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Jason here with another warning for you and my Income Society scam report. Today I will break down Adeel Chowdrhy and his newest scam named Income Society. It hasn’t taken long for Adeel’s newest scheme to make my top 10 scammers list. I will break down this so called opportunity and let you come to your own conclusion.


Name: Income Society


Website Url:


Price: $47 Followed by MASSIVE UPSELLS


Owner: Adeel Chowdrhy


Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100


Income Society Overview

Income Society first caught my attention on Facebook. Since I am in the internet marketing business and Especially Exposing online scams these kind of ads always grab my attention. So lets go ahead and see what I found. If you click on Adeel Chowdrhy’s Facebook ad it will say something like Why Affiliate Marketing Will Not Work In 2014 or Affiliate Marketing is Dead..

Screenshot (114)

Now I know for a fact that this is a bunch of BS because I make my living as an affiliate marketer and nothing could be further from the truth, but I decided to download his ebook and read it in its entirety. I will tell you right now this guy is good, I mean really slick. If I didn’t know what I know about the business I would have been all over this and jumped in with both feet. This is what Gurus and scammers do. They target people who are vulnerable and desperate and proceed to suck you into believing that they have the solution to your financial woes and no one else.


So basically Adeel Chowdry’s Income Society has no real Product. Just like all the other scams out there that have comeFranchise Button License Chain Business Opportunity Make Money and gone THERE IS NO PRODUCT. So what do you get? He sells you aFranchise Licence. WHAT are you serious a Licence!!! A Licence for what?? This is no different than Matt Lloyd’s licensing scheme called My Top Tier Business except for the fact that it’s newer. You see all these scams pop up Such As Empower Network, My Top Tier Business, and Most recently Income Society, and In the beginning a few people make a ton of money but since there isn’t really any product they eventually get exposed and fade away. Not before they scam millions of people though.


So Here’s What HappensScreenshot (127)

When you join Income Society You will pay the $47 as advertised. you are then hit with your 1st upsell of $97 to join a live webinar (Major Warning Sign) you can try to skip it and they will offer it to you for a dollar. What!! REALLY!! SO, From $97 all the way down to a dollar. SERIOUSLY? Am I the only one who thinks somethings wrong here? Don’t worry though because once you get through all that BS. your second upsell is right around the corner for the low price of $197 and of course the 1 dollar if you try to skip it. They are hoping you forget to cancel or will try to string you along for two weeks so they can pull the $197 out of your bank for not cancelling within the 2 weeks. You See, all these fly by night scam artists basically work the same. You can read more about how to spot a scam at my Identify Scams post right here.


Adeel is no different than the Gurus that he say’s make him sick. Of course he doesn’t mind paying out the 100 percent of the initial $47 he’s going to kill it on the upsells which could cost up to 10 thousand by the time he is through with you. My question is, What do you think this guy is going to teach you for that high price tag? I can tell you what it won’t be. Honesty or Ethics thats for sure. I have even heard of Adeel making personal threats to people over the phone who have asked for their money back. I’m sure I will be on the receiving end of a few threats myself after exposing this scam artist. It won’t be the first time though. SCAM ARTIST hate when someone like me tells the truth because now they have to start dreaming up the next SCAM.


Here is a list of other potential SCAMS that Adeel Chowdrhy is known to be a part of

(1) Ruthless Income

(2) Income Genesis

(3) Traffic Robo

(4) Hyper Facebook Traffic System


If you happen to encounter anyone of these I would strongly advise you to avoid them. I will be reviewing each of these in the very near future, but I’m sure that you can see that this guy is extremely misleading and I would not recommend getting involve with anything that he is a part of.


So Who is Income Society For?

This system targets newbies or people that are not making money online. If you don’t know much about this business Adeel will claim to be your solution. He even goes as far as giving you 100% commision on the $47 when you sell his system to another unsuspecting victim. He knows he will make that back and then some when he upsells the crap out of this system. So of course he doesn’t mind giving you 100% of the first sale and 50% of the upsells. I can’t stand guys like this who have ZERO regard for who they are ripping off.



If you’re not making money online there are a few reasons..

1. You are getting involved with a Scam

2. You are not getting the proper Training

3. Lack of Support

Listen! There are literally thousands of niches out there that you can turn into a money making business online, but without the proper training and support you will probably never achieve success. Affiliate Marketing is not dead and I know this for a fact. If you are willing to work hard, get trained properly, and work with people who have already achieved success online you can succeed, and I can show you how.




My Final Word

Is Income Society a scam? I would have to say YES!! In Fact in my opinion this is one of the biggest scams in the make money online niche and if you’re not careful this could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Where do you think these high commissions come from? They come from YOU. When you purchase the different licensing levels that are being pushed on you. The person who’s screwing you gets a commission and that is exactly what you will be doing too, if you expect to make any money. Scams like this don’t usually last long. This type of scam is what I call the hit and run and when you don’t succeed they always point the finger at you. Obviously you didn’t do something right. A bunch of pure BS to cover their own ass.



You are simply pushing Adeels Training ( SO not worth what you will be spending) and his different Licensing levels

Please Feel Free to leave a Comment below with any Questions or even to let me know about a potential SCAM you would like me to look into

Final Verdictcooltext1667297187


Jason ( Scam Prevention Team)




  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Are you talking about Barry Monteiro? Is he unethical or are you talking about Adeel? Because I was asking about Barry if you knew him or his programs. I haven’t proceeded with anything yet until I find out about Barry.

    • I am talking about Adeel, From what I am finding out about Barry I am not so sure of him as well. I will have a complete review up in about a week. I always make sure I have all the facts before I just put something out there.

  • I’m not suspicious, just curious what you thought of him and his programs. I’m interested in possibly joining his team? That’s all.

    • Well You read my review so If you still want to proceed I can”t stop you. In my opinion you will just be up sold until they get as much as they can out of you. I do not think this guy is ethical and everything he has been involved with in the past has been nothing more than a scheme. I listed some of his former programs in my review. I suggest you read it again before proceeding.

  • Hi Jason,
    Do you have any review on Barry Monteiro?

    • Not yet but I can look into it for you. If your suspicious I would hold off.

  • I bought the front end and went to login to the site just one year later and it is dead on arrival. I sent an email to the support email within jvzoo receipt and received and Domain Name Server error

    Reason: Domain has been disabled.

    I knew there was a reason I unsubscribed for this knitwhit several year earlier, but found myself getting involved again.


    • Sorry you had to go through that Ryan. I subscribe to this clowns emails so I know what he is up to at all times. I wouldn’t get involved with anything that has this guy’s name attached to it. If you need help finding a legit opportunity just let Me know.




    In September 2014, I paid to be a Franchise License Holder and set up my website Income Society HUB to promote his products.

    Sales were slow so Mark Samms (his executive coach) promised me a refund. In November 2014, INCOME SOCIETY assured me that “the company stands by every word that Mark Samms has said and we are willing to extend the guarantee period”.

    INCOME SOCIETY confirmed that “if you do not get any high-ticket sales, you will still be within your guarantee period to claim for a refund”.

    By Christmas 2014, there were no high-ticket sales. I have made several requests for a refund but INCOME SOCIETY have NOT HONORED THEIR PROMISE! I wish I had read your review before purchasing the Franchise Licence.

    • The good news is I think Income Society is all done. I’m sorry you lost money to this scum bag. Unfortunately he is already working on his next scam.I follow this little worm closely so every time he comes out with a new scam I expose it. Now you know never to get involved with anything that has this guys name on it. I heard but have not confirmed he is now using a name called Stefan Hendricks or something. I will have to look into this more before I can say if this is true.

  • Thanks for the heads up! Thank God for people like you who would take the time to warn everybody! Truly appreciate it once again. Good luck to everyone! Peace

    • I love doing this Yahya, I am happy that I am able to warn others of the potential dangers and scams out there online.
      Best wishes to you and to your success.

  • Thank you Jason for your superbly honest review.
    This guy is now offering a $9.95, 30 days training by Income Society to make money online – guaranteed! I was poised to join but your review saved me.
    Thanks a lot.
    Please keep exposing these con artistes.

    • Ravin, This guy is sneaky and a scum. I stay on his email list so that I can stay in the loop and give up to date information. Let him spend all kinds of money on his misleading campaigns that are a bunch of lies. Every time he makes a push to sucker people into his scheme my website hits go up. I am glad you found my review before you got sucked in.

  • Jason,

    What a great job tearing up Adeel and his very expensive Income Society monster.

    When I saw 4 levels that jump to 10K it was like The Empower Network on steroids!

    Thank you so much for getting the word out, if you can save anyone from losing their cash with Income Society you will have performed a very positive service.


    • Thank you Gary, I have been scammed many times throughout the years and I have learned a thing or two about internet marketing. I am so sick of these dirtbags taking advantage of people that I have made it my mission to find and expose them. Now that I earn honest money online I can afford to sign up for these so called opportunities and find out if they are legit or not. I absolutely love what I do, there is something about being able to help others avoid what I have been through that just makes this all seem worth it.


  • Jason, do you have any review of Vick Strizheus?

    • Not yet but I will be more than happy to look into it for you. Is there something that concerns you? If so I would recommend you read my Identify scams page and see if this has any of the signs I talk about. Usually big promises turn out to be nothing more than bs. The fact is you have to work hard to earn money online and anyone who tells you otherwise is usually full of it and just looking to get your money. I have no idea if this guy is any of that but if you have to ask then I would say proceed with caution or don’t proceed at all.

  • Hello

    Nice review, really. Looks like they try to catch next generation of young minds who doesn’t really know about the danger behind this. 😆

    • The thing is Rafal, people today want everything turn key and push button. If you promise these things a bunch of people jump on board expecting easy money. Unfortunately this is a lie and people lose a ton of money due to these scam artist.

  • Excellent review Jason…Completely agree that if you see a ton of upsells it is not going to be a very good product. I really hope people start realizing this because it gives the industry a bad name.

    • If they were honest about the up sells it would hurt their sales because no one in there right mind would spend that kind of money up front. You are 100 percent correct, these slime balls give the industry a bad name too.

  • Hi Jason,
    Thank you so much for the heads up on this guy. His name rings a bell in my head somewhere. When I was looking for an online education course I came across and have been sucked into the upsell cycle of what I now know to be scammers. Thankfully you are exposing them for what they really are. Your #1 recommendation is the one I chose in the end and it’s brilliant!
    All the best, Janice.

    • Thank you Janice I’m happy to do this. I absolutely love exposing these fraudsters for what they really are. I’m happy to see you like my #1 recommendation. If you need any help just ask.

  • Hi, I saw you have a good review on Income society. Many bad guys out there claimed they know how to make money online, do some marketing and trick innocent people just like us.

    Keep your eyes on these bad people and tell us more in your coming posts. Thanks! 🙂

    • Nieve, As long as these types of people are out there preying on innocent people, I will be too. I will always be on the side of the innocent and unsuspecting people and I will do my best to expose there scams as soon as they hit the internet.

  • I’ve seen this income society scam on Facebook too. Talking about how affiliate marketing doesn’t work anymore. I really wish people like this would go away. They give the rest of us a bad name.

    • I know Steve me too. You have to admit though, these guys definitely keep us on our toes that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by and reading this.

    • Can you guys give me a product? I really want to make money online.

      • Nobody can just give you a product. I can however direct you to the training that could help you find a product that you already have. See your product is anything you are passionate about. You can find a affiliate program for almost anything. I do have 2 companies that are legit but very hard for newbies as the training is sporadic and not put together for a newbie. I suggest you read my getting started or my Wealthy Affiliate review. This will explain a lot and get you going in the right direction. Making money online does not happen overnight, you will need to work hard and really want it.
        Best Wishes

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