Super Affiliate System Review – The Truth Finally Revealed

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Welcome to my review of “John Crestani” and his Super Affiliate System AKA Internet Jetset. I often get asked to review systems like this by my readers, so they can know if something is a worthwhile investment. My feelings about this system are mixed, I’m on the fence about this one, so get ready for my honest unbiased review.

John Crestani has been around the internet marketing world for a while now and does have a credible reputation. My review will break down the training and resources as well as give you the Pros and Cons of this seemingly good system. In the end my goal is for you to be able to make an educated and informed decision whether Super Affiliate System is the right choice for you.

Most of the reviews you will see online are going to be on the positive side. Don’t let this fool you because most of these reviews want to make a sale. SAS is a fairly high ticket product so the commission for an affiliate will be a hefty one, if you are considering learning with John Crestani it is going to cost you. I’m not calling it a scam but you are going to have to pay upfront for the training before you get to test it out, so be sure to do your homework first.

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Before I begin I would like to give you Free access to my #1 Recommendation for beginners to make money online. This is the exact platform I used to go from working a dead end job, living paycheck to paycheck, to becoming a successful Afiliate Marketer. No credit card required just Free Training with no strings attached.

At A Glance

Name: Super Affiliate System AKA Internet Jetset (Join Here)

Owner: John Crestani

Price: $47 + Up-Sells ( $997 for the SAS System with JetSet included)

Recommended:Only If You Can Afford It (I’ve seen better for less $)

Product: Affiliate Marketing Training

Scam: No

Rating: 7 out of 10

Summary: John has put together a pretty decent training course here and I can tell he’s been working hard on some major improvements over the last year, if you asked me a year ago if I thought this system is a scam I would have said yes. Unfortunately I still have reservations about recommending this product and endorsing it 100% because of the Up-Sells and hidden fees. I understand that John needs to get paid for what he’s created but he is not being transparent as to what the TOTAL PRICE is going to cost you!!

John also uses techniques similar to “Stone Evens” founder of Plug In Profit Site by using the back office (members area) to promote his own affiliate links. At one point he even tells you that you have to join his recommended platforms, One of them being MOBE which is associated with My Top Tier Business by “Matt Lloyd”, a company that I gave a horrible review on and has less than desirable reviews along with a pretty bad reputation. I can not give anyone a full endorsement that recommends people to join a Matt Lloyd licensing scheme. Sorry John.

Update: As of today 03/18/2019 I have received credible information , that John Crestani has cut ties with MOBE and no longer promotes them. I just wanted to make sure to keep everyone updated and to be fair to John

I do respect John as a marketer but I also disagree with some of his marketing techniques, which some may find to be deceptive. Newbies are not aware of these techniques and could easily be sucked into spending money they can’t afford and then being hit with Up-sell after Up-Sell, all the Up-sell for what I can offer a newbie for Free with only 1 optional paid membership that is absolutely not a requirement to Getting Started.

What Is Super Affiliate System?

Screnshot of John Crestani during a  video training lesson

Super Affiliate System is the Upgraded version of Internet JetSet, the old version (Internet JetSet) Focused on free traffic and the new version ( Super Affiliates System) focuses on Paid Traffic. there are fewer lessons with SAS but definitely packed full of some really good training My review is about Super Affiliate System which cost a bit more than Internet JetsSet costing you $997. Both systems teach you about affiliate marketing and the good news is, if you purchase Super Affiliate System the Internet JetSet will be included as a gift with your purchase.

Both systems are basically the same but SAS is the revamped updated version of the old Internet JetSet which is $47 plus up sells. The other difference between the 2 platforms Is that one focuses on free traffic and advertising methods and the newest focuses on paid advertising and traffic methods.

Maybe your confused right now and I don’t blame you but I an here to help you understand the system, I understand that the price is a bit on the steep side but you do get some decent training in return. Personally I would never pay this much for training that I can get for a fraction of the cost, but if you have the loot then you will get something out of this, as for the rest of us you can see my #1 recommendation.

I know your probably confused and I hate this but I am going to show you what Super Affiliate systems training is, so you can see for yourself what you will get for your investment. SAS is a 6-week training course vs Internet JetSets 12 week training course. Basically John has taken the old 12-week course which focused on free methods and revamped it to make it a 6-week course with lots of new stuff. Both courses have a lot to learn so if you want to buy SAS and get the IJS as your gift then you can expect to be learning an 18-week course.

Eighteen weeks is a rather short time to cram in all the information John will be teaching you, I would probably double that myself, as to not get frustrated with information overload! ( a major reason folks just give up). You will be learning a lot of stuff here and I think it will take the average person much longer to grasp all this information. John says that you can make money in just a couple hours, but let me tell you this. Yes, you may be able to make money in a few hours it is extremely unlikely and unsustainable. Let me explain why I say this in the next segment.

Johns system directs you to write a book review and add your Amazon affiliate links then post them on social media, if your one of the lucky ones and are persuasive enough to get some of your followers to click on your link then YES, you can make money in just a few hours. After you write your content and insert your links. I get what John is trying to do by showing you how to earn your first small commission in just a few hours, it gives a newbie a feel for what affiliate marketing is and how it works. I think it’s great to give someone a taste of success so they can see the Big Picture and hopefully move on to become a super successful affiliate marketer.

Super Affiliate System Training

I’m going to only focus on the Super Affiliate System training and leave the Internet JetSet Training alone for now. My review is about Super Affiliate System, I will add a separate review of the Internet JetSet at a later date. Let’s see what $997 is going to get you with John Crestani’s training.

Week 1: System set up, Week 1 one training will show you how to get your system set up and ready to earn. Topics covered in week 1 are Goal setting, Website setup, Facebook Ads Setup, joining affiliate programs, and setting up your Presell Page.

Week 2: Skills for Success, this course will focus on planning and strategy techniques which will include Entrepreneur Mindset, Researching your niche, Choosing Your Offer, Choosing Your Ad Network, and Effective Networking. Skills that are all required to achieve success.

Week 3: Marketing Skills, this week will focus on one of the most important things any marketer need to know about copy writing. You will learn Copy writing, Optimization, and Advanced Copy Writing tactics. Make sure to spend some extra time on this because this stuff is really important and you are going to have to know it moving forward.

Week 4: Google and Facebook Ads, Teaches how to set up Facebook Ads, Facebook Compliance, Google Adwords, and Metrics In Advertising.

Week 5: Native Ads and YouTube Ads. Teaches about Native Ads which are made to blend in with your content and YouTube Ads. More very important stuff to know when seeking to be a successful marketer.

Week 6: Scaling and Outsourcing, after learning all this the training teaches you how to automate your business using Sales Funnels, as well as utilizing media buyers and scaling your Campaign.

Additional Bonuses

John also include a few extras in his course to help you with your business, these bonuses include training on the following

Targeting Data

Presell Page

Ad Swipes

Ad networks

I do see a lot of value with John Crestani’s training. Make sure if you are going to spend the money, that you have the time to go through the training completely and efficiently. I do find the price to be on the steep side but there is some valuable stuff here. Also, be certain that you can tie up $997 and wait for a return on your investment. You need to be able to give yourself some time to learn this which will vary depending on what you are able to commit to your business.

This is the reason absolutely nobody can give you a specific time frame as to when you will make money. Yes, they can give you a basic outline of how long it should take providing you follow a system step by step in the time-frame recommended but let’s be realistic here. Everyone’s live’s are different, meaning some people have lots of time and extra money to purchase Up-Grades and others have limited time and not much money to invest.

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Pros And Cons Of S.A.S.


1. John Is The Real Deal

John Crestani is an achieved, successful marketer who is always looking for ways to improve his platform and give value to his brand. He takes what he does very serious and is willing to jump in and help whenever possible. Super Affiliate system is Johns latest creation and I know this guy really knows what he is doing, anyone getting involved with John can rest assure that he is going to give you his all and help you to the best of his ability to achieve success.

2. The Training

Super Affiliate System has some really good training. I find the training to be of high quality and you can see that a lot of effort has been put into this training. I also love that he puts a lot of emphasis on your mindset before getting you into the nuts and bolts of his detailed training. Proper mindset is essential when venturing into starting a business and John knows this.

3. Diversity

I like that you are not limited to only promoting one product. Promoting just one product really puts restrictions on your income potential. Super Affiliate System allows you to create a business in any niche of your choosing which gives you a huge upper hand, this means that you can work with a niche you know about and are passionate about. I feel when you are working within a niche you have knowledge about, it really doesn’t seem much like work because you are not just duplicating somebody’s cookie cutter system like some kind of puppet. Having a passion for what you are doing is awesome and an overall more enjoyable experience.

Speaking of niches, you can see how I went from a dead end job to becoming an online success in the niche of my choice, by reading more about my #1 Recommendation.


1 MOBE Affiliated

John is affiliated with Mobe which stands for My Online Business Empire or more recently My Online Business Education. Mobe is a High Ticket MLM program that uses some very sketchy techniques and I call it a downright scam. The company pays commissions of up to 10 thousand dollars so I can see where John would want a piece of this action, but tarnishing a good name like John has with MOBE affiliation is very disappointing to me.

2 Lack of Transparency

I don’t feel John is being completely transparent here. I’m sorry but if you are going to pay that kind of money for a program I don’t feel he should be trying to take more of your money by hidden costs and telling you to join his affiliate programs. This takes a really nice platform like Super Affiliate System and turns it into something that creates a lack of trust in my mind. One of the major reasons for having reservations on recommending John Crestani’s system is the lack of transparency within the system itself.

3 Price

I’m not sure about you but I think $997 is an extremely high price to pay for this training. Yes, the training is good but not that good, If you pay $997 dollars for something Hidden costs and personal affiliate links should not be a part of this system. I get that you want to make as much as possible with a system but take it easy on the beginners that just want to learn how to make money online.

I personally use the Training At Wealthy Affiliate which you can join for Free and the training is by far superior to the training at SAS. Yes, there is an option for premium which will cost you $49 monthly or $359 yearly. I discovered this platform in 2014 and haven’t found anything online that even come close to everything you get at Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Super Affiliate System A Scam

No SAS is not a scam, John Crestani is a respected marketer and has achieved great success online. You get really good training when you purchase this system and having a coach like John isn’t a bad thing either. Although I find the price to be a little high, Super Affiliate System is by no means a scam, if you can afford it then give it a try. Besides the few reservations I have about recommending SAS and giving John my full endorsement, it still is a good system. Unfortunately because of some of the cons I listed ( The Major con being the Price) I can not recommend this. But if you want to check it out for yourself just click the button below

Want to Learn How I Make Money Online?

My #1 recommendation when it comes to Getting Started making money online is Wealthy Affiliate. I found WA in 2014 after 3 years of searching for a legit way to work from home. Support and training at WA is the best I’ve seen online, the community is always available if you get stuck and the Co-founders Carson and Kyle are daily participants in the community. I also Find the step by step done before your eyes video training to be an extremely helpful resource. Wealthy Affiliate receives My highest recommendation in 2019 and most likely years to come.

Want to verify my credentials? Read my about me page and follow my journey.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Just wanted to drop a quick note. It was a really resourceful article. I learned a lot about the program I feel other reviews might have passed over in silence. Thus, your straightforwardness, honest and sincere opinion and recommendation is beyond appreciated.

    I really don’t like that they upsell that much. it’s crazy. Good that the training at least is solid but I truly do agree that it’s a heavy price tag. Especially where I reside. That’s like more than an average person’s monthly income. Apart from that, paid advertising is not for me right now. Don’t have the budget for it. Not many people do.

    Again, thank you, your efforts and honesty are deeply appreciated, Jason.


    • Hello Rasa, I am finding the more research I do around the web for affiliate marketing training does have this Super Affiliate system a bit more money than other comparable programs. I really feel that John would get more sales if he were to lower the price a bit. Like you said “That’s like more than an average persons monthly income” where you reside. John also has some hidden costs as well which you also touched on. I’m really not a fan of the hidden cost aspect either.

      I guess we will have to wait and see what the coming year brings us. I know that John is not just sitting back watching the money pour in. The man is a hard worker and I’m sure he is working on some improvements. I can just hope that the price will be one of them.

  • The fact that John isn’t upfront and honest with all the costs involved is a red flag for me. Like you say, it’s not a scam program but in my view when you’re not being told everything then it’s not worth getting involved. Besides that is an awful lot of money! Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate program- no hidden costs and a lot lot cheaper!

    • Hello Hollie, I do agree with you about the price of Super Affiliate System but from what I’ve been finding that just seems to be the going rate for good internet training..To be honest if it were not for the lack of transparency I would give this system my full endorsement. I will also agree that WA is the best platform for the money. I really think you get way more than your moneys worth.

      Thank You


  • Hello Jason, Let me begin by complimenting you on a well-intentioned mission.  I too have been involved with Internet Marketing for several years and I can assure you, I have wasted a lot of time and money on programs that never had a chance of succeeding.  Additionally, I sought a mentor oriented program that would allow me to learn at my own pace and not break the bank.

    The amazing part is that, although I spent many years searching online, I could not find the right fit.  Today, I cannot understand why or how it took me so long to find a solution to my problem.  Which was, I had the drive and the skills, but I did not have the specific “How does it work?” knowledge need to become successful.

    Now, it’s important for you to know that I have experience with both WA and SAS, so I speak from experience.  And I, like you, would not call John’s program a scam.  For me the difference between a scam and a legitimate program is often the user.  If the program is too advanced or too basic, for a given skill set, the purchaser may view the program as a scam.  And if the user has no intention of putting in the work needed to complete program, he or she may also view the purchase as a flop.

    Anyway, I appreciated the fair and honest review of the SAS program and I look forward to reading more of your assessments.  Best wishes in accomplishing your mission of spreading the truth.


    • Hello Glenn, thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed comment on my review of Super Affiliate System. I see that you have experience with both of the platforms I talk about in this review, which is great because you’ve also seen both platform and the Pros and Cons of each one.

      I agree that calling John’s SAS system a scam is not the right call. To be honest I have a lot of respect for John and what he has been able to accomplish online. I know that John reads these reviews and takes it serious when something is not right.

      Succeeding online is not easy work and unfortunately to many people just jump to the conclusion that something is a scam when it doesn’t work for them. People really need to consider all of the hard work it takes to succeed at anything (Especially Online) before coming out and calling something a scam. Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to providing more helpful information about making money online in the future.

      Best Wishes


  • Your review is very brilliant because it is balanced and well detailed. So, if an interested person should decide to invest in SAS or jetset he knows which of them that is the lower version and that which is of the higher version,  because he or she has the information that is needed. I will liken this to a problem I got involved in some years ago. I went to purchase  a used phone from someone, the person told me only the good  and did not tell me the fault of the phone. He was suppose to tell me the good and the bad about the phone, and so,when I got the phone it already had some problems. So this brings me to the fact that your review covers both sides; the good and the bad. Thanks for the information, it has  really been helpful 

    • I would like to add to your comment, you correctly bring up the importance of knowing the good and the bad about something, be it a phone or an online business. I think it’s safe to assume that because you had a bad experience with the purchase of your phone that you will not do business with that person again, Correct?

      The same thing goes for internet marketing. I may have gone a different direction and only talk about the good with SAS because if I make some sales I stand to get a pretty hefty payday. What would that accomplish?

      I would make some sales and get a decent payday but when the people who purchased said product (this one being Super Affiliate System) they would see that I did not tell them the whole truth. Although my thoughts would not have been a lie they would have been misleading for my own personal gain.

      This would probably create a trust issue between myself and my customer and they would probably not do business with me again or trust anything that I say in the future. Hence , the reason I focus so much on transparency.

      Your experience with the phone just goes to prove a point that I always try to emphasize.

      Honesty is the best policy, you may not get as many sales but the ones you do get will be quality sales and possibly recurring.

      Thank You


  • Thanks, Jason, I’ve heard of the Super affiliates system for a while, and just like many people, I needed to find out the truth about the system.  I’m always eager to read your unbiased review. please keep this up. based on the information I read from your review, I agree with you on the training aspect, it would definitely be a plus for every internet marketer, however, i feel the price is on the high side, especially for a program that lacks transparency. I would likely join Wealthy Affiliates. Hope this is transparent enough and the cost not much? 

    • Thank you for your continued support Tolu, I do my best to bring you the latest and most relevant information possible and your support is appreciated.Let me know if you’ve decided to give the WA training a try and I’ll pop in and say hello.


  • This is the second product from John Crestani I have taken the time to look into, and I have to admit, most people seem to agree that he has good educational info to offer. 

    However, both products have had high ticket prices for the ‘full’ package of internet marketing training. I know there is a monthly option, but don’t you agree that $997 for the SAS System with JetSet is a little bit on the unrealistic side? 

    Most people looking to work online could not afford this, do you agree?

    • Hello Chris, I think that’s why I’m on the fence about this one. Yes, I think $997 is a high price for the training but on the other hand, I’ve never created detailed training like this on my own. I can see by the quality of the platform that a lot of time and effort went into the Super Affiliate System Training and I know that one needs to get paid for such training.

      I am totally in agreement that most people looking to work online would not be able to afford this.

      I want to bring up one point though that may cause you to think different about the price, because I had to think about this long and hard and my opinion is this.

      If you invest almost 1k into online training then you want to make your money back as soon as possible. For this reason I feel the price will give the buyer incentive to stick with the training and complete it efficiently.

      What are your thoughts?



  • I’m so happy and glad you were honest and true to your words that this is a reputable source that I can trust. Thank you my friend for making it simple for someone like myself. I am honestly in need of cash but I cannot see myself investing in overloaded amount of money in something like this when there is something cheaper than I already decided on having access to here in the wealthy affiliate recommendation.

    • Andrew, just know that no matter what you decided in the line of training that this is going to require a lot of hard work. Affiliate marketing is not a turnkey done for you opportunity, but after all of your hard work the benefits are amazing. Please let me know if you need any help as you move forward with the training.



  • Yeah this definitely seems like a legitimate training program for affiliate marketing, but still not something I would go for. The fact they’re affiliated with MOBE is an immediate red flag, I know all about MOBE and how they’ve been shut down by the FTC last year, so anyone that’s associated with that I’m just going to stay away from. I’ve actually found a pretty good training platform called Wealthy Affiliate, it’s actually free to start and offers a lot more in-depth training and resources.

    • I just received word that John is no longer affiliated with Mobe, I’m not 100% sure if John Cut ties with the scheme of his own free will or if it’s because of the trouble Mobe has with the FTC. I am going to update that part of my review right now and send an email out to John and find out what the deal is between them. I don’t want anyone to think I’m bashing John’s training because it’s very good and packed with helpful information. I just prefer a different platform that has a lot more transparency.

      As Far as Wealthy Affiliate is concerned I feel it is the best place to start for a beginner or even an advanced internet marketer. Both Starter (Free) and Premium ($49 monthly or $359 Yearly) have a lot to offer. WA has been my Top Choice since 2014 and continues to dominate the online training world.



  • $997 US dollars is a lot of money, and a little depending on an outcome. If you succeed and start making money on the internet, then it does not have to be expensive. Otherwise, it is expensive The question is also, what kind of support do you get for that money.?

    • Hello Darko, Success at anything online is a risk. There are so many factors to consider which could make or break your chance of success. I agree that $997 is a bit steep, if payments could be broken up into increments of 3 I think more people would take a look at Super Affiliate System. 

      Support at SAS is very good and you will get help if needed. I hope this answers your question.

      Thank You


  • This is a great informative and educative article. You have put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand all about Super Affiliate System. From what is Super Affiliate System to Super Affiliate System Training, to Additional Bonuses to advantages and disadvantages to your recommendation, you can’t possibly be more exhaustive! More importantly, you did not paint unnecessary good picture rather you stated the absolute truth. However it should be noted that it requires effort, time and seriousness to succeed with Super Affiliate System like any business be it online or offline.
    Moreover, I think $997 is extremely expensive especially for a beginner. I have been with wealthy affiliate for months and I think you can get everything you need on Wealthy affiliate especially if you are on premium membership.
    What other platform can you recommend besides wealthy affiliate?
    Thanks in anticipation.

    • As of right now the only 2 programs I would work with are Wealthy Affiliate and Super Affiliate system, if I were a beginner though then Wealthy affiliate would have to be my go to system. There is one more legit opportunity that I am reviewing at the moment but I will not mention the name until my review is finished. Stay tuned for my next review coming soon.



  • Hello Jason, I think the super affiliate system is a program that offers good training. However, I think it is a very expensive program. Investing $997 in a program that is not fully trusted will take a great deal of risk. Definitely not a program I will engage in, as I don’t have the necessary funds to participate in this program. Wealthy Affiliate are a far better alternative to this super affiliate program.

    • I agree Louis, the training at Super Affiliate System Is really good but the price tag seems a bit high compared to what Wealthy Affiliate gives you for a lot less money. Wealthy Affiliate training is by far the best I have seen so far in my experience.

  • It seems that $997 is the going price for higher priced affiliate marketing training. The Super Affiliate System training does sound good and seems to focus on advertising. Affilorama’s AffiloJetack is similiar for the same price point and the training focuses on email marketing. Wealthy Affiliate focuses on SEO but offers recorded webinar series on email marketing, advertising and other supporting marketing strategies. Thanks for the awareness and information. 

    • I feel that there are a handful of decent systems to make money online and each one has a lot to offer in their own way. Keep in mind that even though the price of Super Affiliate System seems high, it is still an average price when you are talking about starting your own business. People have spent thousands of dollars to start a business either online or a brick and mortar business. Either way there are no guaranties as to whether or not you will succeed. Starting an online business is probably the cheapest way for a person to get started, as long as you are not falling victim to a scam. Anyone looking to start a business online needs to know that there is going to be an investment of both time and money. There is no such thing as a done for you auto pilot system that actually works, I will tell you that if John were not affiliated with MOBE and lowered his price by even $200 I would give him my full support and endorsement, Don’t forget, I could stand to make a lot of money by pushing this system but I just can’t do it at this time. I would rather make nothing at all if it means I have to give up my reputation and transparency.

      Thank You


  • Hello Jason, let me start by saying this is an excellent review from you about Super Affiliate System, it’s a truthful review about the program, I have known about John for some time now, and truthfully he’s successful online, but when I read most editor reviews about Super Affiliate System they are calling it scam. I am always confused and worried, but  your article has revealed the truth to me about the program. Although u didn’t actually recommended it your review has given me a choice to make my decision about the program. Thanks for this review, I can now make an informed decision as to whether or not this system will work for me. 

    • Thank you for leaving a comment on this review. I want to be clear that in no way am I calling Super Affiliate System a scam. My reasons for not recommending this system are listed in the cons section of my review. I respect John Crestani for what he does and he is a reputable man who puts a ton of effort into what he does. My reason for recommending Wealthy Affiliate over Super Affiliate System is the price, I think it is much easier for a newbie to succeed with the Wealthy Affiliate training and premium membership is affordable to the average person as well.



  • Hello Jason,

    I have read your article on Super Affiliate System Review – The Truth Finally Revealed. really very helpful and informative article. you have described thorough and properly, this article encouraged me lot about online marketing and i am going follow your instructions, I appreciate this and will share this with friends. thank you so much.

    • I will be updating this review periodically because I am going to go through Johns training again. I do find a ton of value to the training. My only issues were the price and his affiliation with MOBE. I think $997 is a bit steep but if you have the money you won’t be disappointed. I personally find the training at Wealthy Affiliate to be more detailed and cheaper, this is just my opinion, others may disagree and like the training John Crestani offers instead. Either way I have provided links for both systems so you can decide for yourself what will work for you.

      Best Wishes


  • I’ve recently set up my second site and it is focused on selling things in pet space. There is a heck of a lot of competition online (as with anywhere these days) so I’ve been debating looking into paid ads since so far organic traffic has been slugging.

    Since you mention the price is high for what you get where would you recommend getting paid ad training? I’ve looked into Wealthy Affiliate in the past and it is awesome for SEO training from everything I’ve read, but wasn’t sure if you had any thoughts on building paid traffic more effectively. 

    • Hello Craig, if you have the money John has some really good training. Wealthy Affiliate also has an entire course dedicated to PPC and paid traffic methods.  I personally use Facebook Ads and Bing Ads , PPC can get expensive if you don’t convert so make sure your content is of high quality and ready to earn you money.



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