Real Work From Home Jobs – 7 Proven Ways That Make Money In 2019

Work From Home Jobs are becoming some of the most Highly sought after jobs in 2019 and the industry is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years. In fact right now over 297,904 searches are done every month for work from home jobs and that’s just on Google. Who doesn’t want the ability to make their own hours and live a lifestyle that most people only dream of? Take a look at the screenshot of my keyword research using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

On a side note with that many monthly searches you have a possibility of over 50k visitors a month if you get on the first page with that keyword. This isn’t rocket science either, I can show you how to consistently get page 1 rankings for free.

Finding genuine work from home jobs can be a lot harder than you think. The process usually consists of searching the Internet and looking for the opportunity that fits you best. Unfortunately most don’t even make it through the first few pages before they become frustrated and Just stop looking, or even worse they get scammed and lose their hard-earned money. With so many scam artists lurking around the jungle which I call the internet, how can you know if an opportunity is really legitimate?

Not Knowing where to look can be a huge issue and turn you off from following your dream of working from home. THIS IS WHERE I COME IN. After spending years of searching for legit work from home jobs I have found that not everything is as easy as some make it out to be. I lost thousands of dollars and countless hours of sleep in my journey. Read more about me on this site if you want to ser my credentials

The good thing about this for you is, I’ve already done the research. Losing this kind of money made me a little bitter but it also fueled my desire to prove to all the naysayers that I really can make money working from home and that’s exactly what I did. Her Are 7 Proven ways to work from home that really work. I listed everything from Part Time Gigs to Platforms that can allow you to make a full time income from home.



Before I start with my list I want you to know that these are not turn key get-rich-quick scams, these are legitimate opportunities which can take weeks months or even a year to make money. Everything depends on which option you choose and your willingness to put in the time and effort. Anyone who tells you they have a turn key done for you system is a lie almost 99% of the time, the other 1% comes with a High Price Like my Parallel Profits Review, which although legit, comes with A Price!

Here are the top recommendations I have tried and proven to be legitimate in 2019 and beyond.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing quickly became my go to platform, after trying some of the other options I will list. This is the platform I have used for the last 5 years to generate a really good income online. Currently I can conquer any niche of my choosing and turn it into a successful business in less than a few months.

Getting Started with affiliate marketing is going to require some work and training in order to achieve success. If this is something you might be interested in I can help with both Training and support. I can also set you up with 2 Free Websites and 10 lessons of training for Free. First Let me show you how it works and see if this might be a good fit for you. A website will be necessary with the platform I am about to explain so keep this in mind.

Here are the basic steps taken when starting your own Affiliate marketing Business.

1. Get A Website

2. Join A Affiliate Program

3. Find A Product

4 Promote Chosen Product or Products

5. Track Your Sales

6. Earn A commission






This is Affiliate Marketing explained In a nutshell. I can teach anyone how to create a successful affiliate marketing business providing they are willing to work hard, be teachable, as well as follow the training I offer as it is laid out, If you can do the 3 things I just listed then I can help. You can see the training I used and continue to use by taking a look at My #1 Recommendation

Freelance WritingMan with beer writing in the comfort of home

Because I write a lot of content for my website Freelance writing is obviously my next choice to work-at-home, because I am pretty good at it. Companies are willing to pay you for writing skills and you can get paid well for your services. A lot of people start with freelance writing because you can get paid sooner. I get it, Been their done that. I will show you what freelance writing requires so you can see if this may be a good option

How much you get paid for Freelance writing is going to depend on a few different things but if you have these qualities then get ready to make some loot. Quality content is probable the most important out of everything. Companies that pay do pay well and they will expect Quality content in every niche you are providing content for.

Experience is going to be a big factor as well, a beginner can make money with freelance writing but the pay will be on the lower end. When you start to build a reputation and continue submitting quality content your income potential will grow tremendously. People have made as much as 200,000 a year submitting quality content to just 6 or 7 clients.

If you are thinking freelance writing may be an option for you but don’t know where to find the work don’t worry. Like I said earlier I’ve been their, done that so I have a few suggestions to help you get started with Freelance Writing. These are only my personal suggestions, but their are literally thousands of freelance writing gigs available if you don’t mind taking the time to do some research of your own.

Think about all the potential their can be f you want to do a little research for yourself. Here is a list of a few companies that I have found in my online journey that are legitimate and pay well. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you find a program on your own and would like me to look into it first.


Take A Look At My Top 3 Choices That Are Tried Tested and Proven!!

1. – This platform was stared in 1997, so the credibility is their. Freelance Writing is a platform that connects writers with clients who are looking for all different kinds of writing. Perfect for a “General Writer”

2. Remote. Co – Remote. Co offers all kinds of work-from-home-jobs, freelance writing is only a fraction of everything they have to offer. If you are looking to work remotely from home I would seriously consider checking this platform out.

3. Freelance Writing Jobs – Freelance Writing Jobs is a website that reviews all kinds of writing gigs and connects you with clients looking for writers. This website has great domain authority in the freelance writing niche and although listed 3rd, is probably one of the best platforms to land some really good gigs.



Proofreading Content

Pretty Caucasian girl with laptop, paper and pencil proofreading content

Maybe Freelance writing is not for you so my next recommendation would be to become a proofreader. Proofreaders can make decent money simply by going through peoples content and detecting errors such as grammar and spelling mistakes. Blog Posts, Books, Documents, and other various types of content all need proofreading and busy bloggers or other kinds of writers will outsource their content to you to be looked over.

Understanding of the English language and Grammar are definitely requirements to get started, but proofreading is definitely a legit work-from-home-job

How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you earn will depend on a few different things such as, what type of proofreading you are doing. Preforming “general Proofreading” will certainly offer more opportunity for work as it is not specific and you could be correcting many kinds of content. This will pay less but the work is consistent. Having specialized skills such as proofreading legal documents or transcript will certainly open up a few different doors and you can charge accordingly for your services.

Making$1800.00 a month is totally possible, I know of people who have turned this platform into a full-time-income-from-home making as much as 52k plus per year.

Where To Get A Proofreading Gig

Getting a gig proofreading is fairly simple as well. Anyone who publishes content regularly can always be looking for someone to review the content and help to perfect it. Again I will list a few of the places I have found to be legit to get you rolling. Do some research of your own as well and if you are uncertain about any particular platform, I will be more than happy to take a look. Just leave a comment or contact me directly.

Here are 5 companies I’ve found to be legitimate with brief descriptions about each of them included!!

1. – No experience requirement listed but you do have to take a test before joining which should take about 15-25 minutes.


2. Domainite – pay is low but can be a great start to test proofreading and see if you like it. Requirements are not as strict as the next few I will show you.


3. Demand Media – 2 Years experience required and they pay $3.50 for every reviewed article of content.


4. Hello Essay – Hires experienced writers with a degree


5. Edit Fast – Edit Fast has been around for a long time and the pay is 40% of the contract price




Need a Little Side Cash? Try taking Online Surveys

Online surveys have been around for a long time now, the only problem is that their are way to many to choose from now. You will not kill it with online surveys and definitely will not get rich taking them. Some can be time-consuming (especially the ones that pat decent) and you should get a separate email if you are going to do this. I list this only as a little side hustle so you can make a little pocket money.

I think if you get involved in any of the options I’ve listed so far, you will be way to busy to even think about this bu it is another option for someone only looking to make a bit of money online. Believe it or not, Some people actually like their jobs and just want to earn a little extra on the side.

I personally have never met such a person but I’ve heard they do exist. LoL.

Here is a short list of online survey sites that pay, some with cash and some with gift cards. Let’s have a look.

1. Survey Junkie – Cash out threshold is $10 payable with Gift Card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer

2. Swagbucks – Cash out threshold $15 payable with Gift cards

3. Inbox Dollars – Cash out threshold $30 Payable via check or gift cards

4. My Points – Cash out threshold $25 (may have changed) Payable cash or gift cards




Website Designer


Designer making a website page

Becoming a website designer is not as hard as one may think, I use a platform Called WordPress. Getting started is fairly easy as well, the training I use at Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I needed to know about Website Design. Not only that but they gave me 2 Free websites that are mine for life. I will get into this a bit more later on in this article. For now, I will just let you know what you need to do to become a website designer.

If you have the skill and eye for detail you can make some really good money designing websites.Even if you choose not to us the platform I recommend you can make money from home doing this with almost any web design platform. Businesses need a website nowadays and if you can tap into even a small portion of this market you can do alright. You can tap into the local market simply by stopping into a local business, placing an ad in the newspaper, Placing ads online at sites like Craigslist or Fiverr, and the best advertisement of all, Word of Mouth (Referrals).

Getting paid as a web designer will depend on a couple things like, what the market is in your local area for similar jobs. Sometime as you grow your skills you will just give a set price to a client for your services and then charge a monthly maintenance Fee. This is how I do it with my clients for a standard website. E commerce sites tend to run a lot higher because of the amount of work involved. I personally never give a set price for sites like these because each client needs are different and require various amounts of time. I feel it’s best to charge by the hour for E commerce sites.


Want To Learn How To Build A Website? Start Here

Become A Blogger

Blogging is one of the oldest ways to work-from-home-online and it still exists today. The reason blogging is still so popular is that when you get good at blogging, it works. Becoming a blogger like anything else is still work and you should get properly trained in order to get the most success with your blogs. I can show you the training I used to get properly trained and create a successful online business in about a year. For now lets get into blogging and how to do it.

I suggest having a website of your own in the niche of your choice but their are companies willing to pay you for your skills without having to get a website. I will also show you how to Identify scams so you don’t fall victim to a fake blogging scam.

You can expect it to take a little more time to make money from blogging, it could take a few months or even a year to start making decent money. Although the pay is sporadic in the beginning successful bloggers can earn a really good living once they are established. Here are a few examples of how bloggers make money online.

1. A website of their own, selling a product of your own or other peoples products through affiliate marketing.

2. A Freelance Writing Gig, this is a much quicker way to get paid from your blogs. Yes the pay will be lower than having a website of your own but you will be paid faster.


If you are interested in making money through blogging check out one of the freelance writing jobs I listed earlier or you can check out my free training and get 2 free websites to help get you rolling. See my #1 recommendation for aspiring bloggers to get properly trained.




Become A Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants otherwise known as VA’s are in demand right now and if you have some flexibility in your schedule this could be a great source of income. Companies who hire a virtual assistant are usually ones that are on the rise but not yet ready to hire someone full time to handle administrative tasks. Some of the responsibilities expected from a VA are as follows.

. Email lists and responding to Emails

. Managing social media pages

. Conference call transcription

. Preparing Presentations

. Time management (managing the calendar)

. Handling Customer Service issues



How much does it pay


picture of hundred dollar bills

Depending on the gig a Virtual Assistant can make anywhere from $30 – $50 per hour. A professional VA can earn upwards of $70K per year. In order to become a VA you will need to be trained and pay for the training which costs anywhere from $100 – $325. Training usually takes only a few days so you can expect a return on your investment in a short amount of time. After completing the training you can easily find a gig with websites like Freelancer and Upwork where clients will be able to connect with and hire you. Be sure to complete your profile and list any special skill that you want considered by the client.

I hope my updated list of real work from home jobs ha been a help for you. I know that sometimes it’s hard to weed out the legit companies from the scam artists which is why I’ve provided this information. Hopefully I helped save you the hassle of looking for a legit gig and you can start making money online.

Best Wishes


Want To Learn More About My #1 Recommendation?

As I mentioned earlier in this article ” Affiliate Marketing quickly became my go to platform” the reason for this is that the training I use has brought me from being a collision repair tech to becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer. My # 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, this has been my Top Choice since 2014 and continues to receive my highest endorsement. Read About Me and see why I recommend this community to everyone who wants to earn a passive income online. Yes you will have to work hard for it but anything worth doing in life is going to take some hard work. That’s just the way it is.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Wealthy Affiliate offer 2 types of membership options which are Free membership and Premium membership. Their are no up-sells once you pick the membership that is right for you. Free members receive 2 Free websites which are ready to set up and start your business immediately. As A free member you will also receive 10 Free training lessons to help you get your website rolling and ready to make you money. Everything is included with these 2 website including Hosting, So at Wealthy Affiliate Free really does mean Free.

Premium membership is available for those who want to start a business and get going faster. I always recommend joining for free then only going premium if you like what you see. Premium is $49 a month or $359 a Year and comes packed with everything you need to start a successful business online. Once inside you have access to a community of affiliate marketers with all levels of experience. I get help from expert marketers and the Owners Kyle and Carson whenever I need it. This is a huge help because if you get stuck you don’t stay stuck. Help is at Your fingertips.

Look for my special Bonus once you join which will give you access to all the Pure Power that WA has to offer for only $19 for the 1st month. My bonus will give you a feel for everything WA has to offer for less than a dollar a day.



Take A look For Yourself And See Everything You Get!!


If you have any questions or just want to share on here please leave a comment below













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  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason

    I have read the whole article about Real work from home jobs.This is really an informational article. I have learnt how i can  find a real work from home job and also how to become successful in online marketing. You have mentioned some ways as to how we can earn money from home jobs.There are lots of ways as you told but i think and i strongly believe that affiliate market is the best way.Thank you very much for sharing such a helpful information. I am going to share this article with my friends and relatives

    • As an affiliate marketer myself I feel that the payoff is better than others. However,  one must realize that this way of working from home also takes longer to get paid. Depending on how much time one has to invest in a affiliate marketing business determines how quickly one gets paid.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts


  • I was searching in Google to find out the real ways to make money online and then landed here. I completely believe what you have written here in this article because I’m already earning a good income by Freelance writing as well as by proofreading the content. I know lots of friends who are earning well from affiliate marketing and blogging. So, I completely agree with you. I didn’t know about the virtual assistant and about those survey sites. So, I’m definitely gonna try them. Thanks a lot for this article.

    • Hey Deraj,  I’m happy you found my article. Keep in mind that survey sites are not going to pay the money that your use to getting with the other platforms currently being utilized. Also remember not to over extend yourself, I’ve found that to be a big reason why people give up because they just take on to much. Have a great day and stop by again soon.



  • This article is very timely and effective. I am working as a premium member of wealthyaffiliate just before a few days. I want to build my career as an online marketer, freelance writer, and web designer as well. The vital way of the article was written with the information-data-picture is truly worthwhile. True Prosperity Online and Jason are requested to make more this kind of writing and upload for us. I obviously share this link with my friends. Thanks again to Jason for writing such a valuable article.

    • Thank you for sharing with your friends and family. I hope that they enjoy it as much as you did. Stop back again soon to see what we’ve uncovered for the up coming month.



  • Hello Jason,Tons of good information that is well detailed and will be of good help to your readers, I’m glad I read this. There are real work from home jobs but because of the scams on the internet, it’s hard to know which is legitimate. I’m a new member member  of Wealthy Affiliate undergoing training presently which I know will help in my affiliate marketing journey to brme success. I am happy to know more about other legit ways of making money online that can add to what I am already doing online.Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello Mary, I thought it best to make people aware that not everything online is a scam, there are legit ways to work from home. I thought it neccessary to write this, as scams seem to be at an all time high this year. My hope is for this article to get to the right people before they fall victim to a online scam.

      Thanks For Sharing, 


  • Hi Jason

    I have read your whole article about the work from home jobs.This is really an important article.I learnt about this by reading your article.There are so many ways to make money, but online is one of the best, It’s a way to earning that people can earn money from online.There are many kinds of money-making online marketing sites but affiliate marketing site is the best.This is an informative article it will be helpful for others.Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article.

    • Making money online is a lot of hard work but it is certainly possible. I hope the 7 ways I’ve listed will be a help to you as you look for a way to work from home.

      Thank You


  • This article was full of good suggestions on how to get started making money from home in 2019. I like that you went through each of your 7 suggestions in detail and also provided resources to offer your services for many of them. Indeed there is more and more opportunity to work from home these days!

    Of your suggestions, there are some that I would consider as a start with the intent to move on to more lucrative gigs. The survey option is one that I have tried, and although you can make money, it requires more time for money than I feel is worthwhile in the long run.

    When starting out, it is important to get some wins. That is where the survey route can help do that. If you plan a bit and at the same time invest in getting other income streams in place that require less time to be traded for money, over a limited period of time you can grow your work from home business.

    Of the options that will allow you to trade less time for more money, the affiliate marketing route and blogging come to mind as good choices. This is because the work you put in at the start can earn you income again and again over time. Although you have to work, you can spend much less time making much more money. 

    Perhaps the most important positive outcome of this post for readers who are looking for options is that you have provided solid ways to get started. There are always new people coming into the online marketing world and they need some solid advice. You have it here. 

    • Hello Dave

      Thank you for reading my article about real work from home jobs. I totally agree with you when it comes to online surveys as far as how much time you need to spend for such low pay. When I started my affiliate marketing business online surveys helped me to pay for my premium training at Wealthy Affiliate until my business started growing and generating income. The 7 ways i write about in this article are all tried tested and proven, providing a little something for everyone..

      Best Wishes


  • This really helped the post is very great done every month for work from home jobs and that’s just on Google. Who doesn’t want the ability to make their own hours and live a lifestyle that most people only dream of? Take a look at the screenshot of my keyword research using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. On a side note with that many monthly searches you have a possibility of over 50k visitors a month if you get on the first page with that keyword. This isn’t rocket science either, I can show you how. This is a nice Post very nice Post Good work 

    • Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, nice to meet you Dammey. 

  • Most of us want to be able to dictate how we spend our time and live our lives which is one of the reasons there is an increase in searches for working from home jobs. The problem is that even with this high demand been able to find a good work from home job can be difficult which is one of the reasons I am happy I came across this post.

    I am currently working on one of the jobs listed here like affiliate marketing but I have not gone into others. I would definitely be looking into them to know if they are for me

    • Hell Jay, once you find a platform that fits your lifestyle dictating your own hours will be possible. I think that a lot of people think that just because you work from home means that your not really working. You need to work just as hard or even harder when you work from home but in the end I find the trade off to be worth it.

      Best Wishes 


  • Thanks for these great ideas, I never knew there were so many ways to make money online. I’m currently trying to make money as a blogger with affiliate marketing, it’s a very slow way to make money but it’s legit. I heard it takes at least 1-2 years to make full time income. Meanwhile I would love to make money as a freelance writer, but nobody ever hires me. It seems like the only option left are those survey sites which are for making chump change only.

    • Have you tried changing up your niche? Expand your interest and you will have a better shot at landing a gig Freelance Writing. In the meantime stick with your blog because when you finally do break through the benefits will amaze you. 

      Best Wishes 


  • I’m an affiliate marketer and I fully endorse this message!

    I’m proud that you have executed this info here. Its very well put together and played out properly. As an affiliate marketer I’m happy to see the info is getting out there. More people need to know about this so that they can understand how this works. Affiliate marketing is very essential, and can be a great tool for everyone who is willing to make an income while at home.

    • I agree Angela,  affiliate marketing has been very good to me over the years and I am happy to be able to share this information with my readers. When something good like affiliate marketing comes along and you know how to help people achieve success,  you just want to share it with the world. 

      Great to hear Affiliate Marketing is working well for you.



  • Thank you Jason informational and quite revealing post.I’m new to world of online entrepreneurship and I’m quite glad that i came across your site today. Although i’m currently in the Affiliate marketing trade, you’ve offered me more credible options i never were even out there.

    Many thanks. Hope to come around some more

    • Come around anytime Festus, your input is always welcome. I am happy to hear you found this article helpful. I have seen a rise in online scams and just wanted to right about something positive for a change. I look forward to hearing from you again. 



  • Thanks for this wealth of information. Making money from home is the new way because it is less stressful and you have the opportunity to decide your work hours and not some boss. The only issue I have with all this online opportunities to work from home is the large unchecked scam platforms available. You will have put in your hard work only to discover you were working for a scam. Your list will surely serve as a guidance for good and secure platforms. Thanks

    • Hello Aweda, although I do my best to keep up with all of the scams online sometimes a few get by me. I am happy to do my part and inform you of the honest opportunities so you won’t fall victim to a scam. Every opportunity I’ve listed has been tested and proven to be legitimate.  This is the reason for my article,  to inform you of some scam free opportunities. 

      Best Wishes 


  • Such wonderful suggestions. I’ve always been interested in freelance work for making a little extra cash on the side. After being with Wealthy Affiliate for a few months, I have a bit more confidence in my reading and grammar skills. 

    I’m going to check out FWJ site and see if that could be something I would be interested in doing. I never would have thought you could make money writing content for someone else. Thank you for this post, it is very helpful.

    • Let me know how you like the platform after you try it out. I’m always interested to hear what others think as this article is just my experience.  I will look forward to hearing from you after you’ve given them a try.

      Thank You


  • Great! Very informative review about real work from home jobs, I have tried just two of the points on the list; affiliate marketing and freelancing. I tried freelancing first, then I used a particular platform which is not mentioned in this very article. Freelancing did not really work for me even though I was and am a great writer, so I gave up on work from home jobs a bit until I stumbled upon affiliate marketing. It has been a wonder filled ride ever since. Cheers.

    • Freelance Writing is not for everyone and you will find out that you still have a boss, if your writing is not up to par for the platform then you have just wasted valuable time that you could have used to submit your own content on a website that you own. My feeling is to go through the options I provide and pick something that works for you.



  • This is highly insightful and I must tell you its very informative. I have tried A series of online businesses but just little paid my bills. I am a website designer but jobs are not forthcoming, probably because many people believe in wordpress blogs and so on. I have also tried survey sites but it seems it’s not an avenue to make real income. Thanks for sharing

    • I do have some recommendations for A Website Designer as well, please contact me if you want to learn more. I will be more than happy to help you get some clients if you are interested. Here is my contact Info.



  • At the end of the day, my most favorite of it all is wealthy affiliates where websites is being build with ease and under few seconds you are done building your website. Wealthy affiliates is really the king of all affiliates programs and to some people, it may sound to be too good to be true but it’s true. 

    • I am so with you about your opinion on Wa, If you look into it I think that it’s not a to good to be true platform because they are honest about the 2 membership options. I would not be where I am today without the training at Wealthy Affiliate.I recommend that everyone read my about me page and see what I have gone through to get where I am today.



  • I totally agree that finding genuine work from home jobs can be a lot harder than you think. 

    When it comes to finding legit work at home jobs, you really have to do your due diligence, because scammers also prey on people that are looking to work from home. 

    There’s a Facebook page called Rat Race Rebellion that is an EXCELLENT source of REAL work from home jobs (no affiliate link!) They feature actual jobs from companies and corporations looking for workers from home. I’m mentioning this because there are many people who don’t know about this resource.

    Never ever pay any company for the opportunity to work from home! I don’t care what their “story” is. If the company is LEGIT, then you shouldn’t have to pay a fee to get hired.

    Cyberspace is a cold and cruel place. You have to navigate it with common sense and research. There are legit opportunities out there, you just have to take your time and find them.

    Great post. Very informative.

    Talk Soon,


    • Hello Howard, thank you for sharing your findings with everyone. I have looked into the page that you recommend and it looks to be legit. I will approve a link if you wish to do so, as this will provide informative and helpful information for my followers and anyone else who wants to know the truth..

      Best Wishes


  • This is a very impressive article, educative and informative!

    I am always of the opinion that  I knew every type of work at home job or way to make money from home or online.  But you have humbled me and I am going to try a couple of these that I have never considered before.  Especially the proofreading and  freelance writing. All these are great ideas to add to what I am already doing online.  Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

    which is more profitable, proofreading or freelance writing?

    • Both can be very profitable, I would try them both and see wich one fits you best. Just be sure not to take on to much and overwhelm yourself. I did that at one point and I would not recommend it. I had to learn to slow down and handle one task at a time to completion.

      Best Wishes


  • Hello Jason,

    There are a lot of ways to earn online but people have to be careful not to register for dubious programs. I really like the idea of affiliate marketing and blogging. I was a freelance writer but I figured out its much better if I write my content for my blog and try to promote it. Online surveys are also a quick way to earn some income on the side but do not expect online surveys to make you rich.

    Thanks for sharing

    • I seem to be seeing a lot of freelance writers turning to affiliate marketing since the pay can be a lot higher. I think that freelance writing is a great way to make some fast cash but if you think about it, your content is probably going on an affiliate marketer site and you are making them money. Personally I would rather invest my talent into my own business.



  • Hi, Jason. You are right. Work at home is so great. I am a freelance translator, so I know it. You should put “translator” in your post. I think if you want to work at home, it is important to maintain two or more sources of income. It’s also important to keep regular hours.

    • Hello Sam. I only put platforms that I have tried and tested to be proven. I will however look into your suggestion and place it in a different article. I will give you the floor though and allow you to post any translator platforms that you recommend. I a;ways love it when a reader brings more helpful information that I was not aware of. Thank you for sharing another opportunity for people to consider.



  • Thanks for the well done job you did to put all this together on the internet. Truly like you said over the years people always search the internet for how to make money online but the fact is many fall into scams because they don’t know the right way to go. 

    I find this article helpful for myself because there are many other areas on how to make money on the internet that I have not checked out,.also thanks for the #1 recommendation many will find it useful 

    • Hello Aijibola, thank you for visiting True Prosperity Online and leaving a comment on Real Work From Home Jobs. I’m happy that you found the information I provided to be useful in you quest to find a work from home job. I see that you also mention my #1 recommendation, let me know how you like it if this is the path you decide to go with.



  • Hi, I just wanted to check if there are some new opportunities for me working from home.

    I’m doing content marketing with my own website. I like it the best because I’m my own boss and with this being absolutely free of how, where, and when I work.

    The only problem is, the money doesn’t start coming in too fast. There is a phase I have to just work without seeing any income.

    That’s why I’m looking for some opportunities that would pay but not take too much of my time.

    • Stefan, I would recommend that you look a little deeper into Freelance writing or Website Design because you can get paid faster. I see you already have your own website which tells me that you have experience with building a website. You can try placing a small ad on social media or a local paper and design a website or 2 for some local clients. I can build a great website for a client in lees than a week and I have made as much as $4,000.00. Stay competitive with your local market and offer some deals when getting started. After you build a name for tourself then you can increase the pricing. Also don’t forget about Freelance Writing, as this is another good way to get paid quickly. I hope this helps you achieve what it is you are looking to do online.

      Best Wishes


  • Okay, I though I knew every type of work at home job or way to make money from out there.  But you have proven me wrong, and I am going to look into a couple of these that I had not considered before.  Specifically the website design, proofreading , and the freelance writing. All these are great ideas to add to what I am already doing online.  Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Happy to help, website design is a great side hustle and you can get local clients fairly easy.I did list a few of the platforms that I have found to be legit for Freelance Writing and Proofreading but there are some more legit platforms if you don’t mind doing a little research. Let me know which platform you go with and how your experience is with them please.



  • Thanks for sharing this post. I am really happy to know more about other legit ways of making money online. Recently I know about affiliate marketing which am currently undergoing  training. In your post I got to know I can earn online via freelancing and proof reading. I am going for these two as well. Thanks for this eye opener. 

    • Just be careful not to overwhelm yourself. I se it happen all the time, sometimes people take on to many project and never really get to make good money online because they are not seeing a project through. I don’t wish to see this happen to you so please be careful how much you take on.

      Best Regards 


  • Hi there Jason, thanks for sharing this article on how work online comfortably from home and earn more money without falling into scammers hands. Well, as far 2019 is concerned, many people are getting interest in how to work from home and earn more, I have personally joined wealthy affiliate to make money online and this will need to me blogging soon, am not really a good writer, but I will check the proofread out maybe I can cope with it too

    • Hello, I see that you are already Involved in the training at Wealthy Affiliate.  I hope everything is going well, as you may already know WA is my Top recommendation for online training. Maybe just keep with your training for now so that you will not be taking on to much. Ultimately the choice is yours l am only making a suggestion. 

      Best Wishes 


  • Hi Jason!

    I just came across this information online and I just felt like chipping in some comments about this work from home jobs. it’s really a bit difficult to get a good paying site if you really intend working from home. because there a lot of scams out there so one need to do proper research or else one might turn a victim. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article and also for the comprehensive breakdown of every bit of information step by step making the content of the article really engaging.Cheers

    • Hi Tony, that is the reason for my article. I want people to know that there are real work from home jobs online that are not scams. I hope that you can use any of the platforms I recommend and make one of them work for you. Let me know if I can help you get started with any of these recommendations.



  • Thanks for sharing this relevant and insightful post. I must tell you this is another eye opener for me on how to make money just working from home. I have tried affiliate marketing, freelance writing and  proofreading contents but i am still hoping to try out survey, website designing and others. I am hopeful i will engage in those stuffs anytime soon.


    • Happy to help Ola, I see you have tried a few of the options that I recommend. I think surveys are a good way to make a little side cash but I would never recommend them to someone looking to make a real income online. I am just wondering which of the recommendations you have found to be the best fit for you?

      Thank you


  • Hi Jason:

    I just found your site while doing research online. I was laid off from my job a couple months ago and have been doing extensive amounts of internet research so that I can start to shake the dependency of working for someone else and having little to show for it in the end. Out of the 7 proven ways to make money in 2019, the number one recommendation stands out to me after reading your article. I am convinced that this might be what I have been looking for and I look forward to joining and beginning the starter course. Thanks in advance for the insightful opportunity.


    • I’m glad I was able to help you Tony. Please feel free to contact me if you need help getting started, I will be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction.



  • I have been one of those who got pissed off searching the internet for a work at home job but I got tired because I keep getting almost similar results and so hard to find something to put my hands into. The list you mentioned in your blog is the maybe the best anyone can find anytime any day but the thing is, its hard getting the right results. The online world isn’t easy, I hope to find a good one that would click my niche.

    • I think people get frustrated and give up simply because they get overwhelmed and can’t find the proper training required to really make money online. No It’s not easy at all and anyone who tells you otherwise I would be cautious of. Fact is, hard work is needed to achieve success but when you finally do it’s your life on your terms. 

      Best Wishes Peter


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