Yoonla – Is It Legit? – Or Just Another Online Scam?

What Is All The Yoonla Hype

I’ve been hearing a lot about this company called Yoonla and heard that there is some money to be made, so I decided to take  a look. After all who doesn’t want to make extra money? When I first began looking into Yoonla I of course did a Google search and found that instead of Yoonla owning the first page on my search I only found the initial website in the first spot followed by a lot of reviews. To me this raised a Red Flag but I decided to continue and really look into this opportunity. So let me give you my take on what I discovered and give Yoonla a fair and honest review. After reading this I hope that you can make an informed and educated decision as to if this opportunity is right for you. I personally join and test all my reviews before writing them so rest assure that my review is Honest and straight to the point.



Yoonla At A Glance

.Website https://go.yoonla.com

. Founder Reno Van Boven

. Location New Zealand

. Product CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing Platform

. Price Free, Followed by Up sells

. Best For Anyone seeking to make money online


Summary Yo0nla is a Cost per action site which pay their affiliates between $2 and $4 per referral depending on which tier the referrals country is in, you are extremely limited though because you are only selling memberships to Yoonla. The reason I have a reservation about recommending them is that you cant sell products in any niche you want and the landing pages you are provided are not unique,you can customize them within reason but they are very cookie cutter like. I personally prefer a platform which allows you to promote any product you like and offers step by step training.

. Rating 50 out of 100


So What Exactly Is Yoonla

Yoonla is a fairly new company which started doing business online in 2016 which offers Digital Entrepreneurs a digital lifestyle platform. Yoonla claims that you can have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted by following there platform. What’s a digital lifestyle platform anyways? This to me just sounds like a cool and catchy phrase to lure people into their program. Basically you are being told nothing.

Here’s what the Yoonla platform is. Yoonla is a cost per action (CPA) system where members get paid a fee to refer other members. Sounds easy enough, Right? I’m not so sure.

Training is offered within the Yoonla Platform teaching you how to set up your own lead generator to get more referrals to join through you. Driving traffic to your lead generator can be tricky though because you are limited to landing pages which are ready to customize to an extent but very limited and not very unique.

One more thing that causes me to have reservations about recommending this company is that the site seems to be down right now or under construction. You now have to pre register and wait to be contacted by yoonla as to when you can get started. This to me is kind of a Red Flag because as of right now you can’t even Get started right away.


Cost Per Action Explained

Maybe by this point you may be asking yourself, what is (CPA) cost per action? To keep it simple you basically get paid when you invite people to perform an action online, this could be anything from taking a survey, watching a video, and so on.

Yoonla pays when a person joins through your link and verifies there identity. Joining is FREE and you get paid between $2 and $4 per lead depending on what tier the country is they are joining from. Keep in mind that there are going to be some Up-Sells before you can start making money. A Tier 1 country pays $4 per lead and a Tier 2 country pays $2 per lead.

The platform I use that is battle tested and Proven is Affiliate Marketing, this platform has allowed me to make real money online and enjoy a few extras that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

Number one recommendation banner

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a platform where you promote other peoples products using your affiliate link. When someone takes action and purchases a product through you affiliate link, you get paid. I personally prefer the Wealthy Affiliate Platform because it’s very simplified and easy for a newbie to get started making money online. The lessons are easy to follow and done in video form right before your eyes. As a FREE member you even get 2 free websites that are yours to keep FOREVER.

Picture of the Affiliate Marketing concept in circle form

When you use the Yoonla platform you will promote your affiliate link and get paid anytime someone takes action and pays to upgrade their membership, this is what affiliate marketing is in a nutshell. If you want to see the 4 simple steps that I use to conquer any niche I choose you can read my 4 step system Here. The Steps listed below are for the free Yoonla membership, If you upgrade to Elite you will be provided with more advanced training and 7 additional phases.


3 Phases of Yoonla Explained

I will break down the 3 phases that Yoonla uses to get your business up and rolling. most of the reviews you will read about yoonla are older and they will talk about the 3 phases they use to get you started. Phase 1 was closed in December of 2017 which brings me back to why I have reservations about recommending them. For a company that launched in September of 2016 there have been a lot of weird changes Phase 1 was shut down in only 15 short months. but hers what it was. It may be coming back because as of right now they are asking you to Pre Register and wait for them to email you on when you can actually start. Red Flag! I will still break down the 3 phases which are actually 7 phases now.  When they relaunch with the 2019 platform things may be a little different and modified. I’m expecting a more simplified system. We shall see.

Phase 1

Download the Yoonla Evolve app, this file will be need so you can upload it to your custom landing page. This is a zip file and basically your affiliate link.

Phase 2

Get your Automated account. Yoonla recommends using Get Response for your automated account which will cost about $15 a month depending on whether or not you have a coupon code or they are running a special promotion, but you can expect to pay around $15 dollars a month.

Reno even goes as far as to tell you that you have to use Get Response as your Email Service Provider (ESP) and that you have to do it through his link. His Reason? So they can track it and approve you for Yoonla Elite. REALLY? I’m sorry but this to me raises yet another RED FLAG.

Let’s call it like it is he wants your affiliate commission, which s fine he should just be straight up about it. Telling people they have to use Get Response and do it through your link is B.S. and if you don’t then Elite membership is more than likely out of the question. Sure he’s an affiliate marketer and wants to get paid but forcing you to use his link is sketchy to me.

Phase 3

Start your automated campaign, In this phase you will be copying and pasting pre written scripts and adding them to your Get Response ESP. You will be taght how to set this up and send these emails to your subscribers.

Phase 4

Set up your business account using Yahoo Web Hosting. Why Yahoo Web Hosting/ Because again Reno strongly emphasizes that you have to set up your small business hosting using his affiliate link and again so he can track and approve your elite membership. Sounds to me like the nickle and dime routine, you are now paying for auto respond and Yahoo small business hosting and we haven’t even gotten to your Elite membership yet.

Don’t get me wrong, starting any kind of business is going to cost money and it’s not easy. I just prefer to work with a platform that is straight up about the cost of getting started and that lets you try the system for free before making any purchases. My Top recommended platform allows you to stay a Free member for life and also gives you 2 Free websites for life.

Phase 5

Now you will be getting your Yoonla Evolve App online, this is where they teach you how to set up your yahoo hosting and how to download FileZilla so that you can add your evolve app to your domain.

Phase 6

You will now be customizing  your evolve site which is really just a landing page. I use the word customize loosely because you are very limited as to what you can do with these cookie cutter kind of landing pages. There is not very much uniqueness to these pages at all which can hurt your rankings in search engines. At some point you will be asked to invest in LeadPages so that you can actually customize and create your own Unique landing page which if I were going to invest into this platform I would do as soon as possible so that you can rank higher in the search engines.

Phase 7

The final phase will be to activate your Evolve funnel, this is where your leads will sign up for their free account and basically be taken through all the step that you went through and ultimately pay for an Elite membership.

I’m not sure about you but to me this sounds like a lot of work only to make a maximum of $4 per lead with the Free Membership. Elite will give you the option to make up to 30 dollars when someone upgrades their Landing Page.

Now in 2019 You are being asked to preregister and wait for an Email which will give you further instructions. I am not calling this company a scam because they do pay but I am concerned about all the changes going on in this company. One more thing that concerns me is that I have read comments about people only being paid once or twice and then having their account terminated as their leads began to expand. This is something that I am presently investigating and will be sure to keep you updated.


So How Can You Make Money With Yoonla?

Making money with Yoonla is all about promoting membership. Other companies such as The Empower Network have used this same system to pay affiliates. The only problem that I can see is that these companies are not sustainable. Sure a few people make some money in the beginning but the fact is they are offering a very limited platform. sooner or later the market for such a platform will become saturated and the people who get involve in the end will stand little to no chance of creating a sustainable passive income. Stone Evens who was one of the Empower Networks top earners is now coming up with new schemes because the income just was not sustainable. This guy has changed his top recommended products so many times always using his Plug In Profit Website that I’ve lost count, but if you really want to try and give Yoonla a go then Here is how to do it.

. Get your landing page set up

. Get traffic ( Mostly Paid Traffic ) Get natural Traffic with my PROVEN SYSTEM

. Build A List ( Email List is Very Important )

. Stay In Touch With Your Subscribers

. Promote Promote Promote (Get your free starter page promoted)

. Get Free Starer referrals (Earns you $2 – $4 with Free Membership)

. For each member that UPGRADES to Elite Get $30

These steps are for Yoonla Elite members and may differ from the starter steps listed above. If you decide you want to try and make money with Yoonla it can be done, and here is the breakdown of how and why. Let’s start with the how



Affiliate commissions are obviously the main way you will make money with Yoonla, you will pretty much be using Reno’s affiliate links when you sign up for all the programs that he STRONGLY RECOMMENDS but once set up you will make affiliate commissions from posting you own links via your landing page, social media, and or your own UPGRADED Lead Page or even your own website which I can give you 2 websites for FREE and For Life (* as a Free Starter Member). Pretty awesome Right?


Upgrading Membership

As of right now when someone upgrades a membership which you can do for free as long as you have followed all of Reno’s instructions and used all his affiliate links, but there are plans to charge a fee of $297. I think that this is why they are changing the structure of the site once again, then you will receive a pretty hefty commission at around or about $159, now that’s not a bad Pay Day.


How About Email Marketing?

Once you have a list Email marketing can be a HUGE avenue for you to make money with this Platform and Reno pretty much sets you up to build such a list with his training, If you are willing to follow all of the lessons that you are taught then it shouldn’t take long for you yo build a niche oriented list that will absolutely respond to your email marketing campaign.


Pros and Cons

So What’s Good?

According to Reno they have just under 1.1 million just at phase 1 and over 1.4 million around the world which is pretty impressive for a company that is only a little over 2.5 years young. However for a company this young that claims to have that many members leads me to question how many of them are actually active? I talk about this exact scenario in my SFI review which has been around a lot longer but many inactive members. Heck even the scam websites get a lot of initial sign ups (Basically people looking for a quick dollar). Unrealistic! I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that these numbers are real because time will reveal the truth.


They Are Real

Although I have some reservations about recommending this platform, they are real and they do pay (with the exception of a few complaints) but they do pay. They are definitely not a scam at all. Maybe they are restructuring the site to make it a better experience and things will change. (Time Will Tell) I really hope so because I like a decent portion of this site. This is why at the moment I rate them a 50 out of 100 because things could change.



With the exception of the starter membership the training is on point and really does give you all the tools you need to succeed in this kind of platform. I look forward to what they have in store because I’d like to be able to give them a better ranking.


The Cons

The Cost $$

Although they have some decent training if you want to make any real money you are going to have to pay. The starter membership offers very little and if you want to make any kind of real money you are going to have to pay for an Elite membership 1st.

In my opinion you should not have to pay all this money until you get an actual feel for the platform and you should be able to try before you buy. What if you get partially through the platform and decide it’s not for you?

This is why I recommend anyone new to affiliate marketing to become a Free Member at Wealthy Affiliate. No B.S. you can stay a Free member for life with 2 Free websites for Life along with 10 Free lessons to get your w websites up and rolling all for FREE.


A Pyramid ?

This platform has all the signs of a possible pyramid scheme. recruiting other members and duplicating such actions has all the signs of a pyramid scheme. I don’t think Yoonla is currently a pyramid scheme but with only 1 option to make money with this platform they may be on the cusp of becoming just that. (Remember Amway and Empower Network?)

You can not sell any product that you want in the niche of your choice which leaves you very limited as to what you can achieve. I would rather take my passion or hobby and be able to turn it into a full time passive income and male my own choice as to how high I want to take it.


A Cookie Cutter Website

As I explained before duplicated websites are not unique and do not rank very high in search engines. Yes they say you can customize your site but you are only customizing a landing page and even if you decide to buy your own and fully customize that page you are still extremely limited as to what you can do. My Top recommendation gives yo over 4.000 fully customize ready WordPress themes that you can use to create your own business in any niche that you choose.


Is Yoonla Legit?

Yes Yoonla is legit and they do pay, with the exception of a few complaints that I am still looking into. Even though they are not a scam I am still hesitant about recommending them. The reasons for having some reservations about Yoonla are as follows.

The business model is preset meaning they do everything for you and the premade websites are not unique.

You are limited to only promote Yoonla.

. The business isn’t really yours, having your own business in the niche of your choice is a much better way to make real money online.

. Very hard to promote because the website Landing Page is going to be extremely hard to get any decent rankings ( Take a look at all the competition in the screenshot below)



How to Make Real Money Online

Earlier in this review I told you a little about Affiliate Marketing, this is the platform I use to create a really decent income online. I am not restricted to promote only one product and I can create any kind of website I desire in any niche I choose. To me this is the easiest and most lucrative way to ear money online. The Platform I use is Wealthy Affiliate, this is an online community of affiliate marketers with all levels of experience. The Co Founders Kyle and Carson are daily active participants in the community and I can tell that this really helps. I have personally received  one on one help from the both of them when I was starting my business.

Membership options are straight forward and direct No sketchy up-sells and No B.S. just honest ethical affiliate marketing training. I can honestly say that if I never discovered WA then I probably still wouldn’t have made a dime online. You can read about me and my journey here.

Making money online is not easy, in fact you have to be willing to work very hard and stay diligent but if you do I can promise you that you won’t regret it. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is done in video format right before your eyes and if you get stuck there is an entire community of marketers all willing to help you. I find the support at WA to be the best I’ve seen online. Take a look at the membership options below and decide which one will work for you.

Special Bonus

I love to work with people who take action and are serious about creating their own business so here’s what I am offering. Join Wealthy affiliate for Free, you can stay a free member for life if you want. Check out the platform and see if it’s a fit for you. If you decide you like what you see and want to take it to the next level I will give you your first month membership for only $19 that’s $30 dollars of of the normal $49 a month. Try the premium membership and all the awesome benefits that come with it and see the power of Wealthy Affiliate for yourself. Remember, try it free first and see if this is for you and if you decide to rpgrade in the first 7 day I will give you access to my awesome action takers bonus. I wish you the best and I’ll see you Inside.












  • Jason
  • Team leader and owner at True Prosperity Online Scam Prevention Team. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for since 2014 and I love what I do. Especially Exposing Online Scams. I started my journey in 2011 and have fallen for my fair share of scams but that all changed in 2014 and now I Expose Scams to help others stay safe online....


  • Hi 

    I have read the whole review about Yoonla and I understood that this is not a scam. But it is not perfect for beginners who want to earn while they learn. More over their earning method need to pay a high amount which is nor affordable for newbies. I have also found some negative reviews about them that sometime their CPA earning is not always maintaining same rules when members use paid advertisement. I would rather love your recommended program of wealthy affiliate platform. Thanks for sharing.

    • Once negative reviews begin to circulate it’s really hard to gain any momentum and trust. I feel it is better to be up front and honest rather than get a quick few sales and eventually fade away. That t me is not a proper way to do business online. Thank you for posting here.


  • The whole scheme is a red flag to me. I have seen this kind of schemes over and over again. They are called ponzi schemes and my friends have lost so much to them. I will never recommend this to anyone as a means of getting passive income because you’ll still have to pay to earn and that is risky for you the person you invited and for your reputation.. 

    • Very well said, it’s hard enough to gain trust online because platforms such as this make it hard for reputable platforms to be trusted. Once you discredit your reputation online you are basically sunk. I feel it is all to important to be honest and transparent online, ones reputation depends on it.



  • Yoonla smells like a scam to me. The owner Reno sounds like he is just using the Yoonla platform to just make money through the affiliate programs he belongs to. I see no real substance from this program and definitely no real benefits for joining. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time with this program. Thank you for the informative review and for bringing light to what Yoonla is really about.

    • No problem Cory, I do my best to bring these sites to the attention of my readers and hold them accountable for the lies they spew. You all help me out a lot when you take the time to stop by and leave me a comment so that I can compete with these guys and stay on page one.



  • Hi Jason – it’s amazing how many types of programs like this are out there.  I have never heard of Yoonla, so I enjoyed reading your review about it.  There seems to be a lot of red flags associated with this digital lifestyle platform.  Especially if you can’t actually get started right away after you’ve joined.  Yoonla definitely sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.  Thanks for checking this one out and writing this review about.them.

    Very helpful,


    • Michele, Your not the first person that thinks the entire preregistration thing is a little fishy. I think your opinion about this being a red flag is right on point. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Stay safe out there it’ a Jungle.

      Best Wishes


  • I have also heard a lot about yoonla and when I decided to sign up I was asked to pre order my membership so I wasn’t interested anymore. With this review, I have learnt a lot more about the platform. They seem like a good platform because I have seen members who got paid but I will be waiting for your research on members account that was terminated because of high referrals. All the best.

    • Yes, I’m not to keen about the Preregistration thing either, that’s a huge turn off for me. I will wait and see what happens with the relaunch and take it from there.



  • My cousin talked about Yoonla to me before but I honestly don’t like any means of making income online by just promoting a certain product.

    I believe that we are better off making something online with things that we truly believe in.

    Coming from a developing country, $2-$4 per lead can be a lot, given the volume. But I don’t think it’s sustainable for the long term.

    And to be honest, the website construction seems very fishy. 

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this! 

    • I know what you mean Wina, I wasn’t very impressed at all with the original platform so I will be certain to dig deep into the new one and update this review as soon as the relaunch takes place.

      Thank You


  • Great post and good info.

    This seems to be not a scam, for now, but it raises red flags for me. The fact that it isn’t open yet for the public is already bad to me. 

    Also, the limit it has that it is only referring to Yoonla, is not so good. 

    Having a good lifestyle with that? I doubt it, honestly. 

    You know people who have tried this as well, and how good did they fare with it? 

    Thanks for sharing! 

    • Emmanuel, to answer your question, the people I know who have tried this have already abandoned the platform and some came with me over to Wealthy Affiliate and one of them followed my review about Real-Work-From-Home-Jobs and he is doing well as a Freelance writer. I think it’s safe to say that the new Yoonla will not live up to my expectations and I will be adding more to this review soon.



  • Thanks for this eye opener. I heard about Yoonla too,  but do not have much in depth knowledge about it. I think it’s worth giving a trial to Wealthy Affiliate. I joined WA recently and I loved every bit of the training. The WA community is capable of turning a newbie to pro, in a short time.

    • Happy to help I hope the information I provided was helpful to you. I see you are a Wealthy Affiliate  member, I will be sure to look you up and follow you inside the WA community


  • yoonla isn’t a scam I registered with them since last year and I haven’t used my account with yoonla  because I was still new to affiliate marketing and was scared to take risk, the only thing i can say is this site isn’t active like it was before and presently since they are under construction cannot be recommended to anyone. 

    • Seun, thanks for your input I would say they are pretty close to being a scam because of the sketchy things that are happening with the Platform right now. Accounts are being terminated for no reason and now people are not getting paid. I’m happy to hear that you didn’t invest any of your hard earned money into the Yoonla opportunity. I wish you the best moving forward and much success no matter what platform you decide to use.

      Best Wishes


  • Well, this is weird to put it mildly.  I just went to their site now and that pre register stuff turns me away.  Why?  If i’m Someone not reading your piece then i have no idea what is going on.  Why am I registering?

    Taking down phase 1 tells me it didn’t provide them money and they had to re do it, ok, get that, but that’s phase 1 of 7.  Sorry, I’m gone after 2.

    You Say it does have merit so that’s good.

    • Hey Stew, merit l would use very loosely, yes some people got paid but I am now receiving information that people are having their accounts terminated for no reason and not receiving commissions either. My assumption is that this platform is a sinking ship and I currently would stay away until these guys step up and prove they are the real deal.

      Best Wishes


  • Hi there. 

    This is a great post, high lighting all the areas of what to look out for when signing up for a system like yoonla. Personally I have never heard of them but throughout your post, it sounded like a scam. Like you said very limited indeed. I agree that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is better as you have so many more opportunities to earn money online. Thank you for your research on yoonla and warning people of the traps associated with most of these make money online platforms



    • Thank you for taking time to respond and leave a comment Dave, I have outlined what the platform is and now it’s up to my readers to make an informed decision when it comes to Yoonla. I wish you the best with your Wealthy Affiliate venture and do reach out to me if I can help you in any way.



  • I have never heard of Yoola before, however I am with Maxbounty which I heard is a legit CPA platform. I think it’s funny that you have to pay them to promote them. Also you can only promote Yoonla, how much money can you really make with them? I really hope other affiliate marketers do their research like you and I did. Amazing review, will share it to my friends.


    • Thank you Nuttanee, researching is key when it comes to joining any online platform. I wish you the best in your journey online

      Best Regards


  • Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Yoonla.We all want to make money that why it is not a bad idea to test other programs which can generate our income.

    After reading your review I found that it is not recommendable to join this company because it is still new to know its benefits or its failure.

    • yes and as of right now you can not even use the site you are being required to pre register and wait and see what’s new with them.

      Thank You


  • Thanks for doing the research on Yoonla and for providing this informative writeup on the offering and the company. There are a lot of companies out there offering all kinds of promises about making money online, but when you dig into their business model it is hard to see how you can make any kind of reasonable income for yourself from them. Yoonla appears to be one of those from what you have described. 

    • Exactly John and the fact that the site is inaccessible right now and you need to pre register is a bit scary to me. I will be sure to keep this post updated as I continue to learn more.

      Best Wishes 


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