How To Work From Home During Covid-19 – Protect Your Future

The Covid 19 Pandemic and Staying Employed

Covid 19 AKA (The Corina Virus) has pretty much brought the world to its knees just begging for mercy. If you want to know how to work from home during Covid 19 I can help. This is work and you must be able and willing to put in time and remain diligent and teachable. This is a free training course that will help you build a lasting income for many years to come but you will need to work hard.

People are out of work and unemployment is on the rise. Right now there seems to be no end in sight. Are you going to trust the government that is unwilling to put politics aside and take care of the citizens they were elected to serve?

I know I’m not putting my trust in overpaid career politicians who couldn’t care less about the people but put their politics first. Unfortunately this is what we have. Instead of trying to help the people hatred and lies are the new norm and the mainstream media is fueling the fire with fake news and out of control headlines that will make anyone want to just throw in the towel and say screw it. .

I realized years ago the only one you can depend on in this world is ourselves’s and started looking how to make money online. This day has been a long time coming. Especially if you pay attentio0n to local and world politics. Remember the last market crash over a decade ago? That is when I swore I would never take a hit like that ever again.

I began looking for ways to make money online and spent thousands on training, Some Good but mostly scams. That all changed in 2014. I found something that worked and never looked back. I won’t bore you with that, if you’re interested in knowing the entire journey you can take a look at my about me page.

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What About Our Money?

This pandemic called Covid 19 has sent the stock market into a downward spiral and also severely impacted peoples retirement. I know this isn’t the first time our 401’s and IRA’s have been screwed with and if you’re young enough to take the hit then just roll with it but after the last major hit on my hard-earned money I decided to take matters into my own hands and start an affiliate marketing business.

Yes I am an affiliate marketer and just blowing off some steam right now but while everyone is not working and waiting for the stimulus checks to arrive (after all the partisan politics charade is over) I’m still making money.

A New World Is Here

The world as we know it has been rapidly changing for years now and if you are not changing with it then you will be eating the dust of the people who woke up and realized they need to watch out for themselves.

Just good old fashion common sense if you ask me, Unfortunately the plan that’s laid out for us is grim and has us working well into our late 60s. Only leaving you a maybe 25 years to enjoy life if you’re lucky.

Trust me these grimy corrupt politicians do not have our best interests in mind. They will trip over a dollar to steal you’re last penny.

Who can actually live off the plan society and the 1% have put in place? Can you enjoy the finer things in life living on social security and what remains of you’re retirement plan?

The way people shop for goods and services has been steadily changing over the past decade. Just Over the course of the past few weeks my website traffic has grown rapidly. People aren’t going to stop shopping online when all this is over either’ This pandemic and the media have instilled so much fear into us that most will just continue to stay in and shop online.

Retail giants that are not changing with the times are forced to close their doors while internet marketers are making a fortune.

There are thousands of niches out there and the affiliate marketing industry is wide open right now. Don’t be the person who looks back a few years from now and say Why didn’t I take advantage of that online opportunity? I know I won’t feel bad for you. I’m handing you a potential gold mine, so what you decide to do with it is you’re choice.

Recommended Training

Working Remotely

If you are one of the fortunate people who still have a job you are probably being asked to do as much of you’re daily workload from home. I know for those of you working remotely this really doesn’t impact you much because you’ve more than likely had to work from home in the past, so the transition is easier for you.

For others this is not easy and for people that just were deemed nonessential this can be a scary situation. Not knowing where you’re next paycheck is coming from when you have mouths to feed and bills to pay is very trying on your health. Unemployment helps lighten the burden but what do you do with yourself while stuck inside?

This may sound a bit crazy but if you have the time on your hands, why not start an online business of you’re own? You will need to invest some honest effort and time but if you’re stuck at home due to covid19 this is your opportunity to do something great for yourself and family.

To be perfectly clear and transparent I am not promising you overnight riches or results. This is a business you will need to work hard for and invest the one thing we can never get back once we spend it. That my friend is Time, and if you have some of that on your hands don’t waste it. Remember that what you do with you’re free time will either have a positive or negative effect you’re future.

I Will Help

Starting an online business sounds like a big risk right now but trust me, if you follow my training and have a great niche, along with hard work and diligence, success is not an if but when. I am offering you 10 lessons of 100% Free Training and A Free Siterbix website to help you get your online business started.

Premium membership is an option but not a requirement to start you journey to online success today. I don’t want anyone making a decision because they are desperate and need money now because that is not how internet marketing works. You must build a solid foundation and get properly trained.

All I can say is that if you have the time on your hands right now “you have nothing to lose by taking advantage of my gift”. I never want anyone to spend money on something until they have the chance to try it out first. Even if you decide premium is not an option for you right now the free website and training I am giving you can help you get started on the path to success without ever needing to go premium.

I believe in this so much that I am willing to give you my one on one time no matter what option you choose.


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I sincerely want to help you succeed online. Someone helped me back in 2014 and now I’m paying it forward by offering the same help that was offered to me when I started.

Check out the membership options below and decide which one fits you best. Personally I always recommend a FREE membership because this may not be a fit for you right now. I want you to give it a try and decide for yourself.

Stay Safe


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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason. This has been an interesting post to read. Most of us have been stuck in our homes for a couple of weeks already because of this corona virus.

    I have always wanted to have my own website and learn how to make profits online, but up to this point hadn’t had the time. But your post has come at an excellent timing. I’ll give this platform a try. Thanks!

    • Thanks Ann, I see you have already immersed yourself in the training and are asking lots of questions. That’s awesome I love your ambition and see you reaching your goals quickly.

      I will enjoy helping you grow your online business. See you inside the community.



  • Thanks a lot for the tips. I know it is of great help to the public as it has been of help to me, it’s like a problem solver as I have been having this same thoughts for some time now. No-one knows when this corona virus stuff will be over, but I think this will help me for the mean time.

    • David, I am here to help if you are considering giving this a shot. Take my advise and make sure you start as a free member. I want you to bee certain that this is a good fit for you. Hard work is essential but remember, you will never be alone. Not only do you have me as a personal coach but a community of experienced marketers to help you too.

      How awesome is that? Training, expert coaching, access to the Co-Founders, A community, unlimited resources, and personal access to Me. I look forward to working with you.



  • Working from home can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you manage your time. We’ve worked from home exclusively since 2016, and we’ve got it down. However, I think of the people who are now “forced” to work from home, with kids under foot, trying to juggle their own jobs (perhaps) plus be home schooling experts overnight. I’ve seen a lot of people just like you offering to help! That’s exactly what we as a seasoned work from home community should be doing. I love that you offering help for people to navigate this new reality.Thank you for the insights in your article!

    • I think it’s just human nature to only start looking for work from home opportunities only when there is a crisis, but completely understandable. Life is just too darn busy and this sudden work shortage or being forced to work from home has forced everyone to take a deep breath and slow down.

      I have also come across a lot of online scammers trying to capitalize on the misfortune of others. I felt compelled to share this information to help people that have no where to turn right now. Having hope is so very important during these times.

      Remember, this too shall Pass and i want to make sure people come out on top and ahead of things at the end of all this.

      Stay Safe


  • Hey Jason,

    I, myself, I have found this blog post pretty helpful because it has come in the time when there is a great need of people wanting to make money online just because of the available Pandemic all over the world.

    I have followed the entire article but what I have learnt that we don’t know how long the quarantine is going to stay, so, let us use the little resources we are having in order too work online for future safety. 


    • You are correct in what you have taken from this article. This is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme and if you have the time on your hands right now to build a solid foundation for your business, go for it.

      Doing this now will insure your finances are not depleted should you get blindsided by another crisis down the road some day.

      Stay Safe My Friend


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