Job Quitter Club Scam Review – Legit Or Scam?

Welcome to my Job Quitter Club Scam Review. Is The Job Quitter legit, or another get-rich-quick scam? The job quitter club claims you will make between $100 – $500 while working 30 minutes or fewer every day. This seemingly good program sounds too good to be true and from my experience when it sounds too good to be true it is usually.

Can you trust the job quitter club? You came to the right place to get that question answered and my honest review will expose them and tell you the truth.

Before I get started I want to congratulate you for doing your own research before spending your hard-earned money.

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Job Quitter Club Overview

Name: The Job Quitter Club


Owner: Richard Harper ( Not real just a pen name)

Price :$47 (Plus High Pressure Up-Sells)

Scam Warning: Yes

Recommended: No

Summary: The is a website owned by a man who writes under the pen name Richard Harper and is the latest scheme in the make-money-online niche. You are led to believe that you will make between $100 – $500 a day after only investing thirty days of your time working about 30 minutes a day.

Platforms like this make me sick because I know from experience this simply isn’t true. Making easy money online is nothing more than a pipe dream but that doesn’t stop “Richard Harper” from telling you that you can.

The truth is, making money online requires hard work, persistence, proper training, and a will to succeed. I have exposed many similar scams to job quitter club over the years such as Profit Point Autonomy, Easy Cash Club, KashTree, and many more.

I have over 8 years of dealing with and exposing scammers under my belt so I urge you to read my full review before falling for this seemingly good program. You can read about me right here on this website and see my credentials for yourself.


The Usual Red Flags

1. The First red flag I noticed is the usual misleading sales video promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams for doing very little work. I have countless hours of experience watching sales pitches from scam artists, the back story and sales pitch from “Richard Harper” is no different.

This sales video is one of the most pathetic and alarming videos I’ve had the displeasure of watching in quite some time. The narrator in the video even goes as far as to tell us that we can make money with the efforts of others and just by watching the presentation you will already make money. I seriously had to stop watching for a minute to process what I heard.

Believe me when I tell you that the only people making money with the job quitter club are the scammers who created this website and they’re not satisfied with just getting $47 from you. These schemers go straight for the jugular and immediately start hitting you with expensive Up-Sells that will only benefit them. Not You!

2. The second Red Flag is the false sense of urgency. They do this to trigger your impulsive instinct to click what they are selling.

Let me explain how “Richard Harper” tries to trick you. Richard gives you some bogus line saying he’s a college drop out from Chicago and while he was down-and-out he found some secret formula that made him A wealthy man and now he wants to share it with a select few.

Job Quitter Club create a false sense of urgency by saying they are only taking 100 people to the top with them. This is a total lie because throughout my review, which took weeks they always had the same number of openings available which is 6.

Even now as I right this the same amount of openings are still available. Wow only six spots remaining! Better hurry up and sign up before you lose your chance to strike it rich. Very misleading and pathetic if you ask me.

only 6 new members

3. Red Flag #3 is a Fake Owner, “Richard Harper” is a pen name and not a real person. I searched everywhere to find out if the Richard Harper associated with The Job Quitter Club exists at all and as I suspected the answer is NO! A true owner of a legitimate company would have no problem revealing himself, so why is the owner not being transparent? What is he hiding?

Fake Family

“Richard Harper” and his 2 daughters or is it?

Stock Photo Not Richard Harper

Here is a screenshot from shutter stock showing the same family and it’s not Richard Harper!

4. Red Flag #4 is the use of actors from sites like who will give a false testimonial about anything for a small fee. Fake testimonies are a major part of most if not all scam websites and you should be very cautious when you see these on a website. Usually a quick search at fiverr will show you the actors and you can match them up to the video you are watching.

Here are a few actors from willing to say whatever you tell them you want them to say!

Fiverr Actors

Here are Actors on the job quitter club sales video!


As you can see the video uses paid actors and actresses in the sales pitch!


Pros and Cons


Fairly cheap to join ($47)


  • Unknown Owner
  • Extremely Misleading sales Video
  • Red Flags Everywhere
  • Getting a Refund Will Be A Challenge
  • Lack of Support and Training



I found The Job Quitter Club to be extremely misleading and unrealistic. Bold income claims accompanied by Fake testimonials, Fake Payment Proofs, and a Fake owner lead me to the conclusion that this is a Scam. Affiliate marketing in itself is not a scam but websites like this one exploit the industry and give making money online a bad name.

A Better Way

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative opportunity for those who are willing to work hard and keep realistic expectations. I personally began making money online back in 2014, using the training I discovered at Wealthy Affiliate. Now that I’ve learned how to create an affiliate marketing business the correct way I am finally enjoying the laptop lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.

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Premium membership is also an option but not a requirement to Get Started. I recommend a starter membership and only going premium if you think the platform is a good fit for you. Try before you buy is almost unheard-of these days but that’s what I am offering you.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I am so glad you exposed this program and “Richard Harper” for the frauds that they are! People should refer to your website regularly before joining some get-rich-quick scam. I fell for a few many years ago; what I wouldn’t do to get that money back. I hope no one actually quits their job based on this misleading scam. I’m not sure how you find all these scammers, but keep up the good work! We need people like you to do research on this never-ending barrage of online scammers.

    • I actually don’t find them, they find me. Because I am in the make money online niche my inbox is always filled with offers. I simply open the email, watch the sales pitch, join, and research the platform. I have about 15 waiting to be reviewed right now but I’ve been on vacation. I will be back at in in the next day or 2 and get 2020 rolling with some awesome reviews.

  • Hello Jason. Thank you for taking your time to share your review of Job Quitter Club. You have proven 100% that this earning opportunity is 100% fake and a scam to rip innocent people off their hard earned money. The colour of the red flag is deep blood red! Everything about it is just fake from earning claims, owner, testimonials etc. I won’t give in.


    • I’m happy to hear this review was helpful to you and able to give you the truth about this seemingly good opportunity. Scams like this make me sick because I was once a newbie, desperate to make money online and I know how it feels to get scammed. My about me page explains my journey in detail, if you care to check it out.



  • The Job Quitter Club is a program that is supposed to make you tons of cash with a few minutes of work each day. It’s claims that you can use this program to replace your job in a matter of days. Although they do not clarify how the system works, apparently you can make money by only spending a few minutes on the system; you don’t need any qualifications, apply any effort, or undergo training. It definitely sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme. The truth is that the people who create these schemes are targeting newbies who are looking for some quick cash.

    • I hate fake platforms like this for the simple reason that they target desperate and vulnerable newbies. I went through a few scams like this from 2011- 2014 until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate. I remember thinking I was finally going to be able to give my family the best Christmas ever and dreaming of taking the vacation we could never afford.

      The sinking feeling I would get when I found out I got scammed is unexplainable and on top of that having to hear ” I told you it’s a scam” from my wife hurt even more.

      Wealthy Affiliate was my final and last chance to make it and I had to keep it a secret because my wife was already all set with these get-rich-quick schemes. I spent a lot of time and worked very hard and looking back am so grateful I stuck it out and stayed with WA.

      I get to expose these scams now and love the freedom I am able to enjoy.

  • This is really funny and annoying at the same time because I think that there is a possibility that some people might have quit their jobs thinking that this platform can make them so much money online. Is feel like it is very sad to see that the owner is not really the owner but only a pen name. The claims are quite outrageous. Do you think it is possible to make that much but spending very little time?

    • Platforms like this make it seem like you are really making money and I could see a person being excited thinking they are making money. The only problem is , it’s all fake and it would be a shame to hear about somebody actually quitting their job thinking that this is real.

      To answer your question, absolutely not. Making money online requires lots of time and hard work, if you want to make enough to actually quit your job. I would never advise anyone to quit their job until they are actually making more money than they are making at work and doing this consistently.

  • A lot of red flags here in the Job Quitter Club. However, unless people come to contact with such reviews, they stay in dark and subscribe to these scams because of their misleading sales video. I don’t have a proper idea of how to stop these scams permanently but I always follow some rules to avoid scams.

    Fake owner is one of those rules. I see a fake owner is also associated with this program. I have seen such Shutterstock owner’s picture in other online scams too. Even I have seen Fiverr actors also in other scams like this one.

    I can see you have a recommendation here at the end, that is WA. How can you assure that WA is not another scam?

    • You are very wise to follow certain guidelines before signing up for a program. I don’t think these scams will ever be stopped permanently but reviews like this one help people to avoid getting ripped off.

      Wealthy Affiliate has real owners that can be verified and you actually get real training, even with the free starter membership. They are also very transparent about membership options and don’t slam you with up-sells. Once you go premium that’s it you will never be asked to buy an upsell.

      My online reputation means a lot to me and for me to recommend a scam would ruin me. I have been a WA member for 5 years plus and have received personal one on one help from both Co Founders, Kyle and Carson.

      I can assure you that WA is not a scam because I have completed lots of training and achieved success from applying what I’ve learned.

      I hope that answers any concerns you have and feel free to ask more questions if you have them. I’m always available to help when you need it.

  • It is a complete review of job quitter club, you didn’t leave any card unturned. It is because of such products people become sceptical about all online products ans start doubting even the legitimate product. 

    I appreciate your time of exposing them really well! Do they have any money back guarantee or a free trial? I hope not! 

    Thanks for providing this valuable review. Keep up the awesome work👍

    All the best. 

    • They say at the end of watching the step 3 video that if you show that you made an effort and still haven’t made money after 60 days that Richard will give you your money back. My experience has been they always say you didn’t try hard enough and you never get your money back. I went through that with a shady character named Stone Evens from Plug In Profit Site. I was encouraged to join all these affiliate sites through him and a few of them never refunded me. One of then was the Empower Network which was a huge scheme but that was back in 2011 and I’ve learned a lot since then. In 2014 I found Wealthy Affiliate and never ever looked back. They have been such a blessing for me.

  • I was on the verge of joining job quitter and one of the main reasons had to be the fact that I wanted to quit my job and then be able to make some real money online.
    Finding a program that helps me make money online is so difficult especially with programs like job Quitter that just seems like a total waste of time.

    If I had not read your article then I would probably have joined this program without any doubt so thank you for the detailed explanation.

    • Wow I guess my review was published at just the right time. I’m happy to have been able to help you avoid this scam.

      I also have a page on this website called report a scam just in case you ever have any suspicions about other programs online. I hope that helps you in the future.

  • Another site that claims you have to work 30 minutes a day to make lots of money … That already sounds fishy to me … And then these upsells .. terrible. Like you I was also a bit taken aback at the claim that the viewer is supposed to be making money while watching their video, yeah right … It is sad that they target gullible people who will still fall for it, losing their hard earned money. If one thing angers me it is certainly online scammers and how they cheat and steal from people. I want it to stop. 

    Creating this sense of urgency that there are 6 spots left is known as “fear of loss”, a well known sales technique which this “Richard Harper” is using to get people to fall for this scam. How did you find out that his name is fake? That must have taken a lot of research. 

    Thank you for another scam alert! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a much better option. As you show in the photo. they are honest about what their free and premium packages include and there are no upsells. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in March this year and I can vouch that they are a wonderful online platform where you will learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing. 

    • One thing is for certain, if it sounds too good to be true it is. I started this website to expose online scammers after being taken for thousands of dollars via online scams. My about me page has my full heart breaking story but with a happy end.

      I searched Google for “Richard Harper” and although there is a Richard Harper out there it’s not the person responsible for creating the job quitter club. The top 3 search engines will get you answers pretty quick if you need to do some research of your own.

  • I really appreciate a review post that saves me money. The Job Quitter Club has all the usual signs of a scam. The owner doesn’t use his real name, a flashy video making “to good to be true” claims, a pushy sales pitch, and paid endorsements to people that don’t even use the system. Of course, the biggest red flag, the claim that making money online is easy.

    • Easy money online has to be one of the biggest red flags out there. Making money online can be done but it won’t happen quick and you will also need to work hard. I’m floored by how many of these get-rich-quick schemes I find in my inbox every day.

  • Hello Jason, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I actually heard about Job Quitter but I was suspicious from the very beginning. It is not expensive but just like you mentioned, it has so many red flags which means it is not trustworthy at all. I will definitely avoid this at all costs.

    • Happy to help, I’m glad you found this review before joining.

  • Hello Jason, clearly these scam sites are not reducing in numbers and so the need to start making proper research before joining a business is the only way to avoid being a victim of these people. I have seen so many sirs who come with with bold claims to make you rich over night but its only normal that we learn that these get rich quick sites shouldn’t be given a trial at all. Best regards 

    • Websites like keep me alert. There seems to be a new scam popping up every day. Just look at all the reviews I’ve done in 2019 and I barely scratched the surface. my plan is to expose as many as I can in the upcoming year and help people to stay safe online.

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