Rain Money Review – Will You Really Make $150? – Is Rain Money Legit?



Welcome to my RainMoney review, if you’re here I’m sure you have a few questions you need answered. The fact that you are taking the time to do you’re own research is great and I’m going to answer all the important questions that everyone needs to know, Including the most commonly asked question. Is Rain Money Legit or a scam?

The amount of scams online these days is absolutely astounding and the team at True Prosperity online is constantly monitoring the internet to expose them and bring you Legit money making opportunities that won’t scam you. That being said let’s get into my review.

Name: RainMoney

Website: rainmoney.co

Owner: Unidentified

Launched: August 2019

Price: Free (GPT sites get very costly completing offers)

Recommended: No

Summary: RainMoney.co is a GTP website that pays members for completing tasks such as referring friends, signing up, promoting rain money on You Tube, and completing offers. They claim to have been the worlds #1 social media influencer since 2013 and offer generous payouts for completing such tasks.

Unfortunately none of this is true and I am going to prove it to you with the facts my team and I have uncovered. RainMoney has no proof of being in business since 2013, The whois website actually has them as being created in August 2019. The truth is, you will never get paid and they only collect your information so they can sell your information to 3rd parties for a huge profit.

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Is RainMoney A Scam?

This is going to be a pretty short review because everything about rain money screams out scam. The website is Identical with basically a new name inserted to other such sites I am either currently investigating or already have, such as Kash Tree and Paid 4 Clout. The RainMoney website is registered in Panama and has no named owner. This is only one of many Red Flags and I will show you the proof. Rain Money Is A Scam.

Date Of Origin Discrepancies

The Rain Money About page claims to have launched in 2013 and that they are the #1 social media influencer in the world working with all the major brands. This is a blatant lie and yet another Red Flag against this fake website. Here is what RainMoney will have you believe but I assure you it’s not True. Notice the tiny print. Why so tiny?

Rain Money About Page

Now Lets take a look at the rainmoney.co website on whois.com and se where the discrepancy lies. Whois shows us that rainmoney.co was launched in August 2019. No named owner and a blatant Lie on the about me page already shows me they can’t be trusted. Here is the whois information I found while looking into this seemingly good website.

As you can see this website was set up to be a quick hit it and quit it. They are only registered for a year and will more than likely let the domain name expire after they’ve taken enough money from their victims and become increasingly exposed.

What Does Rain Money Really Do?

RainMoney Really does not care about you nor are the going to pay you. The payout claims are completely unrealistic and mathematically impossible.

Rain Money says they actually work with major brands that pay them to run sponsorship ads on the rainmoney.co website. Funny thing is there are no ads whatsoever on the website. This is just another fake claim to try to justify how they are going to pay you.

The fact is they will not pay you because this is just another lie designed to entice you into thinking rainmoney.co is a legit website.

I have been seeing people promote RainMoney all over social media because they keep watching their revenue adding up on the fake earnings they show you in your virtual wallet.

Now you are referring friends by sharing your link on social Medea and making videos that promote them because the fake money keeps growing but you have a high cash out threshold so you start clicking on some of the tasks which require your personal information and ARE VERY DANGEROUS.

These links will not only steal your personal information but some will also install Malware. Are you beginning to catch on to the scheme here? The Only Person Making Money Is The Owner Who Will Not Identify Who They Are Because They Are Selling Your Information. What am I talking about you may ask?


Where Does Your Personal Information Go

Selling your information to third parties is huge business these days, especially on the dark web to other scam artists and hackers. Sites Like this have been known to sacrifice your information to third parties that will not only install Malware but also steal your personal information and collect your passwords.

There are many sites that do this such as KashTree, Clout 4 Pay, Secret Profit Club and many others which I have exposed and BUSTED.

What has happened to others who have had their information stolen online? Besides identity theft people have had their PayPal accounts hacked, bank accounts, this isn’t only about hacking into your accounts either (although it’s the most popular. Your information can also be sold to advertisers which is very common with even some legit platforms and this is a billion dollar business.

Chances are that if you start promoting fake websites like RainMoney.co something bad is going on behind the scenes.


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Fake Testimonials VS Real

I have seen the same girl give fake testimonials and fake earnings on a few of my most recent reviews and the only thing different is the name of the website and the fake earnings. I’m going to show you the same girl on multiple websites giving a false testimony and then show you Real testimonies that you can actually read for yourself and see the proof, then you can decide for yourself and take a serious look at my # 1 Recommendation for making Legit money online. The RainMoney testimonial on the home page even forgets to insert their own name and leaves a referral payday review up instead.

Fake Testimonial

Another Fake Testimonial

Real Testimonials From Real People

Now I would Like to show you some real testimonials from real people who are making REAL MONEY ONLINE!

You will need to sign up as a FREE MEMBER to read the complete testimonial as they are quite detailed and exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate Members. These are real success testimonies from active members who work hard every day to achieve success. There Is no easy way to make money online it requires hard work and I hope these members inspire you to do whatever it takes to make it.

There are so many more success testimonies but here are just a few of my favorite inspiring members that willingly help so many others achieve their goals online with integrity and honesty.

Here Is Jerry Huang who was just 21 years old when he began his online training and has made over 100k online in just under 2 years.

Jerry Huang's Success At Wealthy Affiliate




Take a look at another awesome member who made it to the Las Vagus Super Affiliate conference in just over a year. Lady’s and Gentlemen, Meet Grace (AKE littlemama)


A littlemama success post


The last Real Success Testimony I would like to share is my own and you don’t have to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, you can check out my about me page instead or just click my picture below to read my Wealthy Affiliate Bio.

My Personal Bio




Final Thoughts

Is Rain Money legit or just another online scam? Rainmoney.co is in No Way Legit, they are a complete scam that WILL NOT PAY YOU! I suggest you stay as far away from this website as possible because it is a complete scam that only wants your information to sell to 3rd parties. I only endorse Legit websites that have a long-standing history of helping people achieve success online.

I absolutely can not recommend rainmoney.co in no way and I know you will thank me later if you actually decide to give this thing a try.

How I Make Money Online With Integrity

The only platform I found as a beginner trying to make money online has been Wealthy Affiliate and I promise you I have zero regrets. From 2011 thru January 2014 I found nothing but scams online until the day I discovered wealthy Affiliate. Since that time I have put in a lot of hard work and learned a few things by following the step by step training offered at WA.

The best part is I was also given an avenue to expose all the scammers that took advantage of my desperation and vulnerability at the time. I invite you to Learn More about the platform that has changed my life forever and put me on a road to success.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try. Membership is Free and you can put your credit card away because a starter membership cost you nothing and you are a free member for life.

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Thank you for your continued support, if this article was helpful please help spread the word and share us with your friends and family. We can not do this without your support and we work hard every day to bring you the truth and do our part in keeping the internet truthful and honest.

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Best Wishes,


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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I may be a little naive but i am really surprised there are people out there who actually do this kind of stuff and thanks so much for letting us know and making people aware of the realities of these scams.

    I have been lucky and came across wealthy affiliate first up and can highly recommend them to all your readers.

    Cheers Paul

    • Hey Paul, I wish I was as lucky as you and found Wealthy Affiliate first, if you read my about me page you will see that I continuously got scammed fro 2011 until 2014 When I finally found Wealthy Affiliate which has changed my life forever.

  • The fake testimonials are pretty funny, actually.They’re a scam they’re obviously not trying that hard to cover it. Some people don’t understand how dangerous it is to hand over their information to random websites, I heard that data is like gold these days, it’s the gold of the 21st century. I’m definitely more interested in Wealthy Affiliate which seems more honest, but how long did it take before you started making money with them?

    • I have honestly seen the same girl giving the same testimony on 5 different websites. The only thing that changes is the name of the company and sometimes here name. Some Days it’s Ambria and other days it’s Christine. 

      Wealthy Affiliate did train me to become a successful marketer and I’ve been with them over 5 years. To answer your question it took me a little over 6 months to start making money in a highly competitive niche. My less competitive niches usually take me about three months to see some money depending on the hours I invest.

  • Hi Jason,

    What a wonderful review! The fake agency, fake testimonials, fake earnings make rainy money a scam. 

    You have described the brutal consequences of identity theft.

    Can you please recommend me what to do when your identity has been stolen to regain it?

    I feel lucky to be with Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many scam money making sites, it is hard for a newbie to fall in the trap. 

    This review will help people making an informed decision about where to go to make money online.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. The first thing one should do in the case of identity theft is to notify the local authorities. Websites such as lifelock.com can also help you with repairing your reputation with the major credit bureaus. I hope this helps.

  • I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. It is very important that people know the real truth about Rain Money as I also failed to this scam 3 months ago. I think that there are many other and better ways to earn money online instead of losing time on this.

    • I am sorry you tried rainmoneydotco and failed before finding my review. I get many requests to investigate online scams and deal with them on the amount of requests I receive for a particular website. There are many websites that look exactly like rainmoney.co, in fact they are all clones of one another. Rain Money was launched in August of 2019 so I think you may have been scammed by one of their clone websites 3 months ago. Either way you were scammed and that’s not right. I encourage you to request reviews on any questionable websites by visiting my Report A Scam Page right here at True Prosperity Online. My team is always looking so you get the most up to date information available and we look forward to helping you in the future.

  • Wow, many of these websites with shiny offers are scams. This post really came at the best time because I was about to make my way over to Rain money. I wasn’t able to get enough information about it but this post has given me really helpful information and I’ve been saved from being scammed. Articles like this should be posted more often so that people will be informed about what most of these online businesses are made of. You’ve been of great help, thank you.

    • Happy to help you Jones. Give yourself some credit for taking the time to do your own research as well. I encourage people to share this post and get the word out to the world. 

      Than You


  • Lies upon lies, that’s what these scam sites are all depending on. I must say a very big thank you for taking your time to put up this really amazing post. First of all, before going into any business, I tend to make research about its founder and if he/she has a bad record or is ghost to the business, then i start having a mixed feeling about it. Recently, scam sites are adding up in numbers and I would urge more of such post to save other from wasting their money. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Chloe,  We are working hard to do just that. More of such posts that expose these scams before innocent people fall victim. Look for my next review reagarding a possible scam called website Atm.



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