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Welcome to my Review. Today I’m going deep inside this seemingly good opportunity to bring you the truth and expose this Fake GPT site for what it really is. I want to start of by saying congratulations for taking the time to do your own research and get the details you need to decide for yourself if is a legit opportunity or just another online scam.

Smiling Money


Name: Money Chaser


Price: Free (Completing some of the tasks can get very Expensive)

Owner: Unknown

Scam Warning: Yes

Recommended: No

Summary: Money Chaser is a Get Paid To website that pays members for doing simple tasks. The tasks include referring others by sharing your affiliate link, completing tasks on your to do list which can include purchasing an item or monthly fees. You are also encouraged to make a video promoting Money Chaser and share the opportunity to make $500 a day.

Get Paid To websites such as money chaser are all pretty much the same except for the name of the company. Other companies I have exposed include KashTree as well as RainMoney. Feel free to have a look at all the scams I have reviewed and busted simply by clicking Home.

A Few Red Flags

Almost all GTP (Get Paid To ) Scams have a lot of the same Red Flags, so Beside the fact that they are collecting your information and doing who knows what with it, here are a few more Red Flags that should make you very weary.

Red Flag #1

Completely unrealistic income claims are almost always the first thing a site like Money Chaser uses to get your attention. Who doesn’t want to make $500 a day? I know I do. Trust me if making that kind of money a day were really that easy I’m pretty sure everyone would be doing it. Sound too good to be true? Guess What? It is! Making money online is possible but you’re going to have to work hard for it. My Top Recommendation has all the training needed to make a really good income online.

Red Flag #2

The Numbers don’t Lie! Money Chaser has a bit of a discrepancy with their math. You see, there is no way anyone can make $500 a day at $10 to $15 per referral unless you are generating huge amounts of traffic. Even if your link share goes viral on social media the chances of doing this consistently are slim to none.

Not to mention Money Chaser has zero intentions of paying you any money at all which I will discuss in a minute. The true intention of sites like this are to get as many peoples personal information and emails as they possible can before being exposed.

Have a look at the money they claim to have paid out and then I’ll do a little math to debunk the false claim.

Payment Proof Screenshot

I would have hoped they would have at least got the math correct considering the bogus claims of making $500 per day. Let me clarify the numbers for you, if they have paid $14,000,000 to 300,000 members this would come out to be about $46.67 per member. Wow that’s a big discrepancy between the $500 a day they claim you will make versus the numbers they throw at you on the payment proof page. Let’s move on to yet another Red Flag that makes me extremely weary.

Red Flag #3

Bogus Creation Date! Money Chaser claims to have been launched in 2015 but the truth is the actual date of creation was in July 2019. The owners of this site have created over 17k fake websites since 2010. Take a look at the about page at money and then I’ll show you the truth from About Page About Page

Now have a look at the Truth. Money Chasers Was Not Founded in 2015 in fact they are very very new according to info



The fact is GTP (Get Paid To) sites simply can’t afford to pay the kind of money that Money Chasers, kashtree and rain money claim that they can. I have reviewed and exposed all of these sites, if you want to join a legit GTP site I recommend checking out swag bucks. You won’t make anywhere close to what claims you will but at least Swag Bucks is legit. My #1 Recommendation is still the best training for anyone looking to create real income online.

Red Flag #4

Fake Testimonials are probably one of the oldest schemes online scammers used to trick you into joining a fake unrealistic scam. is no different, they use the same kind of actors to sell the scheme and make it sound like a real opportunity.

Here are just a few of the actors that probably sold themselves for a small fee to make look like a legit opportunity when in fact it’s really nothing more than a blatant LIE.

Fake Testimonials

Now I would like you to read some real testimonials from real members of Wealthy Affiliate who have achieved real online success from simply working hard and following the step by step training offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

My Profile story is also included her for you to see that an average guy like myself can really make an income online when properly trained.

Meet Me. Here Is My Personal Success Story!

My Journey


Now Meet Jerry Who was only 21 when starting his journey and quit his job in just under a year, following the same training.


Jerry's Story


How Does Money Chaser Work works like this, They collect your email and other personal information and when you refer a friend they do the same to them. Why do they want your personal information? They collect your information and email to sell it to third parties. God only knows who they sell it to and why.

I personally have a huge issue with my personal information being sold off to third parties for companies personal gain and if you think MoneyChaser has any intention of actually paying you, think again because you will not receive one dollar not even a penny for that matter.

Is MoneyChaser A Scam?

Yes Money Chaser is a scam. They are not even close to legit and you will not get paid for your efforts. Many complaints of members not getting paid are already being reported online and the so called company has only been Live since July 2019 so if you decide to give it a go don’t expect to get paid.

They will just say you violated one of the terms of use if they even respond to you at all. I’ve given you all the information needed to make an informed decision regarding MoneyChaser but the choice is yours. I could go on and on with all the other red flags that come along with this seemingly good platform but we don’t have all day so now you have the real Money Chaser platform reviewed, exposed and Busted.

How Do I Make Money Online?

The platform I used to earn a consistent income online is Wealthy Affiliate, They have been creating one success story after another since 2005, I know your skeptical just like I was and I don’t blame you. This is why starter membership is 100% Free with no credit card required.

Premium membership is also available but not a requirement to Get Started. They even give you 1 free website and 10 lessons of training all for Free. Take a look at the membership options below and decide which membership is right for you.

I always recommend a Free membership so you can see for yourself id Wealthy Affiliate is a proper fit for you!

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I LOVE THIS REVIEW!  I can’t tell you how many times I have been had by this type or other types of these websites.  They are in all kinds of niches too.  Thank you for writing this as now I know at least one for sure is not legit.  I know of a few others.  Too bad there are not like 10 of you so that we could find them all and expose the lies; as this would save so many from their loss of what money they have.  Thank you so much, Love and Light!

    • Hello Dorri, I’m working hard to expose as many of these websites that are selling your personal information for profit. When your personal information is sold off to third parties I really don’t think this fake money chaser website cares who it goes to, as long as the money comes to them.

      Sites like this seem to be the newest scam for 2019 and probably well into 2020 because they are free to join and they are seemingly harmless.  I’ve been seeing a steady increase with these kind of scams and I continue working to expose them.

  • I have heard a lot from these make 500$ per day so much that whenever I see something like that it is a total turn off, I know I’m dealing with fake sites. Clearly the site is trying by all means to get people to trust them by trying to make themselves a site that has been online for some time. 

    Anyways you can’t make that amount of money on a get paid to do site, I have tried a lot of them once you reach the threshold something happens and you realize you cannot withdraw the cash and that is because it was never there in the first place.

    • you are absolutely correct my friend.  GPT sites that are legit only pay you pennies for completing tasks and even legit sites like Swagbucks still only pay a small amount for your time. I have to wonder what is happening with the legit sites now that scam artists are exploiting them too.

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