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Scam free zone.Top 4 Ways to Identify a Scam

What is a Scam?

Well to put it in dictionary terms the Scam definition, a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle. Scams are in a lot of places real estate, investment services, religion, and the list goes on. You Name it there is probably someone out there dreaming up a scam. In my experience I believe that the internet is the most popular place to get scammed. there are so many out there that it’s hard to find a real honest opportunity.


The Online Scam

The online scam is the most popular scam in the world today, it seems like no matter where you look online there is someone out there trying to swindle you out of your hard earned money. I’m sure you’ve encountered  at least one in your lifetime, especially if you are a person who is looking for ways to make money online. Why Do they choose the internet? I’ll tell you why, THE AUDIENCE…. There are literally millions of people online that are looking for something and these scammers prey on that. With their flashy websites and the prestigious pictures of yachts and beach front property, all with the intent of stealing your hard earned money.  Scams have been around from the beginning of time and you may wonder, what can you do to stop it? I honestly don’t think these scammers will ever stop but there are things you can do to protect yourself, or at the very least  Identify a scam.


Identifying A Scamfraud, scam, theft

If you are a opportunity seeker as I am then you are going to want to pay close attention to what I am about to tell you, it could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

(1)VIDEO ONLY, a website that has only a video that shows off flashy things and shows outrageous claims of people becoming successful almost overnight. This one usually has a signup for you to click at the end of the video(after they have planted their seed).You are enticed to sign up and they want you to do it quick while the images of their completely UNREALISTIC video remains fresh on your mind.They will usually stress some kind of urgency like there being limited spots or they only want to work with a certain number of people.

Screenshot (171)
Example Of Sketchy Video only site . (WARNING)

(2)THE MONEY BACK GUARANTY, I love this one they offer you your money back if you are not completely satisfied with the product. RED FLAG WAIT A MINUTE you are going to be making all kinds of money with their super product so why would you need your money back? This is done to give you a false sense of security, and trust me, by the time you figure out that it’s a bunch of crap. The site is probably already shut down and they have moved on to the next .

Or they will try to string you along a while until your  $4.97 3 day trial turns into full price. This could range anywhere from $29.95 to numbers in the thousands if you are not careful I went through this when I reviewed a scam called A to Z Cash System I will link the title in case you want to read my review. The fact is if you are offering a legit product then why not let people try it out for free and let them decide if they want to spend money on your product. You should NOT need to break out your credit card just to check out a opportunity. Some companies are up front right from the beginning about the pricing which is different. I’m talking about the companies that offer you this money back guarantee then hit you with all kinds of up sells which  I get into next.

(3)CONSTANT UPGRADES, This one takes you all the way through the sign up process and gets your information and really builds you up.( Oh how exited I use to get), but then BANG they tell you if you really want to get things rolling it’s recommended that you upgrade. If you’ve gone this far don’t worry as soon as you figure out that it’s not working there is usually another upgrade just around the corner. This continues until they have squeezed every cent out of you that they can get away with and is usually followed up with high pressure sales calls from professional scam artist.

I’m sure we all remember The Empower Network and all the up sells that came along with that. See they were destined for Failure because they didn’t offer a sustainable product. Sure they had some decent training on internet marketing and blogging once you spent the Big Bucks but there was really nothing there except a bunch of Hype. Sure the people who got in early and didn’t mind the borderline illegal practices of promoting EN made some money. But where did that money come from? It came from the later investors who got screwed. I use this as an example because it has been one of the most highly publicized schemes in recent history and has now lost it’s momentum.

(4)SCREEN SHOTS, Not every website that has a screen shot is a scam, sometimes it is used to show something relevant to the product, But. Oh Yea there is a but!! The unbelievably massive click bank  account screenshot. Believe me when I tell you. Even if it is real the only persons click bank snap shot that looks like that is probably the person that is scamming you. Bogus screenshots of fake bank account along with fake testimonials from paid actors such as actors are becoming the norm these days.

Now that you Know what to look for in a potential scam, how about some good news

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Please Come back soon as I am constantly adding new material to this page. As long as the scammers are out there, So will I, hunting them down and exposing them. If I can help just one person to avoid a scam then this website was worth every minute.cooltext1667562048


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