Plug In Profit Site Review

Is Plug In Profit Site A Scam?

Starting a internet business  can be tricky, especially if you are new to online or affiliate marketing. With unemployment on the rise and more families needing a second income a lot of stay at home moms and recently unemployed are turning to the internet to try and make ends meet. Be cautious though as you try to navigate your way through this jungle I call the internet.

You will soon see if you haven’t already exactly what I mean. Try typing a few key words into your search engine such as make money online you will see very quickly how many websites are out there looking to get you to join a so called pathway to wealth and prosperity. I urge you to proceed with caution. I cant stress enough that there is no such thing as getting rich quick. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that is not how online marketing works.

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One website that is online using such keywords as making money online or how to make money online are a bunch of duplicated websites designed by Stone Evans and his Plug In Profit Site. If you are new to affiliate marketing this guy will suck you in and slowly nickel and dime you to broke. This is one of the programs that enticed me a few years back when I first began looking at how to work from home. So lets look at this system and see if it really works..

I have revised my review of Plug In Profit Site for 2019 Because Stone Evens has revised some of the companies he promotes, so in keeping up with the times here is a look at the new PIPS. I would also like to point out that one of the major systems he promoted at the original writing of this review is not only gone but banned from operating in the United States shortly after my original Review. This company was called Empower Network and if you haven’t heard of them consider yourself lucky.

PIPS (Plug In Profit Site) ReviewScreenshot (7)

Name: Plug In Profit Site

Website url:

Price: Free? ( you are told to sign up for 5 different affiliate programs)

Owners Name: Stone Evans

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Scam: (Borderline but definitely a misleading SCHEME)

Recommended: NO

Plug In Profit Site Overview

As a former affiliate I feel I am able to give you a complete accurate review of this system. Stone Evens does offer to build you a free website. I must tell you these websites are all duplicated and they just don’t rank on Google This is why they use Google Alerts and traffic exchanges. When its your turn Stone Evens will promote your duplicated site that has little room for uniqueness at one of these places.  You can move up on the list if you pay.

I will say that traffic exchanges are a breeding ground for scams and the ones he promoted a few years ago are also not a part of the new PIPS. In Fact Only 2 of the affiliate programs he promoted with the original Plug In Profit Site are still part of his recommendations which are SFI (Strong Futures International and GDI (Global Domains International)

You will also be encouraged to join 5 different affiliate programs. Only one of these programs is free to my knowledge. Four of these programs have been excluded from the new PIPS site. This raises some issues with me like What went wrong with the other four programs you were promoting 3 years ago in 2011? one of the new programs Stone is promoting on his website in 2014 is the Empower network which is worthy of a whole review in itself. I will review Empower in a future post soon.

Update: As of this moment EP is no longer and was banned from operating in the US In 2015 (Today’s Date 06/17/2019)

Many of these programs you are encouraged to join charge a monthly fee. So if you do not start making money immediately you will be paying out of pocket until you do or IF YOU DO. I honestly don’t think a newbie in this industry will be able to do that with the outdated training within this system. You will definitely need to be a experienced marketer to make this program work.

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Plug In Profit Site In 2019

Stone Evens hasn’t really changed much at all with the exception of the affiliate programs he promotes. He is even still using the same High School picture of himself from his 2011 PIPS Capture page. Basically it works the same.

Stone will build you one of his duplicated cookie cutter websites for free and encourage you to enroll in 5 different programs by clicking on his affiliate links which he conveniently places in each recommendation.

After joining through him you will be asked to place your own new affiliate links on the website he makes for you which basically promotes his very own PIPS along with the 5 programs he tells you to join. Don’t worry about joining all of them though because Stone will just keep his links in your place.

My problem with this entire platform is the use of the duplicated websites with very little room for adding unique content. Duplicated sites just don’t rank well on search engines.

Any experienced affiliate marketer will tell you that in order to rank well you have to provide unique and helpful content. Stone knows this too, he is one of the top affiliate marketers in the world and he absolutely knows this. The only problem is, he’s not going to tell you that because then he loses money.

I’ve even gone as far as to join again just to see if anything has changed in the platform to give the most up to date and accurate review possible but all i found was different affiliate programs being promoted.

PIPS was one of the first platforms that took me over the coals back in 2011 so keeping this review current is important to me and it will save you a lot of time, money and heartache too. I reviewed him again in 2014 and now in 2019 so rest assure I’m keeping a close eye on this guy and his scheme. Read more about my journey on my about me page.

The Good

1. Free Website ( it is a duplicated cookie cutter website )

2. Free Training

The Bad

1. Encouraged to sign up for a few programs ($ monthly Fees$ )

2. outdated training

3. Duplicated Websites ( These sites are hard to get ranked )

4. Targets Newbies ( You should be a experienced marketer if you are considering joining )

5. Misleading ( this site has a few of the warning signs I talk about on Identify Scams )

Who is Plug In Profit Site For??

This system would be best for a person already making money online that has some experience in affiliate marketing and can drive a lot of traffic to the website. Newbies will have a hard time trying to make this work.

PIPS (Plug In Profit Site) Support

Support is offered through the training provided. There is a contact page but from my experience if I ever had a question it was answered through a automated email which usually referred me back to a page in the training. I never had a personal email answered by the owner of this company when submitting a concern which to me tells me once they had my money I wasn’t even worth a personal response.

My Final Opinion

Is Plug In Profit Site A Scam? I Say No because you do get a product but I will call it a Scheme, If you are new to online marketing you are going to have a hard time making this work. The training is outdated and you will need to have  quite a bit of experience and already know how to work from home to have any chance of making this work.


PIPS At A Glance


Owner: Stone Evans

Price: Free (plus upgrades and memberships of other programs)

Overall Scam Rank: 10 out of 100


This review is a review of my own personal experience with Plug in Profit Site. If you have truly had a different experience as an affiliate you are welcome to leave a comment below.

If you are truly seeking to earn a income online Wealthy Affiliate can help. The owners are Active participants in the community. Learn what is essential for creating a lasting internet business with integrity and honesty.

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I love your honesty that there is no such thing as a get rich quick. It takes time to be successful in any business. Many business books that I read said that you need at 2 years to see a satisfied result and you need a constant hard work and training on top of that. 

    Before I buy into any program online, I always go with my gut feelings. Is it too good to be true? Most of the time, it is. I also do my due diligence doing a research, like now I am reading a review on your blog. There is no one can look after you like yourself. I also make sure that the business has been around for a while and also make sure that the owner do not hide their identity or use false testimonials from fiver. 

    I will memorize this name, Stone Evan. Will avoid any of his duplicate platforms. Thanks

    • I think you have the perfect approach to researching what platforms are legit and which ones to stay away from. Plug In Profit Site is nothing more than a giant scheme, created by a very successful affiliate marketer named Stone Evens. His motives are to line his own pocket and he doesn’t care who he robs to achieve his goals. People like this make me sick because not only did he trick me but how many others did he scheme who trusted him? His ethic are a serious concern to me.

  • Hi Jason

    It is always good to read reviews about any product or service which promise to make money whilst working from home.   If any website says it is easy then they are misleading the public in general, as there is no such thing as a quick buck.  Affiliate marketing takes time and effort,  If you put in more effort the more rewarded you will get and deserve.  

    I really appreciate this review, as It is another program which will go on my blacklist.  I hate it when they say it is easy money but then do not provide the tools to help you achieve it.  Is there any better affiliate marketing programs that you would recommend?



    • Hey Antonio, as I said in my review Wealthy Affiliate was the platform that didn’t lie to me and allowed me to make my first dollar online. I also like the products at SFI(Strong Futures International), although I’m not a big fan of the training at SFI they do offer some decent products that are pretty easy to sell. Also there is the Chris Farrell program which is also very legit. When I finally found some legit platforms Wealthy Affiliate was the choice for me but that’s not saying that it is the only legit system online. Chris and SFI may be a good fit for some but for me WA is the best online training for the money. There is also a website called FIMP (Free Internet Marketing Project ) that also teaches some really awesome training for Free. Ian Pribbly is the owner and he is very honest and transparent.

      I hope this helps,


  • Unfortunately, a lot of newbies in the online world are going to fall for this and would end up actually losing their money or wasting their time. This is meant for experienced online affiliates that know their way around the internet. 

    I won’t consider the plug in profit site to be a scam but I think the information they pass is misleading and would not be of much use to anyone without experience on online marketing.

    • On the surface, if your not aware of the consequences of having a cookie cutter website PIPS is a seemingly good system. Newbies are not aware of the penalties search engines give to duplicate content. Stone Evens is aware of this however, yet continues to give away this garbage. The fact that he has associated himself with Empower Network which is no longer a thing and couldn’t operate in the United States shows me that he is more concerned with lining his pockets using misleading techniques just goes to show what kind of person he actually is. Although I feel strongly that this guy is a scam artist I will change my consensus to it being a MAJOR SCHEME and one of the most misleading websites I’ve ever come across. 

  • the PIPS can work, you just have to work it. It is not SCAM.

    • Talk to me after you get nickeled and dimed to death. I see your still a newbie so I’ll give you a pass on your comment. Talk to me after you have signed up for all of Stone Evens Affiliate programs and keep spending money and making none. I’ve been where you are at and your enthusiasm could go a long way. I’m just sorry to say it won’t be with PIPS. Good luck anyways, I hope you prove me wrong

  • 😛 I accept the site is Stone Evans
    And today I make money, that I kept developing the site and started work on programs.
    Evans’s plan the best you’ll find on the net, an opportunity which I use to double the rest of the programs that I work.
    It is not SCAM.

    • I could go on and on but I won’t. Stone always sends his cronies out there to monitor sites that expose him. He promotes Empower Network Which isn’t even aloud to operate in the US because of its sketchy business practices. I guarantee you are new to this business and still haven’t made a dime online. Your just caught up in Stones BS. I was there too so I don’t hold it against you. You should get back to me in 6 months after you get sick of paying all your membership fees and still have barely made anything. I’ve been there done that and in my opinion Stone is extremely misleading and down right dishonest. Hey preys on newcomers to this business and gives it a bad name. I was down and out when I fell for Stones SCAM and he nickle and dimed me to death. Thankfully I didn’t give up and now not only can I expose him but I also am part of a community that REALLY does teach you how to make money online without dishonesty and deceit.
      Best Of LUCK

  • I wouldn’t necessarily call Plug In Profit Site a scam, it is legitimate, I think the problem arises when people aren’t able to duplicate success. It works for some, not for others. When things don’t work, well, people yell scam. It works for me, I have not been scammed. And all of the programs listed, you can join them or not. As far as ranking the site, well that depends upon your know how and your efforts. WHICH if you are new, I would also recommend Wealthy Affiliate, I was a member there for three years. I started making money and no longer needed the service. But the PIPS can work, you just have to work. It won’t work for you.

    • Christian,
      I respect your opinion and if you are making money with PIPS thats great. I do however feel Stone to be extremely misleading and his training outdated. He is not transparent and I think he is a huge Scam artist. It is close to impossible for someone new to this business to make it using his system. I also can not endorse anyone who has ever had anything to do with the Empower Network. Those guys are such scam artists they can’t even operate in the United States…

  • Plug In Profit Site huh? What a joke. If you want a profitable online business, you better be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some work, period!

    • You can say that again Steve. Hard work is the only way, from my experience there is no such thing as easy money online. Regardless of what the scam artists and gurus tell you if you want to succeed online you have to be willing to work hard.

  • This is a very accurate and thorough review. People should really be leery especially just starting out. I would also recommend WA for the new guy as well as the veteran.

    • That is a very accurate point you make. Although Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for a newbie, the experienced online marketer will also benefit from being a part of this community. Thank you for your input.
      Best Wishes

  • You have really done you research on internet marketing and it’s very helpful when there are experienced people like yourself who have been through the “internet jungle” providing their personal experiences, failures and success.
    Great resources, Great Job 🙂

    • Thank you, I really enjoy exposing these scams. My experience does not have to be everyone’s. If I can help just 1 person to avoid a scam online I will be satisfied and it makes all this worth it.
      Best wishes

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