What Is The Best Training On Affiliate Marketing

Since 2014 I’ve been asked many times “What is the best training on affiliate marketing?” Anyone who follows me already knows my answer to the Question is Wealthy Affiliate, but Why? What makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out compared to other training such as Super Affiliate System or a Chriss Farrell membership? These are 3 great affiliate marketing training programs so why do I choose Wealthy Affiliate above all the others?

The short answer is Wealthy Affiliate has everything these other programs offer and more. Way More, I will show you what I’m talking about in this review so you can make an informed decision and get the training that’s right for you.


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Super Affiliate System VS Wealthy Affiliate

Super Affiliate System Screenshot

Let’s start with John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. Personally I Like John and I respect him not only as a super successful affiliate marketer but also as a great teacher and coach. The training at SAS is superb and focuses a lot on paid traffic methods but that’s not the reason I chose Wealthy Affiliate over SAS.

Believe me, if I was a shady guy I could promote the heck out of John’s system and make a ton of money doing it. How would I make a ton of money you may ask? Because if you buy the Super Affiliate System and purchase all the hidden costs and up sells I stand to make a very large commission. I will provide a link if you want to check it out for yourself (Heck I never say no to getting paid) but I can’t recommend the system as my #1 recommendation because of all the hidden costs.

You absolutely will make money if you follow John’s Training but the system isn’t my 1st choice. Read my Super Affiliate System Review Here

If you want to give SAS a try you can Join Super Affiliate System Here.



Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate Helping People


Wealthy Affiliate has everything offered at SAS and much more. I feel the system at Wealthy Affiliate is much more beginner friendly and has a community to support you if you get stuck. Training covers everything from Free traffic methods as well as paid offering members that don’t have a lot of money to get started a way to still earn revenue without breaking the bank.


Membership options are simple and straight forward. Free starter memberships include 1 free siterubix website along with 10 lessons of training to help get you started. Premium membership is only $49 monthly or $359 yearly and you will never be hit with another upsell once your premium.

The video training is step by step allowing you to pause the video so yo can change windows and complete the tasks as you go. Also, training is updated daily through the community and live weekly training is available every Friday starting at 8 pm eastern time. Basically I find WA to be more transparent than SAS and the training to be more up to date giving you the upper hand on your competition.

You will make money with Wealthy Affiliate if you follow the training as laid out at a fraction of the cost for a premium membership. Read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

If you want to give WA a try you can Join Wealthy Affiliate Free Here.



As an Affiliate marketer I will receive a commission if you join any of the programs I recommend and to be honest I stand to make a lot more money promoting Super Affiliate System but my mission is to give you information about the best training on affiliate marketing.


With that being said, The winner in the Super Affiliate System VS Wealthy Affiliate is… WEALTHY AFFILIATE!!



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Chris Farrell Membership VS Wealthy Affiliate

Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell is another well respected and successful marketer and has some really great Legit training. The only reason I don’t personally promote the Chris Farrell membership is because I found Wealthy Affiliate to have a superior platform but Chris really does have something special here. I just could’not justify paying for 2 different memberships so I decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate. Last time I checked in Chris’s training seemed to be a bit dated but that was a year ago and knowing Chris, I’m sure he has taken care of that.

You can’t join Chris Farrell for free like you can with Wealthy Affiliate but he does offer a 30-day money back guarantee which should be plenty of time to decide if the membership is a good fit for you, A monthly membership is $37 and $297 yearly which is slightly lower than WA but like I always say “You get what you pay for and pay for what you get”. There will also be a $47 upsell with the Chris Farrell membership which you will need to by to use the system successfully. I will provide some details about the program below the next screenshot.

As you can see in the screenshot above Chris has pretty much all the basics covered on starting your own affiliate marketing business and I’ll discuss a few in detail.but to be honest the system is pretty much some basics for beginners. The training at Wealthy Affiliate takes you all the way through from beginner to expert which is the reason I chose WA over the CFM and I also get to host up to 10 websites at WA and the speed and security with Wealthy affiliate is far superior to any 3rd party hosting that Chris is going to offer you.

A few more things I didn’t like about the Chris Farrell Membership was the fact that I could not reach Chris personally if I had any issues like I can At Wealthy Affiliate. I have received personal help from each of the co founders at WA and the response time was impressive. Kyle and Carson are truly passionate about the platform they created and it shows.

So in conclusion the CFM lacks support and has outdated training with a very weak community. Chris Farrell is not a scam but because WA has a very active community and 24/7 help along with constantly up dated training, once again the winner in the CFM VS WA is Wealthy Affiliate.

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How I Make Money Online

I’ve given you the top 3 heavy hitters In the affiliate marketing world and hopefully provided some information you can use when deciding to work from home. I know there are a few other legit affiliate marketing training courses online but figured I would just keep it to the top 3 big dogs on the block.

I think it’s apparent that the training I chose and consider to be the best training on affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. Everything I need to run my business is all right there and I’ve never once have been hit with the dreaded upsell. The video training is step by step and very easy to follow.

Every Friday there is live training that is up to date and current from the live training coach Jay. The best part is, if I don’t have time to watch the live training it is available for me to view anytime I want and usually up for viewing the next day. I know there is no such thing as a perfect training platform but for me Wealthy Affiliate is as close as it comes to perfect.

I hope you join me in the next phase of your life and start building a foundation for a business that will provide you with a passive income for many years to come. You are invited to join me and begin your journey to success.

Best Wishes


Please Leave a comment below if you have any questions or just want to add something to the topic.


  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hello Jason; to understand that I was lucky because I accidentally hit WA, about seven months ago; until then, I have overcome some scammers but never paid. Perhaps if you are more advanced, the other two platforms are good, but I did not know about affiliate marketing and in 7 months I learned enormously.

    • Happy to hear you did not waste money on scams and found Wealthy Affiliate. You are definitely safe there.

  • Being a newbie to all this, I am excited to get started. From this post it sounds like wealthy affiliate would be my best bet to get started and test the waters. If you do research on YouTube John Crestani has a very large precence thats hard to beat. I’m glad I read this post before making my decision. I had no idea of all the upsells. I think I will give wealthy affiliate a try and see how that works out. If not for anything else but the training. Thanks for an awesome in depth review. 

    • John has a great YouTube presence and I feel he’s a great teacher. Honestly my major issue with his program is the price and a few hidden costs which are not told to you upfront.  Besides those 2 things I think  people can really benefit from the training John offers.

  • Your post is quite informative. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago and I must say I love the progress. The training there is top notch and I don’t think I could ever find this anywhere else.

    I like that Wealthy Affiliate does not have hidden costs compared to the Super Affiliate System and other programs. Anyone sitting on the fence wondering whether to choose Wealthy Affiliate or not, I urge them to.

    Thank you for giving us a thorough review of this programs.

    • Hey Carol, sorry for the late response I’ve been very busy preparing content for my 3 day Black Friday event. I know it sounds a bit early but it’s really not considering I only run my event for a short time and content needs to be Top Notch. 

      The fact that Wealthy Affiliate is upfront and honest about each membership option was a huge yes for me as well. Add state of the art training and 24/7 support and there you have a recipe for success. 



  • Hello

    I am focused on the Wealthy Affiliate program and I’m really excited. Every day I read good reviews. Your experience is really important. I believe that you can earn a passive income online at home using this friendly community. The only you need is patience, hard work and will. Although I began three months ago. When do you think will I be able to make my first sale? Thanks for the enlightening article about Wealthy Affiliate.


    • Yes, I agree John is very inspiring, I simply find his training to be a bit expensive when compared to Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim are the cofounders of Wealthy Affiliate. They offer very extensive training on YouTube but I don’t think they have a channel as they focus all their effort into providing top notch training and a great user experience for the members. 

  • I have been following John Crestani for a while now on YouTube and I can say that his videos are very enlightening and helpful.

    I have been thinking about taking his course for a while now but I have never actually purchased anything online so I am a little bit reluctant.

    Who has created this Wealthy Affiliate that you mentioned? I don’t think I’ve heard of it before. Do they have a YouTube channel?

    • John is a great teacher and I have a lot of respect for him. I just find his program to be a bit pricey. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is co founded by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. They have complete and up to date training on how to leverage YouTube but focus all their time on making Wealthy Affiliate a great experience for all of their members with some of the best training I’ve ever seen online.

  • I have never tried Super Affiliate System or Chris Farrell Membership but I can tell you about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I am that type of person that likes to try the product first before I make the purchase and Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform that let me try it out with no obligation. You got that right, all WA asked for was just my email and my name. After finishing those 10 lessons and saw the simplicity of the lessons I was hooked. 

    As you can tell, I am a beginner at affiliate marketing. Kyle’s lesson are just so easy to understand and the best part was he had it planned out to be both video and a post. It was useful for me when I did not have the access to the WIFI I can just read the post instead of streaming the videos. 

    The site layout is very self explanatory. I love to use the search bar to find out all the lessons within seconds. 

    Jay’s weekly training is very to to date as well. I love that he showed us how to do live not sure if other platform does it but i find it to be very valuable. 

    The list goes on and I cannot say enough good things about WA. Why don’t you give it a try 🙂

    • Yes I agree, if I was to write everything that comes with a Wealthy Affiliate membership this would be a very long read. I can only suggest that one tries it out to see for themselves the awesome training and top notch hosting that WA has to offer. 

  • Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome program, no doubt about it, as you have rightly said and revealed it in this great write up Wealthy Affiliate truly does offer more benefits than the rest of the affiliate platforms you have talked about,I have tried some before this time, but they did not give the benefits we enjoy here on WA. Members gain so much from all aspects of the program.

    • Coming from working in the auto body repair industry I can tell you from experience that I’ve tried many ways to make money online and the only platform which allowed me to earn as I learn has been Wealthy Affiliate. I also didn’t need to break the bank either to get all the awesome benefits included with my premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate is a must have tool in my opinion and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

  • I’ve trying to make money online for over a decade.  Wealthy Affiliate didn’t give me empty promises, it just gave me the tools I needed to succeed.  That’s the main thing people need to look at.  You aren’t going to make any money simply by joining these programs.  This is a job and you have to put some work into it, whatever you out in, you are more than likely going to get back in return, but you have to work!

    • Very well said, it doesn’t matter what training you pick. The fact is you only get out what you put in and hard work is a requirement for any of the platforms I’ve mentioned in this article..

  • Great article about what is the best training on affiliate marketing.  My friend has had some modest success with the Chris Farrell program so I wanted to investigate and see what it is all about because I am interested in creating my own website and trying my hand at affiliate marketing.  However, I am really interested in the other program you were promoting, Wealthy Affiliate. It seems like it has everything my friend’s program has, but even more.  To be honest I am very new to affiliate marketing and technology overall so I can use all the help and guidance I can get. My next step is to read your full Wealthy Affiliate Review and see if this is the right program for me.  Thanks so much for all this information. 

    • Happy to help, I really think you will love the support and state of the art training offered at Wealthy Affiliate as well as the fact that you can try it out for free. Premium is an option but certainly not a requirement to get started. Chris has a decent program too but I really feel WA is the best option, especially for beginners. 

  • Hi! I’m Nick.

    I like that you are comparing different Affiliate Marketing training. I myself joined Wealthy Affiliate earlier this month, and before that, I knew nothing of the subject. I had no idea how much it was easy to understand and to use that knowledge into developing our own passive income. And that’s A thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

    I encountered SAS a while back, but I didn’t commit to it, as I didn’t know anything and I’ve had a bad experience with fake training programs before who were just trying to sell, so I didn’t trust it

    But it actually would be interesting to see what the others have to offer, not just the features but their approach. But WA being so thorough and straightforward, it is hard to imagine anyone competing against it for the crown.

    Great article.

    • Nice to meet you Nick, I think you made an excellent choice in Wealthy Affiliate. I like John from SAS and respect him as an accomplished affiliate marketer but like you said in your comment. competing against WA for the crown is hard. I look forward to watching your success and helping you out along the way.



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