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My 22 Minutes To Profit Review

Is 22 Minutes To Profit A Scam? Welcome to my 22 Minutes To Profit Review, this review reveals the truth behind yet another scheme designed to get your money. I’ve reviewed many systems similar to this one and 22 Minutes To Profits has all the warning signs of most of the other scams that True Prosperity online has exposed.

Take A look at some of the other scams that have been revealed such as Empower Network, A to Z Cash System, Plug In Profit Site, and Forex Paradise, just to name a few.

I want To congratulate you on doing your own research first and seeking out the truth of this so called easy system. Working to expose sites like this certainly keeps me busy, so I’m happy to se my hard work has reached you.

Believe me when I tell you the fake owners of these kinds of sites HATE me. I think it’s the same group of scammers that dream up systems like this and start a new one once they’ve been exposed.Some of the threats I receive for doing what I do lets me know that my reviews are getting out to the right people and saving you some Hard earned money.


Name: 22 Minutes To Profit

Founder: Mark Stafford ( Fake Owner, I looked him up)

Price: $47 ( and the usual up-sells)

Recommended: NO!!

Scam Warning: Yes (you’ve been warned)

Good For: Nothing (Stay Away)

Rating: 0/100

What Is 22 Minutes To Profits?

Twenty Two minutes to profits is a pretty eye-catching name to get your attention and that’s exactly what it is meant to do. The system uses the affiliate marketing platform, so here we have yet another system exploiting the affiliate marketing business model and giving this industry a bad name.

Right from the start the sales video starts giving you fake testimonials and selling you a dream that most of us would jump on without even thinking twice. I talk more about these kinds of catchy hyped up sales videos on my Identify Scams Page.

I’m not saying that the use of a sales video is wrong but I will say that if they are telling you Getting rich quick is going to happen and make completely unrealistic claims then you probably just found yourself a scam. One of the fake actors even goes as far as saying he made over 12k in just four weeks.

I can promise you, if it were really that easy then everyone would be doing it. In a nutshell 22 Minutes to Profits is another online scam promising you false hopes and dreams to get a piece of your hard-earned money.

A few Facts About Making Money Online

Making money online is completely possible but it’s by no means easy. When systems like this outright lie and tell you making money online is easy it gets me upset, because I know from experience that online business is just like starting any other kind of business.

You have to work hard and put in the time, that’s just how it is. My journey began from chasing shiny objects and I wasted 3 years and countless money trying to get-rich-quick. I had to learn the hard way so you don’t have to.

Proper training and hard work are going to be your best friends in this business and I can help. I can get you the training but the hard work is up to you.

Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review Revised for 2019 and see the platform that changed my life back in 2014 and continues to consistently deliver some of the best training I’ve seen online.

What Will 22 Minutes To Profits Give You?

They say you are getting the blueprint for exact pages they used to hit it big. Unfortunately cookie cutter pages DO NOT RANK very well in search engines. Content needs to be unique and helpful, not some duplicated sales page, so you really aren’t getting much besides a hyped up sales video and a duplicated sale page. My Plug In Profit Site Review explains Why duplicated content does not rank well.

You will not even get any training to show you how it works. Even the video doesn’t let you know exactly how this works, they just fill you full of hype hoping to get your $47 and hope you buy into the up sells that are equally useless.

Getting Started with affiliate marketing isn’t hard and you definitely can do it but the first thing that needs to be done is to get real training. Time is something we never get back after it’s been spent. Don’t Throw your time Away!

Stop Throwing Away Your Time

How To Make Money With 22 Minutes To Profit

Making money with 22 Minutes to profit is explained in the video but they exploit the E commerce and Affiliate Marketing niches. You will be taking Amazon product links and inserting them where they tell you on your duplicated website.

You are going to need to apply in order to get approved to sell for Amazon and one thing I know from experience is that they don’t just accept anyone, so having a duplicated cookie cutter website is not going to be in your favor. I was denied in the early stages of building my website because of the lack of content I was providing

The videos do explain the process but fail to mention that Amazon Affiuliate Approval isn’t just handed out to everyone who applies.

In the event you are approved and actually get targeted traffic to your site then maybe you can make a small commission on your sales

The business models they use are actually legit when applied properly,

Affiliate Marketing is the first model they will introduce you to, which is earning commissions from affiliate programs that pay a commission when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link
drop shipping is the second model which can be quite profitable when you are taught correctly. This process involves setting up your own E commerce store front and having the products drop shipped directly to the consumer. You never have to worry about anything besides filling your store with products and the rest is done for you.

Both are legitimate business models and when trained properly you can make a lot of money. Unfortunately 22 minutes To Profit Is Not going to be the platform that gives you this training, they are just using a legit business platform and exploiting it to line their own pockets with your money.

Red Flags

I found A few Red Flags while researching the 22 Minutes To Profit business model and they are quite alarming. Read more about these Red Flags on my Identify Scams page and find out what to look for when trying to find out how to spot a scam.

Red Flag #1: Fake Founder

Mark Stafford, the so called founder of 22 Minutes To Profit can not be verified and has now I identity besides some Google references to this fake system, this should be enough in itself to deter you from buying into this system but I have a few more just in case that’s not enough

Red Flag #2: Fake News Stories

I’m sure by now the use of the term Fake News has become quite a topic of discussion in 2019 with more and more so called journalists spreading Fake headlines and news stories to achieve their own agenda. Millions of dollars have been paid out due to fake news becoming main stream and 22 minutes to profit is no exemption.

The use of fake news broadcasts are used in the sales videos leading you to believe the company has actually been recognized by a real news network.

Red Flag #3: False Testimonials

One of the most common tactics used by companies are the use of false testimonials where a company will pay actors and actresses to from sites such as to give a scripted false testimonial about how much money they made for a fee as low as $5 per recording

Red Flag #4: Unrealistic Income Claims

The Use of completely bogus income claims is another HUGE Red Flag used by scam artists. This is dome with hopes given to you from the flashy sales video and all the other propaganda they use get you so caught up at the moment that you just take out your credit card and buy the system

My Final Thoughts

I find 22 Minutes to profit to be just another scheme created by the usual suspects that are consistently putting the scams online with hopes of getting your money,

I have been reviewing websites like this since 2014 and they all have most of my red flags I warn you about. Recommending this system would be a huge injustice to you and ruin my reputation of honesty and integrity.

My conclusion is that the 22 Minutes To Profit system is a Scam and I would Stay far away from this scheme.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I’ve personally researched this program when it was offered to my email and managed to dig out the actors and actresses they used through Fiverr for creating those fake testimonials. This isn’t the first time – other make-money opportunities have also used this tactic to make their programs look legit. But I guess that’s easily exposed when everything and anything can be searched on the internet. 

    • Hello Cathy, I think that’s why these scam artists have to keep dreaming up new schemes. We are in the age of technology and it doesn’t take very long for word to get out when a company is dishonest and tells blatant lies. I’m happy to see more people doing research before just jumping into s scam. 

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