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Hello, Jason here with my Slice The Pie review. With a website name like this I am sure you must be asking yourself, What is slice the pie? If you do know what the website is you probably want to know, Is slice the pie a scam? I will get into all of this and much more in this review.


What Is Slice The Pie?

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Slice The Pie was founded in 2007 and is a website which pays it’s members for listening to and submitting reviews from unsigned bands and solo artists. Members can also look at and review the latest up and coming fashions from clothing designers. I have been using for about a month now and I love it. I think it’s a unique and fun way to make a little extra spending money. If you like music or like seeing the newest trends in clothing this is the perfect place for you. Unlike many survey websites where you start a survey and get bounced out half way through because you do not qualify, slice the pie stands out above survey websites. As long as you are submitting genuine honest reviews then you can make money.


How Does it Work

1. Upon joining you can start earning money immediately. The website is very simple and extremelyScreenshot (167)

easy to navigate. As I mentioned There are 3 different ways to earn. The first is by reviewing music. simply click Review and start listening to music. After 90 seconds you can start writing what you think of the song. The better your review the more money you will earn so try to be as specific as possible I will Provide an example below but first I will explain how this works. In the beginning you may only get .04 cents for a review but you can move up very fast ans make about .20 cents. Like anything else the company has to gain trust in you.


2. The second way to earn money is to check out the latest fashions from clothing designers. You will be shown a picture of someone modeling a specific piece of clothing and then be asked to rate it. Just like reviewing the music be as detailed as you can, this will only help you in the long run because once your reviews are consider unique and honest you will quickly move up and be paid more for your opinion.


3. The third way to earn money is by taking advantage of the affiliate offer. when you Join Slice The Screenshot (168)

Pie you will be given your own unique affiliate link to invite friends and family or whoever you choose. One way to do this is by sharing you link on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, and so on. You may also invite people via email. If you have a website you may choose to promote this opportunity using that. If you don’t have a website but want one don’t worry I can help you build a website and get you up and running in minutes.

The Affiliate offer is pretty simple. You will receive 20% of your referrals earnings for the first 60 days and 10% after that. You may cash out once you’ve earned $10 and will be paid via Paypal.


Example of My Review

This is a awesome song and great overall performance. The song rocks, the singers voice is just right for this track his voice fits perfect withe the instruments.  The lyrics are very deep and meaningful and the singer delivers his message with great power. I think this is a well rounded band, the timing is perfect.  The guitar solo really captured me. Although I feel the guitar solo could have been a bit longer I am still extremely impressed with the talent of this band. The song is powerful with deep lyrics that are delivered with feeling and heart. I feel this track has great commercial capability.” 

The more detail you provide the better 3 or 4 word reviews will be denied and could lead to your account being deleted This is a example of what not to say. Don’t Say “This Track Is Good” this is very bland and will most definitely be rejected


 Is This Worth You Time

So by now you might be thinking why bother for such little pay? Lets look at this way, say you are getting per 90 second review and only spending about an hour of your spare time everyday. this might add up to about $2, do it for 1 1/2 hrs and now it’s more like $3. I know it sound like chump change correct.

Not so fast at the end of the month you just made between $60 or $90, depending on how much spare time you have. Now lets say you have referred a few people. You are now earning 20% of their earnings for the first 60 days and 10% of their earnings after that. This does not affect your referrals earnings at all they still get paid to review music. So now you are looking at over $100 a month just for listening to and reviewing music in your spare time. Not to shabby!

Screenshot (169)



My Final Thoughts

I think is a very unique and fun way to make a little extra cash. If you like music and don’t mind listening to new and up and coming tracks then this is the perfect place for you. I do not feel that you will be able to quit your job and make a full time income online with this but, it is some extra cash at the end of the month. Lets be honest, we could all use a little extra to do what we want with. That is us 99% that do all the hard work. I say go ahead and give it a try, you will more than likely have fun and make some money.

If this isn’t your thing and you would like to learn How I make my full time income online I highly suggest you read about my #1 Recommendation Here. I happen to do both because I love music and I love easy money. When you read my Top Rated and #1 Recommendation You will also have access to my special actin takers bonus.


  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I’ve heard about Slicethepie and it’s a fun way to make money. But for some reason, it’s not my cup of tea. I’ve tried it in the past and wasn’t impressed by the program.

    But after going through your article, I think I’ll give it a second chance. Is there any other sites like this that pay for reviewing music?

    • I’m really not a huge fan of the music thats been on there lately. Not really my thing..

  • Slice The Pie souunds perfect for me, I love music! And I love hearing unsigned or unknown bands (especially if they make it big later!). Ok it might not be big money, but earning $100 a month for doing something I would do anyway for nothing is great.

    Thanks so much for the great review and bringing it too my attention.

    • Give it a shot, the more detailed your review is the more you earn. This can be time consuming for little pay so be sure to keep track of your time. I do this when I’m bored or sitting around the beach..

  • Nice comprehensive review Jason. I’ve used Slicethepie before, and although it’s an innovative model, I can’t stand the mere few cents you get for a song review. This isn’t a survey site. Reviews take effort. They deserve at least 20 cents. But that’s just me.

    Still, this is a great way for unknown musicians to get better and potentially get noticed. I’m all for that and it’s why I review a few songs from time to time.

  • Slice the pie sounds like an interesting venture I shall be sure to take a furhter look into it. Thanks for the good review here!

    I like that your review is grounded in realism too, it’s not a ‘get -rich -quick’ scheme for anything like that. This stuff does take a lot of work and effort to be succesful, s congrats on not selling out your site’s rep!

    Good luck


    • Hey Mark, Thanks for taking the time to read my review and leave a comment. I worked way to hard to have my website be anything but real. You get the raw truth here, bottom line. if I can’t be real then I would rather just shut it down.


  • I have tried another program like Slice The Pie before. I found that there wasn’t many songs to listen to every week, sometimes no songs in weeks. So it wasn’t a very reliable source of income.

    How does Slice The Pie pay (PayPal?) and do they accept international members?.

    For me the pay rate is not worth the time invested, however I think it may suit some people needing some extra cash.

    • There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of songs but like you said it really is just something to do for a little extra cash. I would not expect to make a full time income online with Slice The Pie.

  • Jason, another great review. I had no idea Slice the Pie or review sites even existed. Thanks for laying it out for me – I do love music, not so much into fashion, but music is big. You wonder about the small scale of remuneration but, like you said, with a few affiliate referrals, you can earn an evening out or some cash to stash away. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

    • Hey Larry

      Thanks for checking out my review, that’s exactly what I do with the extra I Go out with my wife to a movie or dinner without having to tap into our budget. I’m glad you liked it.



  • Hi Jason,
    I have never heard of this program. It sounds real neat. Reviewing music or clothes and getting paid to do it sounds great. I am going to check this out and I actually know some people that would love to do this. I will send them to your site to check out your review.

    • Thank you, I tried to give my readers a couple choices in this review. I point out that this is a pretty cool way to earn a little extra cash but also let you know about my #1 recommended choice which I have used to make some really good money online. As for me I will continue doing both because I love music and to me it’s easy money.



  • I have been burned by the review sites before, but this one looks like one I would actually enjoy. You’re breakdown of how you could earn monthly was very well done. It was nice of you to put an example review up for reference. i love music. Is it just certain genres of music they play or is it all kinds? How do you like the clothing you review?

    • Although they ask what kind of music you like I find the tracks are random and kinda mainstream. I’m a rocker and I have heard a decent rock tracks now and then but it is all whatever they get submitted for that day. I Know that nobody likes making peanuts for taking surveys I am totally with you. Slice the Pie is okay because you don’t have to take a 25 minute survey for a nickle. You listen to a song and let them know what you think and the higher your star ranking the more you make per review. As far as the clothing I’ve only checked out a few things that were pretty basic.

  • Hey jason this is ideal for someone who likes to listen to (new) music and has some time to spare and as you say it’s not a lot BUT it’s something for your time doing what you would probably do for free (listening to music – right)

    So thank you for introducing this to your readers. 🙂

    • Hey Peter

      Thank you for checking out my review. I just thought this was a pretty unique way to make a little extra money and I just had to share it. As a music lover and former musician I can relate to how hard it is to Get recognized. This website opens up a whole new world for musicians to connect with record labels and to get some constructive criticism on their music.



  • HI Jason!
    I do like the review that you did here. I for one have never heard of slice the pie before. To me it sounds like a waste of my time. Untill I saw the mock up of the earnings. That was actually a lot of money. But how long did it take to do all them surveys and actually earn that kind of money? Probably a couple of years.? Torrey

    • Torrey

      It is actually repeatable every month, If you spend only one hour a day and are able to refer a few people a month my mock is very achievable. Not everyone has 1 hour a day though, so I understand if this one isn’t for you. I am a music lover so for me it’s like not working at all. I actually enjoy doing it. This is probably one of the only survey websites I actually spend time on because I find it fun. The majority of my time is spent at Wealthy Affiliate and my website. This is where I make the real money. I gave Slice the pie this review because I find it unique and fun. Thanks for commenting.


  • Hey Jason,
    Slice the Pie sounds pretty cool, I love music and I’m so gonna give it a shot, thanks for taking the time to review this!

    However I do agree that its not a proper way for anyone to earn a full-time income from home with. The pay is not much and it doesn’t grow the more effort you put in. Its much better to start your own Online Business instead.

    • Riaz

      I couldn’t agree with you more, your comment pretty much hits the nail on the head. If your a music lover this site is cool and unique. You can earn some pocket money as well but that’s it. If you want to learn how to make the real money I also provide a link to my #1 recommendation as well.

      Best Wishes


  • Hey this seems like a really cool survey website and def one of the best I have read about.

    Usually I try to avoid surveys because they pay to little for too much time. This seems a little better but getting 3 dollars for a few hours of work just doesn’t seem worth it. I just feel like there better ways to do it that take less time and pay more money.

    Thanks for the review though, it was a good read and makes me want to consider it.

    • I love music and I was in a band years ago. I wish there were sites like this around when we were trying to get noticed. I spend about 1 hour per day on the site and make about $60 a month. This doesn’t include referrals which bring about another $30. I just think it’s fun. We all know you can’t make any real money on any kind of survey websites even if you spent 8 hours a day. I will say that this is one of the coolest and unique ways I’ve seen so far as far as these kind of sites are concerned. I always offer a chance for my readers to learn how I make real money online at the end of all my reviews. Thanks for checking it out Dylan. You are always a great contributor to my reviews and I always respect your comments.


  • This is a great review here, I have done quite a bit of looking around and this is totally new to me. This is a very unique way to earn money online. I like the money per month breakdown especially. This seems like a great way to earn money without dreadfully boring task.

    • Hey Kaelan, It really is cool, especially if you love music like I do. I’m totally with you on the dreadfully boring tasks that you have to suffer through with other low paying survey sites. I know it isn’t much but every cent counts, so why not at least have a little fun doing it? I don’t mind spending 1 hour of my day on it and referring a few friends who also love music.



  • Hey Jason, awesome review here.

    What a cool program you have come across here. I love music and to think that I could get paid to review music is very appealing to me, and to every music lover out there.

    However, how long does the review need to be? Is there a specific lengths or points to cover? And about Paypal, do they need you to have a business account? Or just a personal account will suffice?

    Thanks and all the best!

    • I was actually Just logged in to Slice the Pie When I received notification about your comment. There are really some good artist on today. I would join for free and check it out. I did leave a sample of a review on this page. It doesn’t take very long for a review and if you love music anyways it’s almost like your not working at all. You do have to be specific as to what you like or dislike about a track and listen for 90 seconds before submitting a review.

      As far as Paypal I am not using a business account. I am waiting to reach $300 to cash out but you can cash out once you earn $10. You will be surprised how easy this is and if you refer others there is potential to make descent money here.

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