The Profit League Review – Is The Profit League A Scam?

Are you seriously considering purchasing The Profit league? Is The Profit League a scam? Read my complete review before you spend $3,999, this may save you a lot of wasted time and money because although this is not a scam, it may be a bit pricey for the average consumer. I think you will find this review to be one of the most in depth reviews online to help you decide for yourself.

First I want to congratulate you for doing your homework before spending nearly four thousand dollars on this program, this shows me that you are smart and diligent as far as what exactly you invest your hard-earned money on. My review will tell you about the good, bad and hype which surrounds this system with a few interesting finds and will allow you to make an educated, informed decision before you part with your money. Let’s take a look inside of this seemingly good system and see if it’s’s worth the Price of admission, Shall We?

I don’t screw around and waste your time with my reviews, they are brutally honest and straight to the point, so if you have a few minutes to find out what you need to Know about The Profit League Grab a snack and your favorite beverage and I’ll tell you everything without wasting time.

Admit One Ticket with popcorn and 3D Glasses

Profit League At A Glance

Name: The Profit League


Founders: Jeff Samis and Jessica Samis

Price: $3,999

Recommended: Yes (if you can afford it)

Rating: 3 out of 5

Summary: The Profit League is a lead generating platform created bey Jeff and Jessica Samis, I’m sure if you’ve come across an eye-catching ad on Facebook that entices you to click through then it is more than likely the handy work of these two advertising geniuses. In short The husband and wife team are building a community of people who are helping each other to achieve success through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising using Facebook and Google Adwords.

What Is The Profit League?

picture of Jeff and Jess on the outdoor patio

When you become a Profit league member you will be teaming up With Jeff and Jessica along with their excellent support team to help local businesses with advertising. The platform will teach you how to build 2 0r 3 Page funnel pages using Facebook Ads which will essentially lead the consumer to the local businesses landing page. Keep in mind, you will be using paid click funnels which will run about $97 per month.

I see a lot of these ads popping up on Facebook now and to be honest, Jessica is definitely someone I would want on my team when it comes to advertising. The only issue I see right now is that more and more people are creating ads using this platform and they are starting to look a little cookie cutter to me.

Don’t count Jessica out just yet though because she is an experienced advertising marketer and the platform can help almost any business in any niche achieve the results they are paying for. The traffic your clients will be receiving once you learn the Profit Leagues system is targeted traffic with customers ready to make a purchase.

Few other traffic sources which are not focused on as much with this system but will definitely work are platforms such as Linkedin, Adwords, SEO, and a variety of other social media platforms.

These Ads can be set up in a day and start generating traffic within hours of completion, so the potential here is very lucrative provided you can sell the course as an affiliate. Just another awesome steam of recurring revenue that you can collect using this system.

You are going to have to work hard but you do have Great coaching, support and a community to help you along the way.

Here are a few more Perks included with your membership!

1. Over 20 made for you Facebook Ad Campaigns for you to take and make your own.

2. State-of-the-art click funnel and Ad training

3. Pre-written email and sales scripts for you to incorporate into getting new clients

4. Lived training calls done twice a week when you can get your questions answered and get the support you need.

Jeff and Jessica do a lot for you with this course but they can’t sell you for you. Remember that you have to be able to sell yourself and your services if you want to achieve any form of success in marketing. Yes there are a lot of tools and some good training but in the end, you need to be able to sell yourself to potential clients.

Profit League Pros And Cons


1. You are working with Advertising Agency Experts

2. Easy to follow training videos ( Great For Beginners)

3. Helpful community in case you get stuck and need help


1. High Price Tag ($3,999)

2. No Money Back Guarantee (You best be willing to work hard and follow all the training or you will be wasting your money)

3. Due to how new this platform is, I have issues whether this will be a long-standing and sustainable system

4. I have seen superior training online for much less. (Check Out My Top Choice)

Who Is The Profit League For?

I find The Profit League to be a great platform for beginners and experienced marketers alike who have some money to invest in learning the ropes of local business advertising. I know that most experienced marketers already know a lot of this stuff but working with a couple experienced professionals is a huge plus no matter what your experience level is. I know the price tag is a bit high but starting a business is going to require some kind of investment. Besides money your number one investment is going to be TIME, if you don’t have the time to invest then this is not the opportunity for you because you WILL NOT get a refund if you change your mind. I would say that this system is for SERIOUS people only who are willing to be teachable and spend some money on Getting Started.

Is The Profit League A Scam?

My answer is No, this is not a scam, I do find the price to be a bit high and Jeff and Jess already have a very successful marketing business. They create some of the best Ads I’ve seen online, so why are they willing to give you their secrets? My opinion on why they are giving you secrets that could make you competition is $3,999. Another thing to consider is that when you join them you will just be another student of theirs. I know of another platform online that teaches you marketing for only $130 a month which I will cover in a different review, so you will definitely need to have a lot of confidence in these two Advertising Gurus in order to drop that kind of money on this program. I like what Jeff and Jess are doing her and they are giving you some value for your dollar but if the price tag seems too much then let me show you how to start a business online for a fraction of the cost.

My Top Recommendation

When it comes to making money online my Top Choice has been Wealthy Affiliate since 2014. This is the platform I use and the training is some of the best I’ve seen online. Before finding WA I was stuck at a dead end job living paycheck to paycheck with very little hope of anything but that. You can read my journey and About Me Here.

I want to help you succeed and achieve the same success that I have with the step by step video training and awesome community which played a huge role in my online career.

I don’t want your money, I just want you to try it out for yourself for FREE.

I will not slam you with Up-Sells either, because at Wealthy Affiliate, membership options are simple.

Free, which gives you 3 free websites and 10 lessons of training that are yours to keep forever without spending a dime.

Premium, which is $49 a month or $359 a year which gives you 100s of lessons and personal contact with the owners, community, support, and myself.

Join Free and try things out and if you do decide premium is a good fit for you then I will give you access to my Special Bonus which gives you the 1st month of premium membership for only $19. My bonus will let you experience the ultimate power of this awesome community and the best online training I have ever seen.

See The Chart Below and Find Out What Wealthy Affiliate Can Do For You! Your Life Boat Is Here So Get On Now And Change Your Life Forever! Take Action Like I Did And See Why I Love My Life So Much!!

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi Jason,
    I have read the whole content and learned every necessary information about The Profit League. This is an educative and thorough review. After reading your article, I have understood that this is not a scam and genuine opportunity to establish a business through its lead generating technique. But I think that this is not suitable for beginners who want to learn and earn together. Moreover, this is comparatively more costly than any other similar program. I would rather choose the wealthy affiliate program for now instead of this program. Thank you for writing this helpful review.

    • Maybe this might be something to look into down the road after you start making some decent money online. Either way at least now you have the information needed to make a decision further down the road.



  • Hello Jason,

    I have a great advantage by reading your informative and comprehensive article about the Profit League. Safe, scam-free, and spam-free platforms for online businesses have become scarce day by day. Many people waste time and money in the temptation to earn easy way. Though Profit League is not a scam it’s price $3,999 :O is so high that is unaffordable indeed.
    Nevertheless, I eagerly want to know the earning method through facebook. Would you mind if, is there any kind of scope to learn about it from Wealthy Affiliate?
    Sincere thanks to you for the awareness raising article.

    Best wishes,

    • There is social media training in Wealthy Affiliate, I actually post all of my articles on Facebook, The training is not about creating ads like The Profit League teaches you but more of using social media to get more exposure for your content. Profit League specializes in teaching how to create eye catching ads for your clients and WA focuses more on training you how to create a successful affiliate marketing business in any niche you want. I hope this brings some clarity about the difference between the two platforms.



  • Jess and Jessica no doubt are experts in the field of advertising, and I have no doubt in their program. Like you rightly mentioned, it is a good investment if one can afford it. I can say from experience that attending this course or program does not guarantee success. I know of programs that are cheaper compared to this. Everyone can be successful online if only they can take actions on lessons. It is important to stress that paying $3,999 does not guarantee success online if one does not take action on the lessons learned.

    • Wow I am really getting some awesome comments today from readers like yourself that actually get it. There are absolutely no guarantees with any business, no matter what it is. Success depends on the person running the business not the platform. A platform or system is there to assist you in achieving success and some are better than others. I feel that the systems I endorse are the ones that are the most helpful in helping people get the best training for their money to help them succeed. I’ve been at this for quite a while now and Know how to separate the god from the bad.Success is within anyone’s reach, you just have to want it and grab it.



  • Wow, this is a really expensive product. It does seem like they are pretty good and they know what they are doing but that pricing might not be newbie friendly. The fact that it is not a money back guarantee program makes it even riskier as if one does not achieve the desired results it is going to be money gone just like that. 

    But like was said in this post for one to see success they have to be able to sell themselves and their products because it does not matter how much the platform can offer if one does not have a good product or was not able to sell their product the right way to potential customers then it would have been their own fault and not the fault of the program.

    • Very well said Jay,Yes it is expensive which in my eyes is all the more reason to stay focused and work hard but in the end, if you can’t sell yourself or your product, it’s nobody’s fault but their own.



  • The Profit League is really for people with lots of money, especially since there is no guarantee for anything. Personally, I would never get into that. I agree with WA, it is the most honest option for making money on the net.

    It’s good to read such reviews because a man can get to know completely unknown companies and offers.

    • Thanks for stopping by Darko, I believe both options can work for anyone willing to put in the hard work but they really need to be invested no matter which option they may decide on using.

  • Wow! Thank you for this concise and precise review you’ve done on this marketing company. The monthly subscription might be much for middle and low class income earners but i am very sure there would be lots of benefits if maximum hard work is excised. Also the trainings will go along way to prepare peiple for the task ahead. Money must be made!…smiles
    Thank you very much fort his great review.

    • The price is a one time fee with The profit league. I will be sure to update and be more clear on this if I haven’t made that clear yet.

      Thank You


  • Dear Jason,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post.

    I do have came across ads and posts on The Profit League and wanted to do some research to find more about this product and when I came across your helpful review post its a time saver for me.

    A lot of make money online programs are scams or programs which under-delivers and only few are genuine. Its a relief to know that this program is not a scam. The price is too much in my point of view, most of the people who are trying to make money online are already financially challenged. So $3999 is a lot of money, indeed there are many better options available for much cheaper price.

    Personally I feel paid advertisement is not the best way to start with for beginners. After reading your review The Profit League is a NO NO for me.

    Much Success!


    • Paul, I know the price is a turn off but these two really know their stuff and I think anyone who does invest that kind of money is definitely going to be all in and listen to the training intently and follow every step to completion. I know if I invested $3999 I would want to make A profit ASAP. As you can see I did also provide a more affordable option in the for of Affiliate Marketing with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I conclusion I really feel this review has options to suit anyone’s taste when it comes to making money online. Thank You for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.



  • This article is absolute gold, 
    This really is the best guide on affiliate marketing that I have come across with zero fluff, actionable steps and all backed up by proof and case studies. I’m super impressed. I know profit league is not a scam but its cons outweighs its pros which does not makes it recommendable. Wealthy affiliate still remains the best online networking platform where you can learn and earn

    • Hello Tracy, I am a no fluff and No BS kind of writer.Really I don’t like my time wasted so I get straight to the point and back up my articles with facts and research as to not waste my readers time. I am happy you found this information helpful and Appreciate you taking the time to comment and leave your thoughts. Thank you for supporting True Prosperity Online, without my followers like yourself I could not do this. As you can see I did leave a link for both systems because although this may not be for everyone there are some who are into social media advertising who could really use the help of The Profit League to Get Started.

      Best Wishes


  • I appreciated reading this review and wish I would’ve seen it sooner. I fell into the hype of this training. Wish I would’ve realized there is no money back guarantee. Now I am working hard to make my money back. In my opinion, the support from the Facebook group is great but the training is NOT easy for beginners to follow and understand. It’s outdated and I’m having to YouTube things or ask for help constantly in the group. I would say steer clear of this program unless you have some understanding of Facebook advertising.

    • Amber, If you’ve already invested your money I strongly suggest that you stick to the training and follow through to completion. I feel bad that my review did not reach you sooner. Facebook advertising is The Profit Leagues specialty but like I said in my review, you also have to be able to sell yourself to get clients. Jessica and Jeff give great training but you are not the first person to inform me that the training is not exactly up to par and not as beginner friendly as I had hoped it would be for the $3,999 price tag. You really have to be invested in your business to succeed which I know you are, since you were willing to invest in The Profit League. I recommend in my review to try Wealthy Affiliate for free and find out if the training is a fit for you, this option gives you free access to all the training and support and you get 2 free websites without ever having to upgrade, and in my opinion,the only way to get started I started as a beginner in 2014 and never looked back. I recommend the WA training to any newbie looking to to find out if affiliate marketing is the right choice for them. This means that you will never spend money on something that isn’t a fit for you. I call this the try before you buy. I feel this is the only way to find out if working online is the right choice for anyone.



  • Informational post! I have a buddy in DC who’s thinking about this program and asked me what I thought on the matter! Truthfully, I told him I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t informed very well, but he’s aware that I’m the best researcher he knows, so he put me up to finding out! Your article here has been a goldmine of information. 

    As for the system, I like the idea of teaming up With Jeff and Jessica along with their support team to generate business. I definitely see value in this business proposition, but i will have to do further research to see if it’s really worth the $3000 asking price. look, i get it, it takes money to make money. But is it worth the 3000 asking price? I don’t have an answer yet, but this post has given me a lot of info I wouldnt have had otherwise, so thank you!! 

    • Well for one thing your friend would have to be totally committed and willing to listen to everything that Jeff and Jess suggest, because $3999 is a lot of money to invest if you  intend to give this only half of the effort required to start a business online. I’m not saying that this is your friend but I am saying that the only way to get the full value out of this system is to be 100% committed and willing to follow every suggestion along the way. This is the case with any online or offline business if one wants to succeed. My main reason for recommending Wealthy Affiliate over this system is because you get to try it out for Free before you actually make a decision to go premium. With the Profit league you have to pay to play and there are no refunds, so I’m glad that my review found you. Now you can give your friend the facts and possibly let him try out a system like WA which lets you try before making any kind of financial commitment. Happy you’ve found this review and found it helpful.



  • People who are beginning out with a new business don’t usually have a spare 4k to throw into some program like this. I understand that the owners are professionals at what they do but honestly, 4k seems like an insane amount to charge. I don’t understand internet marketing as well as I would like to but so far my experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been amazing. There are so many classes and lessons that are available for a lot less!

    • Hello Hollie, I’m happy to here that Wealthy Affiliate is working out for you. Let me know if I can help you out along the way, I’m always available to help and give my experience which I’ve learnt over the last few years.



  • Spending 4K on advertising training and additional $97 for a funnel system is a big price tag for any local business to swallow. I am not sure even if my boss can afford that for her business. If you don’t have that kind of money, I think a good place to start is to optimize your local listing first through Google My Business (it’s free!) and others. If you already have a business website, it will boost your rankings to the top and I’ve seen that happened. 

    • Agreed Cathy, I use some free tools for my clients as well  but as far as social media advertising goes, I think Jess and Jeff can definitely help any local business that wants expert Facebook advertising and work with some of the best in the business.



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