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Hot Commodities Trading and Logistics Scam Alert

I just received information regarding a scam I would like to let the public know about..

With unemployment on the rise more and more people seem to be searching for work at home careers, and online job scams are on the rise. Unfortunately these scammers hit hard and shut down shop before you know you have been scammed. The target for such scams usually focus on people who are in a very vulnerable position in their life, people who are unemployed, stay at home mothers, elderly, and students who are looking to earn a few extra bucks by means of internet jobs.

The following is the experience of a man seeking employment through a job search site online. After submitting his resume through one of these websites he received a email from Hot Commodities Trading and Logistics/purchasing agent. The agent promised him a salary of $3,000.00 + along with benefits and extra commissions.

After a number of emails and phone conversations with the “Employee Supervisor” or “Purchasing Agent” who used a  New York address, the man took the job. He was then given a manager who was to give him the details on how to move forward. Once each task was completed he was to email this manager for his next task.

The first thing that happened was the company asked the man how much credit card debt he had which was just over $10,200.00, the company then gave him access to a bank account to pay off his credit card and to get reimbursed for things which he would be purchasing for the company with his credit card.

Once his debt balance was at zero the man was instructed to  purchase a list off high end electronics with his credit card but not to exceed the original amount that the company paid off for him.

After purchasing the items the company sent him shipping labels and instructed him to send each item separately using Fed Ex, Ups, and US Postal Service. The items were sent to Russia and were not to be shipped from the store.

Once the shipping was scanned and completed he was given another bank account to cover the cost of the shipping.

This procedure occurred a couple more times but on the third time the man could not reach the “purchasing agent” for payment reimbursement. At this point he attempted to use a previous bank account given to him by Hot Commodities to pay for the new charges. He was soon contacted by his credit card company and told that the account numbers he used to transfer the money were obtained through fraud and the charges were reversed resulting in a Balance of $32,000.00 which included his original debt. Authorities were notified but they could not get a hold of anyone at the company or even prove their existence leaving the man with a larger debt which he must now dispute with his credit card company.

Tips To Protect Yourself

(1)Do Not pay a company to work for them. A real job does not require you to pay them or purchase items in order to get hired.

(2)n Be Weary if the job involves shipping to other countries or asks you to  buy items with your own credit card or cash.

(3) Be Cautious if you are instructed to wire transfer funds from your own account.

Do Your Homework!!

If you are truly seeking online employment Do Your Homework, dig a little deeper. When looking for employment online read reviews. Ask about it. join a discussion. you can read my review on wealthy affiliate (Here)

Please leave a comment and lets help each 0ther stay safe online

Best Wishes

Jason (Scam Prevention Team)









  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • That was what i was told, i haven’t register yet, am just waiting for your confirmation. Thanks.

  • Thanks Jason, I was asked to pay $54 and that it will be reimburse to me, I will wait though.

    • Please do let me know how that works out for you. I will be looking into this soon but as of now I would like to know about your experience with this process.

  • Do you know “The Prosperity Trade Movement”? Are they real?

    • I have not heard of them Ezekiel but I will put it on my radar and hopefully have some information for you soon.
      Thanks for stopping by..

      • I would like to know about this company as well. ezekiel – did you move forward with this company?


  • Credit repair is also a scam in many cases. They don’t do anything that people couldn’t do on their own and save a ton of money in the process.

    • Yes credit repair is most definitely another scam. It’s sad how they can prey on people who are already struggling to make ends meet. These scam artist should be prosecuted for what they do. There doesn’t seem to be any consequences for these scam artist except for websites like ours that try to warn unsuspecting victims in advance. You just can’t seem to trust anything these days.

  • Wow! these people are getting more elaborate in their scams all the time! People really need to be more skeptical when it comes to claims of quick, easy money. Great post!

    • I know Steve this one almost floored me. I almost fell victim to something similar with a company claiming to be a credit repair counselor. Fortunate for me I didn’t need that type of service but this guy was smooth I might have gone for it had I needed that type of service.

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