Is Secret Profit Club A Scam?- My Honest Review

Welcome to my review of Secret Profit Club!

The question, “Is secret profit club a scam” is going to be answered in full detail, so you need not look any further. Everything you need to know about this seemingly easy system is right here in my review. I will break down this system and give you the pros and cons of what it is they will give you and show you how to make legit money online.

I would like to first congratulate you for doing you homework about Secret Profit Club, this tells me that you are a truth seeker. A smart person always looks into something before just jumping in and that smart person is you.

Because of the deceptive practices of this program I am in no way affiliated with Secret Profit Club and will not promote them in my review.

Summary of Secret Profit Club

Name: Secret Profit Club

Owner: “Jack Robertson”


Date Launched: June 2019

Cost: $9 + Up-Sells

Good For: The Owner

Recommended: No

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What Is Secret Profit Club?

The Secret profit club spokesman on the sales video who I will assume is the owner “Jack Robertson” claims you can make 45K in just 30 days. This sounds awesome, too good to be true even.

Don’t quit your job just yet! I have reviewed many scams over the years and this sales video has every RED FLAG I discuss on my Identify Scams page and then some.

I can’t call anything a scam until I do a complete and detailed investigation on the said program so that’s exactly what I did. Let’s start by taking a look at this screenshot that tells says you can make over 19k today.

Secret Profit Club screenshot

I already see a Red Flag because if you do the math, not only is this unrealistic but 19k a day adds up to way more than the 45k he says your going to make in 30 days. My experience has proven that these sites want to hype you up to buy the system. Now Let’s take a look at how lucky you supposedly are.


You are one of the lucky few screenshot

I’ll tell you right now, the only reason your lucky is the fact that you found my review because I’m about to save you a bunch of money. I know $9 sounds cheap but if you fall for the up sells that come along with SPC then you will appreciate this review because I will not recommend you buy this product.

I would be very cautious getting involved with any program that tells you are going to make money practically overnight. Making money online requires hard work and time and anyone who tells you otherwise should raise a red flag because it’s simply not true.

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The Real Secret Profit Club

Secret Profit club is really just another get-rich-quick scheme that preys on people desperate to make money online. These same people usually don’t have the extra money to spend, which is why they lure you in with a low $9 fee before hitting you with the up sells.

Anyone can say they are making thousands of dollars a day and some people really do but SPC provides zero proof that anyone involve in their system actually makes any money at all. I see these fly-by-night schemes pop up all the time then shut down. The only one getting rich is the owner.

Training at SPC is outdated and you can learn what they are going to show you for free because it’s so outdated that it just doesn’t work anymore.

Secret Profit Club doesn’t even tell you anything about how you are going to make this money. They just say it’s automated and brand new, throw in a couple fake testimonials and flash some dollars in your face and BAM your in business.

This isn’t how online marketing works. You can ask any marketer who’s achieved any level of success online and they will tell you it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to create a successful business online.

Believe me the owner or anyone promotes this system does not give a darn if you make money with this system. The main agenda is to get you to spend $9 then tell you to buy 3 more upgrades to make money faster, when they get exposed they just shut down and launch the next scam.

I have been following these online clowns around for years and I know how they work. I’m pretty sure they already have the next scam ready to launch as soon as this one get blown up. They are responsible for such scams as Forex Paradise, A to Z Cash System and many others which are already debunked and shut down.

build a successful online business

How Much Will It Really Cost?

Now that we are back here on earth in reality and know that these scam artists have been lying all along we should take a look at the real cost of joining Secret Profit Club.

How can anyone actually come close to making the money they claim you can make from selling a $9 automated system that doesn’t work. The truth is, you can’t, but they can.

Let’s take a look at the up sells you can expect to come your way once you join and then tell me who the one is making the money, it’s not you I can tell you that.

Main Membership: $9

First Upsell: SPC 2.0 $99

Second Upsell: SPC Pro $79

Third Upsell SPC Social $49

Well That’s just a smidgen more than $9 I have to say. Even if you buy all this you are still getting a low quality product that’s out dated and probably won’t make you a penny.

Will You Make Money?

The fact that the sales video doesn’t show any solid proof that it’s members are making money tells me that you probably won’t make money and if you do you’re going to have to stoop to the level of these scam artists and lie to people.

Can you really trust a company that just launched in July 2019 which claims to have 250,000 members and lies about the income being made?

The Spokesperson doesn’t do anything to convince me people are actually making money with his system. I actually think the opposite when I hear totally outrageous claims like the ones made in the Secret Profit System Video. I know from experience that these are blatant lies because before I achieved success online I fell for some of these scams and made it my mission to expose them so nobody would have to go through the same expensive heartbreak I went through when I started bock in 2011.

I’m going to go ahead and say NO you probably won’t make any serious money if any at all with Secret Profit Club!

Is Secret Profit Club A Scam?

I’m my eyes I would say this is a scam due to the extremely misleading claims of money being made but to be fair I won’t call it that because others may say since you get a product then it’s not a scam. So in all fairness and to appease the people who say getting a product equals no scam I will come out and say Secret Profit Club is an Extremely Misleading Get Rich Quick SCHEME!

A Scheme dreamed up by non-transparent scam artists who hide behind a sketchy business and knows you probably won’t make money. Heck they even say that in the very fine print hidden at the bottom of the website. Take a look for yourself, you may need a magnifying glass though.

Secret Profit Club Earnings Disclaimer

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Wow.   Sometimes I wonder if the creators of these scams are drunk when they decide what claims they will try to use.  Pay us $9 and we will show you how to make $45,000 in one month.    Pay us $9 and we will show you how to make $19,000 in one day.    

    If there system truly worked, all of the unemployment offices in the world would probably donate the $9 payment for every unemployed person that comes in their door.   It would be cheaper to pay the $9 than to give people the unemployment checks.   

    That said, sometimes I wish it was that easy to make money quickly.   Thanks for saving me $9 plus any potential up-sells.  

    • I know, what’s even worse is they prey on desperate people looking to make easy money.People tend to have a Huge misconception that making money online is easy when nothing could be further from the truth. I work my tail off to make money online and so do my colleagues. 

  • The old saying goes “if it is too good to be true, it probably is” rings true here.  I often wonder of there are people out there that truly fall for these kind of things, especially when there are so many red flags as you call them.  I suppose they must or these types of sites wouldn’t continually be popping up.

    I hope that your review is read by such people so they can avoid great misfortune.

    • Unfortunately people do fall for these kind of schemes and they are usually people who are down and out just looking to make some extra money. When I got into affiliate marketing back in 2011 I was down and out and got ripped off by many seemingly good systems. The only good that came out of it was that I became motivated to expose these scam artists, hence True Prosperity Online was born.

  • Thanks for breaking down the business model of Secret Profit Club. This is a big help to people who are still on the fence / deciding whether or not they should invest their time (and money) on the service. If the service is only good for the business owner, it’s suddenly easy to understand why it is not recommended. One red flag is bad enough, but to find them all in one sales video is crazy!! Thank you!!!

    • Any time Aly, happy to help. I really cant believe the scam artists are still using those type of auto generated sales videos, it’s pretty outdated all in itself so I’m sure you can imagine how outdated the entire system is. Very disappointed with Secret Profit Clubs scheme.

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