Website ATM Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam? (Busted)

Welcome to My Website ATM Review, if you’ve wound up here you are doing your due diligence on this seemingly good website and you need some questions answered. The first one being, Is Website ATM Legit? The second which is sure to follow, Is Website ATM A Scam?

I will answer both of these questions in my review and provide you with the necessary information about this website so you can make an educated, informed decision whether you should invest your valuable time and money into another too good to be true scam.

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Name: Website ATM

Owner: Nick Harvey

Price: $47 (Plus The Usual Up-Sells)

Recommended: No

Scam: Yes

Summary: Website ATM is a push button, done for you system which promises payouts of $500 per day once the system is up and running. Website ATM Targets beginners and exploits the affiliate marketing business model as their way of enticing new online marketers to join this seemingly good program.

I wish what they claim really did work because then there would be no need for my review, but like anything in life, if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Website ATM is another scam site just like Kash Tree and RainMoney that absolutely Will Not Work and is a complete waste of valuable Time.

Getting Started making money online takes hard work and persistence and most important, Time. Anyone possesses these 3 qualities can make an honest living online without having to lie and cheat.

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5 Red Flags That Scream Stay Away

Red Flag #1

Fake Owner Nick Harvey is just a made up name. I know the voice on the sales video really sounds sincere and you really want to believe him. The usual story of being out of work and down-and-out all accompany the compelling acting job on the sales video The Owner, “Nick” even adds a little twist about meeting some hairy Russian guy that helped pull him from poverty to prosperity.

Truly heart-warming “Nick’ and now your just paying it forward and helping save the world from poverty ( for $47 Plus Crazy Up-Sells of course) Nothing in life is Free. I’ve watched 100s of these tacky videos over the years and I must say some of them almost move me to tears. NOT!

Red Flag #2

Potentially dangerous Credit Card Fraud signs. Website ATM is loaded with Up-Sells and if you don’t cancel your membership in 3 days the automatic billing cycle starts. Very common way of life for these scam websites and if you’re not careful you may be fighting to get a refund. They hide these terms and conditions in very tiny print at the bottom of the checkout page with hopes you are so excited to make $500 a day that you accidentally overlook them.

They will keep you distracted with phone calls from “Coaches” outdated training and various other methods of distraction and by the time you realize you just got taken to the cleaners, they are long gone with your money and starting a ne website to scam other innocent victims.

Red Flag #3

Fake Testimonials are just par for the course with scams online and Website ATM is no different. There is always a few happy customers whose life’s have been completely changed from said programs. The only issue is, they are completely false. With a little research you can find these actors on sites like or a stock photo site like shutter stock. I’ve recently reviewed 3 websites that all use the same actor in the testimonials, same testimonial just a different company name.

Legit online training will have real testimonials that can be confirmed and verified from real members. Always do your research and make sure what people are saying is true. Never get fooled by the hype!

Red Flag #4

Ridiculous Income Claims is another huge red flag and should not be taken seriously. Do you really think if this guy had the secret to making $500 a day, he would share it with you for $47? Internet marketing is one of the most exploited business models in the world. Making money online is not an easy task but it can be done with proper training and hard work, if it were really that easy to make $500 a day on autopilot everyone would be doing it. (Just Saying)

Red Flag #5

Autopilot done for you systems simply don’t work. Like I just said, if making money online were as easy as sites like website ATM make it out to be then everyone would be doing it. The market would become saturated because everyone would be doing the same thing and nobody would make money. The only people actually making money with Website ATM are the owners and I assure you when enough people are made aware of this scheme they will shut it down and start a new scam online.

Is Website ATM Legit?

My answer is No! Website ATM is not Legit at all, this is a huge scam and you will get ripped off if you join. Take my advice and stay far clear of this system and if you’ve already joined, DO NOT BUY ANOTHER UP-SELL! You are being told you need to buy the up-sell for the program to work better and make you money but it’s all false. Just Don’t Do It!

Sorry to be so blunt and shatter you hopes of making money with this system but trust me, someday you’ll thank me.

Want To Start A Legit Business Online?

Starting a legit business online is going to require some work and patience but it will be worth it. Creating a lasting and sustainable business was my goal when I started True Prosperity Online and that’s exactly what I did. My laptop lifestyle dream has finally come true and all I had to do was be teachable and patient.

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  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • I am always on the lookout for two things. The next best online system to make me retire early on my own island, and reviews of sites that promise that I will be able to retire early and live on my own island. Luckily I have found your review first. I am still amazed that so many of these sites use the same tricks, like you said, you’ve seen the same actor doing the testimonials for different companies. 

    One of the major issues I have, is that it gives the legitimate sites a bad name and makes it harder for them to bring in new business. Thus, stopping those who want to create a better future for themselves.

    Without sites like yours, there would be many more innocent, inexperienced individuals being ‘fleeced’ by unscrupulous website owners. I wish more could be done legally to stop this happening. Even the more ‘savvy’ will ocassionally fall victim. Your ‘red flags’ should be kept as a list for all of us to refer back to whenever we start to have doubts when first coming across the ‘scam’ sites, such as this one. Huge thank you. 

    • Everything about Website ATM is fake and I just hope this review gets to the people it needs to before they fall victim to this garbage. Red Flags are everywhere on this system and I only scratched the surface of what Website ATM is really about. Shut them down..

      Thanks for commenting and keeping True Prosperity Online on the front pages and keeping these scammers on page two where they belong.

  • This is a very good review and I must commend you for writing it so straight to the point. I enjoyed reading this and it’s actually the first time I’m hearing about website ATM. Sites like this without a real owner and unrealistic claims only try to oret in peoples ignorance. I think more people need to read online reviews before joining any platform online. Thanks for clearing up this scam.

    • Reviews are definitely becoming more essential now, with all the scams out there.

  • Seem my hunch about this site is true after all. There have been some false testimonies i have been hearing about this website atm for a while now and I have been having doubt’s about it. This sites come with some cool and mouth watering offer that would make anyone want to go into business with them and at the end you’re just another victim of scam. I’m glad I made this research and didn’t fall victim to them. Best regards

    • Happy to help Dane, I’m glad you found my review before joining this seemingly good system. 

  • Someone on Facebook told me to check out this opportunity if I really wanted to make some good money from my home online. So I decided to search Google for some more info. The name itself, Website ATM, sounded a bit too shady for my tastes. But I searched anyways and that is how I found your Website ATM review.

    You have confirmed my suspicions that this is a scam. There are two things I look for when determining if an opportunity is a scam. If they make a claim that you can make a certain amount of money, that’s a red flag with me. If they say “done-for-you,” that’s another red flag. The only ATM I will be using going forward is the one at my bank.

    • Robert, website atm is still making a strong push on Facebook. I can only hope more people share my review on social media to stop these scammers. Not everybody picks up on the red flags right away and it’s too bad because unfortunately they are more prone to becoming the victim of a scam.

  • Fake testimonials, fake owners, fake claims! What else is fake concerning this platform? I really thank people like you who help to unveil the scamming orientation of platforms like this and prevent people like us from getting scammed and becoming a victim. I will not be the only one that would know of this website ATM scam. I must share it with everyone I know of on the social media. Thanks

    • Ramos, I just found your comment in my spam. I do not allow links in comments which is why it wound up in spam. You did provide a great comment so I have approved it minus the link.



  • wow, this is a good review on website ATM. I’m really impressed with what you said about something being too good to be true. I agree that if it is then it probably is. The way they have said that one can make 500 per day is very ridiculous. It’s totally impossible until one is fully established. I’m happy you did this review and I hope that people will check it out before joining.

    • John, I’m glad you found this review before joining the Website ATM scam. My goal is to expose this scam to as many people as possible and get this fake website shutdown for good. 

  • Hey Jason, awesome article. I never tire of reading about so called gurus who are self-made millionaires, it never ceases to amaze me how some people can live with ripping people off no matter what the cost is to themselves or others; sad really. Thanks for pointing this out, this is extremely helpful when it comes to keeping someone from making the same mistake. Stay up buddy and great job!

    • They all have the same sob story too; no job, down and out, and they lose their spouse to someone who can afford to support them. All of a sudden they stumble across this secret formula that changed their life forever. Lol too funny.

  • Thanks for this Website ATM review. I’ve seen too many push button systems these days and I think there are more getting launched than people can expose them. I’m still looking for a real way to make money online (I have been looking for about a year now) and all i see is done-for-you systems that fail to deliver. I’m going to try out your recommendation since they have the free trial. Thanks a lot.

    • I am happy to hear you are going to give it a free trial run. I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business. You will not be disappointed, more than 80% of the people I coach go on to create a niche website that works for them and I love what I do. See you inside and we can get right down to it.

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