Is Parallel Profits A Scam? Not So Fast – Read Before Joining


Parallel Profits is another company created by internet veterans, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. These two have been in the internet marketing industry for over a decade and in my opinion, despite their high ticket pricing have a credible reputation. I will tell you right out of the gate, If you are considering joining Parallel Profits It’s going to cost you. The companies February launch date is upon us and you can expect to pay $2,497.00 to gain access to this program. This company is very new and I will be updating my review on a regulars basis. I am not going to call this system a scam at this point because of the past legit projects the have worked on together. Past projects include 100K Factory & 7 Figure Cycle. Usually these guys will advertise on social media before a launch to get preregistration’s.

I will briefly get into their past projects but I want to stay focused on the Parallel Profit Platform.

100K Factory was a platform designed to help college students set up their own E-Store or Niche website. The company launched in 2015 and as far as I know is not taking on any students at this time, they are currently using the domain to promote the newest project “parallel Profits”. Take a look at the screenshot as to what I found when trying to join 100K Factory. I want to point out that these guys do use some of the techniques I point to on my Identify Scams page but they are the real deal and do actually appear on the sales video.

Screenshot of 100K Factory landing page


7 Figure Cycle is basically a spin off of the 100K Factory platform with a few tweaks, this platform is designed to help you achieve a 7 figure income in 1 year using their 7 Steps. At the moment the doors are also closed for this system and they are using this domain to capture your email and introduce you to the latest Platform called Parallel Profits. I personally don’t like that these guys are changing platforms every few years as well as the High ticket Prices they are charging for membership. That’s just me though, if you have $2,497.00 to invest in this training then go for it. If you don’t have that kind of money laying around then take a look at my Top Recommendation for beginners and Get Started for FREE.

Here Is a Screenshot of the 7 Figure Cycle landing page which is now closed and promoting Parallel Profits.

Screenshot of 7 Figure Cycle's landing page


7 figure Cycle did help over 500 student make money online without a website. I do see some value in the platforms Aidan and Steve have offered in the past and they were offering a double your money back guaranty with the 7 figure cycle as long as you followed all the 7 steps as they were laid out exactly. My dealings with the old money back guaranty have not been so good but who knows hopefully these guys stand behind their product and deliver. I can’t really see these guys stiffing you because they do have a pretty good reputation and I can’t see them ruining that over a couple of $2,497.00 Refunds.



What Will Parallel Profits Deliver?

With a price tag of $2,497.00 you should be expecting the fastest return possible on your investment. As of right now that is exactly what Parallel Profits is promising, they claim that the business model is the quickest way to make a full time income from home.Money pouring out from a notebook computer

I can actually see this happening because when you are being trained to sell high ticket products to a specific niche $100k can be easily achievable. I guess this is one of those opportunities that you have to get on board with fast because I’m sure they will only be able to handle a certain number of students, Hence the reasoning behind the high membership cost. When you can only accept a limited amount of students charging a high fee will ensure the students are serious and willing to follow instructions. I also want to point out that I do not see any up-sells after joining which is common with scams, so I think these guys are gonna deliver what you are paying for.

Here is what you can expect upon joining Parallel Profits.

Aidan and Steve will be teaming up with students who are following their training. It looks like they have taken care of all the details so when you become a part of this franchise making money quick shouldn’t be that hard. From what I can see they have already taken care of copyrighting, marketing’ and branding, this is by no means a done for you turn key business. Expect to put in the work to secure leads and be teachable. although they have done their part in putting together a professional support team to help secure your sales, you still have to get them.

Having access to all the tools provided is going to be a huge help. Like I said Marketing, Branding, and copyrights have already been taken care of and you will be joining into a franchise opportunity. I see they have put together some impressive lead generating and capturing pages so you won’t be selling door to door which is nice. Having all these tools at your disposal should prove to be a huge help.

Here is what I know about the platform, you will be targeting local businesses that are looking to gain online exposure. What separates this business from some of the scams online is that these businesses are looking for exposure and are more than willing to pay for it. Lead generators and capture pages are already provided for you so you just need to follow the training as they present it to you. As 0f today’s date February 9, 2019 registration for P.P. is full and you will need to get on a waiting list to join. I will be constantly updating this review as this is a very mew company and full details are not available at this time. Take a look at a few of the screen shots I have below and then I will break down what I already Know.


Here is the book they are giving you in return for your email address when you get on the waiting list.

Picture of Free Book Offer



Updated Photos of the co-founders Steve and Aidan along with the message you get when trying to join Parallel Profits

Photos of Steve and Aidan



A Quick Breakdown On Parallel Profits

Cost:  $2,497.00 or 3 payments of $997

No discount the price is the price

The owners are actually Real

Product is sold on Click Bank

Offers a money back guaranty (A Must To Sell On Click Bank)

There are no Up-Sells

Company has launched and training has already started

All spots are currently full 




Pros And Cons


Money Back Guaranty

Step By Step Training

Excellent Support

Owners Have A Solid Reputation



High Membership Fee

Financial Risk Involved: Even though you can get your money back there is always some form of risk when investing in a High Ticket Item, Always be sure to read the Affiliate Disclaimer before making a decision involving money.


I can not stress enough, If investing this kind of money makes you feel uncomfortable or will leave you in Financial Distress Do No Do It! There is another option if money is an issue and you can join Free and get 2 free websites included in your starter membership.


Is Parallel Profits A Scam?

My answer to whether or not Parallel Profits is a scam is No.  Steve and Aidan are internet marketing veterans and they have helped many people to make money online. Both of their past projects were successful and a lot of people experienced success. I know that the price to join is a little steep but if you have that kind of money to invest I will expect that they will deliver the goods as they promise. You can always find a bad review when seeking to find out the truth but you have to weigh out the positives vs the negatives. I did find a few bitter reviews in my search but that is to be expected. You just can’t please everyone, In the case of Steve and Aidan the positives definitely outweighed the negatives.

When investing in a program of this cost it will certainly give you incentive to work hard and follow the training. Getting involved with experts like this is also a huge plus and I don’t think you will be disappointed. That being said I wish you the best no matter what decision you make as to how you are going to make money online. I will be keeping a close eye on this system as we move forward just in case something goes sour during the launch. I want to make sure that I keep everyone as informed as possible so you can always be in the know.


Do You Have To Spend So Much Money?

I know not everyone has a spare $2,500.oo laying around just waiting to be invested. With that in mind I also have an option for a beginner that is perfect and IWoman with no money. Sad businesswoman holding empty wallet

use to this day. You have 2 choices of memberships Free or Premium. Upgrading to premium is not a necessity, you can stay a free member forever and keep your 2 websites that are given to you upon joining. As a free member you will also have access to 10 training lessons to get your websites up and rolling.

Premium membership comes packed with the ultimate training platform and it’s some of the best I’ve seen online. Pricing for premium membership is also very affordable. Monthly premium membership is $49 and yearly membership is less than a dollar a day at $359 an absolute steal considering what you get. I also have a Bonus for those who want to se what premium is all about, so here it is. Join Wealthy Affiliate as a Free member and try it out for 7 days, If you decide that premium is a good fit for you and upgrade in the 1st 7 days I will give you the first month for only $19 a great action takers deal. Take a look at the comparison below and see which option fits you best.

Please leave a comment if I forgot anything or want to just add to the subject. Remember Sharing is caring so please share us on Facebook. 

Have a Great day and stay safe online. Enjoy this Free Video as well explaining exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is.









  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • It seems you are very convinced that this is a legit affiliate training. However 2,497.00 is a large sum of money. I neither have the cash on hand nor do I feel comfortable investing such a large sum. I did that too often in the past with various programs and drained my finances heavily. At 30 I think it is better to spend less and take it slowly. At the end of the article you recommend WA as a start. 

    I highly recommend that too for those who are not comfortable investing a large sum. Though, I think if people are really serious about actually making money “Parallel Profits” seems like the way to go and seems like it offers a greater push and more extensive training. I mean if they are charging that much it has to be good.

    • Some are less aggressive than others when it comes to making money online. I also lost thousands to online scams which is why I do a complete detailed investigation before publishing anything online. I also am of the mindset to take it a little slower and work at my own pace, this is why I find Wealthy Affiliate to be a perfect fit for me. Now that I am making money I do find myself taking a lot of risks that I may not have taken 5 years ago when I first joined WA. Th each their own, I am in agreement with what you point out here.

      Best Regards


  • If the 7 figure Cycle did help over 500 student make money online without a website, I am moved to believe that   there are some values in the platforms that Aidan and Steve have offered in the past and  am sure the Parallel Profits they are offering may be very legit and profitable too.

    Parallel Profits is promising fastest return possible on your investment of $2,497.00. I believe that  when you invest in a program that cost this much it will certainly give you incentive to work hard and follow the training. And working  with experts like this will be a huge plus. Unfortunately this program seems to be for just a selected few.

    • Yes I think they limit the amount of people they work with for the simple reason that they will be spending a lot of time training and offering support to members of this franchise and don’t want to overwhelm themselves with to many members.

      Thank You


  • Jason, An extremely intensive outline of Parallel Benefits – how it works, and so on. I have known about Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. I never looked any more distant than the sticker price before I proceeded onward. How about we trust your evaluation of their exercises is right. I surfed such huge numbers of undertakings that I could nearly tell whether they were all good when I was about 33% of the route through. As you state, on the off chance that someone has $2500 to spend to begin in an online program, one would anticipate that the income should be extraordinary. Anybody perusing your survey, ought to have their eyes wide open and comprehend what’s in store. I preferred your turn to Well off Offshoots it wasn’t tyrannical – it was relaxed yet legit. I think your audit offers a great deal to consider.

    • Yes Seofaran, I was not trying to discredit what Steve and Aidan are doing with my Wealthy affiliate reference, I was just trying to offer a more affordable option for a beginner or someone who wants to make money online but doesn’t know how. I have a lot of respect for what both platforms provide. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and support True Prosperity Online.

      Best Wishes


  • This product of parallel profit is not a scam as I learnt but it’s damn expensive and I wouldn’t encourage a beginner to join this program because you may not find it easy investing such amount of money in at your initial stage in the online business. I rather prefer in investing on programs for beginners, then when I raise money I might join genuine bigger platforms.

    • I agree Kenechi, this is probably considered a high risk to a beginner but you are working with a couple experinced veterans in the internet marketing business with a great support team, so I think the price tag would motivate a beginner to stay on track and follow the Instructions. I know even for me in the beginning the $47 dollar a month membership cost for a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate kept me motivated enough to follow the training and make a go of my business.



  • Thanks for the review.

    One more thing that makes it unique from other offerings is that they have a unique client capture system so as a customer of Parallel Profits you don’t need any live interaction with customers which means you don’t need to try and sell the services as there is built in lead gen systems and they do the selling process for you.

    • Ayodeji, Thanks for bringing that up I really didn’t get into much detail on that in this review but you make a very valid point. Having a lead generator built into the program is a huge plus and helps absorb some of the cost of this platform.



  • I came to this site with no knowledge about Parallel Profits. But this article had everything I needed to know about Parallel Profits. I learned about their parallel profits and what do they offer their clients/customers. From this review I realize and understand that this platform is definitely not a scam. But I don’t have money saved up for investing in this. I will definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for sharing this article. It was insightful and organized.

    • No problem Sujandar, I’m glad it helped bring you understanding. Let me know if you need any help getting started with Wealthy Affiliate I will be happy to help.

      Best Wishes


  • Thanks for the thoroughly written review and all your honest opinion on Parallel profit. But I really feel quite insecure about this program, the subscription fee seems to be a big thing as no one will have such amount and wants to invest all in one channel, moreover what are the major benefits attached to this program, I suppose to have seen it in a listed form in your blog post.


    • When selling a big ticket Item which is what Parallel Profits will teach you it only takes a little more than 9 or 10 sales to make an income in the triple figures. I would consider that to be a major benefit. Stay tuned for updates moving forward. Have a great day Salim.


  • Hello Jason,

    Parallel profit is not a scam but it is definitely too expensive for most newbies to afford. I personally cannot afford this program bit if I could, I’ll gladly register because the owners of the program are seasoned affiliate marketers and I’m sure to get the best support from them.

    Warm regards

    • Hello Louis, I did take into consideration that most can’t afford this price tag, which is the reason for my Wealthy Affiliate option at the end of my review. I feel that option is more affordable to the average person and you also get way more than your moneys worth.

      Good Day


  • After taking a closer look at what Parallel Profits has to offer I absolutely believe you should buy it.

    If you like the sound of this business model where you are selling local businesses digital marketing services then it’s the best product in the marketplace to teach that in my opinion. 

    • Fasuan, I couldn’t believe how quickly the spots were filled. When these guys release something people want in so the spots fill up quickly. I personally spend most of my time in Affiliate Marketing but I always have time for a side project like this one.



  • Jason,

    A very thorough overview of Parallel Profits -how it operates, etc.  I have heard of Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth. I never looked any further than the price tag before I moved on.  Let’s hope your assessment of their activities are correct. I surfed so many projects that I could almost tell whether they were on the up and up by the time I was about a third of the way through.

    As you say, if somebody has $2500 to spend to start in an online program, one would expect the earnings to be great. Anyone reading your review, should have their eyes wide open and know what to expect. I liked your move to Wealthy Affiliates- it wasn’t overbearing – it was low key but honest. I think your review offers a lot to think about.

    • Thank you Barbara, I’m glad my review helped and you can check back once in a while because I will be adding updates to this review as time goes on.



  • Although this program looks very scary due the to joining  fee,  I would really love to see what it is that they really teach for that amount.Parallel Profit is a very high ticket membership but they are providing a guarantee of money back not so many people would do that. Although before I join them I would have first joined Wealthy Affiliate they have free sign up and I can get  much more at far lower cost than parallel profit .

    • Yes Charles Parallel Profits is definitely a high ticket platform and I would not recommend it to a person with no experience in internet marketing. I think one would benefit by making money with the WA training and then doing something like this after they’ve gained some experience in internet marketing.

      Best Wishes


  • Let me go ahead and ask this one time, does the platforms credibility really check out and how well does the platform relate with the users? I hope you can get back to this question soon. If it’s a legit platform then it would be a really great investment for people that can afford the price tag slammed on the platform but if not that’s a very huge loss there are always better very reliable Business One could operate without having not to play truth or dare with ones money. I learned a valuable message here though, don’t think I might give it a try the price tag is not something that’s in reach at this moment. But overall the post was great nice and incisive information passed across great write up.

    • Dammy, I can tell you that Aidan and Steve have run 2 successful platforms in the past and people made money, so as far as I’m concerned the credibility checks out. Parallel Profits is a newly launched platform that I am keeping a close eye on. I also want to point out that this is not your own business you are buying into a franchise opportunity which is the reason for option number 2 which is my #1 Wealthy Affiliate. I hope this helps.



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