI site should be used in its own right, as a website, and not purely for building a downline via a ‘replicated site’ page.

    Here’s my sub-domain with free info to help sell my books helping people pass their South African learner’s licence and driving licence tests.

    Gavin, South Africa

    • Well Said, Sorry I had to delete your link I do not allow that on this site. Most people do not take the initiative to make the sites their own and work off the replicated platform. I am glad you are having success. Also just to make a point put in your targeted keyword which would lead people to your site and let me know how many ws domains show up in the top 20.

  • Nice review. I am working online since 2006 when I first started online opportunities and since then I know GDI to be a genuine opportunities but because of the high and misleading promotional competition this program got a bad notion creating many many failures who joined the program for quick riches because of the fake promotions not by GDI but for some people who wanted to get money even by misleading people. The services offered for the cost of $10 is ok as one can earn this sum using their services it self that is website/blogs and hosting, they are professional, honest and pay regularly without fail.Now if you can earn your subscription amount you will stay there to fill out the magix matrix downline to earn $3900 or more per month as affiliate commission…I have given many info in my blog and if anyone needs am there to help.good luck

    • The point I try to make in this review is that it is extremely hard for a newbie to succeed with GDI. Sure people like ourselves could make a few dollars with this but the newbie is really hung out to dry. My mission with this site is to protect the victims or potential victims and most of all the newbie. I also disagree with your view on the promotional material. The misleading video with the sports car and your very own secretary and office is ABSOLUTELY part of the GDI promotional material and there are a few more but I know that you get what I’m talking about. GDI is okay but I wish they would take it easy on the misleading videos. You have to understand I am looking out for the Newcomer and not just trying to make a quick buck.
      Best Wishes

      • Yeah I do agree that GDI is difficult for newbies to succeed. And I know you’re just giving your opinion, but I am kind of baffled on how you could raise the programs difficulty for newbies as an issue of misleading. Because what legitimate business online or offline is easy for a newbie to succeed in without learning the business?? If you’re someone looking to join a business hoping to do nothing and wake up a millionaire I would say it is the affiliate with the messed up perception of what business really is, not GDI misleading. Their compensation plan is as transparent as it gets. Low payouts, yes, but only if you’re basing it off of the small percentage of the cost for your customers. The overall value of each of your customers can be EXTREMELY high in GDI. I joined GDI in 2009 and quit after about 3 months because I was one of those newbies at that time that thought it would be simple. Not GDI’s fault, it was my own. Now that I know marketing inside and out I’ve rejoined and now have fixed the same problem for newbies that caused me to fail in 2009. Since GDI is about duplicity I’ve created a learning environment for my downline and have built a step-by-step learning portal to help equip those who are serious but don’t know marketing. It increases retention of down-line members and creates leaders, which creates a sustainable business. With the weekly superstar bonus, the learning bonuses, and team bonuses it drastically increases the front end value of each signup. Yes other affiliate programs do have one-time higher payouts and one-time higher percentages of the customers purchase, but if you treat GDI like a business you can create a MUCH MUCH higher value per customer than a one-time payout affiliate program. So even though as a fellow marketer I’m pretty sure the main purpose of this review was to promote your product or program, I still respect your opinion on GDI cause you’re just giving your point of view. Nothing at all wrong with that. But to be fair to GDI I think it’s important to note that the success of their affiliates is in the hands of their up-line and their willingness to learn. It’s not on GDI to raise their payout or for them to make a video explaining how hard it’s going to be for new people. Colleges don’t have commercials explaining how earning your degree is going to be difficult. It’s assumed that those hoping to further their education already know it will take some work. I would be just as baffled with a college drop out writing a review saying the university mislead them by making them think earning a degree would be easy.

        • Okay let’s be real here GDI is confusing and makes a newbie think they are going to be a success overnight, You as a member like myself have seen the misleading videos they provide us with to promote GDI. You quit after 3 months. You obviously didn’t quit because you were making money, and lets face it making money is the bottom line. the training is sporadic at best. Like I said I own a few ws domains but by no means would i tell a newbie this is the system that will put them on the map. I respect the company but would never recommend this company as a starting point in the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey. After you have some solid training and know your way around the business I say GO FOR IT, but not until you are a educated marketer. As I said yes they do pay but if you put the misleading videos up against the facts I will just say GDI is extremely misleading.

  • I m gdi member. main problem with gdi is learning bonus . loose learning bonus Manny times my team members . I don’t know why .

    • Ya I found GDI to be misleading and very much a waste of my time Gaurav. It just isn’t worth it to me…

  • The problem with GDI is duplication. Many that are new to marketing suffer because they cannot duplicate the success of their upline, and not to mention sooo many GDI affiliate do not last past 3 months. The retention rate is horrible, so you work really hard to gain meager pay. I was in GDI, and I quit back in the day. But now that I have a list, and I understand how marketing works, I may jump back in. The other key factor with GDI or any opportunity is patience. You have to promote constantly, day in day out, and be patient. You’ll be rewarded in the end.

    • Christian,
      I really don’t have a issue personally with GDI. I actually own a few domains through GDI. My problem is they are extremely misleading and I don’t think it’s fair to mislead a complete newbie like they do. Sure people like you or myself with experience and a list can absolutely make GDI work.I just can’t promote them with a clear conscience, Knowing that someone new to this business has a very high potential of failing. Yes as with any business you must have patience and be willing to work very hard. Thank you for visiting my website and participating. I look forward to hearing from you again. Have a great day.

  • Thanks for that review. I never heard of GDI, but understanding any online business model really helps me figure out the best way forward for me. I really appreciated this.

    • I’m glad it helped Mike. If you ever need any help just drop me a line and I will be more than happy to help you out.
      To your success

  • Hi, Jason

    Thanks for sharing your views on GDI! I once had a .ws domain name with Global Domains International and attempted my luck at the business opportunity too.

    I wasn’t very successful at it as I had no online training but I could see the rewards when affiliates worked hard at building it.

    I might consider giving GDI another shot, although there are some cons to it.

    Great review and thumbs up from me 🙂


    • Also if you Google any keyword, you very rarely see a WS domain on the first page. Considering that along with the low payouts, GDI just doesn’t seem worth it.

  • I think that MLM’s are great business models in theory. However, people seem to ignore the biggest fatal flaws within the MLM industry,
    1. There are more MLM’s around than ever before witch means fewer prospects available for any 1 program.
    2. MLM’s face a huge natural barrier. There are only so many people to go around. Without a constant influx of new people, growth hits a brick wall.

    • Thanks Steve, you make 2 very good points. I’m sure a lot of people made some good money with this in the beginning. The company has been around for 15 years already and with a mediocre product at best, how far can one actually go with this.
      Best Wishes

  • GDI is definitely a legit product, but the only problem like with many MLMs are that you are just referring more people to join, when there isn’t an actual product. Rather, GDI’s product is that they offer you a website, but it is just to refer more people in. Many of the top people don’t even use the free website given to promote too!

    • Hey Terence,
      Thank you for your comment. My major problem was the actual amount of people you would need to refer. To make it anywhere near worth while would be extremely time consuming for a very low payout. I do own a couple websites that I purchased form them but only because I wanted a specific domain name and the dot coms were taken. I haven’t used them for anything yet but it was cheap enough for me, and if I don’t do anything with them this year I will probably just get rid of them. Thank You for your input.

  • Hi Jason, I’m still learning myself so my comments may be wrong. I thought if you broke your blogs up with the Read More tab.I found at first up, a lot of reading on the one page and maybe others might find the same and not stay on the page. Just my thoughts and I could be wrong. All the best.

    • Hey Robert, I have a lot of blogs and my home page is basically all my blogs or posts for that matter condensed down to only the 1st paragraph. So if you like what you see in the first paragraph you may read more. I would be happy to help you with this if you wish to email me. You may do so at Hope You are having a Great Day

  • Great Article! Really helpfull, thank you!. i am really considering to get into GDI for building a personal network but instead i decided to work on an affilliate program (even when ther is only 1 level) because I have lot more potential income. Thank you! 😉

    • There is great training where you are now that can’t be beat. If you want to join GDI for a personal use domain that’s great I actually own 2 .WS domains but I am realistic about how much money I will earn. They are basically sitting around until I have time to work on them but they are cheap enough so why not.
      Have a great day Pedro
      Best Wishes

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