Jobs For Stay At Home Moms – 8 Legitimate Jobs That Pay


While talking with my wife yesterday a subject of jobs for stay at home moms came up. We have some friends that follow our blog and although they love the make money online opportunities we offer and our product reviews of online scams, a friend suggested we talk more about this topic.

A friend that is a stay at home mom by a way, and found a job through one of the online opportunities that we reviewed right here at True Prosperity Online.

I am writing this with my wife helping me because obviously I am not a stay at home mom. My wife however was a stay at home mom back in1998 when we had our third child but unfortunately she had to return to work after our third born son was only 9 months old. I was crushed that I wasn’t making enough to support our family of Five, and what made it even more crushing was my wife missing our sons first steps.

Work from home jobs for stay at home parents were not so easy to come by back then, whether you were a mom or a dad. Sure there was always a little side hustle to gain extra cash, like baby sitting or Tupperware parties but earning a full time income from home was almost unheard-of.

Here we are 21 years later and technology has come a very, very long way. Working from home full time is more achievable than ever and Melanie and I have come up with a list of 8 jobs for stay at home moms, or dads that are legitimate and pay.

We are going to be talking about our #1 Recommendation here and there throughout this article because it is the platform that works for us. I want you to know that our #1 Recommendation will take longer to make money but the pay off for us has been well worth the wait and the business belongs to us, so we keep all the profit!


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Reasons To Work From Home


There are lot;s of reasons more people are looking to work from home. Heck, our kids are adults now and I wouldn’t trade working from home for anything. Just the flexibility and freedom alone are reason enough for me. We are actually both in our pajamas right now. (Just Saying) LOL

Expensive Daycare

pile of money

Most families that have young children with both parents working are going to have to figure out some form of child care. Whether it be a daycare or a babysitter, either way you are going to have to pay.

Sometimes the cost of childcare can be so expensive that it’s almost not worth it to have both parents working. The solution Melanie and I came up with was to work different shifts. This allowed us to hire family and friend to watch the kids for the couple hours we needed childcare’.

We found this to be the most realistic option but it had some relationship disadvantages. Not spending quality time with your spouse can put a strain on the relationship so be sure to consider this and have a routine for both of you to spend time together.


More Time with Your Children

Child playing at beach

Having a parent at home isn’t only important in the early years, even when your child is old enough to watch them self there is always some mischief to be had when no one is watching.

Not only that but what about homework, sports, and other after school activities. Call us old school but we both agreed that it should be a parent at home when our children returned from school. I know it’s not an option for everyone, so don’t feel guilty. We had to have a babysitter at home too, but this is another reason working from home is so attractive to so many parents. Let’s not forget more beach days too>


Flexible Schedule

Well not much need be said about this, having a flexible schedule would be almost anyone s dream. Yes you still have to work but being able to do it on your time and your terms is just a great feeling of freedom.

I will say that it’s easy to get to comfortable and fall behind schedule, so being a self-motivated person is a must. This is mostly the case with what my wife and I do because we work for ourselves.

When you choose to work for some of the options about to be listed there will still be deadlines and a boss of some sort to hold you accountable.

Either way if you don’t put in the time then your not getting paid.


No More Commute

traffic and cabs in the city

Not having to drive to and from work also has it’s advantages, you are reducing your carbon footprint while at the same time extending the life of your vehicle by driving less.

I remember just the stress of my commute alone was enough to make me want to take a Valium by the time I got home. Melanie had the luxury of working a mile from home and I definitely was a little jealous.

Traffic or an accident can start the stress right away, especially if it makes you late for work. I was actually relaxed until I just remembered that whole mess. Just Joking!


8 Jobs For Stay At Home Moms


Affiliate Marketer

How to make money with affiliate marketing video

Affiliate Marketing quickly became our Top Choice, because over the years this is what my wife and I have found to give us the best return for our time.

One thing you need to know about this option is that you are starting a business of your own and getting paid will not come as fast as some of the other options we will let you know about, but keep in mind, the money you make is all yours and Getting Started is easy.

Other platforms pay you for your time a little faster but Affiliate marketing pays off in the long run and you literally earn money while you sleep.

How do you make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is really basic and simple but I see so many people over complicating the process. We have broken down the process into 4 simple steps which are proven to work for anyone who is willing to work hard to succeed. Check out the process simplified version below.


If you would like to Learn More about Affiliat Marketing read our Wealthy Affiliate Review which explains these 4 steps in detail. Inside you will have access to the same training we used to start True Prosperity Online, and are currently using to start 2 new websites in the Golf niche and also the health and wellness niche.



person blogging on a computer in bed

I know starting your own business takes time and the payoff also comes with time and I get it, My wife was a little more reserved than I was and this was an option she preferred because we got paid faster. There are websites out there that are seeking quality content for their websites and they are willing to pay for your blogs as soon as they are approved.

Basically website owners are paying you a fee for writing content for their website. Busy affiliate marketers are more than willing to pay you for your services and the pay comes faster.

Ways to make money blogging include Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, advertising, and Freelance writing. This leads us into our next option for stay at home moms to make money online which is Freelance writing.

Honestly if you are a good blogger who can create quality content Freelance Writing (pays faster) and Affiliate Marketing (Your Own Business) are the best ways to go.

Let’s talk about Freelance writing, as all our top 3 options tie in together and then we will move on to some other options which also are legitimate and pay well.


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Freelance Writer

Man writing on his computer

Freelance writers probably have some of the best opportunities to make money online without owning their own business. Experienced writers are earning as much as 6 figures a year. Earning a living as a Freelance writer is a lot of work but if your good at it and don’t mind writing articles for others then it probably won’t really feel like work at all.

I have more detailed information about Freelance writing opportunities on the real work from home jobs article including the best websites to get a good paying gig.

Here are 3 that pay well and have nice jobs for general writers.

1. freelance (great for General Writers)

2. (Multiple online work options)

3 (fast growing and great to work for, excellent pay)




Online Tutor


Online learning is a fast growing field and quickly becoming the future of learning. The process is simple and all you need is a computer and an internet connection to be either a student of a teacher.

The best part is, for those looking to make money as an online tutor is that you don’t need to have a teaching degree to start making money tutoring.

There are a few companies hiring people to teach English to children overseas and the pay isn’t to bad either. You will need a Bachelors Degree to work with the 2 companies we are going to show you but not a teaching degree.

DADA and VIPKID are both solid companies to work with and have a great reputation as well.

YUP is another company that has 24/7 tutoring in Math Chemistry, and Physics. You do not need previous experience in teaching to be a tutor but you will be required to take a few exams to insure you know what you’re doing.


>> Get The Training You Need To Succeed And Prosper <<



Are you one of those people who read an article or transcript and automatically detect the errors In grammar or typos? Becoming a proofreader may be a great way to earn some money online if you answered yes.

Proofreaders are becoming a hot commodity nowadays due to the increase of online bloggers and marketers writing content online. A quality proofreader can make upwards of 36,000 per year without ever having to leave the house. Proofreading gigs are often confused with editors, but they are very different in some ways.

Editors may rearrange your content or in some cases eliminate content to make it more reader friendly and engaging. An editors job is a bit more in depth and as a result a bit costly compared to the work of a proofreader, who’s job is to inspect Grammar, spelling, formatting, and syntax

Now that you know the difference between an editor and a proofreader lets take a look at some proofreading gigs that do not require as much work as an editor and are easier to land.

You may want to consider some free training just to brush up on your skills before becoming a proofreader but it’s not a requirement

Here is a list of the top 3 companies We suggest to work with because of their solid reputation and consistent clientele which equals more work for you.

Edit Fast, Flexjobs, and Gramlee are 3 of the top companies to work with if proofreading is what you want to do. There are many more reputable companies that you can work with but we want to keep moving forward we will be writing a complete article dedicated to proofreading very soon and already found at least 8 websites that will pay you well for you proofread services.


Selling Photography

Do you love taking pictures, even just regular candid shots? Selling photography can be a great way to make money online. You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have any high tech camera either.

We are in the digital age and even just your cell phone can make you money. Getting started is easy to do, just simply upload your photos and when a person or business purchases your photo, you get paid.



Shutterstock is one of easiest to get started with and anyone can use it. Features like a mobile app, allowing you to upload photos on the go and the option to browse to see what’s in demand and trending are just 2 features that make Shutterstock my first choice for selling photos online.



Istock is on of the largest image companies in the world and with millions of customers your exposure to potential customers is a big bonus. You will have to fill out an application to sell with Istock but it’s very simple and approval time is quick.


Website Designer

Here we are in the digital era and believe it or not there is still a huge market for website design. New businesses are opening all the time with the current economy doing so well it’s time to get your slice of the pie with website design. Even existing businesses may also want a new fresh look as well so don’t be afraid to approach a business and offer your services.

We personally have worked with several stores who want to start selling their products online and get involved in the WooCommerce world and you can charge a lot more for a E-commerce or WooCommerce website because of the amount of attention needed yo get them up and selling

Do you need training on website design? I can give you 2 free websites with 10 lessons of training to get you started in website design and even start a business of your own.

How To Advertise your services

A few ways we use are just straight cold calling, walking into a business and handing them our business card and explaining how we can help. Word of mouth gets out fast and you could wind up having more work than you may want to handle, so be picky with how much time you are willing to put into building a website.

Facebook and Craigslist have also proven to be a great way to get the word out about your services for us and we are currently at capacity with clients.


How Much Can A website Designer Make?

I think if you are just starting out a modest $26 – $30 per hour is a reasonable price but you will want to investigate what others are charging in your area. Junior designers can expect to make between $30,000 – $42,000 per year and Senior Designers have reported making a salary between $60,000 and $85,000 a year according to an article written by Work Chron.





Social Media Marketing


Think about how many people are using social media today. I think it’s safe to say almost everyone uses social media in some way. The exposure possibilities for a business are awesome and making money with social media is exploding right now. Let’s take a look at a few ways social media marketing can help you make money from the comfort of home.

The Facebook market is so lucrative right now that anyone who can help a local business or help with advertisement and Brand exposure is going to make a lot of money. Jeff and Jessica Samis, founders of the Profit League are making a full time income and teaching others to do the same. The price tag for Profit League coaching is a bit pricey but these two know the business.

Local marketing consulting is a great way to work locally from home and help local business owners get social media exposure. Creating a great social media campaign can be tricky but if you are good at it local businesses will be more than happy to acquire your services.


Learn How I Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is the platform I started using and continue to used to make money from home back in 2014. I find the training at Wealthy Affiliate to be the best I’ve seen online and my success has inspired my wife and friends to get involved with the training as well.

After 5 years of running a successful Affiliate Marketing business My wife and I have helped a lot of people turn their passions into a full time income from home. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is a huge bonus to the already awesome step by step video training.

We can help you get the tools you need to succeed and get trained properly. In 2014, I was thrown a lifeline and learned the secrets to creating a successful business and now with my wife as my teammate we are helping hundreds of people a year reach their goals and get the training they need for success.


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Please leave a comment below if you’ve found this article to be helpful. Also, if you believe you have been the victim of a scam please feel free to ask us to investigate by leaving a comment on our Identify Scams Page and we will be sure to look into your concerns.

Best Wishes

Jason and Melanie











  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi, Jason.
    Thanks for some of the stunning ideas for work from home for moms ( or should I say, parents).
    What I feel every mom has one or the other expertise which can be explored and worked upon to utilize that skill through Affiliate Marketing- which I believe is the best option to earn that extra bucks. Proofreading also makes sense and excited me. Thanks for your lovely information.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Yes affiliate marketing is a great way for people looking to start a online business. Some of the other options I’ve talked about do pay a bit faster so I think it really depends on how much time one has to invest in working from home.

  • Hello Jason and Melanie,

    Thank you for your fantastic post about the jobs for mums and home – such articles are always so motivating. Is good to know that there is a possibility to earn money when you are at home with a child. Hopefully, something like that happened to me in the closest future, but I am doing some research about what you actually writing in your post and starting with affiliate marketing. And someday it could bring me long term income, so when I will be home with my child I won’t have money troubles. What attracts my attention is the possibility to sell the photographs. I know some pages and platforms for that, but it never came to my mind this could be some long term income, this is really interesting information, indeed.

    Thank you again for your great post and I am looking forward to another one of yours.

    Bye Renata

    • Renata, I’m very happy you enjoyed reading this blog, Melanie and I do our best to help new entrepreneurs have a successful experience the first time around. I hope that reading what we went through and the lessons we have learned help you to make an informed decision as you move forward. Feel free to contact us if you need help starting your blog.


      Jason & Melanie

  • My wife is a stay-at-home mom and we have been looking for a while now for a way for her to make some extra money per month. 

    We’ve tried surveys but there’s no real money there… I believe that she could do blogging… We’ve seen other people do it as well.

    Do you know of a good teaching program for blogging?

    • Hello Harry, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I know from experience how frustrating it can be trying to earn extra income from home. I know for a fact that I would not have been as successful as I am if it weren’t for the training I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

      This is why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for anyone looking to start a blog and us affiliate marketing as an income stream. I would suggest that you check out the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and see if this may be a good fit.

      Best Wishes


  • These are all great options. I have first hand experience with a lot of the suggestions on this list. Affiliate marketing is where it’s at, but freelance writing has so much opportunity too. I’ve done quite well in that area, but still I think AM tops everything else. I don’t have much experience with online tutoring, but in my opinion there seems to be a growing demand for online tutors. 

    • Hey Nate, Free lance writing is a great way to make money online fast because as soon as your content is approved the payment process begins. One thing to consider which I point out in this article is that the content you write is not yours, you are driving traffic to someone else’s website so they can make money.

      I also agree that Affiliate Marketing is a better option, if you can wait a bit longer for your work to produce fruit. AM does take longer but when you start converting, the content is yours and you keep all the earnings.



  • With all the legit ways to make money at home which would you recommend a beginner be best when working from home? As you mentioned it takes one to be a self motivator do you suggest only self motivators work from home? 

    I began my online work with freelance writing when I realized I could be writing for myself, and then I found out that people were monetizing their blogs I decided to hop in the affiliate marketing game.

    Which in my opinion is the best for beginners because it’s a very straightforward in how it works. There are many ways to get work while at home that;s for sure and you’ve pointed out a lot to help those looking.



    • Hey Shannon, I simply feel if one isn’t self motivated they will find it hard to work from home. Some people just need a boss breathing down their neck to keep them motivated but if you can make sure to make time to run your business then the payoff can definitely exceed your expectations.

      Thank You


  • freelancing and proofreading has been a stay at home job working for me for the past three years. I came up with this option after realizing how well my kids need my precious attention. This has been helpful because I know how to manage my time in order to meet deadlines. It was through research during my freelance work that I got introduced to affiliate marketing. That was around November last year. I have included affiliate marketing into my stay  at home hussle’ , hoping for it to yield what I craved for. This review will go a long way in providing solution to a stranded mother.

    • Hey Stella, Finding the perfect balance of time is the hardest part. I tend to go all in when I start something and other aspects of my life get neglected. Thankfully I have my wife to help me with my time management so I;m not always just working. I am enjoying time with my grandson that I was not able to do when my children were younger. I hope affiliate marketing treats you as well as it’s treated my wife and I.

      Best Wishes

      Jay & Mel

  • There is some great information that I wish I would have found several years ago when I was looking for ideas to earn money from home while caring for my child.  Most of what I found then seemed like they were all scams, but you are listing actual legimate companies and jobs.  

    Do you have any idea how much you can make from selling photos?  That seems like an easy and enjoyable way to earn an income.  

    Also, you discuss the difference between an editor and a proofreader.  It seems with the editor position you would have more opportuntity for earnings.  Are there editor positions available when working from home?  Or do your just recommend trying to market yourself directly for this type of position?

    Thanks for the recommendations.  It is good someone is out there looking out for the moms.

    • I personally don’t waste my time selling photos simply because I am not good at taking pictures. My wife sells her photos and makes some extra income, yes my wife enjoys taking photos so whatever she makes is a bonus. I would not recommend this to supplement your income though. The difference between a proofreader and an editor are a little different. A proofreader gets paid to correct grammar and spelling mistakes, where an editor has a lot more control of the website. Editors certainly make more money because there is a lot more responsibility that comes with the job. Website owners need to trust your decisions as an editor and give you more access to their business, so building trust may take some time but the pay will be better. Honesty and integrity will get you far in this business and once you build trust with a few clients, marketing yourself shouldn’t be very hard to do. Word of mouth and trust will land you some long lasting clients for sure.

      Best Regards


  • Awesome post Jason. You have nailed it. I’ve got so many great ideas from this post. You have written it for stay at home moms. But, even I can adopt 2-3 tasks in my free time. As I always teach on weekends, now I can take that tutoring stuff online and can easily scale my business, that’s an amazing idea for me. 

    Of course, for my mom Shutterstock seems to be the best option, I’ll surely ask her to consider taking it up. BTW, is there any registration charge for images platform?  Or, it’s free to join? 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing post. I truly appreciate your work. Also, I like your domain name👍

    • Happy it helped you, you have to apply but there is no fee to join the photography,  some tutoring platforms may require some testing which as of now there is no fee but that could change soon. 

  • I’ve had a good time reading your post, Jason. Now that I’m already aware of these online jobs and ventures, my goal is to then convince my mother that if she retires (it’s only a few years from now), she should go online and continue making a living there. Lucky for her, she won’t have to go through scams coz’ I already tested the waters (I’m the first one in the family who got online and unfortunately, was scammed by false gurus).

    • Het Dominic, thank you for recommending this article to your mother. I really think she will find great value within the information provided. Honestly I would recommend starting an affiliate marketing business since she still has a few years until retirement. Building the foundation now will prove to be a very wise choice when the time finally comes to retire.

      Let me know if I can help in any way, I am always available to help.



  • Well, thank God I found this site as I write this I have my pre-school aged child tugging my sleeve. I now work from home freelance and to be honest I am rather happy, and my child is much more happier. That said, the downside is finding the work sometimes as you are self-employed. I am really happy to see sites like this with a wealth of information for working at home and particularly aimed at parents. My decision to work at home is a very long story, however it meant giving up a job that was paying me 40k plus a year! Now I’m on the hustle to make money, and to be honest just be happy and more balanced I don’t want to work all the hours God sends in a rat race, and my life changed and kind of forced me out of that anyway.  It was for the better. Thank you I will be following up on some of these work from home ideas you have mentioned, book marking this page and be back soon to see what else you have to share. Thank you.

    • I am happy to see this article reaching the people it’s intended for. I have to give my wife Melanie huge props for helping with this one. She tends to like working behind the scenes and finding online scams to expose, which is a big contribution to our cause. I would not have been able to share this much detail had my wife not contributed so much to this article.

      Best Wishes

      Mel & Jay

  • Great topic! This post is helpful for a lot of people out there and is much appreciated. There’s really nothing like passive income, generating income while doing things like spending time with family as you’ve mentioned. And no more commute- another fantastic reason. I really like your job references. Wealthy Affiliate is a tried and true platform and community. Proofreading is something that I myself will be checking out really soon as well and I will definitely be checking out your 3 recommendations. Thank you for a great post!

    • Yes, passive income is great. I feel that most people think they will sign up for a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate but soon realize that it’s a lot of work and quit. The recommendations we offer are tried and tested but they also need to be taken seriously just like any other job. We have found that just because we can work in our pajamas of login whenever we want, the time and effort still need to be put in. Please come back soon and let us know how the proofreading works out for you, it’s always great when people come back and share their successes with us.

      Best Wishes

      Jay & Mel

  • I love all the suggestions in this article, and I’m actually doing a couple of them as we speak.  I have my affiliate website set up, and I also built a website for another individual.  I charged $300 for a home page, about page, testimonial page, team page and contact page.  It was super easy because I built everything through Wealthy Affiliate for the customer, and now I receive $24 a month residual income when they pay their monthly membership fee as well.  It’s awesome.  He’s so happy, he’s hiring me to do another site.

    You say you advertise on Craigslist?  I’m going to try that.  I loved it, and of course using Wealthy Affiliate makes everything really easy.  

    I have thought about doing some freelance writing as well.  I think I’ll look into your suggestions.

    • I’m happy that you enjoyed the read, one thing about building a site for someone else is the residual income you can charge for maintenance. I usually charge 55 dollars per hour to do site updates and add pictures. this is an additional charge which is not included with the monthly hosting which I charge $9.99 for.

      Craigslist has brought me some great side work and I can pick and choose my work. I stay away from E-commerce sites because they are so time consuming. That’s just me though. Happy to see you utilizing the skills you’ve learned with the Wealthy Affiliate training.



  • Hi Jason,

    There are so many scams these days especially online where you can’t even see the guy you are dealing with – makes it even easier for them.  

    Me and my wife are both retired.  I like the ideas you have mentioned in your post for online jobs.  My wife used to teach in her previous life and she loves kids and teaching.  I will bring your article to her attention – may be it will kindle the spark in her again.  Tutoring is a great idea.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    • Happy to help, I hope you both can use some of our suggestions to help give both of you the extra income needed to do the things you want to do. We were blessed enough to come across affiliate marketing at an age where we should be able to enjoy some of the finer things in life when we retire

      Remember, its never to late to Get Started. Age is just a number, your only as old as you feel.

      Best Wishes


  • Hi Jason,

    Thank you for sharing these 8 legitimate jobs, l would say Affiliate Marketing still the best online business model to start off for stay at home parents. The setup cost is minimal and can be super passive income for you if you did it right. You can choose your passion or interest as your niche to start off.

    But do you think that the proliferation of the Internet has simplified the process of starting up an online business would diminish the chance of success for the would-be small business owners?

    Best wishes.

    • I absolutely agree that  affiliate marketing is the best way to create a passive income online. However. I understand that some people do not have the time to wait for an affiliate marketing business to grow, it takes time and proper training. This is the reason my wife and I researched some faster ways to make money online,We understand that some of these options will not create a passive income but one will get paid quicker.with some of the options listed.

      I do believe the rapid growth of the internet definitely helps, provided you get the right training. I don’t believe this rapid growth in internet use will diminish ones chance of success. There are billions of people online and niche possibilities are endless. My wife and I have researched this matter thoroughly and have found the affiliate marketing Industry is one of the most lucrative businesses to become involved with.

      Most of the people we mentor go on to create a thriving passive income online. These are the hard workers that can visualize their dreams and work hard, they are also  willing to follow our training recommendation as it’s laid out.



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