How To Survive In The End Times – The End of The American Dream

Can You Survive The Coming Times

Little Boy watching the end of the world

I know this is not an article that you are use to seeing from me but I have to speak out. How to survive in the end times is a pretty bold title and I am not ashamed to write this. The end of the American dream is upon us, and the country as well as the world are about to face some serious and real consequences. Greed, corruption,and lies have become the new normal around the globe and it’s not about to stop. My 8 month old grandson actually prompted me to write this post. He was crying because that’s all he can do to make his voice heard at his age. The crying stopped as soon as his needs were met. A diaper change and some food along with a hug and some attention was all he needed. The innocence in his eyes and dependency on me to take care of him really got me thinking about this nagging feeling that has been tugging at me for a while now.


America and the rest of the world have never been as divided as it is right now. In the United States of America the Left blames the Right ,the Right blames the Left and so the sad saga continues. This smoke screen goes on and on only to cause divide and distract our attention. When the $h!t really hits the fan (in theory) the GREEDY  Corporations and Politicians will be all set. I believe the collapse of the American Dollar is going to happen very soon and a one world money system will be put into place. ( A New World Order ). So Where does that leave us? What will we do? We will be forced to live on whatever new system they put in place, and that’s only for the survivors. If this were to really happen the world would turn into a free for all. Food and everyday essentials would become almost nonexistent and how far do you think a person will go to survive? While The elite are sitting pretty and don’t need us anymore will you be able to provide for your family? Why is the government trying to buy as much of the emergency food supply as they can and why are they buying up all kinds of ammunition and making it harder to get for us citizens? Are they looking out for us? Let’s put all this assumption and opinion aside and talk about something that is easier to digest.


A Natural Disaster

View of a large tornado disaster

Everything is changing and natural disasters are happening more frequently across the Globe. I am going to list only a few that happened in the last hundred years. December 26, 2004 the Indian Ocean tsunami struck near Sumatra killing an estimate of over 200,000 and displacing over 1.5 million. China’s Sorrow, Huang He Floods, although  known for floods the 1938 floods took nearly 800,00 lives when the Government decided to try to stop the Japanese invasion by breaking the levees and divert the rivers. Even though this is considered man made 800,000 lives were lost in this decision  and what about the displaced citizens. (Just Something To Think About). I can Go on and on but I think you are getting my point. From The Great Galveston storm in 1900 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico 2017, natural disasters are becoming more frequent. There really isn’t anything we can do about a natural disaster when it happens but you can prepare for it.


I will be referring to some bible scripture and biblical prophecy in this post,  if this offends you now is your time to  opt out and read something else. I am not writing this article to force any kind of religion, agenda, or political views on anyone but I will be referring to some biblical Prophecy from here on out. I will also be talking about some Non Biblical views as well. If this offends you then NOW is your opportunity to opt out and read something else. Coming to grips with the hard reality of where we are heading is hard and everyone has their own point of view. I a m going to leave the comment part of this post open to all views and opinions. Vulgar language, obscenities, and Insults will not be tolerated so please be considerate and respect one another.


What Difference Does It Make

Be it a natural disaster or the end of days really doesn’t  matter. We all need to have survival essentials in the event of any kind of emergency. In the Bible the book of Matthew chapters 24 and 25  Jesus tells us what the signs of the end times are and when to start looking up. Jesus also speaks of who will be spared from the coming tribulations speaking of a rapture. What is comforting to me about the christian view of the end of the world is that for a christian the ending is just the beginning. Jesus offers eternal life to all not just a few, If we repent of our sins and invite Jesus into our hearts then we are given the FREE Gift of salvation. One bible verse that describes how much god loves us is John Chapter 3 vs 16 (For God loved the world so much that he gave his only son, so everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life). Don’t get me wrong though because even though a Christian Knows they are saved through Jesus , most are wise enough to prepare for the event of an emergency. Maybe not the end of the world but certainly a natural disaster or even a severe storm. I know there are many other religions who believe in some form of life after death but I do not want to stray to far of topic. I will save this for a future post or discussion.


Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

There Are Serious Consequences Ahead

Hour Glass on top of Holy Bible

Like I said the bubble is going to burst and the American dream which so many people once believed in and go to great lengths to come to America will be gone forever. Just one major natural disaster or even a EMP attack could put us out of commission for a very long time.  This is a hard fact to have to deal with but there is certainly a lot of evil in the world right now. How long do you think this world can sustain under the current times? The United States is going to be my main focus because I am American and I know more about what is happening in front of me. I am sure there are people in other countries who can identify with what I am talking about though. Government spending is absolutely outrageous and has been out of control for nearly 2 decades, it doesn’t matter what party you associate yourself with because they are both out of control. Big Government and bureaucracy is going to be the downfall of America (my opinion) and while these career politicians are sitting pretty we are going to be left with the scraps, scrambling to make ends meet. There are some serious abuses of power in the world and we need to look out for ourselves because nobody else is going to.


This world is a very scary place right now and the majority of the people I know would not even be able to last 2 weeks if a natural disaster or even worse were to happen. Even if you can last for a month you need to be able to adapt to whats happening around you. We are an amazing creation and throughout time have been able to adapt to many changes. Being prepared is essential to human survival in the coming times. As a child I thought I would never live to see these days and I hope and pray that I don’t ever see them or my children and grandchildren. My hopes and prayers are that we wake up and all find a way to exist in peace even when we don’t see things the same as others do. I do feel it is still very important to be prepared though. I never want to see anyone have to go without the basic needs of survival. I just feel that it is important to prepare for an emergency no matter what it may or may not be.


Being Prepared

Emergency food, water, and survival gear are good resources to have around and there are companies out there who also see the need for survival resources to be made available to us as well. There are many reputable sources online to buy yourself survival essentials. I use a online website called Be Prepared for my own personal products. I find the prices to be very reasonable and competitive with other such companies and the majority of the products are of course made to stand the test of time. Even the 72 hour emergency food package is of the highest quality and made to last up to 25 years. Consider using one of these resources for yourself and be prepared in the event of an emergency. You can read my review of Here. I hope this post was an eye opener as I meant it to be. This is not my usual type of blog because I really don’t enjoy writing about Doom and Gloom but I felt moved to put this out there to inform my followers of an option when it comes to emergency essentials.


A Way To Salvation

picture of road saying come to Jesus

I mentioned earlier in this post about what Jesus said in the bible. specifically in the book of Matthew chapters 24 -25 and what the signs of the times are. I also mentioned that the Jesus speaks of a rapture, removing his church before the serious tribulations come upon the world. I know this is a touchy subject and will probably seriously impact my affiliate sales but I don’t care. I want you to know That God loves all of us, it doesn’t matter what your sin is Jesus already paid the price and you are Forgiven. The only thing you have to do is repent of your sins and accept Jesus into your heart. Yes we will always be sinners and God knows that but he did provide a way for forgiveness through his one and only son who took all of our sin upon himself when he laid down his life for us on the cross and defeated death through his Resurrection. This is my personal view and I feel the need to share this with whoever will hear and see. If you would like to accept the free salvation that Jesus is giving us you can say a prayer similar to the prayer I prayed when I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. Jesus said I am the way the Truth and the Light, No one comes to the Father but through Me.


A Prayer For Salvation

God I know I’ve done wrong things and I have sinned, I am sorry. I believe you sent your son Jesus to die for me and I believe he rose from the dead. I thank you. I accept you God and want to serve you. Jesus come live in my heart and send your holy spirit to guide me.

In Jesus Name



My friend if you prayed that prayer you are saved. I urge you to read your Bible and get around Bible believing Christians. I urge you to find a Bible teaching church and get involved. Congratulations my friend, your life will never be the same.



The views expressed in this post are my own and are not influenced by any political affiliation or other persons. I am simply exercising my right to free speech and sharing my opinions.

Please leave a comment below if you have anything to say. I welcome all views as long as you keep it clean and respect each other. Vulgar language and insults will not be tolerated.


  • Jason
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  • I appreciate and respect your views.  Especially when you urge people to do something that is very much within their control; like being truly conscience-stricken about past transgressions.  And about being prepared (a very good Boy Scouts motto) for all eventualities.

    I am thus curious to know what you say to those who say “God will provide”?  

    I ask this because too often, I have known people who use this saying to do nothing.  And so they are not striving to become better versions of themselves.  In your rants and raves in writing articles like this, at least you’re doing your bit.  With the potential of possibly opening the eyes of some; while also giving practical advice for surviving disasters (with so many natural ones happening in the past few years).  For that, my respects to you.

    • Hello Cath, What I would say to someone who says God will provide, well he just did. In my rants and raves God has not only provided a source to prepare for an emergency but he also used this post for something far more important which is our eternity and how to be forgiven. I personally Know people who live strictly by the God will provide motto but always see them struggle. We need to listen to God and see the opportunities that he puts in front of us. I read a great book called Listening For God which talks about how to actually listen to his word which is given to us through the Bible and using prayer to understand his word. 



  • The end of the american dream, this sounds not too optimistic. Well I’m happy to not live in the USA but in a country that has not the claim to be the only free country in the world 🙂

    Freedom is a good thing if people were responsable and not abuse the freedom in every way possible.

    I have a daughter, no grand kids yet but even she, the 9 year old is still innocent and made happy with simple things like listening to her, taking her serious and taking time sometimes to do something only with her.

    I hope you prognosis is wrong and we or at least our kids will also have the chance to live a normal life 🙂

    • I feel the same Stefan, It is my wish and prayer that things change and corruption is dealt with accordingly but I do still prepare. I know none of us can predict what will happen next and No it’s not very optimistic but is a real thing that is happening all over the world. Corruption and greed are running throughout the world and it really stinks to have to write a post like this. I really hope this never happens and that future generations will find a way to live in peace and get rid of corruption.

      Best Regards 


  • I guess we all have to try and be prepared for anything without it controlling our lives.

    Natural disasters can happen at any time and we all try to prepare as best we can.I’m not really sure if we can be ready for everything though.

    Things like hurricanes here in Florida we try and prepare for because we usually have some notice as to when they are coming.But you make a good point. We should all try and be better prepared for anything in the future.

    • That’s right Rob, with today’s technology we can prepare within reason. I share this not only for people to prepare for anything that may happen to our flesh but also for people to prepare spiritually.



  • Now… your article scared me more than any horror movie, I am so stunned. I agree with you, the world is getting divided and unstable, the markets (forex, stock) are unsteady as well and many people do not know what could happen in the future.

    You have open my eyes, life is so unpredictable, I must be prepared for any natural disaster.

    Thank you for taking your time to make this post. 

    PS: I like that you don’t care what others think and you only focus on giving your opinion, with respect of course

    • Fredery, I am sorry if this scared you but I do want to make people aware of how easy it is to take some simple steps on how to prepare for an emergency no matter what the emergency may be. I put my trust in a higher power while writing this because it is a little out of the normal for me. I just felt that I had to share so people will be prepared in this world and the next.

      Best Regards


  • Is not something I really been prepared for. I do like watching survival programs , So I have an idea what to do. Yet I have not taken any action at all in case of a disaster of any type. thanks for bringing this to my attention I am sure my family would like to know their is hope

    Sam Frederiksen web master at bestplace2

    • Yes there is hope Sam, I really try to stay far away from writing posts like this because it really seems to strike a nerve with some people. I just had to follow my heart on this one and trust God.



  • Jason, this is a very touchy subject that you have shared, and I’m so blessed to see your words of wisdom so carefully shared to address a very serious concern for not just our country but for the entire world. There is no doubt in my mind that the return of Christ is near. The scriptures clearly spell out the signs of the time. Many of those times clearly spell out natural disasters that could greatly impact our access to daily food and water, and supplies necessary for everyday needs.
    Thank you for taking the time to share such a this with us all.

    • Thank you Susan, If it wasn’t for the guidance if my mother and Grandmother I would not have the knowledge and wisdom to write such a post. I’m happy you have taken the time to leave a comment. Have a blessed day.
      Thank You

  • We are in an era of the world that I consider to be the decline and fall of the American empire. The current conditions, political, economic, and social, are unsustainable.

    You mention natural disasters. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes affect many people. Some of these can be prepared for or steps taken to reduce their impact. Correcting climate change, for example, would reduce the strength and frequency of violent storms. There are a few that might be catastrophic, like a huge meteor strike, but these are very rare occurrences.

    As bad as all of the above are, failure of America will cause suffering around the world. The many despotic regimes would have free range to take over weaker countries. The world’s economy would likely collapse. Extremists would be able to terrorize at will. There are only a few areas in the world that would be able to stand their ground.

    Having said all this, I hope and believe that the collapse of America will not be sudden. Just as Britain lost its empire without the world deteriorating into total chaos, I think that America’s weakening will lead to other countries strengthening. Out of necessity, governments will seek alliances to protect one another.

    As long as there is hope in the world people will find a way to overcome the collapse of nations. The resulting system will be better, learning from past mistakes. Perhaps a new form of government will be created, treating everyone truly as equal and distributing wealth fairly and more equitably.

    I agree with you that our faith must be in God. However, I believe that He rewards those who work toward making the world a better place to live and we all must work together toward that end.

    Just my opinion, open to all for discussion.

    • Very well spoken Ed, I know this is a very touchy subject to talk about because the world is so divided. I usually stay as far away from writing blogs like this as I can because in the past the comments have gotten out of control and downright insane. For some reason I just felt compelled to write this post because the subject has really been weighing on me and I had to get it out. I want to thank you again for voicing your opinion, you make some very valid points and give us all a few things to think about.

      Best Wishes


  • People have been predicting the end of times since the beginning of times.  While I don’t disagree that the politics in the United States are kind of sketchy at times.  

    However, I don’t really believe the American dollar will collapse anytime, soon.  Our economy is the largest in the world.  While China is gaining on the United States it will probably end up passing American’s someday.  I don’t understand why you think the American dollar will collapse, though?  Could you please explain your reasoning to me?

    But, really I have always felt that if the end is near it’s not worth my time to sit around and worry about it.  Instead, enjoy the time now and if something does take a turn for the worse hopefully me and my family will be alright. 

    • You are correct people have been predicting the end of time since the beginning of time. I just have never seen so much greed and corruption in my lifetime and to me this is scary. I hope I never have to see this happen in my lifetime. Yes it’s not worth anyone’s time to sit around and dwell on it but I do think it’s worth ones time to take a little time and get prepared for an emergency, even if It is not the end of days.

      The reason I believe the dollar will collapse has a lot of factors to consider but in a nutshell US Debt has tripled since 2002. US Debt in 2002 was around 6 trillion as compared to now where we stand at a whopping 21 trillion making the debt to GDP ratio more than 100 percent. Why wouldn’t we continue to allow the value of the dollar to decline? Basically Nobody can continue to borrow and spend more than they make, the bubble is going to burst at some point. I’m no economist, this is just my opinion and what I feel could happen. I, like yourself intend to live life to the fullest and hope my family will be okay if anything ever happens but I do take some precautions that I can control when it come to staying safe and having food in the event of an emergency

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