Kash Tree Scam Review – Will You Make Money (Busted)


Is KashTree a scam? I’m sure you’re here to get that question answered. Will you really make $500 a day using the Kash Tree System? My review will answer both of these questions and give you the truth about this seemingly good website. My rule of thumb is, if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

I first wan to congratulate you for doing you’re due diligence and researching Kash Tree before getting involved. Even though it’s free to join I’m sure you want to know if you’re going to get paid just for leveraging you’re social media accounts or are you wasting you’re valuable time. Time is something you never get back so spend it wisely.


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Name: Kash Tree

Website: kashtree.com

Owner: Unidentified

Launched: 2015 according to about page ( Whois says different 8/11/2019)

Scam: Yes

Recommended: No

Summary: Kash Tree is a website which claims you will make $500 a day for completing simple tasks such as signing up, referring friends, social media sharing and you tube sharing. Each of these tasks pay a certain dollar amount according to the kash tree websites pay scale.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well guess what it is and if you sign up with this website you will not get paid. There are already numerous complaints floating around the internet of members being locked out of their account or told they violated the terms and conditions so they don’t get paid. Way to many Red Flags with this site for me.

The Cash Tree Pay Scale

  • $25 For Signing Up
  • $50 For making You Tube video promoting Kash Tree
  • $15 For referring others to join
  • 30 For completing tasks (Paid offers that will cost you money)

I know all this sounds awesome. Who wouldn’t want to make easy money online? The fact is there is no way to make easy money online. You actually need to work for it. Kash Tree Wil not pay you the entire site is a giant scam! Take a look at some of the Red Flags I discover and decide for yourself.


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Red Flag #1

Something doesn’t add up. I’m no math guru but I do have a little weapon called common sense. Kash Tree claims to have been in business since 2015 but when I looked them up on whois.com the website has only been in existence since 08/11/2019. Have a look for yourself.

Kash Tree Home PageAs you can see the website comes right out of the gate with a Lie. Why should you trust them if they can’t be honest about how long they’ve been in business? You should not’t! Have a look at the Truth I found on Whois.com.

Whois info

But Wait There is more bad math. Kash Tree also claims to have paid out $44,000,000 to 300,000 members. Again I’m no math guru but if this is true each member would have received about $146, that’s a far cry from $500 a day.payment proof

Kash Tree You’re Busted. I won’stop at just 1 red flag, let’s have a look at a few more and expose this scam for what it really is. BOGUS!

Red Flag #2

Fake Testimonials are very common in the online scam world and for good reason. They want you to believe that real people are actually using the system and making money doing it. Seriously if you weren’t here doing your own research you would never know that there is also a website Identical to Kash Tree called Paid 4 Clout and when I say Identical I mean it. The only difference between the 3 sites is the name. Have a look at these testimonials which are exactly alike. The only thing different is the name.Kash Tree TestimonialsPaid 4 Clout Testimonials

Kash Tree doesn’t stop there. I found even more red flags so let’s move on to the next one. There are a lot of them so I will just list a few more so you get the gist of what Kash Tree really is.

Red Flag #3

What is the actual pay out? Kash Tree can’t even get the payout correct. They claim to pay you $15 per referral but on the same exact page say they pay $10 per referral. So which one is it $15 or $10? I’ll answer that for you. The payout for a referral is $0 because they have zero intentions of paying you at all.

Payment Discrepancies

Final Thoughts

Hopefully my review of Kash Tree was helpful. My advice is to stay as far away from this website as possible. Although it is free to join you will not get paid. They are only collecting your information to sell it to third parties which is a multi million dollar business. I really think it’s a shame that there are people out there willing to lie and steal your information to make a profit.

I know it’s disappointing to have to review everything you see online but unfortunately these days that’s what it’s come to. There are to many scam artists out there constantly dreaming up way to take advantage of innocent people that just want to get ahead.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Thank you so much for the post!  I find it odd that an owner could not be found for this site.  That should be a huge red flag for anyone.  A reputable business has owners who will stand behind them all the way.  Do you know of anyone who was scammed by them?

    • Yes Jessie, I know of people that have signed up and not got paid after trying numerous times. They were just blocked and then found out that the email kashtree.co provides for support is nonexistent. I was alerted about this scam after receiving many requests to check them out because members were nor being paid. 

  • Actually recently my friends and I were shown this review as we are always looking to make money online. We would continuously get ads for Kash Tree and over time the hype was too good so I told them lets read a couple of reviews. I am super glad that your review was one of them because my gut intentions were right and this was a scam. I am glad that this review is also organized and saved me a lot of time so I didn’t have to scour the internet. Kind Regards and thanks for saving me money

    • Great to hear Ian, it’s always nice to hear when one of my reviews prevents someone from getting scammed or their identity stolen. Thanks for letting me know this information helped you.

  • That’s why I never trust online testimonials especially if they appear on the homepage and not through a verified user system. This section is always subjected to manipulation as did with many make money online programs. I just went over to both sites and boy, do they look identical or what?! It reminds me of a review I did some time ago with Viral Cash (the site has since disappeared) and it also looks like a replication of some other sites. Not surprised if Kash Tree has a short online life span too.

    • I’m  with you there Cathy, I’ll be surprised to see them last the rest of the year. 

  • Your article popped up on first page of Google for a search for Kash tree, and you are not alone in your assessment, except of course from Kash Tree themselves who claim they are the #1 Influencer Network helping you leverage social media into cash!  Ha Ha.  According to the search results, they are the only ones saying anything positive about their system.  The other articles were in agreement with you – SCAM!!  LOL!  Thank you for sharing your review!  You do a good service for people by exposing this nonsense.

    • Thank you Babsie, I can’t believe how bold these scam artists are. They take the same exact website, give it a different name and just continue on scamming people. I’m going to be tracking these guys to see what the next scam will be so I’m sure you’ll be seeing another review related to this Kash Tree Scam.



  • Any company that claims $500 per day can be had draws red flags for me right away. I appreciate your review on Kash Tree as I am always on the lookout for potential scams. You can’t be too careful out there with so many scams. I agree that math does not seem to add up. That there are fake testimonials is unfortunate. Thanks to your post I’ll be steering clear of Kash Tree.

    • False testimonials are very common with scams like Kash Tree. They are fairly easy to pick up on once you know what to look for. I review a lot of online scams so when I see the same testimonial on multiple websites i automatically head straight over to fiverr.com and usually find the actors.

  • So how do I know that the online money making site that you’re telling us about is true? Dish out a bunch of money to make minimal money ? Seems like another scam to me… plus this wont let me post my comment…

    • Julia, your comment is posted and my #1 recommendation cost you nothing to join. Please explain what you need to dish a bunch of money out for to make minimal? I’m not sure I understand what you are talking about considering my top recommended platform costs you nothing.

  • Kash Tree  has all the classical marks of a scam,I have seen for some time now,1/ the owner is unknown and unreachable, 2/ You are promised high payouts( $500.00 a day,for doing simple tasks$25-00 for sign up,$50.00 for making a You Tube video for promoting Kash Tree,$15.00 for referring  others to join,$30 for completing tasks), and when you have completed them you don’t get paid.

    I see also that, the start up date claimed of 2015, is a lie as the company was only registered, in August of 2019.Why should they lie about how long that they have been in business ? This straight away makes me weary of getting involved with a dishonest company.

    What is very confusing, is that it seems that this company is running under the same set of identical testimonials as a company,called Paid 4 Clout, it seems to me that both of these companies are bogus!! The cash payout is given as $10.00 and later as $15.00 ,very sloppy and very dishonest.

    As a contrast, a totally honest online business, which I am a member, of is Wealthy Affiliate which has been running since 2005, helps you to set up your own website, has owners who are not only known but are available 24-7 for all members for counselling and help. Wealthy Affiliate also has extensive training,videos and lectures,which I can recommend because the training has worked for me.

    • Way to many Red Flags for me, as you have touched on regarding my review. Legit training is hard to come by these days because everyone wants to get rich quick. There are only a handful of honest opportunities, one of which being Wealthy Affiliate who will give it to you straight and actually train you properly.

  • Thanks Jason for this review on kash tree. The fact that their owner is unidentifiable is another massive red flag! Thank you for exposing another scam company. EveryThing about them looks shady. Fake testimonials and fake payout claims! I never heard of them but I sure know to avoid now. 

    • Happy you found this review before being potentially scammed by kashtree.co. I always get satisfaction knowing my reviews are helping people avoid scams and stay safe online. 

  • I’ve been hearing a lot of scam reports about Kash Tree. I think it’s the same company who is notorious with GPT scams and would always change the name once they get exposed. Get paid to sites are originally made to improve customer satisfaction  or further study and development of a product or service. I don’t know why it has been a platform for scamming practices nowadays. Legit GPT won’t  also make you rich or at least provide a good source of income because they can only pay a dollar or so. Surveys or completion tests doesn’t come as often as you think so there’s no way you can earn a lot from this platform. If you really want a legit source wherein you have to put your own effort, then affiliate marketing is the business to go. Thanks for this review. It’s a good way also to warn people from this sites. 

    • There are legit GTP (Get Paid To) sites online, one of them being Swagbucks but there is no way possible for them to offer the kind of payouts like kashtree.co does because it’s simply unrealistic. I have nothing bad to say about legit gtp sites, as they do pay but to me the time just isn’t worth the return, which is the reason I chose Affiliate marketingto earn my online income.

  • While looking for a good platform for me to make money online, I found kashtree, but I first off went out to read reviews on the platform. Luckily for me, I found it was a scam that is why I always acknowledge reviews like this one that help people determine which platform is good help. I didn’t even know that there wasn’t a defined owner for kashtree. This is a well detailed review. I’ll share it with others.

    • I am very happy you have found this review before getting scammed. Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing this article with others.

  • A platform that doesn’t have a transparent owner, no real value and tells people that they can make so much is truly a scam. Just like its counterparts pay4clout, kashtree is also a scam. It tells people that they make make a whole lot when the truth is that making money online has to do with hard work and time. I haven’t heard of kashtree, but it is similar to some other scam platforms too. Like others, they dont have a transparent owner too. Great review here on kashtree. I’m happy you are helping others stay away from the scam. That’s a good thing.

    • I’m sure the creators of Kash Tree are the same as Paid 4 Clout, the websites are identical and all that’s different is the name of the website. Very common tactic with sites like this, they get busted and just change the name. I was reviewing Forex Paradise a while back and they were about to become exposed so they created a site that looked exactly the same called wings to success to pick up income when Forex Paradise had become completely exposed.

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks so much for this informative article and I like it! I love to search for the dark sides of any affiliate programs before I jump in, and thanks for this article, I didn’t choose Kash tree for the future. 

    These days, people get the idea so often to make money online by joining a program which mentions you could succeed in a short time. Like in this article, Kash tree says you could make USD$500 per day which I think it’s exaggerated!

    Anyway, thanks for this article. Love it!

    • Unfortunately that’s how they work. There is always someone looking to make easy money online and these are the people they prey on. Flashy little website with low start up cost and they are in business. Then when people are on to the scam they just start a new site and scam more people.

  • Thanks for uncovering this much  information about kash tree and I’m glad to have come across it. Seriously, who gives $500 for doing such simple tasks as signing up or referring others to signup and all those mini works. Definitely not in the online making money industry. Firstly, this is way too good to be true. Also, the false claims and bogus earnings, everything points to this as a useless program centered around just scamming us to collect the subscription from people like me. Thanks to this review, I’d simply just avoid this platform

    • I know Tracy, the math just doesn’t add up. People jump on stuff like this all the time because they are looking to make a quick buck. I assure you the only one making a quick dollar are the owners of the website.

  • “Sincerity” should be the hall mark of all legit business, that’s  something I have grown up believing over the years and I have noticed how effective it is in a business. Most of these scam sites go on and on with lies starting form over hyping to fake testimonies. I am glad such posts which are meant to expose such sites are being put up. This information would go a long way to saving so many people for falling victim. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing more of such wonderful posts from True Prosperity Online. You are working very hard to expose lies and bring the truth. 

    • Dane I am happy to see that True Prosperity Online is bringing value to our readers. I would also like to add the word integrity to the table when it comes to business, be it internet or brick and mortar. Sincerity and Integrity seem to be frowned upon in business these days but should really be the foundation and back bone of any business. I promise as long as this website exists we will continue to bring our readers the Truth!

  • Wow, I never would have thought that this was the plans of this eil people trying to sell my account details out to people. That’s not a good thing in any way. I thought that one can make good money from kashtree but that’s not the case. I guess nothing good comes for free after all. I and a couple of friends found kashtree knkjne and thought we could try it since its free and they made very crazy claims. In the end, it’s all just a lie. I’m glad to have read your post. Thanks for the help you have given here, we’ll just back out.

    • John, I’m really happy you found this review before wasting your time, if you would like to check out my Top RecommendationI will be more than happy to coach you as you grow an honest online business.



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