Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – My top Choice for Keyword Reasearch

Jaaxy Review

Hello, Jason here with my Jaaxy review. Today I will answer the question, What is Jaaxy? I will also Let you know why Jaaxy is my top choice for keyword research. So let’s dive in and get right into my review of this awesome keyword tool.

If you own a website or are thinking about Starting one you probably know the importance of keywords and How Important they are for SEO and Rankings. So what’s the best keyword research tool? You may choose to start typing your keyword into Google and see what comes up in the dropdown, This is called the alphabet soup technique. I find this to be very time consuming and you never really know your competition. You may choose to pay for a keyword research tool. I have paid for a few in the past, but I never got any real results. Most of the paid ones I’ve tried just gave me a bunch of numbers, data, and metrics, that I had to try and figure out. Infact up until 2010 Keyword reasearch was very Time consuming and manual. So what changed all that for me? Jaaxy did! Now I find keywords almost effortlessly which allows me to focus on what I really need to do, write content for my website. If you don’t believe me go ahead and try for yourself. Just enter a keyword in the Jaaxy search bar below. You will have to register your email but, guess what? It’s FREE. As a free member of Jaaxy you will be able to access 30 Free searches.

Why I Choose Jaaxy

With Jaaxy, Keyword research has never be easier, and that’s not all. Jaaxy has many more advantages than just keywords which I will get into later.When I do my keyword research for my niches there are basically 3 things I want to know.

  1. How much competition does my chosen keyword have
  2. Does the keyword make sense (very Important)
  3. How much traffic is my keyword going to get

#2 is just a simple matter of common sense I hate when I read a post or something online and there is a stupid keyword thrown in that makes absolutely no sense at all. As far As #1 and #3 go well Jaaxy can quickly and efficiently gather it all. Keywords with low competition that get a decent amount of traffic and are SEO ready will put you in a position to take over any niche. If you can find all that you can be at the top of the search engines and get the most possible traffic. What does that mean to you? Traffic!! and traffic equals conversions and sales. This is why I use Jaaxy. I simply don’t have time to waste doing it the old fashion way.


What if My Niche Has High Competition

No need to worry. Believe me when I tell you, I have ranked higher than a lot of the so called Gurus who always seem to be at the top of the search engines simply by using Jaaxy. So if you are afraid your niche has to much competition, don’t be that’s just BS Jaaxy has you.

My biggest problem is that my mind is always coming up with ideas for a new niche but I just don’t have the time to put all my niches out there. When I do build a niche website I am always confident that I can rise and conquer my competition no matter how competitive the niche is. Let me show you a screenshot taken from my computer with Jaaxy Pro on a random niche.                                                                                            Jason’s Random niche Mens ShoesScreenshot (138)

As you can see the keyword Men’s shoes is a red light it has high competition and poor SEO power, but look at all the other great options that make sense and have decent traffic and low competition. I achieved these results in under 30 seconds. Also I would like you to take notice 0f the column that says domains. Jaaxy will also let you know if there is a domain available for any keyword you choose.This option is available with jaaxy pro or Jaaxy Enterprise.  Lets try another Random keyword.

Jason’s random search Disability Benefits                                                                                                                                                     Screenshot (139)

Again you can see the awesome power of Jaaxy. In under 30 seconds I found enough key words to drive quite a bit of traffic to my website. In my 2nd random selection I could also provide information on Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate. Some People on disability can still use a computer and could be interested in starting a website of their own.


What Else Does Jaaxy Offer

So, we already know that Jaaxy offers easy to use and easy to understand Keyword research, but what else can Jaaxy do?Save to a List, You can also check the box next to a keyword you like and save it to a list so you can refer back to when you start writing your content.Site Rank, You may write a post or a page using targeted keywords and type them into the site rank along with your website url and Jaaxy will search the first 20 pages of Google and show you exactly where you are ranked under the keywords you provide.Screenshot (141)

As you can see I just typed in Is Plug in Profit Site a Scam ( a review I wrote last Year) and it shows me I’m in Position 5 on page 1. Now I can see it moved from the#1 spot to#5 spot but still on page 1, I will now go back and revise my review and add a couple more keywords that make sense and try to get my #1 spot back. Search Analysis Is another powerful tool offered within Jaaxy. See Example Below.Screenshot (143)

See I did a search Analysis and chose Bing and I was found in the #2 position Page 1 under the, is income society a scam. Many of my reviews are in the top 10 position on the 3 major search engines under multiple keywords. As you can see I did this all simply by using Jaaxy. As if what I’ve already shown you about the awesome power of Jaaxy there is another Plus. Jaaxy also offers an Affiliate Program.


The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy also offers a pretty lucrative affiliate program for it’s members as well. I’m not going to get very deep Into this Because I can write a entire Review just on the Affiliate Program alone. Instead I will let this screen shot Show you exactly what I’m talking about. You can just click on this screenshot to be directed to Jaaxy.Screenshot (144)

My Final Thoughts

To me a guy that has a online business and pretty much makes a living working online, I would have to say Jaaxy is a no brainer. I just really scratched the surface here with this review. in order for anyone to really see the full power of this awesome keyword toll you just have to check it out for yourself. So I say Go Ahead and give it a try.

  1. Jaaxy Starter Free (30 Free Searches)
  2. Jaaxy Pro $19 monthly ( 199.00 yearly)
  3. Jaaxy Enterprise $49 Monthly (499.00 Yearly)


  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason, Jaaxy is by far the best tool I’ve used. Thanks for the useful info. As you pointed out there 30 free searches, so its a win win for anyone wanting to try before they buy.

    • That’s what I like most about any product that Kyle and Carson create. You are always allowed to give it a try before you buy anything. This shows me that they are confident in every product they are part of. I must say it is also the best keyword tool I have ever used.


  • Hello, Jason.

    Great Jaaxy review. Indeed, it is the top choice for a lot of us here. I’m considering signing up for a yearly subscription to take all of my keyword research sessions to the next level. I know that I will benefit a lot by incorporating it into my daily tasks.

    It’s a really a powerful tool to gather money making keywords, see what you competitors are doing and get an unfair advantage to grow your business and expand your horizons. It’s also amazing how much blog post ideas you can get just by doing a little research.

    Jaaxy is truly the way to go.


    • Hello Imad, Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Jaaxy is really the most powerful keyword research tool I have ever used. I am also upgrading to yearly considering that this is what I do full time now. You really can’t beat the price I’ve seen way more expensive keyword tools out there that don’t even come close to Jaaxy.



  • Very awesome review of Jaaxy and I agree with everything you said about it. I use it quite a bit and my posts have been ranking higher and higher because of using it and the great keywords I have found on Jaaxy. If you want to grow an online business especially in affiliate marketing and want SEO optimization, Jaaxy is a must have!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Brian. The speed of Jaaxy is really what sold me. I like to get into my writing asap when I have an idea for a post or a niche. I use to hate doing keyword research but with jaaxy it’s so fast and easy, I really don’t mind doing it anymore.

  • Hi there, thanks for the great review on Jaaxy, you covered everything very well. I have only just started using this keyword tool but I must say, I am very impressed so far.

    As you pointed out in your review, you can do more with this tool than just look up great keywords. I like the fact that you can also check your current search engine positions. Very useful!

    • Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to read this review and leave a comment. After many years of trying to find quality keywords for my website, I finally found Jaaxy. I just love how in under a minute you can find top notch keywords almost effortlessly.

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