SFI Review- Is SFI A Scam- A Insiders Review


Website url: www.sfimg.com 

Price: $0

Owners: Gery Carson

Overall Rank 70 out of 100

SFI (Strong Futures International) AKA (Six Figure Income)


SFI was founded in 1998 by owner Gery Carson. Gery has been featured in a few business magazines around the globe and is well known and respected in his Industry. Founded in 1998 with just 1 product SFI has grown steadily and now offers over 116,000 products, SFI also receives a good BBB rating. Don’t let the BBB rating be your deciding factor in joining though because almost anyone can get this rating for a Price.

After reading this review  I hope that you will make an informed decision about SFI and if it is the right work from home business for you. I will get into how I make good money online at the end of this review but first I want you to get a good feel for this company and decide for yourself If this is the right path for you to get started in a online business of your own. All of the information I am about to share with you comes directly from inside SFI, as I am a member and participate in some of the online auctions to obtain precious metals which I will get into later on in this review.

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Affiliate Program or MLM?

Cardboard people on pyramidThis is where I get confused although SFI offers it’s affiliates commissions and claims to be an affiliate program it shows all the signs of a mlm (multi level marketing) which is fine if that’s your thing. I personally don’t like the tactics they encourage though such as getting you friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors to join. This tactic to me just creates awkwardness in your personal relationships with these people. You are suppose to sponsor people who sponsor people who sponsor people, and you receive a piece of your downlines efforts. This to me is MLM. I’ve been involved in some MLM companies in the past and I did okay with it, the only thing I really didn’t like was the awkwardness between some of my peers when they would get involved and it wasn’t quite working out as well for them as it was for me.

With that being said I want to be clear,any business you get involved with is going to require a lot of hard work and time. There is NO Such thing as a turn key or push button business platform that works and if anyone tells you otherwise I would be very cautious because almost every time these platforms are downright SCAMS. I can say this because I’ve been doing this for a long time and my experience shows this to be the truth.

Executive Affiliate

In order to get paid at SFI you have to maintain EA (Executive Affiliate) status which in the beginning is a fairly easy task. You receive versa points for actions such as liking SFI on Facebook or Twitter and completing tasks within the Launch Pad area. Versa Points are what is needed to obtain EA status in SFI, a total of 1500 VP (Versa Points) is required to achieve this status and if you maintain this status you get a piece of the money in the executive pool. (which isn’t very much)

You also receive VP (Versa Points) for sponsoring and other actions as well. In my opinion you will have to have Quite a large network to make this anywhere near worthwhile. I personally Know that myself as well as some of my colleagues have quite a large downline and most of them are not active at all, My guesstimation would be about 1 out of every 100 people you sponsor may be active within SFI. 

SFI and Triple Clicks

SFI uses a sister company called Triple Clicks. This is where the product comes in. Triple clicks is an interesting place that allows you to list items for sale or auction. They also have online auctions where you can win all kinds of stuff like electronics or gold coins and so on I have personally won a couple things such as 1 oz silver bars for a fraction of the retail. I have also seen Things such as Televisions, Chrome Books, and Digital Cameras sell anywhere from $2.75 to $25.00. So SFI does offer a product and I would recommend if you are seriously considering joining that you focus on promoting Triple Clicks instead of the “ SFI affiliate” program.

Also keep in mind that you do need to purchase TC (Triple Clicks) credits to participate in auctions. I find the Triple clicks auctions to be fun and they have a decent product line. The Price Bender auctions are my personal favorite. Also as of July 2018 Triple clicks now offers Astro Auctions which are really fun and cool I believe that Astro auctions will be taking the place of the Price Bender Auctions. You will still need to buy TC credits to bid but the auctions are faster paced and still offer really good products.

 Triple Clicks Picture


Pros Vs Cons


  1. Free to join..
  1. Online Auctions (Triple Clicks)..
  1. Launch Pad Training..
  1. SFI Does pay 7 levels deep in your down line..


  1. Maintaining Versa Points after the first month will be a challenge (it is possible but you will need to be experienced)..
  1. Websites provided within SFI are duplicated sites ( not unique) these sites are extremely hard to get good rankings..
  1. Outdated Marketing strategies. (creates awkwardness with Friends, Family, and Coworkers..
  1. Complaints from affiliates of many inactive members ( example: in another review I read a member said he had 135 sfi affiliates in his down line and the money was hardly worth the effort)..

So Who Is SFI For?

If you’re a beginner it,s going to be very hard to make money online with SFI. I am not saying it’s impossible but it will be much harder than other programs I have seen and used. The websites are not unique and it is going to be very hard to get ranked in the search engines.

To make money working from home you need a website and you need to get traffic to your website to get conversions. In my opinion you need to be an experienced affiliate marketer already making money online with SFI. The SFI opportunity would be  best for someone who already has a traffic generating website and wishes to add this to their site. I do promote them within reason but only to marketers who have some experience under their belt.

SFI Support

The first person you would go to for support would be your sponsor. They do have a contact page and you may submit a ticket for additional support. I have never had to use the support but I can tell you that fellow affiliates of mine have said that’s it has taken over a week to get some of their issues addressed and I don’t know how involved the owner is.

I can tell you that I have been involved with SFI off and on for about 8 years now and the only messages I have received from the owners was regarding a recent security breach instructing me to change my password on my accounts such as my credit card, pay pal, and anything else that SFI might have had stored as far as my personal information. In fact I just tried to log in to show a copy of the email they sent me and the site is having issues and I can’t get on. Today’s Date (02/23/2014). I understand that security breaches happen it just concerns me a little.

I know the team at SFI is doing the best they can to resolve this issue and they will. Update today is 01/16/19 I am still an active member and have not had anymore issues with security and the auctions at Triple Clicks are way better than before, offering a lot more products.                                                                                                       

SFI Price

SFI is Free to join and they don’t try to sell you a bunch of upgrades but you will need to maintain EA status to even stand a chance at seeing a penny. If you would like to investigate SFI for yourself and take a look around you may do so HERE. I would seriously consider promoting Triple Clicks 1st instead of the affiliate program 1st though, this is just my opinion as a SFI member.

MY Final Opinion of SFI

There is an opportunity to make money with SFI but it is going to be very hard especially if you are a newbie. Although there is training I can tell you right now if I were a newbie I would find it extremely hard to make this work. Don’t get me wrong you need to work very very hard to start a business online, but I prefer to be a part of a community of like minded people where the owners take a daily active role in helping you succeed online.

If you are really serious about  Starting a business online I suggest you read my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE. I am not trying to bash SFI, in fact like I mentioned earlier, I still use SFI for certain things and I do get a few extra dollars from them. I just find it hard to recommend them to someone who is a complete newbie to affiliate marketing.

If you wish to check out my Top Choice and #1 recommendation for anyone new to affiliate marketing please take a look at how I got started and learned the affiliate marketing business. I knew nothing about affiliate marketing besides getting ripped of all the time until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Please read my review and decide for yourself, you can check out my Top Choice Here.

SFI at a Glance

Website: www.sfimg.com

Owner: Gery Carson

Price: $0 (to join)

Overall Rank 7 out of 10

VERDICT: Legit (But I’ve seen Better)

Thank you for reading. Your comments are always welcome..

You may also email me at trueprosperityonline.jason@gmail.com

Best Wishes

Jason (Scam Prevention Team)

  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I am always curious how other affiliate programs work, never with the intention of leaving Wealthy Affiliate simply because I feel like I’ve found the best. But I often wonder what the other companies do so reading articles like these are interesting. I like how even with the cons versus the pros that you still stick with it. It’s very admirable! Thank you for such an interesting read!! 

    • I do stick with it because it’s not a scam, however the training just isn’t my cup of tea. Simply put, I feel the training to be a bit sporadic but I do like the products that Triple clicks offers. Triple clicks is this companies saving grace. The MLM or affiliate program has room for improvement in my opinion.

  • Yeah, that has a lot of MLM elements to it. I’ve never cared for MLM for the same reasons you mention, especially when it concerns trying to recruit your friends and family. I don’t know what’s worse, getting involved in something like that or selling vacuum cleaners and asking for lists of phone numbers from everyone you do a demo for. True affiliate marketing doesn’t involve selling out your family and friends and with the power of the Internet, you have access to billions of potential customers. I’m sure it’s possible to make some money with SFI, but I doubt many prospective entrepreneurs would have the patience for it. There are much better opportunities, for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    • Any time Mark, I’m not a big fan of MLM but I hear SFI is Finally going to change the sales and marketing platform. I hope this is true because I would have no problem recommending them if they finally changed the training and marketing platform. I will be keeping a close watch so that I can keep everyone informed about any upcoming changes.

  • There are a lot of opportunities online, especially in the money making niche. The thing is that due to the diversity, you have to be extra careful with what you’re joining. Especially for this SFI that’s hard to understand for beginners.

    Yes, it could be a legit opportunity, however, there are a lot better options available aside from this one. You don’t have to stress yourself with learning the system, well, in fact, there are others with simpler systems to learn. Right?

    • Very True, but I do feel that they are on the cusp of a major revamp which could put them over the top. I hope I’m right because I’ve really wanted to be able to recommend them for some time now but just can’t because of the sporadic training and unease of use for beginners.

  • The test of time is one huge plus with SFI, so one knows they’re definitely getting a legit product here. The downside is that it may be a bit misleading, being marketed as an affiliate product but in actuality has all the makings of MLM. I’m not a fan of MLM due to the reasons you mentioned; it can get crazy awkward around friends and family if you’re constantly trying to get them to join MLM. It just isn’t worth the hustle, but affiliate marketing, especially when done properly, definitely pays its divdends. 

    • Agreed Todd, I love the products but not the marketing plan. I feel if they were to revamp the marketing plan and not make it such a MLM copycat it would be much easier to recommend SFI as a whole.

  • Thanks for this informative review! SFI seems like a program that marketers who get a good daily traffic coming in to their website will benefit from it. I also agree with you as a newbie with no knowledge and with very little website traffic it can be difficult to work with programs like this. 

    Personally I too have faced this problem being a newbie with similar programs.

    Thank You

    • Honestly many of these kind of platforms sound really good and they actually could and do work but they simply don’t teach you the process of getting real targeted traffic. I would be all in if the training actually offered some actual real traffic solutions. Lack of traffic is one of the main reasons people just Give Up. Sure the payment plan is great but how are you going to get the people to visit your site?

  • Hi, Jason.
    I have gone through the exhaustive review of SFI, thanks for the unbiased information.
    As understood from the review, that the issues like training which seems to be too outdated and difficulty in carrying Versa Points status are quite enough for me to understand this system.
    Your Review has saved me a lot of time. The resources I was planning to spend on SFI can be used at a better platform. Thanks, Jason. Looking forward to more such details.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Anytime, happy to hear my reviews are getting to the people who need to read them. I will be available to help anytime, should you decide to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.



  • Thank you for your review of SFI (Strong Future International). Never knew about this site. I am a new affiliate marketer. I am still learning. I joined Wealthy affiliate last month. It is a good platform for learning and earning. After going through your article I don’t think SFI is my cup of tea, but nevertheless thanks for the article. 

    • Great to see you’ve found your way to Wealthy Affiliate, reach out to me if you need anything. I stay a member at SFI because I love participating in the online auctions. I have won a lot of silver bars for a fraction of the price of an ounce of silver in the retail market. 

  • Awesome review. I was looking for detailed information of SFI system and I’m glad that I get to read your detailed review. Your analysis is comprehensive and unbiased. 

    It is clearly understandable that this system is not a scam and it’s free to join. I wonder are there any further up sells after initial purchase of $0? 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. 

    • Hey Akshay, there are no further upsells unless you decide to participate in the auctions at Triple Clicks, these are called TC (Triple Clicks) credits which you will spend 1 credit each time you bid. You may also decide to buy some promotional material but it’s not required because you are provided with enough promotional material for free to run you business.

  • Thanks for your SFI review Jason, I had never heard of them before but I’m glad I came across your article first. I have been a part of MLMs and Network Marketing in the past but unfortunately, 99% of these companies never last long and burn out very quickly. One thing to note with SFI is they started in 1998 and have lasted 20 years!! Surely they must be doing something right ? 7/10 is not a bad score in any case. 

    • Marvin, SFI has stood the test of time and they offer a decent product. I just don’t recommend it as a source of passive income for a beginner because the training at Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best training for beginners I’ve ever seen online.

  • After reading your assessment of SFI I didn’t get a warm feeing that this was a company I would use to create an online business. You also mentioned that some of your colleagues have large downlines and others none at all. Can I assume that the ones with the large downlines are earning impressive incomes? 

    The Triple Click Auctions sounded interesting. Is this the type where you bid with actual money and if someone else bids higher than you the money you bid with is not refunded? I was a bit confused about that bidding process. 

    You did a good job in leading your reader to a worthy program where they can make money with hard work and never giving up. By that time they would have given up on SFI and relieved that you did have something of value to offer them.

    • Hello Edwin, Let’s start with the inactive members in your downline. Many people join SFI because it’s free but then give up because of how sporadic and outdated the training is, it’s been this way since I first joined in 2011. This is the reason why I don’t recommend this training for a newbie. I think experienced marketers have a good chance at making some decent money but I won’t do that to a complete beginner because I found much better training that works great.

      I remain a member because of the Triple Clicks Auctions. The auctions require you to buy TC Credits and everytime you bid you use a credit, so yes if someone outbids you then you don’t get that credit back. One trick I’ve learned is to start bidding the last 2 minutes of the auction. I have won silver bars for pennies on the dollar. Keep in mind that the last couple minutes of the auction get very active so have that clicking finger ready and have fast internet access. Obviously my trick isn’t really a trick because the auctions get pretty active toward the end.

      You definitely won’t be disappointed with the value of the training I offer through Wealthy Affiliate. I swear by it and it is the only training I recommend for beginners.

  • I’ve been a member of SFI for more then 6 months and these are my thoughts . SFI is advertised all over the internet as a JOB from home , so people that need money and look for jobs are curious and click those job opportunity ads and sometimes do a quick fill of registration form , as soon as they see that other members are suggesting that you actually need to invest some money in order to increase , advance or speed up your business THEY QUIT. And even if you want to give it a shot and invest you have a very very very low chance to get an actual working affilate ,you get those guys that are just registred and didnt even confirmed registration through email ,yes you pay for inactive members. When you complain about it on their forum , they will say you should’t give up , you should try more, they will try to motivate you to belive in yourself and your success(keep investing) until you get a working affilate . I got 6 PSA and 486 CSA almost 500 coworkers and of those numbers active are 0 ZERO. I earned 0$ for 6 month period and invested more then 80$. So thats my review they are basically selling dead signups to you .

    • I know, that’s why I don’t recommend SFI for beginners. I find the training very sporadic and all over the place. Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option in my opinion, especially if you are a beginner.
      However I do buy product from SFI because I Like bidding on the precious metals in the auctions. The silver bars and Gold coins are practically a steal sometimes and I’ve had them tested by my local jeweler and they are 100% real. I remain a member because of the products and free membership but I will not recommend them as a way to make money online.

      Best Wishes


  • Thanks alot for your honest review about strong futures international (sfi), it is clearly seen and understood that this site is not friendly for newbies who want to start an online business and make money, having read this post I made my own personal review on the site and they have good reputation and only advisable for the professionals in the affiliate marketing business who knows  exactly what they are doing.

    • Seun, there is always room to learn and grow no matter what platform you choose but yes I do recommend SFI for someone who has more experience than a newbie. Honestly I would start with the training at Wealthy Affiliate and then add SFI at a later date when one gains more experience online.

      Best Wishes


  • Hi and thanks for introducing SFI  to us.

    Although the program is rather old I have never heard of them before. As I understand it is an affiliate program that pays commissions for new signups, is that right?

    On the other hand, you talk about an auction platform, Tripple Clicks, do they also pay commissions and for doing what?

    • Stefan, you will get affiliate commissions for new sign ups and also when they make a purchase with Triple Clicks, so there is a potential to earn a decent income if you have some experience and can promote them on your website. I hope this answered your questions.



  • Thank you for this honest and unbiased review.after reading this I realise that SFI is meant for people who have deep experience of affiliate and online business, there not so many trainings to learn for beginners on the SFI platform but I like that the starting price is free. Thank you for providing great insight to this.

    • Clement, the price of free is certainly attractive and to be honest if someone wanted to start a business this could work for them. I just feel that it can be to overwhelming for a beginner and they may become discouraged from trying to make money online at all. There are much better platforms out there where they can learn properly and then incorporate this into their business.

      Thank You


  • Im not going to lie.  I have looked at SFI and honestly I dont quite get it.  For that reason alone I stayed away.  I guess the fact that it has been around for so long is one good sign.After reading your article I do understand it a little better.  At the end of the day I am tapped out with everything Im doing online so will leave things the way they are.Thank you for a great article.Dale

    • Hey Dale, I’m glad my article brought you some clarity about SFI. I feel that the platform is a little complicated for a newbie. I hope whatever it is that you are doing online is working and remember that if you need any help I am here.

      Best Regards


  • Although you have said they have a BBB rating I think this platform smells and acts like a scum in one way or another one being they don’t answer emails so it’s not easy to get hold of them if you really need me them,  so for now they might be working like a genuine company offering solutions to the needs of the people but all is not well.

    • Hi Charles, yes this company has been around for a long time and they have a BBB rating as well. Support at SFI could definitely use some improvement, especially concerning emails. I will say that they have beefed up the security and there have been no breaches since the 2014 breach as far as I know.

      Best Wishes


  • Very interesting post. Before coming to your website i had no idea that there was a program called SFI, i am happy that you gave honest opinions about the program and that you were very clear and concise in your post. Being a beginner it is probably not the best program for me and i am happy you mentioned that in the post. As i grow maybe i will venture into new grounds, Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Jamiro, Thank you for taking time to comment on this post. I wish you the best as you begin your journey online, if you ever need any help do not hesitate to contact me. I will be looking forward to hearing about your success in the future.



  • This is a fraud and they are thieves definitely!
    I joined many members, some of the people from my building (6 of them). One of them, Helena Petrovic, has no job, renting a room, and she used a public PC. She asked the sponsor of her sponsor to invest by giving that person the amount for the current month to became EA or BTL and she was DELETED by STL because she is not using her own computer on her own internet connection.
    So, SFI is a spying business for eveyrbody. They took away around 100-200 euros since May 2018.
    And didn’t gave back a penny…
    Please people spread out these things!

    • I am not sure I understand what you are saying here? SFI is a free to join affiliate marketing or as I see it more of a MLM type of platform. Nobody is forced to spend money but if you are being deleted for not having your own internet connection I don’t understand that. I am not going to completely bash SFI, I feel there are better affiliate training programs out there which is the reason for my review. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as there are only 2 types of membership (Free and Premium ) with no up sells. Please explain with a little more detail so I can look further into this.

      Best Regards

  • 🙁 I fell a bit discouraged now what I read on here.. Im executive affiliate as of the moment

    • I’m sorry to burst your bubble but do you mind if I ask you a few questions? I think they use the term executive affiliate to make yo feel important, but here are my questions.
      1. How long have you been a executive affiliate?
      2 How big is your downline?
      3 Are you making any decent money?
      I am still a member because I like the TC online auctions but I definitely do not use this as a way to make real money online. If you are doing it there congrats and keep up the good work. If not I would be more than happy to introduce you to the training I used in the beginning to actually make it happen.
      Either way I wish you the best.
      Best Wishes

  • SFI is both a Multi Level Marketing opportunity as well as an affiliate marketing opportunity. You don’t HAVE to have a down line to make a decent income, you just need to market their products to execute sales that earn you a commission. This in itself is affiliate marketing. The MLM portion comes from the ability to earn even more by recruiting an active down line which lets you earn a portion of their commission earnings through several generations.

    I think the biggest reason SFI sometimes gets a bad rap is because people don’t know what they are doing. They don’t take the time to learn what affiliate marketing entails and they never fully give it a chance before they quit and walk away.

    An honest time frame to build a successful affiliate marketing business with SFI or any other program would be two years. Especially if they are relying solely on free advertising. The concept that no investment, whether it be time or money is flat out wrong.

    • This is why if you read my entire review , I say that this is very hard for a newbie to grasp. The program is all over the place with little support. I do use SFI for certain things but I can not recommend this to someone who is new and lacks the experience that you and I have.
      Thank you for your feedback

  • i want to make money online like right now so which online platform should i choose?

    • Making money online is not easy. This requires a lot of hard work and it will not happen fast. this is just like a regular job and you need to stay committed. Wealthy Affiliate works for me. This was not easy, I worked hard and you will have to do the same if you want to be successful.

  • MLM has nothing to do with SFI, I personaly can say that I am a member of SFI, I joined SFI on July 11 and I am an EA at this moment not only I started earning commissions I also won many prizes at the auctions with triple click. I love SFI its the best best online business marketing so far.

    • That is awesome, good for you. I absolutely love the online auctions. The misconception a lot of people have about sfi not being an mlm is that when you have to teach people to duplicate what you do in order to achieve success it most certainly is an mlm. I see nothing wrong with that because they do pay affiliates commissions, I just call it as I see it. I am happy to hear SFI is working for you. keep up the good work.
      Best Regards

  • Jason thanks for your help I think I will take a look at wealthy affiliate

  • Jason,
    I’ve heard a lot about SFI so I’ve been digging around to find a good review that explains in fair terms what the program does and why it’s problematic. I feel like you did this really well for me. It really does sound like an MLM program. And that was really telling when you said someone has 135 SFI affiliates aboard and barely makes money – that’s definitely demoralizing! It’s a shame because the type of person who can market like that and get to that point deserves better for sure.
    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Maria,

      Don’t get me wrong now, I do personally use SFI but only for certain things. I happen to be a collector of precious metals and SFI has auctions in Triple Clicks that I participate in. However I do find them to be misleading to the newcomer and the training to be sporadic and confusing. I am absolutely posative I could drive hundreds if not thousands of people to SFI with the experience I have now. The only problem is I am honest and I would have to be misleading to do so. I work very hard to gain the trust and respect of my readers and I would never give that up for anything.

      Best Wishes


      • Many many AFF come in and do not read the basic instruction.. I have seen so many ask for free hand up.. when if each person read the primary instructions and the 59 lessons (do the 12 basic to do “daily” and 2 lessons a day ) by 30 days you are using 60% of free options to advance.. if you do the basics and utilize the instructions.. plus you research all highlit words.. and truly use the free marketing offered.. by 6 Months an EA could earn with 5 Active PSA
        Under them and trained to research and use info any where from $31.83 to $159.00 each …. But it requires time and effort and actual use of translation apps or joining the forum for your country that is offered on SFI..( note $ is based on actual ads with sales)
        If each EA advertises the sale of 50
        t credits for use at the auction/game sites on Tripleclicks .. the commission value goes up… It’s about team work learning and actual basic actions each member uses on their own home page.. there is a rocket icon that takes you to researching options .
        Any online opportunity to success is based on how an individual wants to create simple but strong foundation of using said opportunity.. no one gives away money
        It’s earned by time effort and loyalty to yourself as a responsible honest worker..?‍?
        When you and 5 others are a team it’s about creating a diverse business that is good for public and in-house..
        So if bot reports come back with negative stats.. perhaps it’s time to look at how far back and the fact that over a 20 year period millions of inexperienced people did not read all info or research what each lesson offers and made reports in bad sense.. it overwhelms boots.. and is not based on full truth of how to make your business a clear reflection of what you can do.. when you go in to any work field you are the person being evaluated for how quick you learn and do what is in the guidelines of how to do this job..
        With SFI 6.7 years

        Failure happens only if you do not study your work description in all the book provided.. SFI has a vast arena of instruction..
        As do many many jobs on this beautiful world called EARTH

        • Hey Sherry,
          Thank you for taking the time to leave this very specific and detailed comment. I am happy SFI is working for you, in fact I have been an affiliate for around 5 years. I agree that one needs to work hard to make money anywhere, not just online. I do not call SFI a scam at all in my review. I do feel that the layout of the training is hard to follow for a newbie. This is my only reason for having a reservation when it comes to recommending SFI. I have personally made a little money with the company. With that being said I just simply find the training at Wealthy Affiliate to be much easier for someone new to affiliate marketing to follow. My business really took of with the training at WA which is the reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate over SFI.
          Best Wishes,

  • Hi, I just found your blog for the first time looks great! Sorry i didn’t see it sooner. Have you thought about creating niche sites on an html template rather than a WordPress blog? My niche site that does the best is on a static html site and not a blog format. I’ve experimented with both and I think the best is to have a html site targeting your main keywords, with a blog in a secondary directory as you grow, Keep up the good work!

    • Fabio, Thank You for commenting on my website. Although this comment has nothing to do with SFI, I will allow it. I don’t mind you backlinking to my website, if that’s what you have to do to gain traffic. This comment is borderline spam. I had to delete the link you provided because True Prosperity Online does not allow link in the comment thread. I am perfectly happy using wordpress. I appreciate your advice but I think I will stay with what is working For me.

      Thank You

  • As a 3 year member of SFI I can say that you are NOT required to build a Team if that’s not your thing.

    I am making a decent residual income mostly through blogs and social media.

    Not an overnight get-rich-quick scam, but it is Affiliate Marketing that also has MLM qualities.

    • To me the training is sporadic and the structure is definitely not designed for a newbie to this business. You and I are both experienced in this niche so either one of us could take SFI and make decent money with it. However, my goal with this review is to help the novice in this niche. I am still a member at SFI and am active in the online auctions. I lead the new comer to my #1 recommendation so they can get educated properly, then if they decide SFI will be a good addition to their blog or website I would say that there is nothing wrong with that. as you said it’s not a overnight thing, nothing legit is. The point I try to make in this review is that it is very easy for someone, especially a newbie to get confused at SFI. Thank you for your Input William. As a marketer yourself you want to share what the best product is that works for you and for me it’s Wealthy Affiliate. I have created many success stories and will continue to do so.
      Best Regards

  • No matter where you look in the business world, only 5% of the businesses become huge. Only 5% of people in any country become very wealthy. SFI has become a huge business with a unique marketing and working program. It works if you work. Sure, there are many affiliates or downline which do nothing. I have been in SFI for four years, and have seen them grow and give the opportunity to thousands like myself. It is a community, an MLM, an affiliate program, social network, store and much more.

    I have made money since the beginning, enough to pay for the TC I purchase, and to help others do the same. I have not became rich, but I have something to do at 82 that is interesting, profitable and more. I have a downline of over 1050 and only 5% of them are active. Those are the ones I concentrate on while bringing in others.

    In my 4 years, I have helped a young man in Nigeria, of all places, earn enough to get a college education. He is now inactive in SFI, but not out because he still has his store from which I make a little every month.

    • Understand I am also involved with SFI I am simply stating that there is much better training available online. I love the online auctions and honestly remain a member because of the product, Triple Clicks. If you have that many people in your downline and only have a 5% active affiliate ratio wouldn’t you think that there is a reason? I maintain a much higher active affiliate ratio with other programs. That is all im saying. Joining SFI is FREE so i can see where a lot of people would sign up and soon realise that you actually have to work so i can see the poor percentages. Especially with American affiliates. In this country everyone seems to want something for nothing without having to work for it, so i would definately target countries where people know that they have to work hard to get anything in life.

      • I absolutely agree with you on that one Jason, the opportunity is free there is nothing to lose, but to be successful you need to work hard to get there, people just wants to be served without putting any effort and that will never work.

  • I just Joined WA and the trainings were fantastic, but i am still finding it difficult to understand how to earn from being a member. I also do not know if I would be able to sustain $49 every month.

    • I would say start with the free membership and don’t go premium until you go through the training and understand what a niche is and how to make money with it. You will learn all this and more as a free member and get 2 free sites to test the waters and you never have to upgrade. I have signed up many members who chose the free option. It takes a little longer to get going but you can get there.
      Best Wishes

  • I joined two times
    the first time 5-12-2013, stay for two
    days only and left away
    the second time
    i joined since 7-12-2014
    i have more than 95 in my downline
    i earned 12$ commissions from
    this active member
    SO, IT IS
    very very slow process
    the earnings at SFI depends upon
    Commissions from your affiliates
    making sales of tripleclicks goods
    is Nearly zero
    i do not know what is the great value
    of these products
    I THINK and sure that the ONLY ONLY
    one who earn good money is GERY CARSON
    however, i have no choice to stay there, because
    i spend some money
    also to not quit quickly
    but after 16 months from
    unlimited trials in Affiliate programs
    and PTC, i discovered that make money
    online is lying, cheating and scamming
    The only one who make money is the owner
    of the bussiness who tell you that you can
    make 1200$ a day, he really make this
    money becuase he own a bussiness and he
    spent thousands of money in advertizing
    then he start to collect these money and
    their multiplicationss.
    He alons or whatever a group of people
    make a big bussiness have budget of thousands
    of dollars to advertise and to attract people
    by the same dream which they only well
    But what about you when you want to make 1200$
    A day from buying 30$ monthly dubscription
    then you must have few thousands of dollar
    to make big campaign, that may eat your relatively
    little budget with getting some people whom
    most of them well. Not invest ir uograde, so
    you well lose your money.

    • Yes SFI is a slow process and like I said in my review, I do not use this company to earn revenue. I stay a member because it’s free and I do enjoy the online auctions as I am a collector of coins and silver. Making money with SFI is very hard. Unless they have a product that you enjoy using the it is definitely not my top recommendation. Thanks for your input Ahmed.
      Best Wishes

    • I started my online business with nothing and couldn’t afford to upgrade until my business started paying for itself. I don’t use SFI as a income stream because the commissions are so low and most members are not active. I just use the online auctions at SFI for my collectibles and I think it’s fun. I promise you That Wealthy Affiliate has always been very straight forward with me and they let you know that if you want to achieve success online it is going to take some hard work and some time. I don’t know who is telling you you can make 1200 dollars a day but I know I’m not making that. I have been a WA member for over a year now and i can honestly say that it is the only place online that I have been able to earn any money at all. I’m not super rich but I do make enough to keep myself a member in good standings and would not give this up for anything. It is hard work Ahmed but just like anything else in life. If it came easy then everyone would be doing it.
      Best Wishes

  • Hi Jason,
    I really appreciate the prompt response. I have reviewed your WA earlier, minutes before I even composed the above comment. I would loveo to sign up, but then apparently, the starter package isn’t available in our area.

    By the way, do you have a Facebook page where I could add you up?
    I would love to give my user I’d, but then the status is private so it’s so far not “searchable”. I would appreciate very much if you can extend at least another means by which I could be allowed to reach out besides public comments on blogs 😛

  • Hi Jason, I consider it a blessing to have stumbled upon your website today. I am a new SFI member (account created on 18 Oct 2014), and was able to complete up to the 10th launchpad training so far. I’m currently 1021 points above the green line, with versa points I still don’t quite understand the full essence of. And having read your article today about SFI, I’m honestly having this feeling of discouragement about the whole thing. I used to be involved with several MLMs here in our country, locally, but those were the days. I left network marketing, and completely bid good bye to food supplements, mushroom-based coffee, franchise package etc.. for the honest reason that I did not find my fortune there. It was a waste of time, energy and effort, except for some wonderful paradigm shift trainings that I was able to take advantage for free, mostly including goal setting and the likes, which really captures my interest. Other than that, I had every reason to shun and evade MLM and settled with a small, traditional business that I can afford so far, marketing RTWs, shoes & stainless accessories. I also tried to do selling through facebook, but it clearly seems that I still need more rooms for learning. I’m not very good pitching sales, let alone effective sales presentation.
    My apologies, if you find this comment too wordy. My question is just, should I still pursue membership and activities at SFI? Will it be worth my average efforts? I started posting ads on Facebook containing my SFI link to invite more affiliates a couple of days ago, so far getting 1 stranger to sign up just because it’s free, but looking closer at the activity logs, she seems not interested at all. Do you think I should still go for this thing? All I want is a legitimate business/job online, since it’s more convenient. I even tried looking for a job at odesk, trying to get a data entry, typing, or even a virtual assistant job.
    Will look forward for a response from you. Thanks.

    • Hi Joan and thankyou for your kind words. I have been a member of SFI for a while now and pretty much just use it for the Triple Clicks Auctions. My feeling is that the training seems to be outdated and very hard for someone new to internet marketing to understand. To me this just frustrates new comers and eventually leads to them giving up. Unless you are an experienced internet marketer who is able to drive large amounts of traffic to a website it will be very difficult to earn any substantial income from SFI.
      Don’t get me wrong any internet business you start is going to be difficult in the beginning and it will require hard work and dedication. It took me 5 months of hard work after joining My #1 Recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate) to earn anything at all, but I was properly trained and had the support of a community behind me. This made all the difference in the world to me and I now am able to make a decent amount of money online. What I enjoy the most though is the ability to use my new found knowledge to help others stay clear of scams or even just to be able to help a new marketer like yourself. If I can ever be of any help please do reach out again.
      Best Wishes
      ps.you may check out my review for Wealthy Affiliate right here on my website listed under the good.

  • Hi Jason,

    I too find WA more attractive than SFI after going through the reviews. But what about the ALexa ranking? SFI ranks far better than WA or any other Affiliate marketing.

    • What about the Alexa ranking? Like I said it’s like weighing apple’s with oranges. SFI simply doesn’t have the quality training that WA has. If you can make SFI work I say go for it. Anyone can Pay for good reviews. I however prefer to listen to people who have actually experienced what they are reviewing. If the Alexa prefers SFI that’s their opinion I prefer WA and that’s my opinion. Try them both and come to the only opinion that matters. YOURS!!

  • You have rated sfi as 60/100 and Wealthy Affiliate as 98/100. However, on ALexa. SFI has a much better ranking than Wealthy Affiliate. Why so?

    • My rank is from my personal experience. I find that the training at SFI is inferior to the training at Wealthy Affiliate. See for yourself you can join both for free. I look forward to hearing back from you to let me know what you think. I use a lot of the product’s at Triple Clicks which is SFI product line but I find it much easier to make a steady income online using Wealthy Affiliate.
      Best Wishes

  • heey jason im still a beginner i have 0 experience in affiliate marketing…so do you have any suugetions for me to start making some cash online

    • If you read my Wealthy Affiliate review I provide a link to help get you started and moving in the right direction. If you need any help I can email you from my personal email.
      Best Wishes

      • thank you very much

  • How do we buy goods from Triple clicks ? What types of product do d sale ? Do d give free shipping service ?

    • I provide a link on my post to sign up for SFI. As soon as your a member you can start purchasing Triple Clicks products and participate in online auctions

  • A very informative site with a catchy design . I have really enjoyed and bookmarked it . I would prefer that you have email marketing to get valuable knowledge from you.

    • Thank you Mohamed,
      I will be adding email to the site soon. As of now I am following some leads on a few possible scam sites that I intend to post here once I complete my investigation. feel free to leave a comment or question anytime. I always try to respond within the 1st 24 hrs.
      Best Wishes

  • Good info! I was thinking about going with this company before but I found a lot of negative feedback about the owner and the comp program.You filled a lot of blanks in for me.

    • I’m glad it helped Michael, I do stay a member of SFI because I enjoy the online auctions and they auction silver bars which I enjoy collecting. I just think that there are better ways to make money online. This one however would not be my first choice. It may be good for a experienced person but I just found it to be a little misleading.

      • Are the bars worth getting? They are so cheap.

        • If you are talking about silver or gold I say yes. I have purchased and had them tested both, I am a collector so to myself it is sooo worth it.

  • I was involved with several MLM’s 20 years ago. They look great on paper but it’s really hard to grow that type of business.
    Affiliate marketing, which you talk about on this site, will get you better results for the time you invest.

    • I was also involved in MLM about the same time period buying products that I use every day in order to support my business. I also sponsored others and taught them to duplicate my action’s. I found the products to be of a lesser quality than what I could go out and by in a store, And That Was The Feedback I Was Getting From Others too. It just wasn’t worth the small amount of money I was making. Affiliate marketing is definitely a much more lucrative business to invest your time in. Like most, my time is extremely important to me and I would rather invest my time in something that has the potential to make it worthwhile. .

  • Sounds to me like if you want to make the big bucks you need to build a large downline (MLM). They probably use the word affiliate marketing in place of MLM because of the negativity that now surrounds MLM’s. Is that a correct assessment?

    • I’m not quite sure why they use the word affiliate when it is clearly a (MLM). I think you are correct Steve MLM has received a bad rap and many of the companies that have used such a marketing system have eventually failed. But I do believe your assumption is correct.
      Thank you for being such a active participant here, your input is always valued and appreciated..
      Best Wishes

      • SFI is an Affiliate Marketing MLM. Nobody is required to build a Team to make money, so this makes SFI a little different than a standard MLM

        • In my opinion This is where SFI is confusing. You are either a MLM or Affiliate Marketing. Your comment only proves my point, SFI is confusing. Lets be straight up and to the point. We both Know that with any MLM structure, duplication is where the real money is. So although nobody is required to build a team , both of us being professionals Know where the real money is made with the MLM structure. I respect your opinion as I give everyone a voice here at True Prosperity Online, but it will not change my opinion. I wish you much success in your journey at SFI. I love hearing about other’s success. As long as you are being honest and not scamming people you have my full support and I hope you do very well.
          Best Wishes

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