Report A Scam

Scam or Scams Online on the Internet as Concept
Scam or Scams Online on the Internet as Concept

How To Report a Scam


My name is Jason, owner of True Prosperity Online. I began This website to warn others of Potential scams and help people avoid being RIPPED OFF. You can read more about the exact reason this website exists at my About Me page. I will briefly Explain. In 2010 I began looking for a way to make money online. Due to a back injury that I new would someday put me out of my job as a collision repair tech I had to do something. Long Story short that day has come and I am happy I had the presence of mind to know that it would.


The road was not easy and I found out very quickly That make money online scams were all over the Internet. I literally lost thousands of dollars and had my heart ripped out many time on my Journey. At that time I had no clue how to expose these scammers. Guess what Now I do, and it gives me Great Pleasure exposing these scum for what they really are. Over the years I have been scammed many time but I never gave up. So now not only am in a position to let people report a scam but upon request  will I investigate a potential scam and show people how to get started with the exact same methods I found to finally Earn Income Online.


To Report A Scam

Simply Leave a comment below to report or even share your experience with others. If we all work together we can put a major hurting on these scam artists that prey on desperate people. All I ask is that you keep it clean. I know when you’ve been ripped off it,s easy to let some curse words slip out but we are better than that.

Best Wishes

Jason (Scam Prevention Team)