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Why People Fail To Make Money Online

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Today I want to discuss the top reasons people fail to make money online and how to change failure into success. Have you ever tried to make money online and Failed? I can tell you from experiences that most people who want to make money online will Fail. This really stinks because it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you’ve been the victim of an online scam and just give up, or spent thousands on a system that just didn’t work out.

No matter what the reason is for failure I can promise you one thing. Listen to everything I am saying to you in this article and read it to completion and I will promise you that your view of making money online will be renewed. I have helped hundreds of people turn their dreams of making money online into reality. First we need to find out why you have failed to make money online in the past and what we are going to do to change this.

Reasons For Failure

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1. You’ve been the victim of an online scam. Almost every time I ask someone why they give up on trying to make money online they tell me “Everything Online Is A Scam”. Let’s face it, the internet is an absolute jungle and faceless scam artists prey on innocent people that just want to create a better life. I hate this because these scum are killing it and living a lavish lifestyle at your expense. They know what they are selling you is a lie and that it won’t work but they sell it anyway. These faceless scum infuriate me and I have made it my mission to expose them all and bring Honesty and Truth back to the internet. I have dedicated a page on my website to help you learn how to Identify Scams and how to retaliate.

2. Lack of proper training! Outdated and bogus training is all over the place online and the scam artists and so called gurus know exactly how to sell this stuff and make it look easy. Without proper training You Will Fail and that’s a fact. So what can you do? Where can you find proper training and where do you go when you get stuck? Keep reading my friend because I am going to show you the exact system I used to make my money online as well as the best support system I’ve ever seen online to date. Getting Started is Free and you will also have direct access to me, as well as a community of affiliate marketers with all levels of experience to help you.

Honestly I never would have been able to succeed online and Go from a dead end job as a collision repair tech to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. I’m sure my journey is not that much different from yours with the exception that I found out how to get trained properly and I want to share it with you for Free. You can read my credentials and what gives me the right to bring you this information by reading About Me.

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3. Are You Motivated? Sure, almost everyone starts off motivated when they find an opportunity online but many lack the stamina to see a project to completion. Immediate results are not a reality with online marketing and when that harsh realization sinks in, many people lose interest and continue chasing shiny objects. I’m a no BS kind of writer because I hate when people waste my time and I also don’t want to waste your time, so I’m going to give it to you straight.

Making money online requires a lot of hard work and motivation and if your not willing to stay committed then failure is almost imminent. The fact is, you wind up putting in a lot of time in the beginning and see very little results when you start, this is because you are just starting the foundation of your business in the early stages and the work you put in early will pay off for a long time to come if you do it correctly. I would say from my experience that 6 months to a year would be a realistic time frame to start seeing serious results with your online business. Trust me, When it starts rolling in It really starts and the payoff is worth every minute of time you’ve invested.

I am in a highly competitive niche and your results could be sooner depending on your niche but I do have to share the truth about the length of time it took for my business to really pick up steam. Yes, I became frustrated and wanted to quit but I always kept the big picture in front of me and used the community at Wealthy Affiliate for support during my times of frustration. A supportive community made all the difference in the world to me and you are also going to need support.

If you want to see exactly what I am talking about, check out the community at Wealthy Affiliate for Free by clicking Here.

4. Support is Essential! Maybe I should have put support a little higher up on my list but here it is. For those of you which have already tried starting a business online and Failed I would like to ask a few questions. Did the system offer good support? Who did you turn to for support? Was the support helpful?

For question number one if the system did not offer decent support then you were already being set up for Failure, any decent system will have a good support team and respond to your concerns in a fast timely manner. I have received support from the owners with the platform I use and they are around every day to help.

Question number two asks who you turned to for support. I not only have the owners of WA in my corner, I also have access to their top of the line support team and a community of marketers at my fingertips. I have personally received help from industry leaders who are considered to be experts in the affiliate market industry. I can’t stress enough how helpful this is and now I am one of those who is able to help a beginner with their concerns and questions to aid in the success of their online business.

Question number three needs no explanation, if the support wasn’t helpful then it was just a useless waste of time. I am a believer that we all have limited time on this earth and how we spend it affects every aspect of our life’s. This is why I don’t like the time I have been granted to be wasted and I don’t believe in wasting other peoples time.

Trust me when I say that taking the time to read this article is definitely Time well spent and it can improve your quality of life beyond your wildest dreams if you apply my upcoming suggestions to your use of time. I am here to help and I Want To Help You Succeed.

5. Can You Try It For Free? I am a firm believer in the try before you buy aspect of any platform and if I don’t get to try something out first before I purchase it I get a little turned off. Yes there are some very legitimate systems online that you have to pay for before you get to give it a test and you can make money with them. Personally That’s great if you have the upfront money to spend. Wouldn’t you prefer trying the platform out 1st to find out if it’s even going to be the right fit for you? I know I would and 5 years ago I did. I loved it so much that I am now offering you the same opportunity that was offered to me. I guess you can say I am paying it forward.

Why Should You Trust Me?

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When I was first introduced to this community I was extremely cautious and Skeptical. I was ripped off and scammed so much that I was at the point of giving up and if it weren’t for the Free membership I know for a fact that I would have give up forever. Yes I was that hurt and upset that I was at the end of my rope. So again, Why should you trust me? Don’t put your trust in me but do yourself a life changing favor and put your trust in the fact that I am offering you A Free opportunity to try for yourself. If you like what I’ve shown you then you can come back and say Okay Now I trust you Jason.

When you’re dealing with online encounters it’s hard to trust anyone which is why I’m doing my part to put honesty and transparency back on the internet. I am a real person with real hopes and dreams, just like you. My picture is real on my about me page and so is my story. When you need to Contact Me you can and I respond. So there is a start and I will always be exposing online scams and doing my part to help you as long as my creator lets me stay alive and able.

How Can I Help You?

When you team up with me, not only will you have me as your personal coach but also access to a community of affiliate marketers that will help you along the way. You will have personal contact with the Co founders Kyle and Carson as well along with step by step training to help you every step of the way and the best part is, You can join for Free. Yes there is an option for premium membership too but not a requirement to Get Started. I will list the benefits of both membership options below along with my special Action takers bonus to help send your business into overdrive.

Free membership is a great choice for a beginner just starting out who wants to see if affiliate marketing is the right choice for them. When you join as a free member you will have direct access to me along with 2 free websites that are yours to keep forever. Also, you will receive 10 lessons of training to help get you rolling. I will show you a comparison chart below showing you everything you get with each membership option. Like I said earlier I am not a time waster so I’ll just let you take a look for yourself and give you the details of my Action Takers Bonus also.

Premium membership is packed with so much more and suggested for beginners as well, who are ready to take serious action and start earning sustainable income online. This membership is only $49 per month or $359 yearly and come packed with everything you need to start building an extremely profitable business online. See for yourself in my chat below. Once inside I will be contacting you with all the details on Getting Started and how to take advantage of my Special Action Takers Bonus. See you inside and have A awesome and success filled day.

Comparison Chart

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hello, 

    As a new member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have to say that I already love it. I wasn’t sure at first like you mentioned in your post, but I had the motivation to try and it was free, without entering any credit card numbers. 

    I hope your article inspire others to join to this friendly and generous community at WA.



    • I,m happy to hear that you are enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate. I am always around if you get stuck or need any help. Be sure to look me up and follow me and I will do the same.



  • I know of a few other reasons people fail, though you listed quite a few very important ones. But I noticed a trend. People often fail because they have unrealistic expectations (they want get rich quick schemes that work and work fast) and when it doesn’t happen, they quit and claim everything is a scam. These same people are often victims of online scams because they believe so badly that there’s a magic trick involved to take in money without trying. Like making money online is a lottery. I love pointing out that even the lottery requires an investment when you purchase a ticket (or thousands over the years). You’ve got to invest time or money or both to be a successful entrepreneur.

    Another reason people fail, at least in affiliate marketing, is that they quit. You can’t succeed if you give up. Not every site will be profitable and you’ll improve along the way if you just learn from mistakes instead of giving up because it ‘doesn’t work’.

    Another reason people fail is because they approach this business wrong. They’re willing to put up a site, pick the most expensive item they can find, promote it (with poor content and barely any effort), and then wonder why it doesn’t work. Or promote any service online regardless of whether it’s a scam or not, maybe make a little bit quickly before getting slapped by Google or FB or whatever their main source of income is once they get caught for spamming or boots or paid visitors or paid backlinks. These people are like the unreasonable expectations people except they don’t care about ethics or morals. After all, it’s the internet and they’re strangers and it’s all anonymous anyway. So they’ll scam other people, lie about their products by making outrageous claims (like the product cures cancer).

    The rest of the reasons I’ve seen are already included in your list. I believe if people approach online entrepreneurship like a startup brick and mortar business they’ll succeed, eventually. If you know you’re could be working for ages without a profit, that you have to put some investments into the business (domain name, hosting and training at WA, maybe a few ad campaigns, hiring a proofreader if you aren’t great writer, etc.), and it’s important to you that you invest the time, you will succeed. Maybe not $10k a month, that’s not a typical income online, but an extra $1,000 a month maybe a realistic goal and we all could use it! 

    OMG! I’m sorry, I totally wrote an entire novel here. All these reasons I listed mostly boils down to greed. They don’t want a legitimate business that they’ll pay taxes on. They want ‘free’ money because they’re broke or just want to be rich. All the reasons you listed were for legitimately interested in entrepreneurship. I just dislike people claiming affiliate marketing is a scam because they failed because they think internet equals free money. It’s a peeve and I went off. Do you get approached by these same people? 

    • Yes, I get approached by people looking to make easy money online on a regular basis and for the most part,when I explain all of the hard work involved almost half of them jump off the wagon. You bring up a few great points of discussion in your comment. I would love to hear from other marketers like you and I to hear about some of their encounters with Get Rich Quick opportunity seekers. Another thing that I encounter a lot are the people who claim they are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed but give up once all the haters and nay Sayers get into their head and they realize that an online business is a lot of work. I consider these to be the seeds that were sown among the weeds and although they start to grow they are quickly choked out by the weeds (Nay Sayers and Haters). Unfortunately we live in a world where we want it now and don’t want to work hard to get it. Getting started is the easy part but vert few follow through.  I would say out of every 100 people I mentor, only about 5 stick with it and actually do what it takes to succeed . Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to hearing your opinions on my next post

      Best Regards


  • Hi Jason. Thanks to you for this comparative article about making money online and Wealthly Affiliate. Honestly, you are right about all the points you mentioned but some people give up so easily. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I’m currently going through training and building my first website. Honestly, Wealthy Affiliate has the best community in the whole internet. Thanks for recommending WA

    • Happy to help Alex, It’s great to hear that you are having success and learning from the training. Never give up and always keep your hopes and dreams in front of you. Feel free to contact me if you need any help or gets stuck. This is what I do and I enjoy this. Never in my life did I think I would hear myself say that I enjoy my work-but I honestly do now.

      Best Wishes


  • It really is all about getting the proper training and having the proper support.  This is not just true for online marketing but for everything we do in business.  We have to have the tools to build our business, a good foundation to build it on, and people around us to help us and guide us.  You are so right about Wealthy Affiliate.  I am a Premium member, I signed up for free and upgraded in 2 days because I had FINALLY found something legitimate that gave me everything I needed to be successful!  It’s awesome!  – Babs

    • Hello Babs, I also was able to see the value of WA right away and have now been there for 5 years. Honestly I knew nothing at all about starting an online business until finding Wealthy Affiliate. I have to Give a shout out to my man Pribs from No More BS Reviews for turning me on to this awesome community which helped me so much to Get Started and stay focused.

  • Hi Jason, 

    Going down your list, I found out that I have all the requirements for making it online, and that is largely owning to the fact that I am attached to a trustworthy online money making system. Which is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 

    I have been greatly motivated by this platform, mostly because of the love and care that is executed by the founders and the members. I am on my merry way to being a success in my online endeavors and I have them to thank for it. 

    • I am very happy to hear things are going well for you at Wealthy Affiliate. Be sure to look me up and give me a follow, as I will do the same.I am looking forward to following your success and helping any way I can. I have to say that WA really delivers everything they promise ans so much More!



  • Hey Jason,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. I completely agree that people lack training exposure. Either they want to make money right from Day 1 without investing any time/effort, or they just don’t find a right training program that suits them. 

    I have many friends who have been the victims of SCAM. I’ll share your blog post to them so that they can learn something from the information you’ve included in this post.

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work Jason!

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my website and sharing this information with your friends. I’m sorry you have friends that have been a victim of a scam. I have a lot of valuable information on my website on how to Identify Scams, which I think will help. I also spend most of my time finding these scam artist and exposing them on my website. You can also read moreAbout Me and why I do this on this site as well.



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