Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

Greetings, Jason here with the wealthy affiliate review, this is the review that will answer any questions you may have about Wealthy Affiliate. In this review I will go deep inside the wealthy affiliate community and hopefully answer any questions you may have about this online community. If you still have questions after reading this review simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. At True Prosperity Online you have a voice and your voice matters. So lets get into this review and answer any questions you may have.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Jason’s Take

Over all Ranking: 98

Price: $0 (starter membership)

Owners: Carson And Kyle

Website URL:wealthyaffiliate.com

Why Am I Doing This

You may be asking yourself who is this guy and why is he doing this? When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate 5 years ago I was a bit skeptical. I tried for years to make money online only to run into scam after scam. I spent countless hours and wasted thousands of dollars trying to find a work from home opportunity. My experience was heart breaking and I thought to myself that I was stuck working my dead end job forever. I will never forget that feeling I would get in the pit of my stomach when I would find out I got Scammed. I made a promise to myself to expose each and every company that scammed me. The only problem was I didn’t know how. Then one day when I had almost given up I happened to come across Wealthy Affiliate. You can read more about why I am still here and why I do this on my about me page.


My Wealthy Affiliate Overview 

Carson and Kyle are the co founders of Wealthy Affiliate and I must say they are really on to something here, these guys are the real deal. Now let me explain why I feel this way. First of all they are completely up front with what you get as a Wealthy Affiliate member. You can keep your starter membership along with 1 free website at no cost, absolutely none. You will have limited access after the first week but no matter what the website is yours.

There is a premium membership which allows you to take full advantage of this site and once your premium you never need another upgrade. Let me say that again If you decide to go premium YOU NEVER NEED ANOTHER UPGRADE. What a relief, unlike a lot of these scam websites out there that try to keep up selling you, Wealthy Affiliate just tells you like it is. Starter membership with 1 Free website that is yours just for joining, or Premium where you get access to the best training I’ve ever seen online as well as access to the owners themselves. An online opportunity that is up front and doesn’t try to up-sell a bunch of nonsense once they get you in. WOW! Take a look at the membership options below and then we will get the pros and cons of  Wealthy Affiliate.

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Pros vs Cons


  • All levels of training
  • Video training, Tutorial training, and Courses
  • 10,000′s of community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms(extremely Important)
  • Live & Interactive Help and support
  • 1 entirely Free Website
  • State of the Art web Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts and leaders
  • A very strict spam free environment.
  • $0 Starter Membership. 100% FREE Forever
  • Very inexpensive (Premium membership) cost
Watch Video
Watch Video


*This stuff can be overwhelming (especially to a newbie) There is a lot of information here.

*you must be able to dedicate a specific amount of hours each week and stay with it.


My final Thoughts

I find Wealthy Affiliate to be more of a community of people who share a common interest in helping each other to achieve their goals. There is a wide range of experience levels within the community which makes a huge difference to someone just starting out. There is also no tolerance for spam within the community. You will not be welcome inside Wealthy Affiliate if you are a spammer.

Also the owners Kyle and Carson are extremely involved in the community, helping members with any questions or concerns they may have. I don’t know about you but having the owners of the company as daily active participants who are available to help build your business is truly a rare gem. I have been around the affiliate marketing world for a while now and to have this kind of support is almost unheard of these days. As if that isn’t enough the training within WA is seriously some of the best training available online. Kyle literally walks you through each step, not just by telling you but also by showing you. Each lesson has a video, showing you exactly what to do every step of the way.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For You?

My take is that Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who is or is looking to start an Affiliate Marketing business online. Whether you’re a successful marketer looking to take it to the next level or a newbie just starting out, there is something for everyone in the community of wealthy affiliate. There is unlimited training for the newbie and tips and classrooms for the more advanced online marketer. Having access to a community such as this is a rare find.


The Training Tools Provided

Here are some of the training tools offered ( I have not seen Training like this anywhere)

  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions (lots of discussions)
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training and much more
  • Task Based Courses

There are over ONE THOUSAND (1,000) powerful training programs,  each Classroom reveals an entire different online business model that could be used to generate a full time income online.

And that is just some of the perks.  You also get access to ALL of the tools you need to run a prosperous  business on the internet…

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool(Extremely Helpful)
  • Word Press Express ( website builder)
  • Low Competition, Prime Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (for Premium Members)
  • Access to over 1,400 website templates/themes
  • Rapid Writer,(this is your content “friend”)
  • Live Chat with expert marketers
  • Live weekly training on a variety of marketing and WordPress strategies.

Once inside, you don’t have to worry about any of the tools and services needed to run your online business.  EVERYTHING is included.

Special Bonus

If you join Wealthy affiliate and decide you would enjoy the benefits of the premium membership (within the first 7 DAYS) I am going to give you a 59% discount. I will also be contacting you personally to help you get started. You will also receive personal mentoring from Me along with Top Notch Training That I consider to be the Best in the Industry Today. Once Inside Wealthy Affiliate I will contact you and Show you how to Claim Your Bonus. You have to do something for me though. when you join please take a few minutes and complete your profile. This helps me get to know your goals so we can work together productively. We are also a community here and it will help you to get acquainted with other members who will be willing to help you.



It Takes a Community to Create a Success Story

That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is in a nutshell A community of people helping people….


Starter Membership $0 ( Join Here )

Premium Membership $49 Mo/ $495 Yr ( Join Here )


WA University



Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate Sales Page URL:wealthyaffiliate.com  Owners: Kyle & Carson My Overall Ranking:  98 out of 100 points = Completely Legit

Read Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate Here 

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason,
    I will like to know if it is very necessary to pay a premium after a week or when I have enough funds to?
    All the same, thank you for the insight.

    • It is not necessary but I will tell you from my personal experience, it certainly helps to get you started faster. I made my money back plus a pretty handsome profit after just 6 months of being premium. This was a lot of hard work and I would be lying if I told you it was easy. Many times I wondered if I would ever make any money. I realized this was MY business and to be successful I had to stick through the tough times and have faith that my time would someday pay off. As you can see I am still here and going strong. Wishing you the best.

    • I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 3 years ago. I don’t know how you are making money with it. I followed all the training and even paid for the premium membership and I still haven’t made a dime. It’s a waste of time and money. It is a scam just like every program out there.

      • I know thousands of people with the opposite experience, my self being one of them. Anything worth doing is never going to be easy? What niche were you in? I’m interested to see because I can make money in practically any niche I have knowledge of.

    • Don’t waste your time or money on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s nothing but another scam to get your money. You’re better off working for a real company in your area. Trust me. I know from experience.

      • Tina I respect your opinion but totally disagree. I’ve been a member for 6 years and have achieved great success. You do realize that you need to work hard and nobody’s going hand you anything? Anyone I know who has had success at Wealthy Affiliate realizes it’s their business and success depends on how hard you work and being able to follow the training as laid out.

        Best Wishes


  • I tried to register but my registration was rejected with the information that my country Nigeria isn’t supported.
    There is no provision to fill in a closer region as you suggested because you’re to with only your full name, email, password and username.

    • This has happened before. There are some countries where it is difficult to join. I had someone who had the same problem and he contacted Kyle via email and the problem was resolved.

  • I got to know about WA after I registered at SFI and found it quite complicated and then started to scan the net to find out if it’s not a scam site afterall.
    I’m into network marketing and I live in Nigeria. I like to find out however what business or product line you’re into. I like to join as free member and later upgrade when I have the money. Agsin, I have been scammed before in some online businesses and therefore will like to give this one a try.

    • I think you are going to like how Kyle walks you through every lesson with videos that actually show you exactly how to build your site. This take a lot of guess work out of the process and eliminates a lot of frustration. I cant wait to get working together…

  • Hello Jason, thanks for your detailed content. I have been looking for serious online job and finally today while searching online I found you. Well, if I’m a premium member and working full time (7 hrs a day) and 5 days per week. How much can I make per month. I just want to know because I need this to be my regular job that I can be able to supplement my daily living. Thanks again and I hope to hear back from you.

    Cheers from Tanzania. //Janb

    • There are a lot of things to consider before making this your full time job. You will need do determine what your niche is going to be for starters. Also you need to give your website time to grow and get rankings on the major search engines. I spent about 9 months of hard work before I made this my full time gig. Feel free to contact me once you get rolling and I will be happy to help you.

      Best Wishes


  • I am new to all this stuff and have signed up with SFI which seems like it’s not gonna work for me. I have spent a lot of time into that 1. I have a lot of time on my hands right now and have no income at all. I was wondering as on the free membership about how much can you expect to really make? Like I said I have a lot of time on my hands, just no money to pay for a membership until I can make it from the actual site then I can join.. Just wondering like monthly what can be attained (high-low end). How long it might take to earn enough to pay for the paid membership etc..

    • It took me about 6 months before I received my 1st commission as a free member. However I did have some experience with affiliate marketing. You will receive your 2 free websites and the first ten lessons for free. These sites are yours to keep forever. I anticipate you will need my help and I am willing to help you via email as much as I can.
      Best Wishes

  • ❓ I joined WA years ago, before I had any understanding of Affiliate marketing. What kind of value can I get with a free membership? I can’t use the free 7 day trial chat tool. I’m not prepared to pay $47 a month yet. I would like to be able to see if I can build a niche site, and make a little money before investing in the premium membership. Can this work for me?

    • Yes the free membership can work for you. It will take a bit more time and it would be nice if you have some affiliate marketing knolege. I started as a free member and decided I wanted to own my own .com website and then went all in and made this work for me. It is not a must to be premium. Anyone with affiliate knolege can make this work if they stay focused and work hard. I offer my free members free email training once a week to get them rolling as fast as possible.
      Best Wishes

  • Wealthy Affiliate can’t be accessed on my country for free. A paid membership is required for me to complete the registration. 😥

    • That stinks What country are you In? I know they are working hard to bring this opportunity to as many countries as they can but if you are serious about making money online I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the $19 to try it out. I was hesitant but now I have zero regret I have been a member going on 3 years and loving life.

  • pls I’m new to all of this… I tried to create an account and got the reply that my location is not supported…I’m from Nigeria… does it mean I can’t join the wealthy affiliate program

    • You should be able to select a near by region that is supported. I have members from all over the world. You should sign up as a free member. Then I can have the owners message you and walk you through the process. Email me if you need more help. jason@trueprosperityonline.com
      Best Wishes

  • Dear Jason,

    I live in Holland, truely fed up with conventional jobs (which are getting less and less by the way) and reading your story and feedbacks I got really interested in joining this coming year. One question though: Does one need to be an Internet expert to be able to pick this business up? My previous experiences include mainly IT (Helpdeskmanagement/Networks/hard&Software) and telemarketing (B to B).

    Thanx for your efforts and keep up the good work!

    Best regards ❗ ,

    Henk Heidweiller jr.

    • No you just need to pay attention to the lessons and have the drive to succeed.

  • Hi I am of mother of three and a stay at home mom. My husband is currently having a hard time looking for work. So I think making money online is the best for me and my family. I have no experience on marketing or working online. I came across this website and found it very awesome so I am interested. I want to make sure none of this is a scam or a lie. If not, then I would like to know more information on how I can get started. Thanks. Stephanie

    • Stephanie,
      I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. I have been a member for almost a year and have been going strong and never looked back. You will need to work very hard however. Making money online is achievable but like anything else in life it will not be handed to you. Your success or failure will depend on you and your willingness to work hard. You can try the first 10 lessons for free to see if WA is going to be a fit for you. I do however recommend if you are serious about starting a online business that you try premium for at least a month. You may do so for my discounted action takers special which I offer to anyone who takes action in the 1st 7 days.

      Thank You

  • Hi, am a newbie and having problems trying to register with WA, i get a feedback that am already a member when i try to create an account, and also, i get an error when i try to login in the member areal….. please help me out.

    • I will be more than happy to help you sort this out. You may email me at trueprosperityonline.jason@gmail.com I once had a problem similar to yours and was able to easily resolve it with a direct email to Kyle.
      Thank You

  • 😎 Jason I really appreciate your article/warning. I had literally just accessed the A-Z link and input my basic information. However, when I got to the point to where I needed to provide my card info, something told me to hold off and do a little research. Your post jumped out at me and I’m so thankful for that. I hope that you are Blessed yourself because you’ve probably helped hundreds if not thousands of people avoid being scammed. Thanks again Jason!

    • It makes me happy to be able to help people avoid being scammed. Thank you for the comment. It’s comments like these that keep my doing this. I’m glad it helped.
      Best Wishes

  • Hi there I am from south africa. Is this working here aswel. And is there a link so I can read more about this
    Thank you Hendrik

    • Hendrik,
      Wealthy Affiliate works everywhere. If you are willing to work hard and follow the training inside Wealthy Affiliate then I believe you will reach your financial goals. There is a link on this page to check it out for yourself for free. Let me know if I can help in any way.
      Best Wishes,

    • Hi Hendrik, I am also from South Africa and was wondering whether you joined Wealthy Affiliate, and if you did, what your experience of it was/is?
      Thank you.

  • Seem to be having problems with the code.

    Thank u for the info. I see that WA offers an extensive training. How long does it take for a person to get stated if one was to put in 4 hours of work into it everyday and when do u see your first check and for how much minimum.

    • Elisha, How long and how much you make will all depend on your niche and the competition. I can tell you that my niche is a highly competitive niche and it took me about 5 months to start earning any significant income. I would recommend you try the free membership and see if Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you. Once inside you will not only have access to me, but the entire community Including the owners who are daily active participants in the community. You may also email me at jason@trueprosperityonline.com. I hope this helps
      Best Wishes

  • Great site and you gave me some really creative ideas. (I am not going to steal your content) LOL!! Your site prompted me to fix a few things!

    • I’m glad it helped Vincent, this is truly the reason I do this. If I can help in any way just let me know.
      Best Wishes

  • I think it’s an important point you bring up here about not having to buy upgrades to learn how the money is REALLY made. Yes there is a monthly membership fee but unlike a stagnant membership site (which I have belonged to in the past) there is tons of helpful new info being added by the hour sometimes. When you factor in the free hosting which you have to pay for otherwise plus the amazing keyword tool, WA is a bargain. Great Review!

    • Thank You Steve, I also feel it is very important to make that clear. I don’t want anyone to feel as if they are being misled which is why I started this website in the first place. My mission here is to turn people on to honest ethical marketing concepts. Thank You for your feedback your opinion matters and I appreciate it. Thank You for taking the time to Leave your feedback.
      Jason T.

  • Just Want to let you know i like what your doing here. You have a lot of helpful information on your website.
    Thank you

    • Thank You Melanie Please come back anytime to see what’s new..

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