Six Figure Mentors Review – Why I Said NO WAY!

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Welcome to my Six Figure Mentors Review, you most likely wound up here because you want to know if Six Figure Income is a scam. I want to congratulate you for doing your own research before joining this seemingly good program. My review will help you to make an informed decision and show the good and not so good about Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek’s Six Figure Mentors Scheme.

I was once a member of this platform and got tired of up Up-Sells and spending money without making any so I joined Wealthy Affiliate and Finally made my first dollar online. After the Rise and Fall of Empower Network it seemed a few copy cats were still trying to mimic their scheme and that’s exactly what Six Figure Mentors did. Let’s get right into my review and I’ll break down the system in detail.

Six Figure Mentors Summary

Name: Six Figure Mentors

Founders: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Launched: 2011

Recommended: No

Summary: Six Figure Mentors Is a Pyramid Scheme and a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) platform that uses affiliate marketing to hide the bad name MLM has created for itself. They offer Semi decent training depending on the membership level you choose and hit you with a lot of up Up-Sells. This sketchy marketing strategy is frowned upon by real affiliate marketers which I discuss in further detail on my Identify Scams page

Rating: 4 out of 10

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About The Founders

Before I explain what Six Figure Mentors really is let’s take a look at the integrity or lack of with the founders of this program.

Anyone familiar with online marketing or scam reviews are probably well aware of past and current schemes these two have been involved with

picture of Stuart and Jay

I must say on the surface these two seem pretty sincere and really interested in helping others, I wish this was true because then I wouldn’t have to add this section to my review.

Jay is the co-founder of another company that turned out to be a complete scam and can’t even be found online at the present time. The name of this company went by the names “Pro U” and “Carbon Copy Pro” and like I said they are shut down and can’t be found. This really raises some Red Flags with this guy but the plot thickens.

Presently Jay and Stuart are running a Company called Digital Experts Academy (DEA) for short and this just happens to be part of the up Up-Sells with their Six Figure Mentors (SFM) program. The fact that these two can just open up shop and then disappear is very alarming to me, considering Jay has already done this in the past.

I can tell you right now, if you buy into everything these guys are telling you that is needed to succeed online it will cost you thousands, to the tune of a little over $44,000.00 to put it into perspective and you probably won’t be any further along than when you started.

The training I used to create my online income at Wealthy Affiliate only cost $49 monthly or $359 yearly to go full time and it really works. I’ve honestly never been hit with an upsell in 6 years and it only took a few months to start earning decent money.

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What Is Six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors is a company that offers internet marketing training along with tools and resources that are taught step by step. To gain access to the next level of training you will need to purchase an up sell. There are four levels to the SFM training and four levels to the DEA training which is part of the up-sell within SFM. You can expect to pay a total of over forty thousand dollars to graduate every level of membership.

Some of the resources included are as follows.

  • Banners
  • Affiliate links
  • Sales Pages
  • Tracking
  • Stats
  • Link generator
  • Funnels

You will be assigned a coach which will help you follow the training. A landing page will be provided and you will use their tools to build a website and ultimately promote them. The MLM aspect comes into play with your assigned coach. Systems like this which are similar to platforms such as Empower Network have been proven to be schemes and limit you to what you are promoting. I will breakdown the Flaws along with the cost in the next segment of my review.

How It Works

1. Advertisement. Like me you probably found SFM because of some form of advertisement online. For me it was an article on Google Alerts about Make Money Online that eventually lead me to the sales pitch by Stuart. You will be placing ads like this to promote them if you decide to join. I have also seen them advertised on social Media and YouTube but for me it was a blog post.

2. Email Capturing is the next step of the system you will be taught to do all of these steps as well if you go all in and pay the ridiculous money for the up sells. Once they have your email they will deliver 7 videos to your email over the course of seven days. Get Ready for some serious BS as they try to convince you that you too can live the laptop lifestyle.

3. 7 Days of Basic Training. I use the word basic because that’s all it really is. They do deliver the videos as promised but honestly the time I wasted watching them I’ll never get back. I found the videos to be more of a sales pitch rather than training of any real value.

4 Buy A Standard membership. Now that they tossed you the chum it’s time for them to bait the hook. Standard membership is only 29.95 which is perfect bait for all the up sells about to come your way and really has limited access to the program. I hate this because they make it so you have to buy the up sells to move on with the program. I personally think this kind of selling should be illegal but they’re getting away with it.

5 Skype With Your MLM Coach. This is where they set the hook. you will be asked to book a phone call and a Skype session with your “business Coach” who’s job is basically to pitch you an upsell. Get ready because this is the first of many about to come your way and once they get you hooked they start reeling you into their scheme. The only people who are making any real money here are the ones at the top levels, I’d say the Top 1-4%.

6. Here Come The Up Sells. You are going to be hitting a few “roadblocks” due to the limited Access you get. Not Just one more either. Now they Will finish with the SFM up sells and hit you with the DEA up sells. Now it starts to get REALLY Expensive.

Other Companies I’ve exposed with similar business Models are Empower Network, which is basically dead and My Top Tier Business as well as MOBE By Matt Lloyd who is being investigated by the Feds and pretty much all done at this point.

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Pricing and Membership Levels

Buckle up people because here com the up Up-Sells and there are lots of them so let’s take a look and maybe you’ catch on to the reason I ultimately Said NO WAY to this seemingly good Program. I’ll list the SFM up sells 1st and then get into the DEA membership levels which is all intertwined into the Six Figure Mentors System. Maybe they used the term Six Figures because that’s what they want to make off you when you join. Just Saying!

Affiliate Access: Free ( Extremely limited and almost worthless)

Student Access: $29.95/ $25 a month (optional but really encouraged)

Essential Membership: $297 + $97/month ( It Say’s Essential so need I say more?)

Elite Membership: $2500 Yearly + $97/month ( Hey we all like to feel important or even Elite)

Total Cost For 1 Year Of Membership: $5,454.95

I really didn’t find much value in the program to make it worth the price tag and you really don’t get to try it for free like you can at Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you decide to Go full time with WA it only cost $19 for your 1st month and $49 a month after that and It’s training that actually works. We’ll talk about that later.



Here Comes Digital Experts Academy

Not Getting where you need to with the SFM Membership? Your not supposed to yet they’re not done with your money. You Have to be Part of (DEA) First!!

Here Are the 4 levels of DEA

1. Silver: $2,500

2. Gold: $8,000

3. Platinum: $11,000

4. Black: $20,000

Total Cost For Both SFM and DEA Membership: $46,954.95

Who do you think is Really getting rich here? With the low commission payout to you of between % and 10% I think it’s safe to say it’s the top 1-4% making any real money.


Another thing to consider are the paid tools you are going to need to use these systems and they’re not cheap either. I don’t know about you but I don’t know to many people that have an extra $46,954.95 lying around to waste on a business platform like this and if you do send them my way please. ( Just Joking I’m Not Like That)

Paid Tools Needed

Here are the 4 main tools needed to work this system so lets just jump right in shall we. This won’t hurt a bit. Heck Your already spending over 46K for 1 year of membership. PS. 1 year is the average amount of time it takes to create a sustainable and successful business online. Just something to think about going forward.

1. Graphix Creator: $99/ One Time

2. Simple Lead Capture: $29.95/month

3. Digital Business Lounge: $67/month

4. Simple Trakk $9.95/ month

Total cost for 1 Year Of membership and Tools: $48,236.75

These are all great tools but remember that once you start using them you are kinda stuck to keep using them and keep paying money.

Why I Finally Said NO WAY!

1. I think the first reason is very clear and that would be the price. By the time I found SFM I had already been ripped of by a few different platforms and with the highest up sell being 20k I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, Plug In Profit Site AKA (PIPS), Empower Network, and My Top Tier Business had already left a scar on me and I had also found Wealthy Affiliate by this time which was and still is working great for me. I wanted to Expand my ventures online and I was hoping these guys could help me do it but SFM just didn’t turn out to live up to the HYPE.

Reason #2 Is that the SFM system has very limited access to important training unless you pay and the Up-Sells were outrageous. I already explained what the total cost will run you should you go all in and I am already receiving far better training that really helps me create recurring revenue online for only $359 for the year with zero up sells.

The 3rd reason I’m not a big fan of SFM is that there is no active community to turn to if you get stuck. Maybe I’m a bit spoiled because I get all of that in one Place at WA but I honestly think that support is one of the most important thing a new affiliate marketer needs to Get Started.

I SFM A Scam?

No SFM is not a scam because you are getting a product but I do see it as a real sketchy scheme designed to milk the most money out of you that they can get.

Although they are not a scam I just can’t recommend the system to anyone and have a clear conscience. I really feel their are much better platform for beginners to make money online and this just isn’t it. They are not transparent and I just don’t like the hype!

How I Make Money Online

I strongly urge anyone who is serious about making money online to read my Wealthy Affiliate review and my About Me Page. I never made anything online until I was trained properly and that’s exactly what WA did for me. I will show you the two membership options in the chart below and let you decide for yourself which one is best for you. I always recommend A Free Starter membership 1st because let’s face it, online business is not for everyone and I want you to be completely comfortable with your decision before you spend any money.

Create Account

I hope this article was helpful and informative. Please share with your friends to help spread the word.

Leave a comment below If you have any question or just want to add to the topic.

Best Regards


  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason,

    is it weird that I was overwhelmed by all those numbers?? Even if I’m a newbie I wouldn’t join something that bombards me with so many packages because I would think someone is trying to milk money from me as you said. I’ve recently been looking into pyramid schemes and MLMs as part of my studies in uni, I learnt that MLMs and pyramid schemes are fundamentally different yet the names are used quite interchangeably now. Wonder if there are any legitimate MLMs now.

    • I do know of a couple MLM programs that are legit, one of them that I have been involve with since 2011 is SFI (Strong Futures International)I don’t really promote the platform but I do buy product from them. You really need to be good in sales to make it in MLM and I personally disagree with a lot of the sales tactics used to promote such companies.

      Thank You


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