The User Testing Review – Can You Really Make Money Testing Websites?

Screen Shot of User Testing Welcome PageWelcome to my unbiased User Testing review. I have been seeing a lot more of the user testing reviews around the internet and I wanted to find out if anyone can really make money testing websites and apps. To be honest I usually do not have very high expectations when reviewing make money online opportunities but I told a friend that I would look into this for him. I was receiving mixed messages with the reviews I read so I decided to check it out for myself and give my own review. Here is what I found while reviewing The User Testing.

I think that you will find this to be a good option to make some extra side cash without having to invest a lot more time in starting your own business online. If you want to skip the side cash I will show you how I make a really good living with my #1 Recommendation.



What’s User Testing

User testing is a insight platform that pays testers to record themselves while testing a website or app. The reason for this testing is to allow companies to make decisions about their platform before they launch or even to improve existing platforms Big name organizations are using this Company as a way to improve or advance their business’s and they are willing to pay you for helping them.

User Testing was founded in 2007 by Co Founders Darell Benatar and Dave Gar. I have to say that this site is very well put together and like I said, If you own a company and need real human insight this might be just right for you.  My reason for reviewing this company was to find out how I can benefit and make money with it though so I’m going to stick to that, If your reading this I’m sure you want to know the same thing and find out if you can benefit as well.


Screen Shot of User Testing Home Page



How To Get Started

To get started just go to the website and fill out some basic information. Be sure that you don’t register as a business, you just want to be a tester. After joining you will need to download their screen recorder, this is required because you will need to record yourself while giving your feed back on the websites and apps you will be testing. Be sure to speak fluently and loud enough for the screen recorder to pick up your voice. Also the companies you are doing the test for will be rating the quality of your video, so if you want to get accepted for the good ones you need to be handing them quality content

Before starting your first paid test you will have to perform a sample testing, this should only take a few minutes. Basically the sample test is to see if everything is working properly with the recorder and your computer. Once you complete this test and submit it your test will be reviewed by User Testing, if they approve it you can start making money testing websites and apps for businesses.

How will you get paid? Pay is determined by the length of the video you record, typically the average length is about 20 minutes. A 20 minute recording will pay $10 once approved. Shorter tests are also available and are usually between 4-8 minutes, these tests pay $3 but you can get through them much faster. A PayPal account is necessary in order to get paid so if you are going to do this I suggest that you have a PayPal account already set up before joining. Payment will be deposited for every test completed 7 days after acceptance.

On a side note, I used this platform to practice making screen cast videos for my own website and got paid for doing it. If you have a fear of creating screen-casts for your own website like I did, you may want to give this a try so you can get comfortable recording your own videos.


Pros and Cons

Like everything in life platforms have good and bad, I will list the Pros and Cons below.


. Free to join

. Decent Pay

. Easy Tasks

. Anyone Can Join


. Companies have a limited number of people they accept

.Getting use to the tests can be time consuming.

.Tests fill up quickly and they only accept a certain number of testers

.This is not your own business so the income is for the short term



Is User Testing Right For You?

User Testing Is Great for anyone looking to make some extra money on the side. Anyone that speaks fluent English and does not mind creating a screen cast video can make up to $10 dollars per test. Remember that you will need a pay pal account as well, so if you have a compatible device and a Internet connection you can most definitely make money with User Testing. You probably won’t make enough money to make a full time income online but you can make a few dollars in whatever spare time you have.



User Testing is Free to join, all you have to do is sign up, confirm your email, take the practice test, and have a PayPal account and you are ready to start earning money.


Support at User Testing

User testing does have a great support team. Contacting support is easy, you can speak to I live rep using chat or you can call their toll free phone number between the hours of 8:00 Am thru 5:00 Pm US. Pacific Standard Time Monday – Friday. Companies that provide support like this are usually reputable and User Testing is definitely a reputable Company


Is User Testing Legit?

Yes, User Testing is 100% Legitimate and they do pay promptly. I think this is a great way to put some extra money in your pocket and the tasks are fairly easy to complete. Maybe you want to get a few extra dollars for Date Night with your spouse or significant other without breaking into your budget, or just a few extra dollars for yourself. Either way you can do this with User Testing.

I would not recommend this to replace your income.  Making a full time income with this platform probably won’t happen. My experience has shown me that if you want to make a full time income online then you have to work hard and be properly trained, If this is something you might be interested in I can help you Get Started with a business of your own for FREE.


Want To Start Making Real Money?

I’ve been looking for ways to make money online since 2011 and struggled for 3 years with nothing to show for it. I tried online survey’s, testing, E bay, Auto Pilot Systems and so on. I lost thousands falling victim to online scams, it wasn’t all wasted time though because in that time I learned a lot. See how a collision repair tech went from working a dead end job to creating a passive income online Here.

Everything Changed for me in 2014 when I found Wealthy Affiliate. I want to show you the exact same steps I took in 2014 and continue to use now and conquer any niche that I want. Believe me when I tell you that this works. I would not still be here if it didn’t work. Training at Wealthy Affiliate is some of the best I’ve seen online, this training is step by step and laid out in video format so that you can easily understand it and the tasks are performed right before your eyes.

See For yourself in the video below exactly how detailed this training really is. Yes you will have to join as a FREE member to view this but you are in NO Way obligated to spend any money what soever Wealthy Affiliate will never ask for your credit card. You can stay a Free member for life and you still get 2 Free Websites that are yours forever even if you decide not to go premium. I will break down the 2 membership options in a comparison chart right below the video.

Be sure to come back after watching this video and leave a comment as to what you think..


Wealthy Affiliate Training Video


Now that you’ve seen the power that the training at Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, check out the comparison chart below and see how you can benefit with Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to hearing about your experience and success as you take the First step in changing your life forever. Once inside look for my special bonus that I offer Only to my Action Takers that want to start earning money online ASAP. See the comparison below ans decide which option is right for you.

I personally recommend the FREE option so you can see if this opportunity will work for you. I never want anyone to feel pressured so Join Free and give this a try, I can promise you that you will love every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate, in the rare event that you don’t  like what you see that’s okay too because you just received 2 websites that are yours forever with no cost to you. I can’t wait to talk to you inside and follow your Success.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I’m actually in the members of The User Testing. You are absolutely right even though it is not a scam and they pay a decent amount you don’t get a lot of gigs in it. And also you can’t really make a living out of this platform. I still like this but you can use it for some side money but not a lot.

    Thank you for writing this post.

    • I think as the company continues to grow the gigs and pay will go up, they definitely have a great platform and I see this being around for a long time to come. Personally I prefer going for the big bucks which is why I use Wealthy Affiliate training and recommend it as my Top Choice for making money online

  • Hi Jason, I too have spent a vast amount of money on past online businesses that have turned out to be fake. This is a really informative platform and a brilliant concept. 

    I like the concept of being a website tester but I need to get over the fear of recording myself. Also, I love the way that you seg-wayed into promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program. 

    Great information!

    • Hey Paul, now that I’ve overcome my fear of recording myself it’s not so bad. We all have fears we need to overcome so I say Just go for it. Thank you for commenting and I wish you the best.



  • Hey Jason,

    A good read of your review about User Testing. I concurred that participating in this user testing cannot replace your full time income as the pay is low and less opportunity in getting the job. Having said that it’s still good to earn some extra income.

    Honestly, Affiliate Marketing is the best to make a full time passive income provided you have done it right. I was taught by Wealthy Affiliate and now l am earning a decent income being an affiliate marketer. 

    Thank you.

    Shui Hyen

    • Shui, thank you for visiting True Prosperity Online and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to watching your business evolve with each passing year. Wealthy Affiliate has created so many success testimonials over the years and continues to do so. If you read About Me, then you will see that I had no prior experience. My success was created solely by the training and support I’ve received at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Best Regards


  • Hey, thanks for this great review on The User Testing.

    I am already a Wealthy Affiliate member and have 2 websites running which are quite successful and yet, I was looking for something extra on the side where I can use the money for investing in Guest writers etc.

    The User Testing company seems to be just what I am looking for and to know, they are also legit and not a scam, gives me some peace of mind.

    Than you for sharing all the information, appreciated.

    • Hello Sylvia, seems like you are a very busy person running 2 sites and still able to give User Testing a try, that’s awesome I love seeing people with your kind of drive. I’m glad I was able to provide you this information.You go girl, The Skies the Limit.



  • This is nice. I have heard of user testing before but I have not taken time to find out if it is legit. Thank you for this information.

    I will like to add user testing to my side hustles in order to raise some money and pay my bills. I have a personal computer but I don’t know if user testing can be done with a smart phone device. 

    Thank you! 

    • A smart phone might be a little challenging because of the small screen but as long as you can down load the required recording software I think it may be possible. I guess the only way to find out is to give it a try. Let me know if it works when you try it as well as the usability of using a smart phone vs a CP or tablet.

      Thank You


  • I think I like the user testing which you just reviewed. Is just the cons that spoil it all as companies don’t accept much and they have minimum amount they accept. Well it’s still good. Having found a platform like Wealthy Affiliate I have a test of mind in wealthy affiliate though I just joined not long ago but I have seen that testimonies abounds here.

    • Hello Kenechi, I see from your comment that you are currently a member at wealthy Affiliate which means you’ve taken the first step in Getting Started  making a passive income online. I will be sure to look for you inside WA and follow you. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you need help as you grow your businesses, that is what we do at WA. We all help each other to build a profitable business online no matter what your niche is.



  • This looks like a really cool and enjoyable process to make money online…but it is a shame that you can’t make a monthly wage out of it (wouldn’t it be lovely to be a full time tester?). 

    This Wealthy Affiliate option you cover at the end of the article – can you make a monthly wage with them?

    • Hey Chris, Yes making a living just testing websites would really be kind of cool but unfortunately not very realistic. To answer your question concerning making a monthly wage, the answer is Yes. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all the training and tools needed to start a successful business online, hence creating a monthly wage. I hope this helps

      Best Wishes


  • Your review is very useful. This looks like a good earning opportunity. $3-$10 for a review is not bad. You wrote that they only accept limited number of testers.

    I better like your suggested earning option that I also use. The Wealthy Affiliate program is also a good opportunity to earn money and your post about it shows that this is probably a better opportunity. Thanks for sharing your review.

    • I feel both programs are great, it just really depends on the person and how much time they are willing to invest. Time is something that once spent we never get back. I personally chose th spend my time creating a passive income for years to come so that I can spend my time enjoying life during the short time we are on this earth. Getting Started with either of these is a good decision in my eyes, one program gives you a little side cash and the other allows you to create a lasting income for years to come. Either way you can’t go wrong, it’s a win win to me.

  • This was an honest review, I have heard of user-testing before but I never did give it a trial because I thought it requires some technical skills, but with your review I now know better, I love the fact that you were very honest to state that one can’t really make a full time income with it but earning some extra cash from it is good enough. I think I will try it out too.

    • Let me know how you like it after using. I don’t really use this program much anymore because my Affiliate Marketing business makes me way more money. I would like your feed back on User Testing though, so please come on back and let us know how you like or dislike it.

      Thank You


  • This is really great, I absolutely have no idea one can make money testing websites and applications. Am signing up immediately and bringing my friends to the show too through your website. This is really helpful, thanks for sharing. If you have more money making sites like this I won’t mind to have you share them as well 😉 

  • I liked your easy going way you did your review. You included video also and that was good for those that are more visually oriented. It was nice how you began your review of the program for reviewing the product and then inquired about what your reader was looking for in their ultimate goals and then transitioned into talking about Wealthy Affiliate. I liked it and it was totally natural. All in all, great job.

    • Thank You Larry, I think both platform are good and honest ways to make money online and Getting Started with either program is Free and easy. I am not a fan of programs that you have to pay for just to try them out. What if it’s not a good fit for you? You should always be able to try something out before spending any money and both of these recommendations are free to join.



  • To me it sounds like you can make money doing user testing, but you would have to be able to test like 15 sites per day to really get anywhere and make a living. Is that even possible? 

    I am a member of WA and that is one heck of a program for sure! I have learned so very much there and have much more to learn still! 

    I have decided that the membership fees are 100% worth it, I paid my first year, and then took advantage of the BlackFriday deal this year as well, so I am paid up to 2 years, and do not regret one single cent of it!!

    Thanks for this article, I hope you help a lot of interested people find Wealthy Affiliate!


    • Stacie, to answer your question, No I do not believe you can consistently sustain testing 15 websites a day. Yes, User testing does pay and they are legitimate but I feel it is only good for some extra side cash. I think it’s awesome that you are taking advantage of the training at Wealthy Affiliate . I also have no regrets in spending the money to go premium, the price is an absolute steal considering every thing you get.

      Best Regards,


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