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Scam or Scams Online on the Internet as Concept
Scam or Scams Online on the Internet as Concept

How To Report a Scam


My name is Jason, owner of True Prosperity Online. I began This website to warn others of Potential scams and help people avoid being RIPPED OFF. You can read more about the exact reason this website exists at my About Me page. I will briefly Explain. In 2010 I began looking for a way to make money online. Due to a back injury that I new would someday put me out of my job as a collision repair tech I had to do something. Long Story short that day has come and I am happy I had the presence of mind to know that it would.


The road was not easy and I found out very quickly That make money online scams were all over the Internet. I literally lost thousands of dollars and had my heart ripped out many time on my Journey. At that time I had no clue how to expose these scammers. Guess what Now I do, and it gives me Great Pleasure exposing these scum for what they really are. Over the years I have been scammed many time but I never gave up. So now not only am in a position to let people report a scam but upon request  will I investigate a potential scam and show people how to get started with the exact same methods I found to finally Earn Income Online.


To Report A Scam

Simply Leave a comment below to report or even share your experience with others. If we all work together we can put a major hurting on these scam artists that prey on desperate people. All I ask is that you keep it clean. I know when you’ve been ripped off it,s easy to let some curse words slip out but we are better than that.

Best Wishes

Jason (Scam Prevention Team)





  • Its so disheartening that our online society is now polluted and so corrupt. No day will go without a report of a scam or two and this I believe  is really causing great havoc in the life of the scammed. Scammers should be exposed, they should be made known to the world. I really commend your effort to pull the crowd to join the Scam prevention team and it’ll really leave a great mark on our online society. Thanks for sharing this post, its really informative and educative.

    • Thank you for joining the cause. Great to have you on board.

  • Thank you so much Jason for starting up this website. I celebrate your passion in trying to help victims of scammers. It is so consoling to know that there is a website like this that is dedicated to helping people report Scams. I personally  have been scammed on 3 different occasion and the experience is horrible. I have not been able to track the perpetrators of this act. I will be very glad to know how to report scams 

    • You can always come back and leave a comment if you are concerned about any potential scams. You can call them out by name here and I will investigate the system.

  • Thanks Jason. I once almost got scammed on Craigs List. There was someone saying they needed help cleaning their apartment and they’d pay something like $500 a week for 3 days work. But it turned out it was this scam where they get you to bounce a check or something and they run off with your money. The thing with that kind of scam is that you really want it to be true!!! So you could miss some red flags. 

    Luckily I looked into it on google and it turned out all I had to do was copy paste the guy’s email into the search bar. It was a well known scam. Close one!

    Another one was all these people on dating sites who turned out to be trying to get me to sign up for something. They would have a fake photo (not them) and play on other people’s loneliness, etc. Not the same as a make-money-online scam but it shows you there are all kinds. 

    Its great you made this website to help people avoid scams. What a great idea. And helping people find a better option. Thanks Jason!

    • Great to see this thread is still active and alive. Craigslist scams are among the largests in the country and no matter how much CL does to stop the scammers we all just need to proceed with caution. I think it’s always a smart idea to do a little research when it comes to anything online. Unfortunately we live in a time where you have to second guess everyone’s motives and research everything you come across online.

  • Hi Jason! I am really tired of scams. And of all the negative implications they bring. Thanks to scams many people have acquired the idea that you can get rich quick online. And there is nothing further away from reality than that. So, thank you very much for creating this way we can report scams.

    • No problem Henry, I am working hard to expose as many as I can.

  • Hey Jason,

    Awesome to know we consumers can voice out our worries! I came across this programme called the Brit Method and it looks kind of sincere but I don’t know, my spidey senses are tingling I have a feeling it might not be as worth it as they claim. Do you happen to know if it’s a scam or not?

    • I will look into this program immediately Riaz. My experience tells me that if you have to ask then you need to do more research, which you are doing now. Pleas give me a week to investigate this program in detail and I will email you or write a review. Stay safe out there and congrats for being smart bye asking a professional before spending your money.

      Best Regards


  • Hi Jason. I don’t know if this program is a scam, but I have avoided it. I have thought about it, but am not completely sure it is legit. It is a program called Traffic and Funnels by Tayler Welch and Chris Evans.

    No one else has made any posts about this program as well, so maybe you could get some good SEO rankings if you make an article about them. Would love to hear your thoughts on Traffic And Funnels

    • I will certainly look into this. Thank you for the report, I will check it out.

      Best Wishes 


  • Hello Jason,

    Great page to help inform new users of potential scams to make money online. I’ve been a victim myself and lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of referrals to the smart cash system. It raises a lot of red flags, but I would like to hear what you think about it.

    Thank you very much for providing this page to help inform people from getting scammed.


    • Thank you, this is why I created this page. I do actually join thes sites to give an honest review. Check in in a couple weeks so I can give a detailed and honest review. 

      Thank you 


  • Good info on reporting scams. It’s unbelievable that people go online to scam and steal from others. I’ve been through it many times. It’s not just about the money. It’s about the time, effort, and trust that I put into people. Websites like this should be read first before you choose anything. Are there any legitimates out there?

    • Yes Rob there are a few legitimate opportunities online. You can start by reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Let me know what you think.


  • It’s great to see a webmaster finally taking the time to release a page like this where people can vent their angers and frustration on these awful online scams. My own experiences lead me to believe that most (if not all) MLM’s are set up to fail for members – what do you feel about this?

  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention. There are just too many scams out there. I don’t know how the people behind these can get away with it. So if you can stop them then all the better.

    I don’t believe that this could stop all scam artists but it would definitely put a dent in this.

    • It seems like there are new online scams popping up every day. I am sorry for the late reply but I have been busy researching a huge ponzi scheme called Forex Paradise. This has been consuming much of my time because I want to make sure my followers are aware and do not get ripped off.

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the effort to help people to not be scammed. I have personally tried different stuff before and although I haven’t been really “scammed” before, I have wasted countless months trying to make shiny objects work for me. It is definitely a good cause to create a site that would help people stay away from these opportunities that would just waste their time and money.

    • Thank you for your kind words Pitin, I was just wondering if you have looked into my #1 recommendation yet? This is what changed my life forever and opened my eyes that there is a way to make money online without being a scum. You can be honest and ethical and still earn a decent living online.

  • Hi Jason

    What a wonder gesture of sincerity you are doing for us all. I have never had the unfortunate experience of being scammed but I do have many friends who have fallen prey to dishonest folks online.

    I’ll be sure to bookmark your site to stay up to date. Thanks again.

    Kind Regards


    • Please do Michelle, I have big plans for this year and the site should be very active with lots of new information rolling out. I really value my readers thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to leave me your thoughts, it really means a lot.

      Best Regards


  • Hello Jason,

    I am an affiliate marketer and I definitely appreciate that you are willing to point out the people who are scamming honest people out of their hard earned money with empty promises. These people give legitimate affiliate marketers a bad reputation.

    We all have to put forth an effort to expose those who are giving us a bad name. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business and we have to ensure the people continue to see us that way.

    Thanks for the articles that let people know that there are marketers out there that are trying to help others, not hurt them.


    • Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Please let me know if you need my assistance in any way. Enjoy your weekend and keep in touch.

      To Your Success


  • Hi Jason, thanks for your website and very helpful information. Like you and many others that have found your site, I have become very jaded in my search for a legitimate business opportunity, that can be successful from home. I know they exist, but with so many people out there just trying to scam you and take your money, it has become nearly impossible to find the ones that are a true opportunity to better oneself and ones financial situation… instead of being the sucker that is simply furthering some ruthless heartless persons financial situation!! But I am ranting! I begun my journey hoping that a particular MLM (now defunct surprise surprise) was my window to a better life. Instead I realised that it will never work (for me at least) as the focus is on recruitment, other than what it should be. The actual customer. Anyway, thanks for your site, I have bookmarked it and will be checking in regularly, and recommending you to others. Thanks!!!

    • Richard,
      If there is any internet business that you feel is dishonest or a scam I would be more than happy to look into it for you. I completely enjoy exposing these scam artist.I’m sorry you had to find out the hard way and I have a pretty good idea of who this defunct mlm company is. I think I may have reviewed them. Just get back to me with who it is you want looked into and I will have my review up in a week or two.. I take the time to actually join and participate with business opportunities I review. I like to be fair to both sides and really do my homework before just bashing a business with half facts. Every once in a while I find a diamond in the rough. If you haven’t already I highly suggest you take a look at my #1 recommendation. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you are disappointed I would be extremely surprised. Just go here to read my review.
      Best Wishes

  • Hi Jason,

    Be it online or on the outside world, there are just too many scams out there. Many companies adopt the pyramid and ponzi scheme in disguise of MLM to cover their true intention. It made many people believe a scheme to be a MLM. That is why the name of MLM has been smeared as many have been scam by this schemes.



    • Well I am sure you remember Amway. That is when I started my journey and soon realised that this mlm thing wasn’t going to work (at least for me it wouldn’t). It felt awkward trying to sell everybody something and dampered my relationships with family and friends. I never stopped though. I guess that’s what separates the successful from the non. I never look at a set back as a failure. Instead I look at it as a lesson learned, and it inspires me to work harder. I’ve come a long way since then and now I get to do what I love. I have big plans for 2016 and cant wait to launch my free ebook. It will be packed full of knowledge and what I’ve learned over the years.



  • I have been scammed on line a few times now so I appreciate the purpose behind you site. Thank You Jason, We need to expose all these scams so the making money on the Internet would lose the bad reputation that these Scam artists have given it. We need for educate the public on scam free ways to make money online. And your sight would do a great job at doing that.

    • Annie,

      If you only knew how long it took me to finally find a way to expose these scams. I literally lost thousands of dollars. Now I have a means which to expose them. Please let me know if there is any questionable company you wish to be reviewed.

      Best Wishes


  • Its Alexey.
    I hope your back is fine !
    And fortunately, you knew that this day would come – its good that you thought of it before.
    You are doing a wonderful work by exposing these scams that ripped you off, and I wish you a successful journey – you deserve it!

    • Alexey, Even if I could still work my physical job I would still do this. These scam artists need to be exposed and brought down. This simply allows me more time to do a complete and thorough review of any potential threat to unsuspecting people.

      Thank You


  • Thank you Jason for a great website. That is my passion also exposing scum that takes your money by promising you riches that never come.
    I to have spend thousands of dollars learning that 95% of the work at home business are nothing more than a scam.
    Most are MLM’s The only pyramid that I have tried and am still a consultant of is JR Watkins. With them you can do direct marketing or build a network. In my opinion the direct marketing keeps it from being a scam. They do give you an opportunity to earn income.

    • Exposing these companies is what drives me Jim. I am actually going to look into the JR Watkins I have been searching for a company to give a good review for a change but they are so hard to find.

      Best Wishes


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